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Chapter 196

That’s right, Master Miaoyuan is Elisa’s master. To be precise, it is her’Second Master’.

Five years ago, Elisa joined Emei. As a new generation of master sister of Emei, Elisa first worshipped the head of the Emei school as his teacher.

However, in the past few years, the head of Emei has been practicing in retreat, and there is no time to teach his disciples.

Under such circumstances, Master Miao Yuan has been teaching Elisa and teaching her to practice.

So in Elisa’s heart, Master Miao Yuan was also his master, and she respected her very much in her heart.

At this moment, Darryl’s body shook, and the whole person was blinded, thinking that he had heard it wrong. Frowning and asked: “What did you just say? Who is your master?”

On the phone side, Elisa didn’t notice that his tone was wrong, and said softly: “My master is Master Miaoyuan, one of the six elders of the Emei faction, and has been stationed in Donghai City recently…”


Hearing this, Darryl’s expression was extremely ugly, and a wave of anger rose!

Listening to these four words, Master Miao Yuan, is really annoying! I have no grievances or grudges against you, you have a guilty righteousness, and walked the way for the sky, almost killing the great saint! This account hasn’t been settled yet, do you still want the elixir of God? Go dreaming! groove!

Darryl became more and more angry as he thought about it, his tone became cold, and there was no room for discussion, and he said to the phone: “Okay, let’s not say, I don’t have a god elixir here.”


Elisa was anxious and couldn’t tell, depressed: “Good brother, what’s the matter? Didn’t you just say okay, find a place to meet, you give me the Immortal Pill, why… why is it gone now?”

A good brother with one bite, he didn’t say anything wrong.

Darryl sighed, and said angrily: “Nothing else, just because of your master.”

“My master?”

Elisa was completely stunned, and his brain was blank.

What happened to your master?

At this time, Elisa was anxious and panicked. Just about to speak, he heard Darryl say impatiently: “You ask your master what good things have been done.”


When the voice fell, I just hung up!

Elisa trembled as she heard the blind tone beeping from the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Darryl only felt that there was nowhere to vent an evil fire in his heart, and severely threw the phone on the coffee table.

Yes, knowing that her master is Master Miaoyuan, I regretted the two Immortal Pills given to her before!

At this time, Peter came over and said with a smile: “What’s wrong with Darryl? Be so angry?”

Darryl took a deep breath and said, “It’s Elisa.”

Peter was stunned, and then smiled: “It’s Captain Zhou, the beautiful police officer. That’s okay, Darryl, he’s very beautiful.”

Darryl was a little dumbfounded: “What can you do, you know who her master is, I will tell you…”

Jingle Bell.

Just said a few words, the phone rang again.

At this moment, Darryl’s face turned black. Is Elisa going to end this week?

As he said, he answered the phone angrily: “I’ll use it again to say it a few times, I don’t have a fairy pill here, and I won’t have it in the future. Don’t call me anymore!”

Hang up again after speaking.

At this moment, there was a soft and anxious voice over the phone: “Husband, you are coming soon… something has happened.”


“What’s wrong? Wife, don’t worry, what’s the matter?” Darryl asked quickly.

I can clearly hear that Lily is very noisy, her voice is very anxious, and she is about to cry “Which…at the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine…husband, you…you come…”

in hospital?

Hearing these words, Darryl’s heart burst, without asking more, he quickly stood up.


Donghai City, Chinese Medicine Hospital.

This hospital, second only to Donghai No. 1 Hospital, has strong medical resources.

At this time, many seriously injured patients were sent to the lobby on the first floor.

Dozens of nurses were treating the wounded there, and the scene was chaotic, like the scene of a disaster.

Darryl arrived quickly and was stunned when he saw this scene.

What’s the situation?

Is there an accident? !

“Husband, I’m here.” At this moment, Lily walked quickly, she was full of anxiety.

“Lily, what’s the matter?” Darryl walked to her and found that she was not injured, and he was relieved immediately.

Today’s Lily is extraordinarily beautiful. She wears a pair of black jeans and shows her s3xy legs to the full. Stepped on a pair of high heels, gentle and beautiful. At this time, many men couldn’t help but look at her.

Lily hugged Darryl and said in a choked voice: “Husband, my mother just called and told me that she had a car accident. Let me come here, but I haven’t seen her yet, I’m so scared.”

Alexandra was hit by a car?

Darryl patted Lily lightly, and comforted: “It’s alright, don’t panic, it’s definitely fine.”

While talking, he looked around, his heart trembled.

D*mn, the people waiting for first aid in this hall seem to be caused by a car accident. Some people were covered in blood, and some had broken arms and legs, very tragic.

Lily was about to cry anxiously, clutching Darryl’s arm: “Husband, will something really happen to Mom?”

Now my dad is still abroad, what should I do if my mom really has a long and two shortcomings?

“Don’t think about it.” Darryl kissed her forehead, his eyes flashed, and he saw a group of people sitting on the steps outside the corridor.

One of them is Alexandra.

“Wife, where is mom!” Darryl said quickly.

Lily followed his gaze with a smile on her face and hurriedly walked over.

When I arrived, I saw Alexandra’s face depressed, and there were some bruises on his arms, and there was no bleeding anymore. Compared to the wounded in the hall, it was very good.

Around her, there were more than twenty people sitting around, all with minor injuries, and all of them looked angry and looked like they were holding fire.

Seeing that Alexandra was okay, a big rock hanging in Lily’s heart finally fell to the ground. But what a car accident was this, hurting dozens of people?

“Mom, are you okay?” At this moment, Lily walked over and said with a worried expression on her face.

Alexandra was clutching the wound, sweat dripping with pain. Seeing her daughter coming, her eyes were red.

“Mom, what the hell is going on? How can a car accident happen properly?” Lily asked when she took out a tissue and gently wiped her wound.

Alexandra’s face was a little bad, and he said, “Lily, Mom did something wrong.”

Lily was stunned: “What’s the matter?”

Just now among the wounded, I saw several card friends of my mother. Lily asked, “Mom, are you playing mahjong again?”

Alexandra shook his head and whispered: “I…I sold our villa.”


Hearing this, Lily’s body trembled, and her heart was anxious and angry: “Why, how did you sell the villa?”

At this time, Alexandra sighed and told the story.

It turned out that some time ago, Lily bought the shares of Liu’s family with all her family’s money. There is no savings at home.

Alexandra spends a lot of money on cosmetics and skin care products every day. Suddenly, the family was in trouble, and it was difficult to accept it for a while.

Just a few days ago, a poker player of Alexandra playing mahjong, named Cheng Ying, told Alexandra that there was a project that could make a lot of money.

This project is a financial company called Chuangyi. It is a financial management project that has just been established. It has a short cycle and quick return on costs. It is very attractive. As long as you invest 10,000 yuan, you can earn 500 yuan in interest within a week.

Hearing about this project, Alexandra was very moved. At that time, he found someone to help him and sold the villa for 80 million yuan. All voted in.

At that time, Alexandra thought about it. When you have made money, you will buy another villa.

Today, just one week has come, and as a result, the Chuangyi Financial Company said that there was a small problem with this financial management project, and the money was temporarily unable to come out.

Alexandra was dumbfounded and realized that he had been deceived.

There were dozens of people who were deceived with her. After everyone discussed it, there was an uproar in the Chuangyi company.

The CEO of Chuangyi Company, whose name is Zhang Biao, called for security at the time to drive off the troublemakers. The result is getting more and more noisy. In the end, Zhang Biao went into flames and drove on a rampage, hurting Alexandra and others.

After saying this, Alexandra got angry: “This financial company is too nasty, it’s simply out of control.”

While talking, her face was full of regret. That villa was earned by my daughter’s hard work through live broadcasting, but now, it’s sold by herself..

Having said this, Alexandra suddenly saw Darryl, and suddenly a stomach of fire spread all over him: “Darryl, why are you rubbish? What else would you do besides eating soft rice? I don’t want to see you. Get out!”

This useless thing has been messing around outside all day, and it has made no contribution to the family.

What’s the use of a waste son-in-law like you? ! Everyone else’s son-in-law can make money, but what about this Darryl? If he can make money, how can he be anxious to make money? If he is not anxious to make money, he will not be deceived! At this time, Alexandra was in a bad mood, and it was even more annoying to see this trash son-in-law.

Darryl laughed, this mother-in-law is so beautiful, she just can’t stand her always scolding herself if she has nothing to do.

Chapter 197

Darryl smiled and said nothing. He has been scolded for three years and has long been used to it.

Seeing him not talking, Alexandra scolded even more fiercely: “You still laugh, are you shameless? My mind was flooded, so why did I promise to marry my daughter to you? The sons-in-laws of others are all in the midst of the dragon and the phoenix. Look at you again! Even if you make 10,000 yuan a month, I will not sell the villa, you are a waste.

Hearing this, Lily couldn’t stand it anymore, bit her lip, and gently pulled Alexandra: “Mom, don’t scold Darryl…”

Alexandra was frustrated, and broke free of Lily’s hand: “Lily, what’s the matter with you? This is a waste in this life, right? I don’t care, you will divorce him tomorrow.”

His own family has become the way it is now, and it’s all because of him.

Many people nearby also looked at Darryl and shook their heads. They had heard Alexandra say that this son-in-law was useless.

Lily bit her lip and quickly changed the subject: “Mom, how can you trust these wealth management companies…”

Investing 10,000 yuan and giving 500 yuan in interest for seven days is a lie.

Darryl on one side sighed, he could hear it, the financial company Alexandra said must be a fraud company, and there should be forces behind it.

Otherwise, I would not dare to deceive the public’s hard-earned money so blatantly.


At this moment, among the crowd, Alexandra’s card friend Cheng Ying stood up, and said in a desperate manner: “From my point of view, it is estimated that our money is very difficult to get back. I just learned that this is a billion-dollar Zhang Biao, the boss of the finance, is in the society, how else would he dare to hit us with a car?”

Hearing this, everyone around was discouraged.

Everyone present didn’t have much background. How could they afford to provoke people like Zhang Biao.

Zhang Biao?

This name sounds familiar.

Darryl frowned, thinking secretly. Oh, come to think of it, this kid should have been with Li Heihu. Once having dinner with Li Heihu, this kid was standing beside him. He was still a bodyguard at the time.

Unexpectedly, he is now the boss.

At this moment, Alexandra looked around and said confidently: “What are you afraid of? Don’t worry, I will definitely get the money back.”


The voice fell, and the eyes of more than two dozen people gathered on Alexandra.

Cheng Ying couldn’t help but smile and said, “Alexandra, don’t let it go. Just now everyone has discussed for a long time, but there is no way. Can you get the money back? Let’s just accept it.”

Alexandra blushed and defended: “I tell you, my daughter used to have a suitor named Wang Kun. Do you know what his family does? The trade company has a lot of contacts, as long as I call him A phone call, this matter will definitely be resolved!”


Darryl was a little unhappy and frowned.

My mother-in-law is really interesting. Whenever something happens, all she thinks of is Lily’s former suitor. It was Mitchell before. Now another Wang Kun emerged.

Lily was anxious, her face flushed, and she quickly pulled Alexandra: “Mom, why are you mentioning him.”

Alexandra was right. Before getting married, he had many suitors. Wang Kun is one of them. It is true that Wang Kun is indeed rich and powerful, but now that he has accepted Darryl, why did Mom mention him?

Alexandra disagreed, and said angrily: “Lily, just leave it alone, our 80 million family must come back! If I don’t find Wang Kun, should I expect this waste?”

After speaking, Alexandra glared at Darryl contemptuously: “You said, what can you do?”

Darryl was too lazy to argue, and whispered to Lily, “Forget it, since mom believes in your ex-boyfriend, let her go.”

“What ex-boyfriend!” Lily stomped anxiously, and said, “Husband, Wang Kun and I have nothing to do. He just chased after me, we have never been together…”

Darryl’s expression was not very good. He wanted to see how powerful this Wang Kun was that made his mother-in-law so concerned.

At this moment, Alexandra had already taken out his cell phone and made a call out.

Soon, the phone was connected, Alexandra smiled, and his tone became softer: “Hey, Wang Kun? This is your Aunt Alexandra… Can you come to the Chinese Medicine Hospital? Something. , I want you to do me a favor. Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

After hanging up the phone, Alexandra looked at Cheng Ying somewhat proudly: “Wait, Wang Kun will be here in a while, as long as he is willing to help, our money will not be less!”

“Really?” The women next to him gathered around: “If he really has the ability to come back, then we have to thank you very much…”

Alexandra laughed. At this time, her wound no longer hurts. She stood up and said, “You don’t know anything, this Wang Kun, when she used to pursue my daughter, she gave me a gift every day. Once she gave me a tourmaline bracelet. , Do you know how much it costs? Enough to buy a BMW!”


Surrounded for a while, she looked at Alexandra enviously. She enjoyed this look and said, “One more time, I was in a shopping mall and my phone was stolen. I called Wang Kun. Guess what was the end result?”

“What is it?”

Everyone was interested and asked one after another.

Alexandra proudly said: “As a result, that mall is Wang Kun’s boss’s property. Wang Kun called his boss and blocked the entire mall and finally caught the thief.”


At this moment, the people around could no longer hold back and talked about it.

If this Wang Kun really has such great ability, then their money will definitely be able to get back!


At this moment, a sudden brake sound came from not far away. I saw a white Porsche drove over quickly and stopped at the gate of the hospital. Then a handsome young man got out of the car.

A customized casual suit, glamorous and good-natured. It is Wang Kun!

“Wang Kun, here!”

Seeing him, Alexandra opened his eyes and smiled and hurriedly stretched out his hand to say hello.

“Wow, that car is a Porsche.” The crowd exclaimed.

Alexandra called a pride, and said, “What is a Porsche? Wang Kun still has a Bentley at home.”

Lily’s expression was not very good when she heard her mother’s words. She and Wang Kun haven’t seen each other for a long time. How embarrassing to meet now. She bit her lip and wanted to leave at the moment.

When he arrived, Alexandra smiled and said, “Xiao Kun, I am embarrassed to call you over.”

“Auntie is really polite. You are looking for me if you have something to do. I am too happy to have time.” Wang Kun smiled slightly, and the gentleman took out a gift box from his suit and handed it over: “Auntie, you are here in a hurry. Gifts are not precious. , Please don’t dislike it.”

“This…this is so embarrassing…” Alexandra burst into laughter in his heart, took the gift box, opened it, and immediately attracted a burst of envy.

It was a pure jade hairpin, very beautiful. Especially suitable for a mature and s3xy woman like Alexandra.

Chapter 198

Alexandra was so happy that he repeatedly said: “Xiao Wang, every time you are so polite, how much is this hosta?”

Wang Kun waved his hand and said, “Aunt Alexandra, it’s not much money, less than one hundred thousand. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, you are so beautiful, of course I want to give you good jewelry.”

A good horse with a good saddle? This sounds so awkward.

Alexandra didn’t care either. She was happy now, and she felt pleasing to Wang Kun no matter how she looked at it. The more I look, the more I like it.

At this moment, Wang Kun finally turned his head to look at Lily, “Long time no see.”

Lily gave a hum.

“I haven’t seen you in a few days, you are getting more and more beautiful.” Wang Kun smiled lightly as a gentleman on his face, and then looked at Darryl, but his eyes couldn’t hide his contempt: “This is the famous Darryl, right?”

The famous four words specially emphasized the tone.

In Donghai City, who didn’t know that the goddess Lily was married to a trash? It is no exaggeration to say that this waste is famous.

Alexandra pulled Wang Kun aside: “Wang Kun, talk to this useless thing, come, and I will tell you the situation.” Then he told him what happened.

But Lily was anxious, and she took Darryl’s arm and whispered: “My husband, what should I do.”

She knows Alexandra too well.

If this Wang Kun really helped to get the money back, Mom would definitely force herself to divorce again after returning home.

Darryl smiled faintly, and Darryl Qingyun said calmly: “Don’t panic, check the situation first.”

At this time, Alexandra also finished talking about the situation.

“Aunt Shen, don’t worry.” Wang Kun said angrily: “This financial company actually cheated Auntie’s money. Don’t worry, I will help you get the money back.”

This is what Alexandra waited for! His face suddenly bloomed with a smile: “Xiao Wang, auntie knows you are capable!”

Does this young man really have a way?

At this moment, everyone around, one by one, was so happy, they came forward to flatter themselves. I beg this young man to get their money back.

Wang Kun enjoyed this feeling very much and waved his big hand: “Don’t worry, since you are all Aunt Shen’s friends, your money is all in my possession! I will call now!”

I know a little bit about Chuangyi Financial Company.

The boss Zhang Biao is from Li Heihu.

Li Heihu is a well-known figure in Donghai City. Although I don’t know him. But my father has been doing a big business in the past two years, should I know him?

Wang Kun took out his cell phone and made a call to his father. After the call was connected, he cautiously said: “Dad, there is something, can you ask for me…” Then he explained the situation.

On the other side of the phone, after Wang Kun’s father listened to it, he scolded angrily: “What do you do with other people’s affairs? Do you really think I am omnipotent? Little ba5tard, look for things for me every day! What do you think? Can I know Li Heihu? Even his little brother Li Biao, I don’t even know him. Okay, I’m drinking, and I’m fine. I’m a little ba5tard, don’t worry about other people’s business in the future.”

After speaking, I hung up.

Wang Kun was scolded in a sweat. After all, his father didn’t even know Li Heihu? How can this be done? He was very flustered, but with a smile on his face, he bit his head and said: “Aunt Shen, don’t worry, I have finished the call. Your money will be refunded tomorrow at the latest!”

Now there is no other way but to stabilize Alexandra first!

“Well, Xiao Wang, you are so capable! Then I will wait for the good news tomorrow!” Alexandra couldn’t help but praise.

At this moment Darryl couldn’t help but laugh, he was already a military commander, and he had cultivated the Pure Yang Zhenjing, and his hearing was much better than ordinary people. Just now this kid called, Darryl heard clearly.

I have to say that Wang Kun’s face is really thick. Unable to solve it, I’m still pretending to be here.

Darryl sighed and couldn’t help taking a step forward, and said to Alexandra: “Auntie, Wang Kun is afraid that he doesn’t have the strength to ask for money. Or I’ll call and ask, maybe I can get you back. money.”

What? !

In that instant, the entire hospital door was boiling. Those who were deceived looked at Darryl one by one, as if they were looking at fools.

This door-to-door son-in-law, said he can get the money back?

Alexandra’s face flushed, pointing at Darryl and said, “Shut up your mouth, don’t be embarrassed here, useless things!”

Wang Kun on one side laughed out of nowhere, and stepped forward and said, “Darryl, I heard that right? Hahaha, do you think you have a way to get the money back? Hahaha!”

Wang Kun smiled backwards and fell together. This is simply a big joke. My father can’t get the money back. This waste, Darryl, actually said there is a way? Hahaha!

“Xiao Wang, don’t be angry.” Alexandra quickly explained: “This trash thing, how can you have this kind of ability. You have to rely on you.”

“Yes, yeah, Xiao Wang, don’t be angry.”

The people next to him also said quickly: “Xiao Wang, Alexandra often said that this Darryl is useless, and he knows that he is idle every day. You must not care about him.”

They are now afraid that Wang Kun will be angry. What if he is angry and doesn’t ask everyone for money? So they pleased.

Darryl sighed, the people nowadays are really a real reality.

While thinking, he silently walked behind the crowd and called Li Heihu.

Yudu Private Club.

In the high-class box, Li Heihu and Zhang Biao closed their eyes with enjoyment.

Beside them, two s3xy and beautiful beauties were gently massaging them.

Li Heihu is very happy today. His little brother Zhang Biao is said to have made money in financial business and made hundreds of millions. Today I specially invited myself to have a massage.

“Brother Hu, your little brother, I am rich now, and you should be most grateful!” Zhang Biao smiled and snapped his fingers. Then a beautiful lady walked in, holding a piece of mutton fat white jade in her hand.

Zhang Biao raised his eyebrows: “Brother Tiger, I heard that you like jade. I made some money, brother. I immediately bought this piece of mutton fat white jade and gave it to you.”

“Good, good, good!” Li Heihu nodded repeatedly. My own little brother, it really will happen. It’s not in vain to take care of him so much!

Holding Bai Yu in his hand, at this moment, the phone rang suddenly.

Fcuk, Brother Darryl? !

Li Heihu sat up all of a sudden and answered the phone cautiously.

Brother Darryl called, there must be something urgent!

“Li Heihu.” On the other side of the phone, Darryl said coldly: “I found out that you are really courageous now. Your little brother has started to engage in illegal business, right? Is your special code floating? “


Li Heihu was scolded and turned his head, and his words were uncomfortable: “Brother Darryl, no, no, the second young master…it’s not right…Mr. Yue, I…I didn’t understand…”

Last time, Darrylan exhorted him to call him Mr. Yue.

“Didn’t you understand?” Darryl said coldly: “You have a little brother called Zhang Biao. You lied to my mother-in-law to set up a villa. I only give you ten minutes to return everyone’s money. I am in The hospital is waiting.”


When the voice fell, the call was hung up directly.

D*mn it! Only then did Li Heihu react and kicked Zhang Biao’s head!

“Brother Tiger, you, what are you doing…” Zhang Biao was kicked to eat sh!t and his head plunged into the footbath.

“Slot you, don’t you want to make money with special code?” Li Heihu yelled, and then punched in the past: “You shameless pen! The financial company that you special code has cheated hundreds of millions of dollars. Is it still beautiful?”

Zhang Biao wanted to cry without tears: “Brother Tiger, I lied, but the people who lied were all people without background…”

“It’s you!” Li Heihu’s face was full of black lines: “Brother Darryl’s mother-in-law, you cheated a villa!”

Brother Darryl? Which Darryl brother?

Zhang Biao’s head was blank.

Li Heihu grabbed his hair and lifted him up: “Brother Darryl, is my brother. It is the second young master of the Yue family. He is the most grateful person in my life! Give me a refund!”

Zhang Biao almost didn’t freak out his pants. In his impression, Brother Tiger had never had such a temper. He quickly put on his clothes and went to the Chinese Medicine Hospital.

At the entrance of the hospital, Alexandra was chatting with Wang Kun. Just then, a Land Rover drove up quickly.

Looking from a distance, Li Biao pissed off the car and headed straight for the crowd.

“He lied to our money!” Alexandra called out immediately when he saw Li Biao.

“Yes, it’s him!”

“He’s here to refund us!”

A burst of cheers came. Alexandra was so happy that he took Wang Kun’s hand and said, “Xiao Wang, you are still good, and Li Biao was called in just one phone call.”

what? Wang Kun was embarrassed, what’s the situation? Didn’t my father say that he didn’t know Li Biao or Li Heihu?

Could it be that his father asked Li Biao for the relationship?

Yes, it must be so! Thinking of this, Wang Kun smiled.

At this time, Li Biao also walked in front of everyone. He was sweating profusely, holding a card in his hand, and unexpectedly plopped down on his knees: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t lie to you for money, I’m sorry… the money will be returned to you. , I will never dare anymore, never dare anymore…”

Haha! Seeing Li Biao like this, everyone laughed. At the same time gave Wang Kun a thumbs up.

Wang Kun called a proud, walked forward and took Li Biao’s bank card. Looking at him condescendingly: “It’s fine to know what’s wrong, and there will be another time, I can’t spare you!”


Li Biao looked up at Wang Kun, his face was confused. Who is this kid? I don’t know it! Isn’t it… Is he a friend of Brother Darryl?

At that time, Li Biao did not dare to be presumptuous, he could only admit his mistakes again and again: “Yes, yes, I don’t dare anymore, I don’t dare anymore.. In this card, there is not only the money you were deceived, but I also give more. You have a lot of interest…”

Wow! Hearing this, everyone was very happy!

Alexandra couldn’t close his mouth even more, and said to Wang Kun: “Xiao Wang, it is really thanks to you this time. It is because you are good. Just a phone call will solve the matter. If my daughter can marry you, I should How good is it.”

Listening to her mother’s words, Lily stomped angrily and blushed a little.

Chapter 199

At this moment Lily only felt embarrassed. Before, Wang Kun pursued herself and pursued her violently.

Although it has been a long time since I paid attention to him, Wang Kun really helped a lot this time.

“Thank you, Wang Kun.” Lily whispered.

“Yeah, Xiao Wang, thanks to you today.” Alexandra said as he glared at Darryl: “If you point to me, a trash son-in-law, that money won’t come back forever. Xiao Wang, I have time tonight. No, go to my house for dinner.”

“Okay!” Wang Kun nodded again and again, that was an excitement! He laughed and said, “Auntie Shen, please call me if you have anything to do. This liar dares to lie to you for money. He really doesn’t have a long eye!”

As he said, he kicked Zhang Biao: “Should I swindle money again, I will kill you, get out of here!”

Zhang Biao knelt here to apologize all the time, but was kicked by Wang Kun at this time, and he dared not say anything. After all, he should be a friend of Brother Darryl. At that time, Zhang Biao nodded repeatedly: “Yes, yes, I won’t lie anymore, I will get out of here…”

After saying this, she was about to get up and leave. At this moment, the phone rang suddenly. It was from Li Heihu. Zhang Biao answered the phone and said tremblingly, “Brother Tiger, don’t worry, I will return all the money I lied to them…”

Li Heihu, who was on the phone, was still angry and yelled, “Is it the one for you? After refunding the money, you apologize to Brother Darryl, and Brother Darryl personally said that you can forgive you, and you can come back! Otherwise, Lao Tzu. Your skin!”

After speaking, he hung up with a snap.

Zhang Biao almost wanted to cry without tears. He stood up with a sad face and said to Wang Kun: “Brother, can I see Brother Darryl… I apologize to him face to face…”

“What Brother Darryl?” Wang Kun was puzzled: “Where is Brother Darryl here? I’m Wang Kun, and my father is Wang Fugui.”

Until now, Wang Kun still believes that his father called Zhang Biao to come over.


Zhang Biao’s head buzzed, what’s the situation? Does this kid know Brother Darryl? ! He scratched his head and asked tentatively: “Aren’t you a friend of Brother Darryl?”

Wang Kun was dumbfounded when he was asked, and said angrily: “Are you deaf? I don’t know me!”

D*mn! He doesn’t know Brother Darryl?

Don’t know Brother Darryl, how about pretending to be D*mn here?

“Your special code is like a shameless pen!” Zhang Biao called out, kicking Wang Kun’s stomach.

This kick was too strong, Wang Kun was kicked to eat sh!t, his face stuck on the ground.

Seeing this scene, everyone present was stunned. What’s the matter? How can I fight?

“Magic pen stuff, I killed you today!” Zhang Biao rode on Wang Kun all at once, fist after fist.

D*mn’s, this second match, I don’t know Brother Darryl, just pretend to be a special match? In that finger-pointing, beeping.

Zhang Biao became more and more angry, stood up and kicked a few more times, and finally sipped at Wang Kun.

“Fcuk, you don’t want to live anymore, do you dare to beat me?” Wang Kun shouted. At this time, the face was beaten blue and purple. D*mn’s, being beaten in front of so many people is really embarrassing.

“I’m the one who beat you! I don’t know Brother Darryl, are you pretending to be D*mn?” Zhang Biao howled, another fire surged, and he rushed forward to fight.

Alexandra really couldn’t stand it anymore, and quickly walked a few steps to block him: “Zhang Biao, it’s fine if you lie to us, but you dare to beat Wang Kun? Do you know who he is? His father’s name is Wang Fugui, and you provoke him. Can you afford it?”

“Go to the special code, what wealth and safety, I will beat him today! Get out of here, or I will fight with you!” Zhang Biao yelled, raising his hand to hit Alexandra.

Alexandra trembled all over. She didn’t expect that this Zhang Biao would come for real, and this slap would be taken soon. At the time she was scared and pale!

Lily was anxious and wanted to stop, but it was too late!

At this moment, a cold voice came from behind!

“Zhang Biao, you are almost done. That’s my mother-in-law.”

Darryl came over unhurriedly.

Hearing this voice, Zhang Biao quickly took back his slap! He looked back in a hurry, and looked at Darryl’s eyes. At that time, the cold sweat fell down! He is Li Heihu’s most loyal little brother, of course he knows Darryl!

What’s the situation, this beautiful woman in front of me is Brother Darryl’s mother-in-law?

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!

D*mn, I lied to Darryl Ge’s mother-in-law’s money and almost beat her. Isn’t this completely abolished?


At this moment, Zhang Biao bent his knees and knelt there, his head desperately knocking to the ground!

“Brother Darryl, Brother Darryl, I was wrong. I didn’t know that she was your mother-in-law. I want to know, I wouldn’t dare to lend me ten courage…” Zhang Biao had already knocked his forehead and screamed loudly.

At this moment, the audience was dumbfounded!

What.. What’s the situation?

The brother Darryl in Zhang Biao’s mouth is this door-to-door son-in-law?

Alexandra was also stunned. At this time, she couldn’t stand still. Looking at Darryl incredibly, it turned out… It turns out that Zhang Biao refunded him because he was afraid of Darryl!

“Brother Darryl, I was wrong… Brother Darryl, you must forgive me, you must…” Zhang Biao was almost crying, holding Darryl’s thigh and said, “Brother Darryl, if you are not satisfied, I will pay three more. Ten million, share it with everyone, just as I apologize, Darryl brother, you must forgive me…”


As soon as the voice fell, everyone present became excited!

Darryl waved his hand: “Okay, let’s go. Go back and tell Li Heihu that in the future, he and his men will do something ignorant of their conscience, not to mention that I won’t save him face.”

“Yes, yes, thank you, Brother Darryl!” Zhang Biao kowtows two more heads after receiving an amnesty, and then he leaves in a hurry.

Until Zhang Biao got into the car, the whole hospital door was boiling!

“Alexandra, you son-in-law, you really are a dragon and a phoenix in the world!”

“Yes, you keep saying that he is trash, you really misunderstood others.”

“Yeah, your son-in-law is so powerful, he won’t be a social mess…”

This group of deceived women shouted one after another. The praises came one after another.

Alexandra didn’t react until now. She wondered in her heart, what happened to Darryl, why is it so powerful? She wanted to ask Darryl. But wait until you get home and ask again.

At the sound of praise in the crowd, Alexandra was enraged when he heard it. He stepped on high heels and walked in front of the crowd and said: “Okay, my son-in-law is usually a little useless, but he also knows a lot of rich people. Now everyone’s money, I want to return it to you, it’s so late, everyone, go home, we will get together again tomorrow!”

“Good, good!” A group of people opened their eyes and said goodbye to Alexandra.

“Then, Alexandra, let’s go first.”

“Alexandra, such a good son-in-law, what are you dissatisfied with.”

“Yeah, with such a strong ability, it’s me, it’s a delicious treat every day.”

When I left, I could still hear a sound of praise. At this time, Lily’s heart was also very happy.

Husband is really great.

Thinking about it, she held Darryl’s arm tightly, full of sweetness.

After half an hour, Darryl and Alexandra’s mother and daughter returned to the villa.

When he walked into the villa’s living room, Darryl felt a little emotional.

My mother-in-law is really too much to toss. Such a good house was sold before I lived in it for long. Fortunately, the person who bought the house only came to collect the house one month later. Within a month, there will be no homelessness.

After arriving home, Lily said goodnight and went to wash her face and go to bed.

After three years of marriage, he and Lily never slept in the same bed. In the past, there was only more than 100 square meters in the house, and they slept in a room. But Lily slept on the bed, and Darryl hit the floor. Now it has been replaced by a villa and there are more rooms. Darryl lives on the second floor.

In the room, Darryl felt exhausted physically and mentally. Tossing for a day today. Really tired and confused.


I can finally get a good night’s sleep.

Darryl turned off the light and was about to sleep beautifully. At this moment, a slight knock on the door came from the door. The knock on the door was very small.

Wouldn’t it be Lily who missed herself?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl showed a slight smile. Is it possible that tonight, you finally have to sleep with your wife?

Haha! Darryl felt very happy, and hurried down to open the door. The moment the door opened, he was stunned.

It’s not Lily.

But… Alexandra!

what? It’s late at night, what is she doing…

Chapter 200

At this time, Alexandra was still wearing jeans and high heels underneath. This is the middle of the night, don’t change clothes, what are you doing in this body? .

Darryl swallowed and couldn’t help but look at it more.

I have to say that Alexandra is really well maintained, even though he is more than 30 years old, he has a very graceful figure. Standing with Lily, there is no telling that it is a mother and daughter, but a pair of sisters.

“That… I’ll turn on the light…” Darryl smiled at her and was about to turn on the light.


At this moment, Alexandra put his hand to his mouth and made a silent gesture. The charming face was complicated: “Don’t turn on the light, Lily is already asleep, don’t wake her up.”


Don’t turn on the lights?

Why is it so mysterious. What are you going to do?


In a luxurious villa on the coast of Donghae City.

An old man sat on the sofa. Calm down. Looking closely, this old man was the one who fainted after eating an invalid God Pill at the auction last time. Yu Zongtian, Yu Mo’s grandfather.

“Grandpa, help me see if this Yang Shen Dan is real.”

At this moment, the door of the villa was opened, and Yu Mo hurried over, took out a pill from his body, and handed it to Grandpa’s hand.

“Walk slowly, don’t get rid of hands and feet.” Yu Zongtian said lightly, took the pill, looked at it carefully, and nodded: “This pill is real.”

He once saw a picture of the Yangshen Pill in an ancient book. The Yangshen Pill depicted on it is just like this, and there should be nothing wrong with it.


Hearing this, Yu Mo sighed softly, it seems that Darryl didn’t lie to himself. He can really refine Yang Shen Dan.

At this moment, Yu Zongtian slowly said: “Yumo, you have cultivated the Su Nvzhen sutra, so when you come in every menstrual period, the pain is unbearable, so you want to use Yang Shen Dan to relieve the pain. ,right?”

Yu Mo nodded and said with a smile: “Grandpa is really aware of Qiuhao, you can see this.”

Yu Zongtian smiled bitterly, shook his head and said, “Taking Yangshen Pill can indeed relieve your pain. But you must know that this method can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Because of the secret book of the Plain Female Heart Sutra, Yin Qi is really too great. Seriously, if you continue to practice, the yin qi in your body will invade the meridians throughout your body.”

At this point, the old man’s face was filled with worry: “Once the yin qi invades the meridians of the whole body, you will be extremely painful at that time. So, if you listen to your grandpa’s advice, this plain female heart sutra should not be practiced.”

In the Hall of Longevity, there were many people who practiced the Heart Sutra of Plain Women, but in the end, they couldn’t bear the pain of Yin Qi entering the body.

She is just her granddaughter, and can’t just watch her go astray.

Hearing this, Yu Mo didn’t care, “It’s okay, Grandpa.”


Seeing her insisting on her own opinion, the old man was very helpless and sighed softly. This granddaughter is really wayward. I have said so clearly, why don’t you listen.


On the other side, the First Hospital of Donghai City.

The hospital tonight is exceptionally unstable. Hundreds of luxury cars were parked there, and the hospital with its headlights was like daylight.

Just now, the news of the sudden death of Grandpa Yue spread, and the families in Donghai City were shocked!

Grandpa Yue was very famous, and for a while, all the people in Donghai City came.

At this time, many people gathered in the ward.

Without exception, they are all big figures with prominent backgrounds. Yang Long, Yang Jing, Master Miaoyuan, and the patriarchs of various families…


Banson knelt down in front of the hospital bed, tears falling down, holding the old man’s hand tightly, and kept choking: “Dad, wake up…”

The father suddenly passed away, which dealt a great blow to Banson. Everyone around them also had complicated eyes and sad expressions. The atmosphere of the ward was unspeakably depressing.

After crying for a long time, Banson came over, slowly turned around, looked at Clint and asked, “Chen’er, what’s going on? When we left the hospital just now, wasn’t your grandpa okay? Why? Suddenly, the old man is dying?”


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the room suddenly gathered on Clint.

Being watched by so many people, coupled with feeling guilty in his heart, Clint suddenly became a little nervous, and he stubbornly said: “Dad, I don’t know what’s going on, grandpa he…”

Seeing him a little nervous, Patsy stood up, and said in an angry and painful voice: “Dad, Darryl made Grandpa angry to death. After you just left, Grandpa suddenly felt uncomfortable and covered it. I kept breathing heavily. I kept saying, “Darryl, this unfilial son and grandson.. He is greedy for life and fears that death will not change his bones and will taint his younger brothers and sisters…”.

When talking about this, Patsy stroked her chest, as if it were true, and continued: “We were both terrified at the time. I advised Grandpa not to get angry, and then went out to call the nurse, but the nurse did not call yet. , Grandpa he just…”

In the end, Patsy couldn’t help the sadness in her heart and started crying.

At the same time, she also secretly glared at Clint.

Why did I marry this rubbish? At the critical moment, I didn’t have any courage at all, I couldn’t understand what I said, and almost showed off.

Clint didn’t care about his wife’s contempt, and nodded in agreement: “Yes, yes, that’s right, it was like this at the time.”

While talking, secretly relieved.

My wife’s acting skills are really top-notch, if it weren’t for her, I really didn’t know what to do.

As soon as the voice fell, the entire ward was in an uproar, and everyone suddenly broke out.

This Darryl actually made his grandfather alive? !

Is this still a human? Not as good as livestock!

“Darryl!” Banson’s face was blue, biting his teeth bitterly, clenching his fists tightly, and for a while, he was angrily speechless.

If I knew this a long time ago, I shouldn’t call him and let him see the old man!


At this moment, Master Miao Yuan’s face was too frosty, obviously angry, and suddenly patted the table: “It’s Darryl again!”

“This scum, first tarnished his younger brothers and sisters, but was not as good as a beast. His grandfather was seriously ill and refused to donate bone marrow. Now, he is still angry with Mr. Yue. This kind of unfaithful, unfilial and unrighteous person should be severely cut. “After saying this, Master Miao Yuan’s body trembled too angry, and the internal force of her whole body fluctuated, instantly filling the ward!


What a strong aura!

Many people couldn’t help taking a breath. The strength of this Master Miao Yuan is really too strong!

Suddenly, the whole ward was silent.

A few seconds later, without knowing who it was, he exclaimed: “Master Miaoyuan is right. A scum like Darryl is not worthy of living in this world.”

At the same time, the others slowed down, and they all gave their thumbs up.

“Master Miao Yuan, jealous like hatred, deserves to be a contemporary heroine!”

“The famous Emei school is authentic, and it really deserves its reputation.”

Listening to the praise and flattery of everyone around, the several Emei disciples all looked proud.

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