The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 952

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Chapter 952

Soon, Sarah drove Levi and the two to a high-end community.

Levi already understood the purpose of Sarah.

She definitely bought a house for his mother.

Sure enough, after getting off the car, she took Levi and the two straight to a small townhouse.

This is all well-decorated, just check in with a bag.

“Mom, this is a house I bought for you. You will live here in the future!”

“In addition, I have hired a nanny for you to take care of your body.”

Sarah smiled.

After listening, Ollie came out.

This daughter-in-law is too kind.

She didn’t dislike her and didn’t say, but even bought her a house, or a villa.

“It doesn’t matter where I live, I just live with Levi that is enough. This is too expensive.”

Ollie said.

“That works, he won’t take care of you all the time. Besides, it’s close to the company, so we can take care of you.”

Sarah smiled.

This villa cost her 20 million.

In fact, not Sarah’s worth.

But she invested all the money in the company.

The money she has on hand is only tens of millions, which is equivalent to more than half of the money.

“Mom, Sarah’s gift, you can take it! Indeed, it’s pretty good here.”

Levi smiled.

He also wanted to buy a big house for his mother, but Sarah was ahead of schedule.

“Levi, mom doesn’t have to go back, you go get back and get all mom’s things.”

Sarah commanded.

Ollie was stubborn and could only stay.

Soon the nanny was also in place. This is the best nanny selected by Sarah.

If they have nothing to do, she can talk to Ollie and go shopping.

“Girl, our family owes you too much.”

“Let Levi compensate you well.”

Ollie was very moved.

Sarah smiled lightly: “Just give me less trouble.”

Seeing the harmonious picture in front of him, Levi felt happy too.

In two days, he was going to bring Erick’s parents back.

Hearing his mother came back, the two elders wanted to come and have a look.

When old people gather together, there are topics to talk about, and they can also get rid of boredom.

What’s more, Levi has this condition.

In the evening, after Sarah returned home.

But they were surrounded by Melina.

“Grandpa, what’s the matter with you grandma? And what’s the matter with your parents?”

Sarah looked at everyone with a look of puzzlement.

“Do you know what you did today?”

Melina asked coldly.

“I did not do anything.” Sarah said.

“You haven’t done anything yet? You bought a villa for Levi’s wild mother! You are really good!”

“You also hired a nanny at a high price! Are you going to come over with Levi?”

Melina said loudly.

“What’s wrong with buying a house? She is Levi’s mother and my mother.”

Sarah said in a stubborn way.


Suddenly, she slapped Sarah’s face severely with a slap.

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