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Chapter 2166

“Your Excellency Darryl!”

Seeing this scene, Liya couldn’t help exclaiming, her delicate face was full of worry.


In midair, Rodolf stared at Darryl closely, his tone couldn’t hide his pride: “What else do you have, do it all, otherwise, there will be no chance.”

While talking, Rodolf’s figure quickly landed at the entrance of the cave, holding the golden gun firmly, and slowly walking towards Darryl.


Seeing Rodolf approaching step by step, Darryl couldn’t tell, and at the same time he was a little helpless.


Seeing Rodolf getting closer and closer, just at the moment of this moment, a sweet drink suddenly came, and then Liya’s beautiful body flashed and directly stood in front of Darryl.

“As long as I am here, you are not allowed to hurt Your Excellency Darryl.” Liya looked at Rodolf tightly, her delicate face revealing a bit of determination.

Liya knew that her strength was in front of Rodolf, and she was afraid that all three moves would not be able to hold it, but there was no way. Your Excellency Darryl was a great benefactor of the Monster Race, and he was also a man she liked. killed.


At this moment, Darryl was moved and anxious, and couldn’t help but say: “This is nothing to do with you, you should get out of it.”

Liya did not hesitate to stand in front of her, which moved Darryl very much, but she and Rodolf were personal grievances, and she must not be implicated in the near future, and she was only one person, and it was not Rodolf who really wanted to fight. Opponent.

Hearing the call, Liya didn’t move at all, but resolutely said: “Your Excellency Darryl, don’t worry, I won’t let you receive any harm.”

Seeing her so persistent, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

“Tsk tut…”

Seeing this scene, Rodolf couldn’t help but sneer, and ridiculed Darryl, “It’s true, Darryl, there are women who will help you everywhere, you dignified Nine Heavens Profound Sage, relying on a woman to help you out. Excuse me?”

When saying this, Rodolf suppressed the anger in his heart and thought of Princess Sally in his mind.

Ma De, this Darryl first took away his beloved goddess, and now he is hooked up with the daughter of King White Tiger. This kind of scum, we must get rid of him today.

Hearing the mockery, Darryl sneered.

At this time, Rodolf’s eyes flashed and fell on Liya: “You are the great daughter of the White Tiger King, Miss Liya, this Darryl is a womanizer, you must not help him.”

“you shut up!”

As soon as the voice fell, Li Yajiao yelled, and coldly retorted: “Your Excellency Darryl, make our demon clan’s benefactor upright, not the kind of person you are talking about.”

As he said, Liya opened her hands and stood very firm: “I tell you, as long as I am here today, you never want to hurt Your Excellency Darryl.”

Although the voice is soft and soft, there is no doubt about it.


Hearing this, Rodolf’s face instantly became gloomy, extremely ugly.

The celebrity around Jiutian God, led by his own dignified Shen Yun, was threatened by a demon girl at this time. If this matter spreads out, where will the face be put?


In the next second, Rodolf gave a grin, and said coldly at Liya: “Toast and not eat fine wine, you really think you are the daughter of the White Tiger King, I dare not do anything to you? Get out of here, otherwise If you do, don’t blame me, you’re being rude.”

The last word fell, Rodolf’s divine power exploded, and the surrounding air suddenly twisted.


Liya was secretly shocked when she felt Rodolf’s eruption, but she had a firm look on her face: “Rodolf, you keep saying that Your Excellency Darryl is a scum. In fact, you are the villain. You were in Darryl Devil Mountain before. You calculated Lord Darryl and made him forget a leg. At this time, you have repeatedly and repeatedly slandered him. Only when you are a scumbag, you should be eliminated.”


When the voice fell, Li Yayu raised her hand, holding a long sword tightly, her figure flickering, and she pierced directly at Rodolf.

Liya’s strength is not weak, in order to protect Darryl, this sword exploded ten successful powers! It can be clearly seen that where the long sword passes, the surrounding air seems to be distorted!


Seeing Liya’s direct action, Darryl was shocked, and quickly said: “Don’t be impulsive.” Although Liya’s strength is not weak, it is not Rodolf’s opponent either.

After all, Rodolf is the commander of Yutian Palace, the right-hand man of Nine Heavens God.

While shouting, Darryl was about to stand up and stop, but it was already a step too late.

“Ha ha..”

Seeing Liya rushing up directly, Rodolf smiled coldly, standing there as steady as Mount Tai!

“Teach me? You don’t have that qualification yet.”

After saying this coldly, the corner of Rodolf’s mouth evoked a hint of coldness, and his divine power broke out, and the golden gun in his hand whizzed out, drawing out a dazzling golden light, welcoming Ria!

Chapter 2167

In a blink of an eye, Rodolf and Liya fought fiercely together.

“Clang clang!”

Liya held the long sword tightly and kept colliding with Rodolf’s golden gun, making loud noises. At first, Liya could deal with it calmly, but after a few rounds, she felt a little strenuous.

This Rodolf just fought fiercely with Your Excellency Darryl, and the power of the primordial spirit was consumed a lot. Under this situation, can such a strong power erupt?

“Miss Leah, you are not my opponent, so give up.”

Just when Liya was secretly surprised, Rodolf sneered, and the figure burst out, raising her hand and hitting it!

The speed of this palm was as fast as thunder, and the entrance of the cave was narrow, and Leah couldn’t open it at all. In the desperate situation at that time, she could only urge the momentum and greet her with a palm.


In the next second, Liya and Rodolf’s palms collided, and there was a dull vibration. At this moment, Liya snorted, Jiaoshu took a few steps back, and her delicate face instantly paled.

Rodolf’s strength is stronger than her, and Liya is certainly not his opponent in the palm of the hand just now!


Liya only felt that her chest was stuffy, stabilized her figure, looked at Rodolf in shock and anger, and held the fire in her heart unspeakably.

The strength of this Rodolf is too strong.

This is over, I thought I could protect Your Excellency Darryl, but…

“Ha ha..”

At this time, Rodolf sneered and looked at Liya with a joking look: “I thought the daughter of the White Tiger King is so powerful, but it turned out to be just as capable.”

When the voice fell, Rodolf rushed over, quickly raised his hand, and tapped Liya’s acupuncture point twice.

In a moment, Liya’s body stiffened and couldn’t move a single movement.

Seeing this scene, Darryl’s expression changed drastically, and he was furious: “Rodolf, you let her go, our grievances, don’t involve other people.”

“Let him go?”

Rodolf sneered and said faintly: “Darryl, do you think you are qualified to talk to me?” With that, Rodolf made a flash of electricity, and also blocked Darryl’s acupoint.

At that moment, Darryl wanted to hide, but he was hit hard by Rodolf just now, and he couldn’t avoid it at all.

“Rodolf, you scum!”

Liya’s figure could not move, she was too anxious. At this time, she saw that Darryl was also sealed off the acupoint, she was even more angry, bit her lip, and yelled at Rodolf: “I warn you, you’d better let us go. , Otherwise, I will let my father make you cramped and peel your skin.”

Hearing the scolding, Rodolf sneered and ignored it.

At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Rodolf, if you want to feel that you are still a man, just let her go. This has nothing to do with her.”

“Oh, I can’t tell. You are quite worried about her safety.” Rodolf joked and sneered: “Darryl, the more you speak for her, the less I will let her go. Therefore, you should save yourself. Save it.”

“Your Excellency Darryl.”

Liya was very excited, and shouted at Darryl: “Don’t talk to this kind of villain so much, he won’t let us go, I think, even if we die, we will die together.”

Rhea was very excited when she said this.

Two hours ago, Liya realized that after she had fallen in love with Darryl, she was happy and shy, and at the same time she was a little inferior, because she was only the daughter of the White Tiger King, and she was not worthy of Darryl compared to her status. , Seeing that Darryl was in crisis, Liya was worried and fortunate.

What was worried was that Darryl was in danger in the depths, and he couldn’t help.

Fortunately, he was happy to be able to die with Darryl.

This silly girl.

Seeing Liya’s fearless face, Darryl was moved and helpless.


At this time, Liya continued to curse at Rodolf: “You shameless and despicable villain, you must do it as soon as possible. I am dead, and my father will definitely avenge me.”

Leah was very excited at this time, the more scolded, the more unpleasant.


At the beginning, Rodolf ignored it, but gradually couldn’t help it. At that time, he smiled grimly, his eyes were bloodshot, and walked up to Liya step by step, slapped her face fiercely!

To be honest, Rodolf didn’t want to beat Liya, but was scolded by a woman all the time, and it was hard for anyone to bear it.


After this slap, I heard Liya screaming, and a slap print suddenly appeared on the white face.

“I am the commander of the imperial palace, do you have the right to scold me?” Rodolf looked at Liya coldly, almost squeezing these words out of his teeth!

Chapter 2168

Rodolf at this time was very angry.

She was robbed of the princess by Darryl, what’s wrong with asking him for revenge? But in this Leah’s heart, she became a despicable villain.

Ma De, Darrylang someone else’s woman, isn’t it mean or shameless?

Speaking of it, Rodolf didn’t plan to deal with Liya at all, because he had discussed with Wei An before, and after catching Darryl, he would cooperate with Wei An to stage a heroic rescue of the United States. But Lia’s yelling made him really couldn’t help it.

Liya was blinded by the slap, and it took several seconds to react. At that time, she looked at Rodolf in anger: “Rodolf, you…you dare to hit me! You are by the side of God of Nine Heavens.” A dog, now slandering Your Excellency Darryl, saying that you are a despicable and shameless villain is already exalting you…”

Liya became more and more angry as she cursed. As the eldest daughter of the White Tiger King, she has a delicate status. Whoever sees it is polite, but now she is beaten by Rodolf. How can she bear it?


It’s just that Rodolf slapped it again without finishing his words!

“Smelly woman, it seems that you haven’t seen the facts clearly yet…You care about Darryl so much. Are you two in this cave and have done the gift of the Lord Zhou? Tsk tut, I really can’t see it, Baihu Wang’s daughter, so slutty…”

When he said this, Rodolf smiled sternly, and his eyes looked up and down Liya.

I have to say that this Leah is really superb, with exquisite features and perfect body.

Such a top product is really cheap Darryl.


Hearing these foul language, Liya was ashamed and angry, and the suburbs trembled. Without hesitation, a spit of blood was spit on Rodolf’s face, and she cursed: “Despicable and shameless dog, don’t slander my innocence.”

“court death!”

Rodolf wiped the Xueshui from his face, his face was extremely hideous, and after screaming, another slap fell!

With this slap, Rodolf almost exhausted all his strength. At that time, Liya snorted, her legs softened and she almost fell to the ground.

Rodolf’s face was grim, and the more he spoke, the more vicious he said: “Ma De, is Lao Tzu wrong? You b!tch, if it has nothing to do with Darryl, why do you want to die with him? Do you dare to scold you again, Lao Tzu put your mouth in your mouth? Broken.”

The last sentence, Rodolf almost shouted out.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he yelled at Rodolf: “Rodolf, Dmn Dmn, what is it for you to beat a woman? What is it for me.”

While howling, Darryl couldn’t help but look at Liya’s somewhat swollen face, both distressed and angry.

My own magnificent nine-day Profound Sage, who was taken care of by Liya before, was already very grateful, but at this time, watching her be beaten, I really felt like a knife.

Hearing Darryl’s anger, Rodolf stopped.


In the next second, Rodolf looked at Darryl coldly: “You shut up. You are only my prisoner now, what right do you have to yell at me? Dare to call, believe it or not, I will kill immediately. Her?”

When the voice fell, Rodolf raised his hand and waved, holding the golden gun and pointing at Liya’s neck.


Seeing this scene, Darryl trembled all over, but only said one word, and couldn’t speak anymore.

He could see that Rodolf was not telling a joke, if he said it again, he really dared to kill Liya.

Seeing Darryl closed his mouth, Rodolf sneered, preparing to continue torturing Liya.


However, at this moment, I saw waves of powerful aura in the air outside the canyon.

Then, a howl came: “Stop!”

Hearing this howl, Rodolf immediately stopped his hands and tilted his head to look.

At the same time, Darryl and Liya trembled, looking for their voices!


At this look, Darryl was stunned, and Liya trembled even more, surprised and delighted.

I saw that thousands of warriors of the Xuanwu clan came from the sky, all in dark gray armor, holding long knives.

In front of these Xuanwu warriors, a figure flew quickly!

It was Wei An.

Half an hour ago, after Wei An and Rodolf discussed the details of the plan, they waited for news outside the canyon, but waited on the left and right, but there was no news from Rodolf. At that time, Wei An couldn’t wait, so he rushed directly with his men. Come here.

Wei An didn’t know, Rodolf was scolded by Liya, completely lost his mind, and even forgot to signal him.

Chapter 2169


At this moment, seeing Wei An, Darryl couldn’t help frowning secretly.

I thought it was the White Tiger King who came, why is this Wei An?

Also…Isn’t the monster race already transferred? Why is this Wei An still here?


At the same time, Liya couldn’t help but take a deep breath, looking at Wei An’s eyes, a little wondering.

Didn’t he follow the main force of the monster race?

But Liya didn’t think much about it, but was unspeakably excited, because once Wei An came, she and Darryl would be saved. Although he was a little indifferent to Wei An, he was a monster after all, and he wouldn’t care about it.

At this moment Liya didn’t know that Wei An and Rodolf had secretly joined forces. It was Wei An’s high school that Rodolf could accurately find this cave.


At this moment, Wei Ann arrived and saw Liya’s face flushed, and she was obviously beaten. He was immediately frightened.

After that, Wei An glared at Rodolf, full of anger.

Ma De, I told him what’s wrong with Rodolf, he liked Leah, and he actually did it.

“Ha ha!”

Feeling Wei An’s anger, Rodolf showed a slight smile and said slowly: “It turns out that it is the son of King Xuanwu here. Let me tell you, this is my private grievance with Darryl. You’d better not interfere.”

As he said, Rodolf pointed to Liya: “And this woman, she insists on helping Darryl and insulting me, so I can only give her a little bit of power and teach her a lesson.”

When saying this, Rodolf looked cold and arrogant, but in secret blinked at Wei An.

Rodolf seemed calm at this time, and he was a little worried.

This Wei An, wouldn’t he turn his face on me for a woman? However, I had already explained that it was Liya who took the initiative to provoke her and beat her. If Wei An didn’t understand, he wouldn’t care if he had to tear his face.


Seeing Rodolf winking at himself and explaining it on the surface, Wei An took a deep breath, but he was still very upset.

In Wei An’s heart, Liya is his woman, but she was beaten by Rodolf just now. Can she feel good in her heart?

“Wei An.”

At this moment, Liya reacted and shouted at Wei An, “Help us.”

At this time, Liya was more cordial to Wei An than ever before. After all, he came too in time to worry about Darryl’s safety.

At the same time, Darryl’s gaze also looked at Wei An closely, showing some expectation.

Great, this Wei An is the son of King Xuanwu, and he also brought thousands of monster warriors. Now, Rodolf definitely wouldn’t dare to be presumptuous anymore.

“Don’t be afraid of Leah!”

Hearing Liya’s cry, Wei An quickly responded loudly: “I’m here, no one dares to hurt you.”

As he said, Wei An turned his head and Rodolf said coldly: “Commander Rodolf, I don’t care about your grievances with Darryl, he is the great benefactor of our monster clan, you quickly let them go.”

Although he was very upset in his heart, Wei An did not dare to turn his face with Rodolf at this time. After all, Liya was still in his hands, and more importantly, he needed Rodolf to cooperate with him in acting.

“Ha ha!”

When the words fell, Rodolf sneered, and said disdainfully at Wei An: “How old are you? You said that if you let me let Darryl go, I must let him go?”

Since you want to act, you have to act like a little.

“Ma De!”

Wei An pretended to be very angry, his eyes widened, and angrily said: “Rodolf, don’t think you are the celebrity of Nine Heavens God, I will be afraid of you, and I won’t see where this is?”

When the voice fell, Wei An raised his hand and waved: “You warriors follow the orders, and surround them all.”


When the voice fell, thousands of basalt warriors burst out one after another, surrounded Rodolf, and those divine soldiers and generals. Thousands of basalt warriors broke out together, and the surrounding air was torn apart, shocking people. Heart and soul.


Seeing this scene, nearly a thousand soldiers and generals were inexplicably panicked.

what’s the situation? How did Wei An turn his face when he turned his face?

When I was in the camp before, didn’t I still have an alliance with the palace leader?

Seeing this scene, Rodolf’s face changed, and he looked very frightened, and said to Wei An: “Boy, knowing that I am a celebrity by Nine Heavens God, dare to provoke me, have you thought about the consequences?”

“Either release or lead to death.” Wei An responded coldly.

Chapter 2170

“Wei An.”

At this moment, a god general finally couldn’t help but yelled at Wei An, “You, a rebellious villain, used to take the initiative to find the palace to lead the alliance. It only took a long time for you to change your face. It really is wrong. My race must have different hearts’.”

When the voice fell, the other magic soldiers and generals also yelled.

“That is, none of these monster races can believe it.”

“Turning back, Mad, really a white-eyed wolf.”

In the hearts of these gods and soldiers, since Wei An was in alliance with Rodolf, he shouldn’t go back, they didn’t know that Wei An did it just to act with Rodolf.

Hearing these screams, Wei An’s expression became complicated, and he felt a little flustered.

Oops, these subordinates of Rodolf exposed themselves and the Rodolf alliance, how else will they act next?


At the same time, Rodolf was also secretly anxious.

At that time, I was only conspiring with Wei An, forgetting that there were these magic soldiers and generals around him.


And Darryl at the entrance of the cave, seeing the situation in front of him, secretly muttered in his heart.

Wei An had been in alliance with Rodolf before?

With that said, Rodolf was able to find here because Wei An revealed the news to him. After all, this cave is very hidden, and only the high-level members of the monster race know about it.

If Wei An revealed the news to Rodolf, then, the situation in front of them, it is very likely that they are acting.

Darryl has been involved in the rivers and lakes for so long, and he has not seen any scenes before, and he can see through the scenes in front of him at a glance.

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help reminding Liya: “Miss Liya, be careful of Wei An.”

Watch out for Wei An?

Hearing the reminder, Liya Xiumei frowned and couldn’t help saying: “Why?”

Although Liya was wise and intelligent, she was not deeply involved in the world, and could not be so thoughtful like Darryl.

Seeing her look confused, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, and whispered: “Since they are in an alliance, they may be acting right now, and I suspect that Rodolf can find this place because Wei An told him the location of the cave.”


Hearing this, Liya’s pretty face changed, and she couldn’t help it at the time, and shouted at Wei Anjiao: “Wei An, you dare to lie to me.”

Facing Liya’s questioning, Wei An became even more panicked and shouted: “Liya, I like you so much, how can I lie to you? Don’t think about it.”

Liya was furious: “You didn’t lie to me? Then why did you alliance with Rodolf, and outsiders in this place don’t even know how Rodolf found here? Did you leak the news on purpose?”

Wei An’s eyes flickered, and his brain turned quickly, and he responded, “Lea, I wanted to be in alliance with Rodolf before, because I think that our demon race avoids and does not fight, we are showing weakness to the demon race, it is a cowardly performance, so I would only find Rodolf before and fight against the demons in an alliance with him, but I have never divulged the whereabouts of you and Darryl.”

“Really, what I said is true.”

Hearing this, Leah became suspicious and went silent.

This girl.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was speechless, and Liya was still too young, so he believed Wei An so easily.

Thinking about it, Darryl was about to remind Liya, but he was interrupted without speaking.

“Wei An.”

At this moment, Rodolf looked complicated, and shouted at Wei An: “Interesting, really interesting, just for a woman, do you want to break the covenant with me?”

Rodolf is very smart and knows the right moment. Since the alliance can’t be concealed, let’s proceed with the situation, and there may be unexpected results.

When saying this, Rodolf kept winking at Wei An.

Wei An was not stupid either. He received Rodolf’s hint and immediately made a decisive expression and shouted: “Yes, I did want to be in an alliance with you before, but if you caught my beloved woman, this alliance will be lifted. “

“good very good.”

Rodolf’s face was stubborn, and he sneered again and again: “I really underestimated you before, but with your thousands of troops, I want to challenge me?”


Wei An didn’t talk nonsense, and his power exploded in an instant, and shouted: “Try if you don’t believe it.” As he said, he motioned to the surrounding Xuanwu warriors, ready to do it.


In a short time, under Wei An’s order, thousands of warriors broke out together, and the entire cave was distorted.

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