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Chapter 2111

At this moment, Liya and Mengya, as well as the surrounding men, gathered around.

“this is?”

“It’s not from the demons, right?”

Speaking of it, Darryl is the benefactor of the Monster Clan, and it can be said that he is well-known in the entire Monster Clan. However, Liya and his younger sister Mengya, as well as the men they brought, are all guard soldiers of the Monster Clan.

The so-called defenders are those who do not need to be on the front line when the monster clan is in crisis, but protect the old and young soldiers of the monster clan. When the forward army engages the enemy, these defenders are responsible for protecting the old and weak. The young are safe and move them to a safe place.

In other words, these defenders are called logistics support personnel in Kyushu.

When Darryl took the White Tiger King, Colorful Spirit Phoenix, and the Monster Race tribe to leave the sealed land, Liya and these guards were the last to come out. Later, Darryl and the Monster Race besieged the Yutian Palace. Rhea and these guard soldiers moved to a safe place.

It can be said that Liya and these guard soldiers have hardly seen Darryl.

Moreover, at this time, Darryl’s face was full of blood stains, and he was covered in black mud. He was even more embarrassed than a beggar. Under this circumstance, people like Liya would not associate him with Darryl.


Soon, Liya reacted, let out a sigh of relief, and asked the subordinate: “Who is this person?”


When the voice fell, the eyes of the surrounding people gathered on the subordinate, and all of them were curious.


The subordinate didn’t dare to neglect, and hurriedly responded: “When his subordinates used Escape, he happened to ran into this guy. He looked strange when he was not a god soldier or a demons tribe, so he brought him back. “

Hearing this, Leah started to think.

A few seconds later, Liya made up her mind and said, “Give him a beast essence pill and see if he can wake up.”

The beast yuan pill is a unique healing medicine within the monster clan. Liya is not sure if it will be useful for the person in front of him, but there is no other way but to give it a try.

Speaking of it, Liya didn’t want to waste the beast essence pill to treat an unfamiliar person, but the situation in front of Demon Mountain was complicated, and she brought dozens of subordinates, and if she rushed closer, she would almost die.

Since the person in front of him had come down from Darryl Devil Mountain, he must know some details.

“Yes, miss.”

Hearing the order, one of his subordinates quickly took out the beast yuan pill and stuffed it into Darryl’s mouth.


At this time, Mengya looked displeased and muttered: “This person is so injured. Using the beast pill is a waste. Also, it seems that his dressing is not as good as a beggar. Even if he wakes up, it is probably I don’t know much.”

When she said this, Mengya didn’t even look at Darryl, her delicate face was full of disgust.


Hearing this, Liya couldn’t help but laugh, and then said softly: “Sister, how can you say that? Even if this person doesn’t know the situation of Darryl Devil Mountain, we saved him. Good luck.”

What good fortune…

Mengya couldn’t hear it at all, and she curled her lips to refute, but she finally resisted seeing her sister’s seriousness.

“Woke up!”

At this moment, the surrounding subordinates didn’t know who shouted, what time, all their eyes suddenly gathered on Darryl.

I saw that Darryl, who had been unconscious, moved his finger at this moment, and then he let out a low pain and slowly opened his eyes.

At this time, Darryl only felt the pain all over his body.

D*mn, the blood sacrificial formation was really terrifying. At that time, it was shocked and flew out. Not only did he break a leg, but the primordial spirit almost dispersed.


Muttering in his heart, Darryl looked around and was immediately stunned.

I go, what’s the situation?

I saw a group of people standing around, staring at me one by one, among them there were two extremely beautiful women.

Even though she was wearing an ordinary grass skirt, her graceful figure and beautiful face were no less than that of a fairy in God’s Domain.

Moreover, looking at their dress and the strength in their bodies, it is clear that they belong to the monster race.

Feeling Darryl’s gaze, both Liya and Mengya were a little unhappy in their hearts. Liya’s temperament was gentle and did not show it. Mengya was savage but not used to Darryl.

Chapter 2112


Soon, Mengya was the first to react, and said fiercely at Darryl: “Look at what? Look at it and dig out your eyeballs.” She said, she also made a fierce look.

Hearing this, Darryl didn’t panic at all, but couldn’t help but laugh.

This little girl, young, has a good temper.

“stop laughing?”

At this moment, Mengya was so angry that she had to come over and start her hands. But Rhea was soon stopped.

“Sister, don’t make trouble.” Liya spoke softly, her voice gentle, but with unquestionable majesty.

Meng Yatian was not afraid, but he obeyed Liya’s sister’s words. At that time, he gave Darryl a fierce look and stood by.


This is, Liya’s eyes fell on Darryl and asked: “Who are you?”

The leading woman asked Darryl: “Who are you?”


Faced with Liya’s question, Darryl smiled slightly, and did not answer immediately, but instead asked, “If I guess right, you are all from the monster race, right?”

“Not bad!”

Liya nodded and responded: “My father is the White Tiger King.”

As soon as the voice fell, Mengya on the side was very proud to answer: “Have you heard of the White Tiger King, among the monsters, the strongest and greatest existence, one of the four innate spirit beasts, so you have to be right. Let’s be respectful, and we need to know awe, you know?”

What? The white tiger king’s daughter?

At this moment, Darryl was taken aback for a moment, and was pleasantly surprised.

Haha, that’s great.

At this time, God’s Domain is in an unprecedented crisis. If there is help from the Monster Race, it will definitely defeat Demon Lord Gone. It’s just that Darryl was seriously injured, and the demon clan’s whereabouts were secretive. Under this circumstance, it was difficult to find the demon clan’s habitat.

But Darryl didn’t expect that he would run into the demon clan so quickly.

Moreover, they were saved.

Speaking of it, Jiutian God is self-serving, selfish and arrogant, Darryl has no good feelings for him, and does not want to help God’s Domain deal with Demon Venerable, but Darryl also understands that once God’s Domain falls, Demon Venerable’s next target is the Jiuzhou Continent.

For the sake of the overall situation, Darryl felt that it was necessary to talk to the monster clan.


Seeing Darryl smiling and not saying anything, Liya and the surrounding men were a little inexplicable.

What is this person silly? There is no problem in your mind, right.

Finally, Leah frowned and couldn’t help but say: “What are you laughing at? You haven’t said who you are? My men brought you out of the ground. What happened to you? And why are you here? Darryl Demon Mountain?”


Darryl took a deep breath and said seriously: “I am Darryl. Since you are the daughter of King White Tiger, please take me to see her quickly.”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of urgency.


Hearing this, whether it was Liya, Menya and the surrounding men, they were all stunned, and then burst into laughter.

“What did he say? Darryl?”

“Looking at this outfit, the beggars are better than you.”

“Do you know who Darryl is? The benefactor of our entire Monster Race, the Nine Heavens Profound Sage of God’s Domain, just like you, dare to brag about being Darryl?”

“What a lunatic, this man must have a brain problem.”

The surrounding subordinates couldn’t help but laugh, and their faces couldn’t hide their contempt for Darryl, and at the same time they were all a little angry.

You know, Darryl is so powerful that even the great ancestors praised him, how could such a character be so miserable in front of him?

More importantly, Darryl is the benefactor of the Demon Race. The guy in front of him pretends to be Darryl. He just looks down on the Demon Race, so why isn’t it hot?

The mockery kept coming, Darryl smiled and didn’t care at all.

“act recklessly.”

At this moment, Mengya couldn’t help it, walked over quickly, and shouted at Darryl: “You are so courageous. If you dare to fake the name of our demon benefactor, you really have survived.”

As she said, Mengya turned her head towards Liya and said, “Sister, just now I said just leave him alone, you still give her beast yuan pills, this is a mental illness that doesn’t live or die.”

Chapter 2113

After the last sentence fell, Mengya couldn’t help but stared at Darryl fiercely.

Seeing her arrogant look, Darryl was very helpless.

This is, Liya was also stunned by Xiumei, and couldn’t help saying: “Mengya, don’t talk first.”

Talking. Liya pointed at Darryl and said, “Do you know what you were talking about? Did you know that Darryl is the great benefactor of our monster clan, and has a very high reputation in our entire monster clan. You can pretend to be him? After the consequences?”

Like Mengya, Liya also thinks that the man in front of her is lying.


Darryl was very helpless, scratching his head, and said with a wry smile: “I can’t tell. I actually have such a high reputation in the Yaozu, that…I am really Darryl, can this deceive you?”

As he said, Darryl looked at Liya earnestly: “In this way, you take me to see my father, the White Tiger King, is it true or not? I’ll know at that time.”

This one…

Hearing this, Lia bit her lip lightly and began to ponder.

This is correct. As long as he goes back and sees his father, he can tell at a glance if he has lied, but the situation of Darryl Devil Mountain has not been investigated much.

Moreover, this person was seriously injured, and it would take some time to bring him back to the clan.

How to do?


At this time, Mengya couldn’t stand it. He walked over and frowned and said, “Do you really believe what he said? This man is a liar. He just wasted one of our beast essence pills. Now he pretends to be Your Excellency Darryl, just kill him as I see it.”

With that, Menya pulled out a cold dagger.

I go.

Seeing the dagger in Mengya’s hand, Darryl was startled. Is this girl so cruel?

At the same time, Liya also trembled, and quickly stopped saying: “Sister, don’t be impulsive.”

As he said, Liya looked around and said to the people around him: “I will go back to the land first. You will accompany Mengya and follow with him. Remember to take care of his injury and not let him have an accident. “

When she said this, Ria had a delicate face. It’s a bit complicated.

Speaking of which, Liya didn’t believe in the man in front of her, but she also understood the truth of fate. If this person is really Darryl, if you leave him here regardless, it will be troublesome.

Liya thought about it, and went back to the clan land first, and told the father of the situation as soon as possible, so that the father could make a decision as soon as possible.


Hearing this, Mengya was stunned, reluctantly: “I don’t want to take him, sister. If you want to go back, I will go back with you.”

With that, Mengya pointed at Darryl: “Even if you want to save him. Just let these men take care of him.”

Liya smiled bitterly, and said softly: “Sister, you are obedient, I do this because I want you to experience the experience alone. Moreover, in case this person is really Darryl’s words. You have taken good care of him along the way. At that time, the father also praised you.”

Speaking to the end. Liya patted Mengya’s fragrant shoulders: “Okay, it’s settled, sister believes you can.”

After speaking the last sentence, Liya urged her figure and hurried to the direction of the clan.


At this moment, Mengya was very depressed. Can’t help but yell, but Ria is fast and disappears deep in the dense forest in the blink of an eye. At that time, Mengya stomped her feet with anger.

Subsequently. Mengya glared at Darryl with an annoyed look: “You wait, wait until you see your father, let me know that you are not Darryl, see how I peel your skin and twitch your muscles…”

Having said this, Mengya walked forward quickly.

The surrounding subordinates did not dare to neglect, they lifted Darryl up and followed closely. Darryl’s injury was very serious, his right leg was completely broken, and he could only be lifted.

Ha ha…

Looking at the angry Mengya in front of him, Darryl was not angry. It’s unspeakable ease.

He just wants to see the White Tiger King as soon as possible.

Because I met the White Tiger King, not only did he save his life, but he could also invite the Yaozu to send troops. Help God’s Domain deal with the Demon Lord.


At this moment, Darryl Moshan is here.


On the battlefield, the fight became more and more fierce. I saw that on the side of the demons tribe, with the encouragement of Mozun Gone, the morale became stronger and stronger. On the other hand, on the side of God’s Domain, because there are many divine soldiers who fell into the hole under the blood sacrifice array, the formation was in chaos. In this case, more and more casualties…

Chapter 2114

“Your Lord God.”

Seeing that the situation was getting worse and worse, Rodolf was also panicked, and shouted at God Sovereign Haotian: “I can’t beat it, withdraw…withdraw.”

If you don’t withdraw, you will die.


Hearing this, Haotian Divine Lord did not respond, took a deep breath, his expression gloomy.

Ma De, in the end, he was still a step slower. This time, leading hundreds of thousands of divine soldiers and generals could disrupt Demon Venerable’s plan, but he did not expect that in the end, Demon Venerable managed to capture those demon tribes.


A few seconds later. God Monarch Haotian was unwilling to shout: “Quickly evacuate Fengmo Mountain.”

When he shouted these words, God Monarch Haotian looked unwilling. He was the second-most figure in God’s Domain, who was invincible and famous, but now he was in a situation of fleeing.

But there is no way, if you don’t withdraw, you will die.

There is a silver lining to the withdrawal.


Hearing the cry of Haotian Divine Lord, the surrounding divine soldiers and generals did not hesitate. One by one gave up stubborn resistance and fled in all directions.


Seeing this scene, Demon Zun Gorne laughed up to the sky, while his eyes flashed with craziness and cruelty: “Warriors, don’t let any of them run, chase…”


As the words fell, hundreds of thousands of demons were screaming like chicken blood, chasing after the gods and soldiers who fled from all directions to the west.


At this moment, in the dense forest a few miles away from Fengmo Mountain.

Mengya and more than twenty subordinates. Leading Darryl forward slowly, because of Darryl’s injury. The walk is very slow.

“too slow…”

At this moment, Mengya couldn’t help but glanced back at Darryl. Muttering to himself: “I don’t know what my sister thinks, I have to protect this liar.”

“With such a burden, when can I return to the clan land?”

The words are full of disgust.

Mengya’s voice is not loud, but Darryl behind can hear clearly. At that time, he didn’t think much, just smiled slightly.

after all. It’s hard to calm down whoever is doing this kind of thing.


But at this moment. He heard howls in the back direction, and then, many figures were seen. It is approaching quickly.

Each one was tall and covered with blood-red armor.

There are hundreds of them. It was the subordinates of the Demon Race captured by the Demon Zun.

Just now, under the order of the Haotian Divine Lord, the divine soldiers and gods will scattered and fled, some of them fled into the dense forest here. At that time, hundreds of demon tribes chased in.

It’s just that this dense forest is too big, and these demons did not catch up with the escaped magical soldiers and generals. Instead, he accidentally ran into Darryl and his party.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Mengya, Darryl and dozens of subordinates, their expressions changed.

“This…this is a demon warrior…”

“Worse, these demons are too many warriors, we are not opponents at all.”

“It’s because we are too slow, otherwise, we would have left here long ago…”

Dozens of subordinates are discussing. They all looked at Darryl subconsciously, and regarded him as a broom star in their hearts.


quickly. One of the subordinates reacted and said to Mengya: “What should I do now? The Demon Warrior is very difficult to deal with.”

Mengya is young. I haven’t experienced this before, so I don’t know what to do. I panicked.

“Don’t panic, there is me.”

At this moment, Darryl smiled slightly and said: “As long as you follow my command, I…”

At this time, Darryl was very confident, because it was a dense forest and a natural environment, which was very suitable for array formation, but Meng Ya coldly interrupted him before he finished speaking.

“You shut up.” Meng Yajiao shouted, pointing to Darryl and coldly said: “It’s all you, if it weren’t for dragging your burden, we wouldn’t be overtaken by the Demon Warrior.”

Without this guy, everyone would have returned to the clan land a long time ago.

As soon as these words came out, many of his subordinates were very angry and spoke up.

“Yes, this kid is not only a cumbersome, but also a broom star.”

“Miss, it’s better to kill him, kill him, let’s leave quickly, those demon warriors should not be able to catch up with us.”

During the discussion, many subordinates advocated killing Darryl on the spot.

Hearing this, Mengya didn’t hesitate at all, holding the dagger tightly, she was about to stab Darryl.

Chapter 2115

However, there are sane subordinates who saw this scene at this time and quickly stopped and said: “Calm down, Miss, when the eldest left just now, but repeatedly urged to take good care of this person.”


Hearing this, the dagger that Mengya wielded stopped instantly.

Yes, my elder sister said when she left, she can’t hurt this person.

But…. With his words, when he is chased by the demon warriors behind, everyone can’t leave.

It’s hanging.

Seeing that the killing intent in Mengya’s eyes had weakened a lot, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief. To be honest, he was really afraid of Mengya’s hands just now, and he wouldn’t understand when he died, but he was too wronged.

Secretly rejoicing in his heart, Darryl smiled at Mengya slightly: “Actually, it is very simple to save your life, you only need to listen to my orders.”

Mengya rolled her eyes and said contemptuously: “You shut up, you are disabled and you can’t even protect yourself. What can you do?”

When the voice fell, many of his men also mocked.

“That’s right, stop bragging.”

“Shut up, crippled, we will protect you then.”

As he was speaking, he heard the footsteps behind him, getting closer and closer, and at the same time, the hundreds of demon warriors also spotted Darryl and others, and their eyes flashed with evil rays of sinister light, screaming and charging. come.


Feeling the powerful aura erupting from those demon warriors, whether it was Mengya or dozens of subordinates, their faces were pale and panicked.

In the next second, Mengya bit her lips tightly, and shouted: “Since I can’t hide, I can only fight with them.”

When the voice fell, Mengya was about to greet dozens of his subordinates and rush up.

I go.

Seeing this scene, Darryl suddenly became anxious: “Don’t be impulsive, if you rush up like this, you will die.”

Speaking, Darryl pointed at the surrounding trees, and instructed the dozens of people: “Go, go to this branch, the thicker the better.”

Mengya was annoyed and shouted, “You still don’t shut up?”

This crippled nonsense is too much.

Darryl looked serious: “You rushed forward, there is only a dead end, why can’t you listen to me?”


At this moment, Mengya thought for a while, nodded and said: “Okay, I will just listen to you this trash once.” Then Mengya told dozens of subordinates: “Do as he said.”

“Miss, this handicapped…”

“Hurry up, are you going to disobey?”

Seeing Mengya’s serious face, those subordinates did not dare to neglect, and quickly broke some branches around and held them one by one.

Darryl hurriedly shouted: “Ten go to the left, ten go to the right, the left is in the shape of a product, and the right is in the shape of a herringbone. Quickly, when you are in place, you will wave the branch in your hand.

When shouting these, Darryl was very anxious, but his expression was very calm.

Yes, what Darryl asked them to deploy was a green wood formation.

Darryl felt that these Demon Race fighters were still in a state of chaos because they had just been resurrected. In this case, they could be dealt with as long as a simple green wood formation was deployed.

And there are trees everywhere around here, and the deployment of the green wood formations is completely at hand.

that’s all?

Hearing Darryl’s instructions, whether it was Mengya or those subordinates, all of them frowned and were full of doubts.

Can you deal with those Demon Warriors just by shaking it with a branch?

Is this too trivial?


At this time, the hundreds of demon warriors had already rushed to the front, and the situation was extremely critical. At that time, the dozens of subordinates had to’dead horses as living horse doctors’, and followed Darryl’s instructions to scatter to the sides and stand well. Later, he waved the branch in his hand.


The branches waved and made waves. Whether it was Mengya or dozens of subordinates, they were all very nervous, and each of them was adjusted to their throats.

However, what shocked them was that after hundreds of Demon Warriors rushed forward, they didn’t seem to see themselves. Instead, they all showed a confused expression and looked around.

The scene before him was very strange. Darryl and Mengya, as well as dozens of his subordinates, were in front of these Demon Warriors, but they seemed to be blind, they just couldn’t see it.


Seeing this situation, dozens of subordinates were stunned, staring blankly at Darryl speechless, extremely calm.

How did he do it?

Mengya trembled even more, completely stupid.

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