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Chapter 2319

Hearing this, Princess Dongling almost cried and pleaded, “Senior, you must think of a way.”

At this time, Princess Dongling was very anxious and guilty.

If it wasn’t for marrying her, Darryl would not have been caught in the God’s Domain. Although Princess Dongling felt a little resentful in her heart because of his innocence, but after so much experience in this period of time, she had already seen it.

In Princess Dongling’s heart, Darryl ended up like this. Although it wasn’t her fault, it couldn’t get rid of it.

If Darryl completely lost the chance to be reborn, Princess Dongling would not be at ease for the rest of her life.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry…”

Under the urging of Princess Dongling, Anthony was also in a hurry. While scratching his head, he comforted: “Let me think of a way…”

After speaking, Anthony sat on the ground, closed his eyes and started to think.


Seeing this scene, Princess Dongling was very anxious, but she didn’t dare to disturb her, so she could only wait anxiously.

At the same time, I also hope that Anthony can come up with a solution soon.


A few seconds later, Anthony seemed to think of something, his eyes suddenly opened, and he stood up at the same time: “I thought of a way…” However, halfway through, he shook his head and said to himself : “No, this is absolutely not possible.”


Seeing his expression of hesitating to speak, Princess Dongling stomped her feet in a hurry: “What is the solution, tell me quickly.”


Anthony kept shaking his head, like a child who did something wrong: “This method is too cruel, and it will completely destroy you.”

ruin me?

Hearing this, Princess Dongling was stunned for a moment, then she bit her lip and said firmly: “Senior, don’t worry too much, as long as you can bring Darryl back to life, let me do anything?”

After saying that, Princess Dongling took out the jade bottle, looked at the spirit of Darryl inside, and said meaningfully: “Although I had some entanglements with him before, but anyway, the wedding was held, and I am his wife, so I have the responsibility. Protect him, save him.”

“Senior, what can I do, tell me, I can do it, I will do it.”

Seeing her expression, Anthony frowned and did not respond immediately.


Two seconds later, Anthony sighed and said with emotion, “What a sin.”

Saying that, Anthony put away the hippie smile before, with a very serious and complicated expression: “The method I said is a special blood sacrifice ceremony.”

“What happened just now, I don’t need to explain more to you. You have rashly touched the Dharma red lotus, which caused it to wither in advance. If you want it to return to normal, you need to burn blood and life, and integrate into the Dharma red lotus. Let it go back to normal.”

“You are the daughter of the God of Nine Heavens, with noble blood, so you can definitely do it.”

“It’s just… once you do this, not only will you not be able to reshape your primordial spirit, but you will also lose your body and spirit.”

At the end, Anthony ‘s eyes flashed unbearable, and sighed: “Why not, Darryl has come this far, maybe his life, you don’t need to burn your own blood and life to help he.”


At this moment, after listening to these Princess Dongling, she was stunned, her delicate body trembled, and she couldn’t come back to her senses for a long time. He was deeply troubled in his heart.

Is this the only way to save Darryl?

After being away for so long, I still want to return to Yuyao Xianyuan and reunite with my father and mother, so I can’t just die like this.

But if he doesn’t do this, Darryl will not be able to be reborn. He is a hero of Kyushu and has many important things to do.


Seeing that Princess Dongling couldn’t pay attention, Anthony smiled bitterly and greeted: “Maybe this is Darryl’s life, maybe God is destined that he can’t be reborn with the red lotus of the law, so forget it, let’s Get out of here and think of other ways.”

When the voice fell, Anthony turned around and was about to leave.

“Wait a minute, senior.”

However, before he took two steps, he heard Princess Dongling’s eager voice behind him.

Anthony turned around and saw Princess Dongling standing there, her delicate and beautiful face showing a bit of complexity and determination

Chapter 2320

“You…” Anthony scratched his head and couldn’t help but speak.

Just saying one word, she was interrupted by Princess Dongling: “Senior, is the blood sacrifice you just said really okay?”


Anthony nodded: “This blood sacrifice comes from the Demon Race. I used to have some friendship with Demon Lord, and I know a little bit. Of course, now that Demon Lord Gone is completely crazy, and I can’t talk about friendship with him. already.”

“But this kind of blood sacrifice is fine.”

Hearing this, Princess Dongling nodded, and her delicate face was full of seriousness: “Okay, senior is ready to start, I have decided to use my blood and life to help him.”

When the last word fell, Princess Dongling’s eyes flashed with determination.

I go!

At this moment, Anthony was stunned, frowning at Princess Dongling: “Are you crazy? Are you sure you want to use your own life in exchange for Darryl’s life?”

Saying that, Anthony looked at the spirit of Darryl in the jade bottle: “As long as the spirit of this kid doesn’t die, there will always be a chance, you are different, once you do this, you will never be able to return. coming.”

As he said that, Anthony shook his head.

This girl is so impulsive.


Princess Dongling smiled lightly and replied: “I understand what you mean, I mean it, my current situation is not much better than Darryl, without the primordial spirit, I will die at any time when I encounter the demons, although this You’ve been helping me for a while, but I don’t want to be called a burden to my seniors.”

“Furthermore, I also have a little responsibility for Darryl’s fate. Although I didn’t like him before, I slowly discovered that although he is a human being, he is extremely extraordinary. It is also my honor to be his woman.”

“If a woman can’t even help her own man, what’s the point of living? So, senior, please fulfill me, okay?”

One word, sincere and sincere.


Hearing this, Anthony was slightly moved and looked at Princess Dongling closely, unable to speak for a while.

A few seconds later, Anthony shook his head with a wry smile, and said with emotion: “Sure enough, the word ‘love’ is the most difficult thing to understand in this world. No matter whether it is a mortal or a god above, there is no escape.”

Saying that, Anthony glanced at the Faye red lotus that was slowly withering, and made a final decision: “Forget it, since it is yours willingly, then I will fulfill you.”


Princess Dongling nodded and smiled gratefully: “Thank you, senior, by the way, this jade bottle will be handed over to Darryl after he is reborn, as a souvenir I left him.”

Having said that, Princess Dongling gave the jade bottle containing the soul of Darryl to Anthony .

At this moment, Anthony stopped talking and began to deploy blood sacrifices. Soon, after everything was ready, Anthony told Princess Dongling in detail about the steps and details of the blood sacrifice.

Princess Dongling wrote down one by one, and then, under the gesture of Anthony , took a dagger, cut her wrist, and then dripped blood on the slowly withering Faye red lotus.


The moment the blood dripped on the Faye Red Lotus, it turned into a blood mist and slowly merged into the petals that were about to wither. This process lasted for more than ten minutes.

Finally, Princess Dongling shed the last drop of blood, her face was extremely pale, but she still kept her spirits strong, cooperated with Anthony , controlled her own spirit, and entered the red lotus of the law.


After integrating into the soul, I saw that the Faye Red Lotus was rejuvenated with vitality again, and each petal was crystal clear and bloody. Originally, the Faye Red Lotus was not yet mature, but after the situation just now, it completely bloomed.

However, the beauty of the Faye Red Lotus was indescribably sentimental in the eyes of Anthony .

And Princess Dongling is completely fragrant, leaving only a faint fragrance in the air. . . .


Seeing this scene, Anthony was very emotional, and said to the soul of Darryl in the jade bottle: “Darryl, your boy is really a blessing, let alone so many confidantes in the Kyushu mainland, now even the daughter of the God of the Nine Heavens. , I am willing to give everything to save you.”

While talking, Anthony raised his hand and took out the ball of spirit, and placed it on the Faye Red Lotus.

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