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Chapter 1821

“See the White Tiger King!”

In the next second, the remaining Feiyu League members all chose to compromise and knelt down in an instant.

To be honest, surrender to the White Tiger King, these Feiyu League tribes were very resistant in their hearts, but there was no way. Queen Suzaku has been smashed into the abyss. If she doesn’t surrender, she will end up with death.


the other side!

God Realm, Imperial Palace.

Nine Heavens God sitting on the throne, his majestic face was a bit gloomy at this time.

The many priests on both sides stood respectfully on both sides, and each of them did not dare to come out. The entire Imperial Palace was filled with a depressive atmosphere.

And below, there was a man kneeling, trembling. Sweat all over his head.

This man, with an ordinary appearance, is the rookie Shigeng of Lingguoyuan.


After a moment of silence, God Jiu Tian looked at Shi Geng closely, and said coldly: “You just said that the imposter named Darryl replaced your identity?”

“Yes.” Shi nodded more cautiously.

When Shi Geng arrived in Lingguo Garden, he heard the narration of those fairies in Juanhong and knew that he had been faked. He immediately investigated Darryl, and it turned out that no clues could be found, but this matter was not trivial. After hesitating several times, Shi Geng decided to come and see Jiutian God to report the situation.


At this moment, the entire Imperial Palace was in an uproar.

Someone pretended to be the fruit servant of Lingguo Garden. It was absolutely lawless. Although the fruit servant was in a humble position, he also helped the Nine Heavens God to take care of the precious fruit, and he had a great responsibility.

At this moment, Rodolf, who was standing by, walked out slowly and respectfully said to the Nine Heavens: “Your Majesty Qi, this Darryl, not only a fake fruit servant, but also in the Yuyao Immortal Garden of Empress Hua Zhao Your Majesty. At that time, his subordinates were preparing to capture, but he ran away!”

When talking about this, Rodolf’s face was calm, but his heart was extremely complicated.

To be honest, Darryl ran away under his eyelids two days ago, making Rodolf very shameless. He planned to keep hiding it, but at this time, Shi even reported that Darryl was a fake Guo servant, Rodolf. After thinking about it, I decided to report what happened two days ago.

After all, these things cannot be kept secret.


Hearing these words, God Jiutian’s face was extremely ugly, and his anger was soaring. He shouted angrily: “This Darryl is simply lawless!”

The many priests on both sides were also very frightened.

“You are so courageous, you dare to pretend to be your majesty!”

“We must be severely punished!”

Rodolf stood there during the discussion of the priests. Poker face.


At this time, God of Nine Heavens looked at Rodolf and asked: “I ask you, where did Darryl flee?”

Rodolf hurriedly replied: “Dodge. At that time, his subordinates chased the Guixian Mountain area, and Darryl disappeared. At that time, his subordinates went to Mr. Guigu’s residence to inquire, but Mr. Guigu refused to allow his subordinates to search. .”

With that said, Rodolf thought about it, and continued: “The subordinate thinks that Darryl may be related to Mr. Guigu!”


Upon hearing this, the entire Imperial Palace was silent for an instant.

Many priests looked at each other with complicated expressions.

Mr. Guigu, in the human world, is regarded as the first person in the ages, Bogu knows everything today, and even the Nine Heavens God sees him as a guest of honor. If it is the bold Darryl who has something to do with Mr. Guigu. That would be difficult.

At the same time, God of Nine Heavens frowned, and he began to think.

A few seconds later, God of Jiutian stared at Rodolf: “Rodolf. But what you said is true?” In God of Jiutian, he respects Guiguzi very much, and he does not want to believe that a lawless Darryl is related to Guiguzi.


Rodolf scratched his head with hesitation on his face.

Darryl has a relationship with Guiguzi, it is entirely his own guess, there is no evidence.

For a time, Rodolf was flustered. If you can’t verify it, you’re deceiving you.

“His Majesty!”

Just when Rodolf was panicking, a priest came out and said to Nine Heavens God: “The minister met Beiming Xianzun yesterday. Seeing him angrily against his female disciple, the minister asked curiously, but Beiming Xianzun concealed himself. Later, the minister secretly inquired, it turned out that the Northern Ming Xianzun had been to Guixianshan as a guest, but the female disciple under him was very stubborn and had a conflict with Mr. Guigu’s little book boy. For this reason, Beiming Xianzun disciplined the female disciple!”

Speaking of this, the priest analyzed: “As everyone knows, Mr. Guigu just came to God’s Domain not long ago. He has been living alone all the time, so why suddenly there is a little book boy around him? The subordinates guessed that this little book boy might be the bold Darryl! “

The last sentence fell, and the entire Imperial Palace was in an uproar again.

“His Majesty!”

At the same time, Rodolf suddenly became excited: “It seems that the subordinate’s guess is correct, this Darryl is really related to Mr. Guigu!”

Rodolf at this time was very excited.

That’s great, if someone tells a clue, you can’t be considered a bully.

The God of Nine Heavens pondered, and directed at the soldiers outside the temple: “Go, immediately summon the female disciple of Beiming Immortal Venerable!”


Upon receiving the order, the Shenbing responded and hurried to Beiminghai.

After a while, Leticia came to the main hall and knelt down respectfully to the God of Nine Heavens: “Bei Minghai Leticia. I have seen your Majesty!” Although Leticia is more stubborn, he must be respectful when he meets God of Nine Heavens.

Speaking of which, Leticia had thought behind closed doors. But when I learned that God had called on Jiutian, I hurried over.

Jiutian God nodded and signaled the exemption.

At this time, Rodolf asked Leticia, “I ask you. You and your master, did you go to Guixian Mountain these past two days?”

“Yes it is!”

Rodolf continued to ask: “Did you have a conflict with Mr. Guigu’s little book boy?”

Leticia was stunned, feeling inexplicably horrified: “Yes, I was ignorant at the time, so I started with Mr. Guigu’s little book boy.”

At this time, Leticia thought that Jiutian God called him to come because he offended Mr. Guigu. After all, Guiguzi was regarded as a guest of honor by Jiutian God.

After getting the answer, Rodolf smiled and continued to ask: “What is the name of that little book boy?”

Leticia bit his lip lightly: “Okay…it seems to be called Darryl!”


Hearing this, the entire Imperial Palace suddenly exploded.

“It’s really him…”

“I didn’t expect that such a bold and reckless thief was related to Mr. Guigu.”

In the surrounding discussion, Rodolf was also extremely excited, and said to the God of Nine Heavens: “Your Majesty, that Darryl pretending to be your Majesty, boldly acting, and he is the book boy of Guiguzi, this matter must be inseparable from Guiguzi.”

Jiutian God’s face was extremely ugly, and he said coldly: “Invite Guiguzi immediately!”

As soon as the voice fell, Rodolf quickly said: “Your Majesty!”

“Why?” Nine Heavens frowned.

Rodolf took a deep breath and said slowly: “If Darryl pretended to be your majesty, it was Guiguzi’s instigation or instructions, now that your majesty summons the call, Guiguzi will definitely be prepared. It is better to lead our troops to Guixianshan immediately. .”

Chapter 1822

Hearing this, the God of Nine Heavens pondered for a while, nodded and said: “Okay, just as you said!”

As he said, the God of Nine Heavens looked around: “You can mobilize the army and set off on the ghost mountain.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Soon, tens of thousands of divine soldiers and generals, under the leadership of the Nine Heavens God, marched toward the Guixian Mountain in a mighty manner.


At this moment. Ghost Mountain!

In the beautiful courtyard, Gui Guzi was sitting there, deducing divination on the stone table.

It has been a day since Darryl entered the Sealed Land of the Demon Race, and he didn’t know what was going on now.

At this time, Gui Guzi looked at the hexagrams carefully, preparing to calculate Darryl’s situation at this time, and suddenly, he sensed a breath fluctuation, which came from not far away.

Gui Guzi immediately looked up, and saw tens of thousands of divine soldiers and generals, coming like a tide, and suddenly surrounding the entire Guixian Mountain, the head of it, with a strong aura. It is the Nine Heavens God!

Seeing this scene, Gui Guzi was stunned for a moment, then slowly stood up and bowed to Nine Heavens God: “It turns out that it is your Majesty’s coming!”

Guiguzi at this time is very calm.

If others saw this scene, they would have been panicked a long time ago, but Guiguzi was far more than ordinary people. Seeing Jiutian God leading the army, Guiguzi’s heart would not fluctuate at all.

Nine days God nodded. His face was calm.

At this time, Rodolf stepped forward and shouted at Guiguzi: “Guiguzi, hand over the people immediately!”


Gui Guzi frowned slightly, and replied, “Who is it? I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Gui Guzi’s mind was quick, and Rodolf knew that it was Darryl when he spoke, so he deliberately pretended to be confused and planned to get over.

Hearing the answer, Rodolf said coldly: “Mr. Guigu, don’t pretend to be confused, your book boy Darryl, before not only pretending to be the fruit servant of Lingguoyuan, but also pretending to be your majesty and offending Tianwei. Hand it over.”


Gui Guzi took a deep breath, his face calm, but he secretly groaned in his heart.

Worse, what Darryl did before. It has been known by the God of Nine Heavens that these troubles are big!

At the same time, Guiguzi is also somewhat fortunate.

Fortunately, Darryl entered the Demon Race’s Sealed Land by mistake, otherwise, he would be doomed today.

Thinking about it, Gui Guzi smiled and said: “Oh, you are talking about my little book boy! He is not here.”

With that said, Gui Guzi stepped aside and said calmly: “If you don’t believe me, just search!”

“Ha ha!”

Rodolf sneered, no nonsense, and immediately rushed into the room with some magic soldiers and began to search. It just annoyed him that the room was empty, so how could there be any shadow of Darryl?

Soon, Rodolf came out of the room and asked Guiguzi: “Where is the person?”

Gui Guzi ignored Rodolf, but looked at the God of Nine Heavens, and slowly said: “Your Majesty, what Darryl did before is indeed lawless, but there are reasons for it. Now Darryl is no longer in God’s Domain. I beg your Majesty to be able to open the net.


Hell Guzi ignores himself. Rodolf was extremely annoyed. At this time, when he heard Gui Guzi’s words, he couldn’t help it. He shouted: “Shut up, that Darryl pretends to be your majesty. It’s not a pity to die ten thousand times, you can simply say a word,” Is this all over?”

The voice fell, and the silent Nine Heavens God also slowly said: “Mr. Guigu. I always respect you and believe what you say, that Darryl has done so many things, maybe there is a reason for it, but he pretended to be me, Ignore Tianwei, this matter must not be tolerated, you tell his whereabouts, I will never embarrass you!”

When I said this, Nine Heavens God’s words were mild, but there was anger in his eyes.

You know, the God of Nine Heavens is the ruler of God’s Domain, and even the destiny of the human world and the ghost world is desecrated by Darryl. How can he not be angry?

Guiguzi sighed lightly. Shaking his head: “Where did Darryl go, I don’t know!”

The sound is not loud, but it is beyond doubt.

Among all the apprentices of Guiguzi, Darryl admired the most, how could it be possible to tell his whereabouts?


Hear this answer. Regardless of whether it is the Nine Heavens God, or the surrounding gods and soldiers, their expressions changed.

In the next second, Rodolf shouted: “Oh, you are a Guiguzi, your Majesty appreciates you so much, treats you not so badly, and even unconditionally gave you the Guixianshan Mountain, and you, for a little book boy, want to go against your Majesty!”

Talking. Rodolf asked Jiutian God for instructions: “Your Majesty, this Guiguzi doesn’t put you in the eye, just take it down!”

Nine Heavens God did not respond, but his face was gloomy, obviously acquiescing!

Seeing the face of Nine Heavens God. Rodolf did not hesitate, and waved his hand: “Quickly, take down Guiguzi!”


When the voice fell, tens of thousands of soldiers and generals rushed directly thinking of Guiguzi.

Looking at the tens of thousands of soldiers and generals who rushed forward, Gui Guzi didn’t panic at all, instead, there was a bitter smile on his face.

I thought I could live some leisurely days when I ascended into God’s Domain, but I didn’t expect it. The peaceful days were broken so soon.


On the other side, the Yaozu sealed land!


In the unfathomable abyss, Darryl’s body kept falling, the wind whistling in his ears.

Darryl saw. The abyss is dark, I don’t know how deep it is.

Seeing this environment, Darryl panicked inexplicably.

This abyss is bottomless, and I don’t know if there is any danger. Besides, the palm of the White Tiger King is very powerful, and the Suzaku Queen is only afraid that it will be too bad for you!


Finally, I don’t know how long it took, Darryl’s feet touched the ground, and with the powerful falling impact, Darryl only felt his heart boring, and at the same time stepped back more than a dozen steps to stabilize his figure.

After standing firm, Darryl took a deep breath and looked around, suddenly depressed.

D*mn, what is down here? The light is so dim that I can’t see everything clearly.


At this moment, I heard a movement from the top of my head. Immediately afterwards, Darryl saw a slim figure, falling not far away.


The moment he landed, the figure let out a soft cry. But there was a bit of pain.

It is the Queen of Suzaku!

Seeing Queen Vermilion, Darryl hurried over, ready to check the situation!


Before taking two steps, Queen Vermilion found Darryl, her eyes flashed with a strong killing intent.

D*mn it!

Feel the killing intent of Queen Suzaku. Darryl suddenly became alert, instinctively wanted to retreat, but soon calmed down.

Darryl clearly felt that Queen Vermilion was slapped by the White Tiger King before, and she was very weak at this time. His face was pale, it seemed that he couldn’t stand up anymore, and there was no threat to him.

Thinking about it, Darryl put down his guard and began to look up and down at Queen Vermilion Bird.


With such a close appreciation, Darryl was stunned.

I have to say that this Suzaku queen is not only unparalleled in beauty, but also extremely unique in her aura. Even if she is extremely weak at this time, her unique temperament is still eye-catching.

Darryl’s gaze made Queen Vermilion very embarrassed!

In the next second, Queen Vermilion stared at Darryl coldly, her eyes full of resentment: “You have harmed me so badly, I will definitely crush you!”

Chapter 1823

The Suzaku queen at this time is almost furious!

Originally, he could kill the Beast League by surprise, but it was all disrupted by Darryl. If it were not for Darryl, he would not be trapped in the stone formation, let alone be attacked by the White Tiger King.

The thought of falling into the abyss, Feiyu League members might be persecuted by King White Tiger, Queen Vermilion was even more anxious.

“Queen Suzaku!”

Feeling the anger of the Vermillion Bird Queen, Darryl smiled: “You are too overbearing. Just now you Feiyu League and Beast League are fighting, I just watched the battle, but your men directly attacked me indiscriminately. At that time, I was forced to help the Beast League because of helplessness!”

“Also, if you hadn’t just wanted to catch me, you wouldn’t have been attacked by the White Tiger King. Besides, I was knocked down by you…”

When talking about this, Darryl was very depressed.

D*mn, the White Tiger King is so insidious. In order to eliminate the Suzaku Queen, it is no compromise. Somehow he was also the Dragon Lord of the Azure Dragon clan, he had no scruples.


Upon hearing this, Queen Suzaku bit her lips tightly. I couldn’t help but mocked and said: “Don’t come with me. You help the Beast League is my enemy! Also, even if you are treated as a pawn by the White Tiger King, you deserve it!”

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl was speechless, and smiled bitterly: “Queen Vermilion, in fact, I think that your Vermillion Bird clan and Baihu Clan are the four innate spirit beasts. There is no need to make it like this, and you are all trapped here. , It should be…”

Before finishing speaking, she was interrupted by Queen Suzaku: “You shut up, this is our business, you are not qualified to judge!”

With that said, Queen Suzaku’s eyes flashed with anger, and she shouted: “Today, no matter what, I will kill you!”

When the voice fell, Queen Vermilion struggled to stand up and hit Darryl with a palm!


Seeing Queen Vermillion Bird’s palm, Darryl didn’t panic at all, but sighed in his heart, because Darryl clearly felt that Queen Vermillion Bird had no strength at all with this palm.

Obviously, the previous White Tiger King’s surprise attack caused the Suzaku Queen to be hit hard.

Darryl didn’t panic, took a step back, and easily avoided this palm. Slowly said: “Queen Suzaku, let’s fall into this abyss together. It can be regarded as the same fate. Why should we kill each other?”

“Shut up!” Queen Vermilion scolded in a low voice, hitting Darryl again.

Seeing her so persistent, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry. Speaking of which, the Vermillion Bird Queen was very weak at this time, and Darryl could easily subdue her.

But after thinking about it, Queen Suzaku was in such a situation that she really had something to do with herself, so she resisted it!

Under this circumstance, Darryl had to continue to dodge, and at the same time persuaded the Queen Vermilion Bird: “You have suffered such a serious injury, so don’t toss it, save a little effort!”

However, Queen Vermilion was willing to listen, and if she couldn’t launch an attack, Darryl was very helpless, just defending, not attacking.

Whoosh whoosh…

At this moment, there was a breath fluctuating above the head, and immediately after that, three figures were seen, and they landed quickly.

Upon hearing the movement, Queen Suzaku stopped immediately.

Darryl also looked over subconsciously.

Just see. These three figures are three young men, all of whom are quite powerful, all wearing gorgeous golden robes, with extraordinary temperament.

These three young men. It is the subordinate of Queen Suzaku, and the leader is called Jinpeng, the leader of the Jinpeng clan.

When the Vermillion Bird Queen came to attack the Beast League with the Feiyu League members, she ordered Jin Peng to stay at the Feiyu League’s resident. According to the plan, Queen Suzaku would return soon, but Jin Peng waited left and right, but couldn’t wait for the news of Queen Suzaku, so he had to bring his subordinates to check.

As a result, when he arrived near the Beast League, Jin Peng learned that Queen Suzaku had been smashed into the abyss. At that time, Jin Peng didn’t think much about it, and immediately took two right-hand men to avoid the eyes and ears of the White Tiger King, and went down to look at the abyss.

Speaking of it, the abyss is unfathomable, but Feiyu League members are good at flying, so Jinpeng reached the bottom of the abyss smoothly.

Queen Suzaku!

At this moment, I saw Queen Suzaku. Jin Peng’s expression was happy, very excited.

Afterwards, feeling the aura of Queen Suzaku extremely weak, Jin Peng was stunned, and then his eyes turned. Began to mutter in my heart.

Queen Suzaku is injured, does she have a chance?

Queen Suzaku has three powerful assistants, namely Phoenix, Peacock and Jinpeng.

In Jin Peng’s heart, his abilities were not inferior to that of Phoenix and Peacocks, but he was not valued by Queen Suzaku at all. Taking the Fei Feather League’s attack on the Beast League as an example, Queen Suzaku did not bring Jin Peng. Instead, let him stay at the station. This made Jin Peng feel very upset.

However, the Suzaku queen was so strong that Jin Peng did not dare to show it despite his complaints.

At this time, seeing Queen Suzaku was seriously injured, Jin Peng’s mind instantly became active. A bold idea also flashed in his mind.

Taking advantage of the weakness of the Queen Suzaku, she seized the power of the bird ancestor in her body. You know, Suzaku is the ancestor of hundreds of birds and possesses very powerful ancestors of birds. As long as the ancestors of birds are obtained, Jinpeng can surpass the phoenix and peacocks.

D*mn it!

At this moment, seeing the three Jin Peng approaching, Darryl’s heart shook and suddenly became nervous.

Darryl was thoughtful and thoughtful, from the three outfits of Jinpeng. Can guess it, at this moment Queen Suzaku’s men.

“Queen Suzaku, we will have a period later!”

In the next second, Darryl reacted and greeted Queen Vermilion Bird. Turn around and run.

Queen Suzaku hated herself deeply, but it was only because of her weakness that she couldn’t hurt herself. Now three subordinates suddenly came, and the situation was completely different. It would be too late if she didn’t run away.

Sure enough, seeing Darryl run away, Queen Suzaku frowned.

Immediately, Queen Suzaku ordered Jin Peng, “Jin Peng, catch this person immediately!”


Hearing the order of Queen Vermilion Bird, Jin Peng stood there without moving, and had no intention of chasing Darryl at all.

In Jinpeng’s heart, the queen of Jinpeng was very weak at this time, and it was a good opportunity to replace it. How could it be possible to waste time on a human?


Seeing Jin Peng standing still, Queen Suzaku came to the fire inexplicably, and said: “Can’t you hear my order?” With that, Queen Suzaku looked at the direction Darryl had left, and was anxious.

This Darryl. It is extraordinary to be able to use some rocks to trap him, and if he can escape successfully, he will surely suffer endless troubles.

“Ha ha!”

At this moment, the corners of Jin Peng’s mouth came up. Looking at Queen Suzaku with a smile: “Suzaku is just a human being. It doesn’t take a lot of trouble. Let’s talk about business!”


Upon hearing this, Queen Suzaku frowned. Displeased: “What business!”

The Suzaku queen at this time was very annoyed. Not only did Jin Peng defy his orders, but he also called himself by his own name, which was simply presumptuous!

However, the Queen Suzaku didn’t hold out what happened immediately, but wanted to see what business Jin Peng was going to say.

Chapter 1824

Feeling the displeasure of Queen Suzaku, Jin Peng didn’t panic at all.

In the next second, Jin Peng took a few steps forward and looked at Queen Suzaku with a smile but a smile: “Suzaku, do you know that after you fell into this abyss, most of the Feiyu League members have surrendered to the White Tiger King? .”


Heard this. Queen Suzaku trembled, and she was stunned.

Many members of the Feiyu League have taken refuge in the White Tiger King?

For a time, the Suzaku Queen was inexplicably angry, and at the same time she couldn’t help but blame herself. If she didn’t underestimate the enemy, she wouldn’t make a mess.


Just when the Vermilion Queen secretly blamed herself, Jin Peng said coldly: “All of this is because you are too arrogant. For the future of Feiyu League, I will show you a way to pass on the strength of the bird ancestor to me. Now. Circumstances, only I, Jinpeng, can revive Feiyu League!”


At this moment, Queen Suzaku’s heart was shocked, her eyes fixed on Jin Peng, and she yelled: “Jin Peng, you are so bold, you dare to commit the following?”

At this time, the Suzaku queen was extremely annoyed.

She didn’t expect Jin Peng who had always been loyal to herself. At this time, it was so insidious that he wanted his own bird ancestor power. You know, the power of the ancestor bird is the source of his own power, and once it is lost, it is completely abolished.

“The following guilty?”

Jin Peng couldn’t help laughing up to the sky, his eyes full of coldness and playful abuse: “Suzaku, it is undeniable that you are one of the four innate spirit beasts, and your strength is far above me, but don’t forget how you are. As the leader of the Feiyu League, I fully supported you at the beginning and have always been loyal to you, but what about you?”

“In your heart, keep reusing Phoenix and Peacocks. What’s good. They are always the first to think of them.”

“As far as this matter is concerned, I am in your heart, and I only have the qualifications to stay at the station.”

Jin Peng got more and more excited as he spoke, his eyes flashed with craziness.


Seeing this soberness, Queen Suzaku breathed a sigh of relief and slowly said, “Is that why you want to replace me?”

“Yes!” Jin Peng did not hesitate, gritted his teeth and said: “Today you were injured by the White Tiger King. This is God’s will. Haha…I am destined to rise today.”

As he said, Jin Peng stared at Queen Suzaku: “Accept your fate, and pass on the strength of the bird ancestor to me!”

“You traitor!”

Queen Suzaku’s exquisite face revealed a certain degree of determination: “My Suzaku is one of the four innate spirit beasts. The power of the bird ancestor is born, how can a shameless person like you have it.

“I want the power of the bird ancestor, unless I die!”


When the last sentence fell, Queen Suzaku raised her hand, and a burst of light burst out from her body. Then, she saw the air suddenly tore in front of Queen Suzaku, and a bright red fire sword appeared suddenly!

This fire sword. The whole body was blood red, burning with fierce flames, when it appeared, the surrounding temperature. Suddenly increased dozens of times.

“Want to resist? I’m afraid you have no chance!”

Seeing the Queen Suzaku summoned the sword to come out, Jin Peng’s eyes flickered, showing some fear, but he quickly calmed down. Because he knew that Queen Suzaku was already at the end of the battle.


Jinpeng didn’t talk nonsense. He raised his right hand and clasped a golden long knife to come out. At the same time, the two companions beside him quickly summoned their weapons!

Immediately afterwards, the three figures of Jin Peng fought fiercely with Queen Suzaku.

Speaking of which, Queen Suzaku is powerful, and if it is normal, the Jin Peng trio are not opponents at all. But Queen Vermilion was wounded by the White Tiger King before, and she was extremely weak. At this time, facing the siege of the Jin Peng trio, she couldn’t stand it.

quickly. Queen Suzaku was firmly suppressed and acted critically.


the other side!

Darryl didn’t look back, and ran for a few minutes before slowing down.


The three subordinates of Queen Suzaku are not weak, but they didn’t catch up?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl stopped, the more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.

Why don’t you go back and have a look?

make up one’s mind. Darryl immediately returned the same way.

D*mn it!

I quickly arrived at the place before, and the scene in front of him directly stunned Darryl.

I saw that Queen Suzaku was being besieged by the Jin Peng trio. Only parry, no fight back, pale and weak on his delicate face.

What’s the situation!

For a moment, Darryl only felt his brain buzzing, and his whole person was confused.

Aren’t those three guys in golden robes belong to Queen Suzaku? Why did you fight with Queen Suzaku? Is this a rebellion?


Just when Darryl was muttering secretly, he heard Jin Peng exclaimed proudly: “Don’t support it hard, your current strength. It’s not our opponent at all, so let’s give up, and pass on the strength of the bird ancestor to me obediently! As long as you promise, I can keep you alive.”

Queen Suzaku bit her lip. There was no response, but his eyes were extremely determined.

She thought about it, if she died here today, she wouldn’t let Jin Peng succeed.


Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned, D*mn, it turns out that these three guys really rebelled.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl’s mind quickly turned, thinking about how to save the Vermillion Bird Queen.

Speaking of which, Queen Vermilion just wanted to kill Darryl, Darryl didn’t want to take risks for her, but the defeat of Feiyu League today was indeed caused by Darryl. In addition, the Queen of Vermillion Bird can be severely injured by the White Tiger King, which is also directly related to Darryl.

under these circumstances. Seeing Queen Vermilion in danger, it was difficult for Darryl to sit back and watch.


However, after thinking for a moment, Darryl didn’t think of a way, and the surrounding area was dim. And there is no stone, there is no way to deploy the formation.

It’s even worse if you rush straight up. These three guys are very strong. Rushing forward, I’m afraid that the Suzaku Queen will not come out, and I will put myself in danger.

How to do?

For a moment, Darryl scratched his head in a hurry.

In the next second, Darryl looked around again, looking at the dim surroundings, and suddenly his inspiration flashed, and he had an idea.

At this time, in the battlefield not far away.

Under the constant attack of Jin Peng and her companions, Queen Suzaku’s face was pale, her body trembled, and she was almost unable to hold it.


Jin Peng was full of jokes and mocked, “Suzaku, stop resisting, this place is so hidden, you wouldn’t think someone will come to save you!”

When he said this, Jin Peng was extremely proud, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

He clearly felt that Queen Suzaku could not hold it anymore. As long as he restrained her, he could gain the power of the bird ancestor. Can you not be excited?


As soon as the voice fell, Jin Peng sensed that there was a breath fluctuation in the darkness not far away.

Immediately afterwards, a low and majestic voice came: “There is a fight in front of you. Go and check immediately.”


Hearing these voices, Jin Peng’s face changed drastically.

Broken, the White Tiger King took his hand down.

In the next second, Jin Peng couldn’t think much, and greeted the two companions: “Hurry up, go!” With that, Jin Peng took the lead and ran away.

Chapter 1825

While leaving, Jin Peng glanced at Queen Suzaku, very unwilling.

Ma De, seeing that he was about to restrain the Suzaku Queen, suddenly gave up and was really unwilling, but the White Tiger King came, and if he didn’t leave quickly, it would be too late.

The two companions also panicked, and followed Jin Peng, quickly disappearing into the darkness.


Seeing the three Jinpeng fleeing, Queen Suzaku breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, she looked vigilantly in the other direction, feeling bitter in her heart.

Although Jin Peng is gone, the White Tiger King is about to rush over. Is it true that he is inevitable today?

Just when the Suzaku Queen was a little desperate, she saw a handsome figure walking slowly not far away, with a cynical smile on her face.

It is Darryl.


Seeing Darryl, Queen Vermilion trembled, her beautiful face was full of surprise, completely stunned.

What’s the matter, I clearly heard the voice of the White Tiger King just now, why… it was Darryl that appeared?


Seeing Queen Vermilion’s expression, Darryl had a leisurely look and said with a smile: “Queen Vermilion, the three traitors have escaped, right?”

When he said this, Darryl felt extremely relaxed.

“You…” Queen Vermilion took a deep breath, couldn’t hide the doubts in her heart, and asked: “Darryl, how could it be you? What about the White Tiger King?”

While asking, Queen Vermilion couldn’t help but look behind Darryl and found that there was nothing behind Darryl, and there was no White Tiger King.

“No need to look for it, it was me who spoke just now!” Darryl said with a smile.

Yes, the voice of the’White Tiger King’ just now was made by Darryl. At that time, Darryl couldn’t think of another way. When he had the idea, he used his ventriloquist and imitated the tone of the White Tiger King, creating the illusion of the White Tiger King coming.

I have to say that Darryl imitated the tone of the White Tiger King, so vividly that he not only successfully deceived the three Jinpengs, but even the Vermilion Queen did not notice it.


Upon hearing this, Queen Vermilion was stunned, staring at Darryl blankly, her eyes full of weirdness.

Can he imitate the voice of the White Tiger King?

In the next second, Queen Suzaku couldn’t help but said: “How did you do it?”

At this time, the Vermillion Bird Queen’s hatred towards Darryl in her heart was no longer as strong as before, and at the same time, she was a little more curious.

Darryl smiled, and said disapprovingly: “It’s nothing, it’s just a little trick.”

With that, Darryl came over and asked: “Are you okay?”

“It’s okay!”

Queen Suzaku shook her head, and then stood up, but she let out a low groan, her eyebrows furrowed, and there was pain on her face.

At the same time, blood kept coming out of her. Obviously, in response to Jin Peng’s three siege just now, Queen Suzaku was injured again, and the injuries were very serious.

D*mn it!

Seeing this scene, Darryl was shocked, and at the same time, he couldn’t express the admiration in his heart.

The Suzaku queen’s character was too tough, and she didn’t even shout after suffering such a serious injury.

Thinking about it, Darryl was going to help him.


However, at this moment, I heard a sound of footsteps not far away, and immediately afterwards, I saw three Jinpengs, clutching their weapons, and hurried back.

In the blink of an eye, the three Jinpengs arrived.

“Ma De!”

Seeing the scene before him, Jin Peng looked grimly: “I guessed it, the White Tiger King is not here at all.” Jin Peng was very nervous when he ran away, but quickly calmed down.

After that, the more Jin Peng thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. This place was at the bottom of the abyss, and the White Tiger King could not come down. Thinking of this at that time, Jin Peng decisively returned with his companion.


Seeing Jin Peng three go and return, Darryl’s expression changed, and he secretly groaned!

Queen Suzaku also trembled, unspeakably anxious.


At this moment, Jin Peng didn’t hesitate, screamed, and rushed over with his two companions.

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t think much, he directly summoned Fang Tian’s painting halberd, and at the same time blocked the Vermillion Bird Queen behind him: “I block them, you go quickly!”


Seeing Darryl decisively standing in front of her, Queen Suzaku suddenly felt complicated and shook her head and said: “You are not their opponent, leave me alone, go quickly!”

In her heart, Jin Peng’s betrayal of herself was a matter for Feiyu League, and she didn’t want to involve Darryl.

As they were talking, the three Jinpengs had already rushed forward.

“Where’s the kid!”

At this moment, Jin Peng took a cold glance at Darryl and shouted: “Hurry up and roll aside, otherwise you will be killed together!”

In Jin Peng’s eyes, Darryl in front of him had no threat at all, and he didn’t care about it at all.

However, Darryl didn’t shrink at all, and said coldly: “As a subordinate, but committing the following crimes, aren’t you afraid of retribution?”


Hearing this, Jin Peng’s expression was extremely ugly: “You are looking for death!” The voice fell, and the long knife in Jin Peng’s hand burst out with a dazzling light, slashing towards Darryl fiercely!

Darryl took a deep breath and quickly raised Fang Tian’s halberd to resist.


In a short time, the long sword and Fang Tian’s painting halberd collided fiercely. Under a huge shock, Darryl only felt a terrifying force coming, and he snorted, and the whole person staggered back!

After taking a full dozen steps, Darryl stabilized his figure, his face pale, and at the same time his blood surged.


Darryl took a deep breath and looked at Jin Peng in amazement.

The strength of this guy is too strong!

“Go to hell!”

Just when Darryl was horrified, Jin Peng roared and rushed again.

“Be careful!”

Seeing this scene, Queen Vermilion could not help exclaiming, and at the same time wanted to rush over to help Darryl meet the enemy, but she was too weak, and she had lost too much blood, completely powerless!

Darryl was also full of dignity, feeling the power of Jin Peng, Darryl couldn’t think much, bursting out the power of his whole body, and condensing it on Fang Tian’s painting halberd.


In the next second, Darryl and Jin Peng’s figures collided together, and a terrifying shock erupted. Then, Darryl flew out like a kite with a broken line, sprinkling a rain of blood in the air.

After flying a full tens of meters, Darryl fell heavily on the ground.

Speaking of it, with Darryl’s current strength, with the primordial spirit in his body, he can already look down upon the entire human world, but at this time he is facing Jin Peng. Jinpeng’s common name is Golden Wing Roc. Although its status is not as good as Suzaku, it is also born of innate aura.

When God Realm launched a war of gods, Jin Peng alone confronted tens of thousands of god soldiers and generals. His background was not comparable to that of Darryl.


Seeing this scene, Queen Suzaku trembled and she burst into tears: “I told you to leave me alone, hurry up, why don’t you go?”

Darryl showed a smile, wanted to respond, but couldn’t speak. He clearly sensed that his soul was severely injured, and his body was extremely weak.

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