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Chapter 331

At this moment, the fake Yue Wudi cleared his throat and said to Oliver, “Patriarch Ouyang, actually I want to beg you, it’s very simple for you. I have a friend named Bai Xiaotian. I heard that with your eldest daughter Jingwen, a childhood sweetheart, I wonder if Patriarch Ouyang can give me Yue Wudi a thin face, and betroth your eldest daughter Jingwen to Bai Xiaotian?”

Janis was secretly frightened by the side, Xiaotian this child. You still know Sect Master Yue Wudi?

However, Darryl on one side frowned. D*mn’s, he was angry when he mentioned this Bai Xiaotian.

Last time Agnes deceived herself to the door of Peach Blossom Forest, Bai Xiaotian suddenly rushed out and threw herself into Peach Blossom Forest. At that time, if it wasn’t for my luck, I found the Bai Qi Shen Zhen formation, it is estimated that I would be trapped inside.

Really, this counterfeit is going to propose marriage for Bai Xiaotian?

Darryl looked around the audience, but did not see Bai Xiaotian. D*mn, don’t know this fake. Is it Bai Xiaotian?

Ren Feifei also came to Cynthia’s birthday party. As Ren Feifei’s best apprentice, Bai Xiaotian should always be behind her… But today, among the few apprentices that Ren Feifei leads, there is no Bai Xiaotian.

“Oliver.” At this moment, Janis couldn’t help but speak: “Since Sect Master Yue. We have all proposed marriage for Bai Xiaotian, let’s agree.”

“This…” Oliver was a little embarrassed. In his heart, the eldest daughter Jingwen, the ideal husband-in-law, is the godson Darryl.

But now Yue Wudi has spoken… it’s not easy to refuse…

Thinking of this, Oliver must agree.

As a result, at this moment, a long sigh suddenly came.


Following the long sigh, I saw Darryl shook his head again and again, with a bit of helplessness on his face: “Foster father, this Yue Wudi is a fake at all, and I have to say it several times…Don’t be fooled.”

D*mn, Darryl could have noticed that this counterfeit is especially Bai Xiaotian. This kid pretended to be the Sect Master of Tianmen and proposed marriage to himself. This hand is very good.

“Xiaofeng, stop messing around.” Janis on one side couldn’t help but say.

Darryl was helpless and stood up and said, “Auntie Jiang, I’m not messing around… I’m very familiar with Yue Wudi, so familiar with wearing a pair of pants. I swear by my character that this Yue Wudi is fake. You should believe me.”

The voice fell, a laugh!

Agnes almost burst into tears: “Darryl, don’t you take pictures of yourself without pissing, you are also worthy to know Yue Wudi?”

The fake Yue Wudi also shook his head and said: “Patriarch Ouyang, you godson, I am annoyed to hear him speak. You didn’t discipline him well.”

“Patriarch, God…. The people from the Tianmen are here!”

Just at this time. A servant’s voice sounded.

The voice fell, and only a neat footsteps were heard, slowly coming!

clang! clang! clang!

Everyone looked at the door, and at this look, the audience was silent!

I saw a big flag, first greeted us! Thousands of people followed, slowly entering the venue! These people, in a unified black Tang suit, have awe-inspiring aura!

At the head, it is the second general, the four gods, and the ten heavenly kings under the constellation of Tianmen!


Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded! The masters of Tianmen are here?

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were concentrated on the body of false Yue Wudi.

This day, the Sect Master of Tianmen, came to participate in the birthday of the second lady, and brought all the elites under his hands. This scene is too big.

And at this moment, that fake Yue invincible, his whole body trembled in fright! He never dreamed that all the masters of Tianmen would be there! It’s over, I’m going to show my stuff now..

Cynthia on the other side, seeing so many heavenly masters, dancing with excitement and unspeakable worship, couldn’t help muttering to herself: “So impressive.”

While talking, Cynthia was also looking at Fake Yue Wudi, with little stars shining in her eyes.

She is like everyone, till now. Thought this Yue Wudi was real.

Finally, Hem Ha, the second general, the four great gods, and the ten heavenly kings, stood firmly in front of this fake “Yue Wudi”.


The whole birthday party was silent.

Everyone on the scene believed that the masters of Tianmen would definitely pay homage to “Yue Wudi”.

However, no one thought that Mathew looked at “Yue Wudi” coldly, and shouted: “Who are you, dare to pretend to be the Sect Master of Tianmen!”


After the words fell, Mathew quickly rushed over, and slapped the “Yue Wudi” face with a slap.

With a crisp slap in the face, the fake “Yue Wudi” golden mask fell to the ground with a snap, and his whole person also flew out directly, flew a full ten meters away, and fell into the banquet hall.


Is this Yue Wudi real?

All of a sudden, the audience was in an uproar.

At the same time, seeing this fake “Yue Wudi” face, the entire Ouyang family was also stunned!

Bai Xiaotian? !

“Xiaotian. You…you…” Oliver’s face changed and was very angry. He stared at Bai Xiaotian and rebuked, “You are so bold!”

It’s fine to pretend to be Yue Wudi.

In front of the hero of the world, let himself marry his eldest daughter Jingwen!

Bai Xiaotian’s face was pale, and he trembled all over, paralyzed there. Completely scared silly.

Agnes, who was standing by, was also anxious!

Speaking of it, Jingwen and Bai Xiaotian discussed the matter of pretending to be Yue Wudi this time.

A few days ago, the Ouyang family had been sending invitations to Yue Wudi, but they never got a response. Jingwen knew that Yue Wudi would not come to the birthday banquet. At that time, when his inspiration moved, Bai Xiaotian pretended to be the Sect Master of Tianmen.

In this way, not only can help the little girl fulfill her wish.

On the other hand, you can also use the status of Tianmen Sect Master to propose marriage to your father.

It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

But Agnes never expected it. Heaven is really here.

At this moment, I saw thousands of disciples in Tianmen, walking in front of Darryl one after another. Then they bowed together!

“Brother Darryl!”

Thousands of people shouted in unison, with great momentum!

Yesterday, Darryl sent a text message to Mathew, asking him to prepare a birthday present, so he specifically told him that when he came today, don’t reveal his identity. Therefore, the members of the Tianmen tribe, seeing that Darryl did not call the Sect Master, but called Brother Darryl.

But even the sound of Brother Darryl made everyone stunned!

No, you heard me right? !

The four great gods of Tianmen. Called Darryl Brother Darryl?

In an instant, everyone in the audience was dumbfounded.

Especially Janis, Jingwen, and Cynthia mother and daughter. At this time, the faces of the three daughters are full of shock!

However, Darryl on one side nodded faintly, and said to Mathew: “Well, you are all here, today is my sister’s birthday, wait for a few more drinks.”

Speaking of this, Darryl glanced at Bai Xiaotian.

“This kid is pretending to be the Sect Master of Tianmen, you can deal with it.” Darryl said coldly.

“Yes, Brother Darryl.” Mathew respectfully agreed, then turned his head and looked at Bai Xiaotian coldly, stepped forward without warning, and kicked his face!


With this kick, Mathew almost used his full strength, hitting the door with a kick! At that time, I only heard Bai Xiaotian scream out, his face was bleeding!

“My Tianmen Sect Master, you can also fake it?” Mathew’s voice was gloomy, killing intent everywhere!


In a short moment, nearly a thousand disciples of the Celestial Clan drew out their swords!

That kind of scene. Make everyone’s heart tremble!

Bai Xiaotian was completely stupid, cold sweat followed the blood, swished down, plopped and kneeled in front of Mathew. “Duan… Brother Duan, hero Duan, I am unintentional. You forgive me, forgive me. …”


Before he finished his words, Mathew kicked his face again!


Bai Xiaotian screamed heartbreakingly, and the bridge of his nose had been knocked down.

But how can Mathew mean to stop? In front of his face, he kicked again!

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

One foot is heavier than one foot, and one foot is more ruthless!

Everyone watched this scene. All frightened!

In a blink of an eye, Bai Xiaotian has changed beyond recognition!

Finally, Mathew stopped, and the long knife rested on Bai Xiaotian’s neck, and his voice was extremely cold: “The dignity of Tianmen is not to be desecrated. If you dare to pretend to be our sovereign, how can I forgive you?”

“Tianmen is majestic, no desecration allowed!”

“kill him!”

The shout made Bai Xiaotian tremble all over, and kept kowtow: “Heavenly gate heroes, you forgive me this time, I won’t dare anymore…”

“Don’t dare? It’s late!” Mathew Leng Leng said, holding the long sword high in his hand, and slashing towards Bai Xiaotian!

“Duan Hero!” Seeing that the knife was about to fall, Agnes was so anxious that she ran over: “Duan Hero, please be merciful, he really won’t dare anymore!”

If Xiaotian was killed, what would she do?

Mathew frowned: “Miss Ouyang, this is my Tianmen business, so don’t participate.”

Mathew’s tone is cold, beyond doubt!

Agnes trembled all over, her face turned pale at the time, and after hesitating for a long time, she walked straight towards Darryl.

When she arrived in front of him, Agnes bit her lip tightly and said softly: “Darryl, you can say a few words for me, Xiaotian is not guilty of death…”

Just now Jingwen could see that the Tianmen tribe seemed to respect Darryl very much. Maybe if Darryl helped to talk, Bai Xiaotian would be saved from death..

Begging Darryl, Jingwen was a hundred unwilling!

But she can’t help it, she can’t watch Xiaotian die!

Chapter 332

Darryl looked at Jingwen with a smile, took a sip of wine, and said, “Why am I interceding for him?”

D*mn’s, this shameless pen Bai Xiaotian, threw me into the peach blossom forest that day. I pretended to be me again today, bluffing, why should I let him go?

And this Agnes, you looked down on me in every way before, now come to beg me?

Agnes was anxious all of a sudden, her lips were almost bleeding. Go up and grab Darryl’s arm: “Darryl, I beg you, can I call your brother? Darryl Brother, you can save Xiaotian, can you help him beg for mercy, I beg you…”

Darryl sneered and said nothing.

Now I think of calling my brother, it’s too late.

“I can’t save him.” Darryl put down the wine glass and said angrily.

Jingwen only felt her legs soft, and almost fell to the ground, her beautiful face. It’s all regret. I had known that I would not let Xiaotian pretend to be Yue Wudi. But now it’s too late to regret…


However, at this moment, a woman stood up in the front row and called to Darryl softly. It is Ren Feifei.

Today’s Ren Feifei is particularly s3xy.

A burgundy hip skirt, which outlines the figure very tightly. High heels. The slightly curly long hair set off her high and cold, not to mention too s3xy.

At this time, Ren Feifei bit her lip. Among her many disciples, Bai Xiaotian was the most talented, and she couldn’t bear to see Bai Xiaotian being dealt with by Tianmen.

“Darryl, can you… can you save Xiaotian?” Ren Feifei said softly: “Anyway, I am also your master, and Xiaotian is also your senior.”

Darryl looked up and down Ren Feifei and sighed.

The last time I was beaten by Master Miaoyuan, my heart was broken. At that time, Ren Feifei took out the “Yangcao” and asked herself to worship her as a teacher.

“Master, I don’t want to save him.” Darryl said with a shrug.

Ren Feifei was also anxious, walked to Darryl’s side, and whispered in his ear: “Master, please, okay… You save Xiaotian, Master owes you a favor.”

Ren Feifei said this in Darryl’s ears. Darryl could smell the fragrant scent on her body, and the bones were crisp at that time.


Now that Ren Feifei had spoken, Darryl had no choice but to nod: “Okay.”

To be honest, my heart was broken at the beginning, and it is reasonable to say that I would not be able to cultivate for a lifetime. Fortunately, Ren Feifei gave her the nine-day Yin-Yang grass.

Thinking of this, Darryl stood up. Waved his hand at Mathew: “Okay, give me a face today, let this Bai Xiaotian get rid of it.”

“Good Brother Darryl.” Mathew nodded, and kicked Bai Xiaotian’s face again: “Go away.”


With the strongest foot strength, Bai Xiaotian spit out a few teeth in his mouth, rolling all over the floor there.

Mathew looked at Bai Xiaotian coldly: “Bai Xiaotian, right? Today, I see Brother Darryl’s face, leave you a dog, and if I dare to pretend to be my Tianmen, I will kill you.”

“Thank the hero for not killing, thank you…thank you…” Bai Xiaotian muttered, using all his strength to get up, and then ran out.

Looking at his back, Mathew gave a sneer, walked two steps forward, and arrived in front of Oliver: “Patriarch Ouyang, today we came here at Tianmen, we were invited by Brother Darryl.”

Speaking of this, Mathew glanced at Darryl.

Cynthia was so excited that she ran to Darryl’s side and threw herself in his arms: “Thank you, Brother Darryl!”

Yesterday, Brother Darryl promised himself that he would call all these Heavenly Sect heroes, but he didn’t expect it to be true!

“Haha, that’s all right.” Darryl touched Cynthia’s head, this little Nizi. Although he has just grown up, his body is no less than that of grown-ups.

Oliver also laughed and was very excited: “Hero Duan, heroes of Tianmen, I can come here today, my Ouyang family is really brilliant! Haha…”

Hem Ha, the two generals, the four great gods, and the ten heavenly kings, all of which are well-known figures in the heavens.


These people are here, and it really made the Ouyang family look good!

Mathew laughed and continued: “We are here for the birthday party. We can’t come empty-handed. We brought a birthday present to the lady today.”

The voice fell, Mateo came up behind him, holding a beautiful gift box.


At this moment, everyone present craned their necks.

They all want to see what this gift is.

The next second, Mateo opened the box and took out a shiny golden thing.

Golden mask!

The symbol of Yue Wudi. Golden mask!

This golden mask, exquisitely crafted, with several dragons carved on it, is lifelike, at different angles. Several dragons seemed to be swimming.

Looking at this real golden mask, the one Bai Xiaotian wore before, was like a child’s toy.

“so beautiful…”

Cynthia exclaimed with joy, and after taking it, she couldn’t put it down, she was so excited that she couldn’t tell.

At this time, Mateo laughed and said: “Miss Cynthia, this mask was made for you by my suzerain. It is exactly the same as my suzerain. My suzerain said. The second lady of the Ouyang family is beautiful, intelligent, and kind-hearted. Only you are qualified to have the same mask as him.”

Having said this, Mateo looked around and continued earnestly: “The golden mask is a symbol of my Tianmen Sect Master status. If Miss Ouyang encounters danger in the future, she can take the mask and go to the Tianmen General Altar to mobilize all the Tianmen disciples. All Tianmen disciples, seeing the mask is like seeing the lord!”


Can this mask be used to mobilize all Tianmen disciples?

During this period of time, Tianmen has been growing rapidly in the world, and the number of Tianmen disciples has reached tens of thousands!

This… this gift is really too expensive!

In an instant, everyone present burst out in exclamation, and their eyes focused on Cynthia, full of envy.

Cynthia was overjoyed, and her voice trembled: “Is this…really?”

She held the mask tightly, her head buzzing, and she was about to faint in happiness.

Oliver and Janis looked at each other, and they were both shocked! Unspeakable shock!

I didn’t expect that this unmasked hero Yue Wudi would be so kind to the little daughter. Sending out a mask can mobilize tens of thousands of Celestial disciples!

Oliver trembled with excitement: “Sect Master Yue loves the little girl so dearly, I, Oliver, really don’t want to repay me. You Tianmen heroes, hurry up and sit down.”

Mathew smiled. Humbly said: “Patriarch Ouyang is welcome, we’ll leave after a drink.”

When the voice fell, Mathew picked up a glass of wine, drank it, and immediately led the brothers. Leave in a hurry.

Oliver also knows that Tianmen is very busy punishing evil and promoting good. So I didn’t want to stay, and after repeated thanks, I sent them away.

After the Tianmen Ministry left. The banquet proceeded normally.

People from the rivers and lakes and business people do not match each other, but they have one thing in common, that is, they both like to make friends and drink.

This banquet was held until the evening.

At that time, many people drank too much, and some of them were already drunk and did not look like they went under the table.

When Oliver saw this scene, he took a few words on stage to let everyone live here tonight and leave tomorrow. After all, it’s getting late. Anyway, the Ouyang Mansion is very big, with many rooms, it can definitely live in.

None of those present had any objections. After drinking, everyone moved into the guest rooms one after another under the arrangement of the servants.

What left Darryl speechless the most was that the guest room of the Emei school was next to his own room!

If it were placed before, Darryl would definitely not dare to go back to sleep. After all, Master Miao Yuan wanted to kill himself. But now, Darryl was really not afraid.

Chapter 333

At that time the banquet was over, the sky was already dark, and the moon was hanging in the sky, which was very beautiful.

Many guests have already returned to the guest room to rest. Darryl was also about to go back to the room to sleep, but when he walked to the back garden, he only heard someone calling him, and then there was a sound of high heels.

Looking back, it was Janis.

Today’s birthday banquet, Janis is the hostess of the Ouyang family. He also drank a lot of wine, his face was ruddy at this time, especially charming under the moonlight.

“Aunt Jiang, what’s the matter?” Darryl asked back.

Janis bit her lip lightly and whispered: “Xiaofeng, Aunt Jiang wants to beg you for something…can you make an appointment with Yue Wudi for me?”

In fact, it is not only the daughter who worships Yue Wudi. She is a mother, and she worships Yue Wudi extremely. Really make friends.

Darryl almost didn’t laugh. D*mn, do you have so many fans now? Even Aunt Jiang is his own fan?

It seems that during this period of time, Mathew has developed Tianmen really well.

Darryl’s mood was indescribably refreshing. He smiled and said: “Okay, since Aunt Jiang has seen Yue Wudi for more details, then I will call him and let him take the time to come to the Ouyang family and meet Aunt Jiang.”

“Great.” Janis smiled lightly. Softly said: “Then Aunt Jiang, thank you in advance, Mr. Darryl.” After finishing speaking, Janis turned and left.

Looking at Janis’s back, Darryl couldn’t help laughing.

Aunt Jiang admires Yue Wudi so much, so please give her a surprise.

Appreciating outside for a while, after about two hours, Darryl put on a black robe in the house again wearing a golden mask, and headed to Janis’s room.

There are many guests at Ouyang Mansion today, and Oliver is chatting with some old friends, so he is not in the room.

It was late at night.

From a distance, the light in Janis’s room was still on.

In the room, Janis stood in front of a sand table and used some small wooden sticks to deduce a formation on it. But this formation is too profound, she has deduced it for more than a month, and hasn’t figured it out yet.

At this moment, a thin layer of fragrant sweat appeared on her face. It’s very charming under the light.

Bang bang bang…

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Who is it so late?

Janisxiu frowned and opened the door in the past. In a moment, her body trembled, and her whole body was stunned.

At the door stood a slender figure in a black robe. Wearing a golden mask.

“Yue… Sect Master Yue?” Janis was surprised and delighted, subconsciously speaking.

She could see that the mask that this person was wearing, and the dragon carved on it, were lifelike, a real golden mask! The person in front of him is definitely Tianmen Sect Master, Yue Wudi!

Standing at the door, Darryl felt Janis’s shock, smiled slightly, and said: “Just now, my friend Darryl called me specifically and said that Madam wanted to see me. It just happened that I was free, so I came. .”

Darryl looked at Janis, and controlled his voice and said, “If you visit rashly, Madam won’t mind.”

“No… don’t mind.” Janis came back to her senses and spoke very reservedly, but she still couldn’t hide her excitement.

This.. I’m not dreaming..

At this moment, Darryl glanced at the formation on the sand table and said in surprise: “Snow lotus formation?”

This Auntie Jiang really likes to study formations.

Janis nodded again and again, joyful and shocked: “Sect Master Yue knows this formation?”

She had long heard that Hero Yue Wudi was proficient in formations, and once used formations to conquer the top ten villains! But I did not expect it. This Sect Master Yue’s formation skills were so advanced that he recognized the Snow Lotus formation at a glance!

“I only understand a little bit.” Darryl said, walking to the sand table, and slowly said: “This snow lotus formation was invented by Zhuge Liang, the Marquis of Shu Wu during the Three Kingdoms period. This formation is extremely mysterious, seven or forty-nine. Kind of change.”

Hearing this, Janis was extremely delighted: “Sect Master Yue, can you know this formation? Can you teach me…”

With that said, Janis’s eyes were full of expectation.

This snow lotus formation, I saw it in an ancient book. After studying for more than a month, there was no progress at all..

Darryl smiled slightly, holding a small wooden stick, and began to demonstrate: “This formation, the southeast corner is the key. You see, deploy like this…”

While talking, Darryl demonstrated in detail how to deploy this snow lotus formation and how to break the formation.

Just half a time for incense sticks. Janis understood the mystery, her perfect face was full of admiration: “Sect Master Yue… Brother Yue, I…”

Janis really wants to say, I admire you very much.

But after all, she is the mistress of the Ouyang family, and she also needs to be reserved. Excited, she bit her lip, instead of looking at Darryl, she said softly: “Sect Master Yue, you…you have such a research on the formation method. Can you accept me as a disciple?”

Janis has always been obsessed with the game.

Moreover, she admired Yue Wudi very much. Seeing him in a few words at this time, she said the mystery of the snow lotus formation, and she immediately became interested in apprenticeship.

In Janis’s heart, Yue Wudi is the Sect Master of Tianmen, and worshiping him as a teacher is not a shame.


Aunt Jiang wants to worship herself as a teacher?

At this moment, Darryl suddenly felt a little dazed, stunned. He smiled and said: “Madam can really laugh, Madam Bingxue is smart, how can I be qualified to be your master?”

Just kidding, if you accept Janis as a disciple, wouldn’t you be confused with your foster father?

“Sect Master Yue is too humble, I sincerely worship Sect Master Yue as my teacher, and hope Sect Master Yue can accept me.”

As soon as the voice fell, Janis knelt down as soon as she bent her knees.

Having finally seen Yue Wudi, he must not miss this opportunity.

“Mrs. Jiang, you…” Darryl was helpless and wanted to pick her up.

As a result, Janis bit her lip and pulled Darryl’s trousers: “Sect Master Yue, Master, you just accept me, okay?”


Janis’s voice was very soft and soft, and she seemed to have a somewhat coquettish tone. The bones of the listeners were crisp, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air secretly.

Seeing this scene, Darryl really declined, and nodded with a wry smile: “Uh… all right.”

Heard this. Janis’s body trembled, her eyebrows were open and she smiled, and she quickly bowed down: “Master is here, and the disciple bows.”

“Well, get up quickly.” Darryl smiled bitterly. This generation is completely confused. How can I bear it? I quickly helped her up and said: “It’s getting late, I have something to do. When I meet in the future, I will teach you the formation. I will leave first.”

After speaking, Darryl opened the door and turned to leave.

“Master, I will see you off.” Janis stood up from the ground and said with a smile.

“No need.” Darryl dropped these words. Leave quickly.

Looking at his back, Janis was very happy. I didn’t expect to see Yue Wudi today, and worshipped him as a teacher!

On the other side, Darryl left Janis’s room, walked to the back garden, and took off his black robe and mask.

I really didn’t expect that his name, Yue Wudi, now has so many fans. Haha! He was uncomfortable and walked toward his room.

At this time, it was already more than twelve o’clock late at night.

Darryl hummed a little tune, walked to his room, and pushed the door open.


The door was pushed open, and Darryl walked in. However, at this moment, only a sound of anger sounded!

“Darryl, you must die tonight!”

When the voice fell, I saw two women, holding long swords, coming straight to Darryl!

D*mn, why are there two women in my room? At that time, Darryl was taken aback, quickly avoided, and then turned on the light.

When the light turned on, Darryl finally saw clearly who these two women were.

Master Miao Yuan, Elisa!

“Darryl, you scumbag, I didn’t do anything to you at the birthday party before. Now that the party is over, you can die!”

Master Miao Yuan said while looking at Darryl coldly. It was a shame to sit at the same table with Darryl at the birthday party today during the day! But it was a birthday banquet after all, she really didn’t want to deal with Darryl.

Therefore, Master Miao Yuan thought of coming to Darryl’s room to catch him at night.

“Qin’er, close the door.” Master Miao Yuan ordered.

In this room today, this scum was dealt with silently.

Hearing Master’s order, Elisa hurried over and locked the door.

Chapter 334


Darryl exhaled a long breath. Watching Elisa lock the room door, he clenched his fists tightly.

Very good, since you are looking for me today, let’s do a good job of calculating the old accounts.

Master Miao Yuan looked at Darryl too much, her eyebrows were tightly locked, and the long sword in her hand was whispering!

“Darryl, today I will kill the rivers and lakes, for the old man Yue. Get rid of your scum!” The voice fell, Master Miao Yuan’s pace was too light, and a sword pierced Darryl!


This sword contains the power of success of Master Miao Yuanshi Taishi! It can be clearly seen that where the long sword passes, the surrounding air seems to be distorted!

At the same time, Elisa also yelled softly and slapped Darryl with a palm!

Darryl smiled coldly. Stand there as steady as Mount Tai!

“Who educates whom today is not always certain.”

After saying this coldly, Darryl’s eyes became gloomy, Dantian’s internal strength. He sprinted upwards, flashing directly to Elisa’s side with lightning speed, and gently raised his hand to knock down Elisa’s long sword!

Compared with Darryl, Elisa’s strength is really far behind. She didn’t even see how Darryl made his move, and the long sword fell on the ground.

Immediately after Darryl raised his hand, he moved quickly on her body, tapping her acupuncture points, making her immobile.

Controlling Elisa, Darryl sneered, and the blood-drinking sword whistled out in his hand to meet Master Miaoyuan!

“Clang clang!”

Master Miao Yuan’s long sword collided with the Blood Drinking Sword, and there was a loud noise. After a few rounds, Master Miao Yuan felt something was wrong.

This Darryl’s strength has risen to the fourth stage of Wuhou? !

Although she is Wu Duan Wuhou, she can’t get the slightest advantage against Darryl!

at this time. I saw my wrist, raised my hand and hit it!

The speed of this palm was too fast, Master Miao Yuan couldn’t avoid it, and at that time he could only use his internal force to greet him with a palm.


The two palms touched, and there was a dull vibration. At this moment, Master Miao Yuan’s body retreated several steps, and his face was instantly ugly!

Darryl is a pure Yang internal force, and Master Miao Yuan is certainly not his opponent with the palm just now!


Master Miao Yuan felt that her chest was stuffy, stabilized her figure, looked at Darryl in shock and anger, his face was full of incredible!

This… how is this possible!

In just a few days, Darryl, a scum, turned out to be so powerful!

Darryl sneered and looked at Master Miaoyuan indifferently: “What? Didn’t you expect it?”

When the voice fell, Darryl rushed over, quickly raised his hand, and tapped twice on Master Miaoyuan’s acupuncture point.

Suddenly. Master Miao Yuan was so delicate that he couldn’t move a single movement.

Seeing this scene, Elisa’s face changed drastically and couldn’t help exclaiming: “Master, you…”

Elisa was shocked in his heart at this time! At this time, both myself and Master were touched on the acupoints. The strength of this Darryl has become so strong…

“Darryl, you scum!” Elisa bit her lips tightly: “Quickly relieve us of the acupuncture points!”


Darryl showed a slight smile, his eyes were bloodshot, and he walked to Elisa step by step, slapped him fiercely, and slapped her face!


After this slap, I heard Zhou Qinjiao’s cry, and a slap print suddenly appeared on the white face.

“This slap. Hit you regardless of right and evil.” Darryl looked at Elisa coldly, almost squeezing these words out of his teeth!

Darryl clenched his fists. How much did he help her because he was so good to her before? How many Immortal Pills did you give her? ! Her fiance Hao Jian. Have eaten their own elixir!

But as for her, she keeps saying that she is a wicked way, a scum of the world!

Elisa was slapped by this slap, and reacted, looking at Darryl and said: “Darryl, you, you hit me? You say I have no distinction between righteous and evil? You are a scum when you join the Palace of Longevity!


The voice fell. Darryl slapped it again!

“This slap, hit you with ungratefulness! I am sincere to you, how did you treat me?!” Darryl’s eyes were red, and his emotions were completely out of control!


Another slap fell!

After this slap, Elisa’s legs softened and almost fell to the ground.

Darryl gritted his teeth, completely unable to control his emotions: “This slap was done for me gently! Do you know the special code. Do you know how kind my sister-in-law is! But you Well, you killed her!”

Darryl almost shouted, his voice was hoarse! Until now, he still clearly remembers how Wen Ge collapsed at that time.

Seeing this scene, Master Miao Yuan was too frosty, her body trembled, and she cursed: “Darryl, you scum, what are you and Qin’er angry about? What’s coming at me.”

I was thinking of getting rid of Darryl tonight, but I didn’t expect that his strength had improved so much.

And now, he beat his favorite disciple in front of him.

This is simply a shame!

Hear the anger. Darryl stopped and looked at Master Miaoyuan coldly: “Shut up for me.”

When the voice fell, Darryl turned around, his eyes red. Step by step towards Master Miaoyuan.

“You, dare you to move me a bit, I will abolish you sooner or later.” Master Miao Yuan trembled and couldn’t help shouting.

Darryl let out a long breath. Looking up and down Master Miaoyuan.

At this time she was wearing a purple dress. Although this dress was very conservative, she still couldn’t hide her arrogant figure.

Darryl squeezed out a smile: “You keep saying that I am a scum, and that I am a beast. Okay. Okay, you are all well-known. If you are well-known, do you steal other people’s things?”

Speaking of this, Darryl looked directly at Master Miao Yuan: “Today, the Celestial Silkworm Baojia and the Taixuan Zhenjing, it should be returned to the original owner.”

“You…” Master Miao Yuan gritted his teeth with hatred.

Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, stretched out his hand, touched Master Miaoyuan’s waist, and took out the Taixuan Zhenjing.

He had seen before that Master Miaoyuan’s waist was bulging, and as expected, the Taixuan Zhenjing was hidden here. It was the one I lost.

“There is also the Celestial Silkworm Treasure Armor, also on your body.” Darryl said coldly: “It’s time to give it back to me.”

When the voice fell, Darryl stretched out his hand.

“You, what are you doing!” Master Miao Yuan was shocked and angry!

The silkworm treasure was indeed on him that day. But he was wearing it personally, how could he let Darryl take it away? !

But at this time he was tapped, and he couldn’t resist at all. Seeing Darryl’s hand, it was already in front of him!

Chapter 335

“Darryl, stop it!” Master Miao Yuan gritted his teeth too tightly, feeling ashamed and angry in his heart!

This Darryl wanted to take away the Heavenly Silkworm Treasure Armor, but this Treasure Armor was worn next to her body!

I am innocent all my life, and regard the name and festival as life.

If this Darryl really took the treasure armor, he would inevitably touch him, and if this matter spread out, his reputation would be completely ruined.

Darryl ignored her at all. With a cold snort, she unbuttoned her long skirt directly, ready to take the treasure armor.

“Darryl, dare you, I will kill you!” Master Miao Yuan trembled too angrily, looking at Darryl coldly.

Darryl’s eyes were red. It’s this time. Is this Master Miao Yuan still threatening me here?

Without thinking about it, Darryl walked around behind her. Kicked her knee.


Master Miao Yuan was too spotted on the acupuncture point and couldn’t move. Now she knelt on the ground uncontrollably after this step.

“You don’t deserve to stand and talk to me.” Darryl looked at her coldly, and then walked to Elisa’s side. Also kicked over.

Elisa did the same, plopped and knelt on the ground.

With a cold face, Darryl moved a stool over and sat in front of the two masters and apprentices.

At this time, Master Miao Yuan’s chest was violently ups and downs! She was proud and arrogant all her life, when did she kneel down? !

And still kneel to a scum! This is a shame, really a great shame!

Darryl could tell that Master Miao Yuan was very angry at this time. D*mn’s, the more angry she is, the better! Many times before, I almost died in her hands! Now I want to piss her off.

A smile appeared at the corner of Darryl’s mouth, and he slowly stretched out his hand, touching Master Miaoyuan’s head like a pet.

How could Master Miao Yuan of Tsao Jiao’s life endure this action? I was really furious at that time, looked up at Darryl, and yelled angrily: “Darryl, you insult me ​​today, and you will surely cut you thousands of times!”

“I’m afraid you won’t have a chance in the future.” Darryl said with a smile.

This Master Miao Yuan has been acupunctured, and her mouth is so stiff.

“If you have a kind, kill me.” Master Miao Yuan said coldly, too harshly.

She knew that Darryl would not let herself go easily, and instead of being humiliated by him, she might as well just die.

Darryl chuckled lightly. Faintly said: “Killing you is too cheap for you. At the Yu family’s wedding, you broke my heart with a palm of your hand. Today I will give you a report, and I will also break your heart! Then I will take the treasure. A!”

Master Miao Yuan was too delicate, and his face turned pale after brushing, and said angrily: “Do you dare.”

Elder Emei himself, if his heart is broken and he can’t practice, what’s the point of being alive? It’s better to be dead.

“Why don’t I dare?” Darryl asked back. In the next instant, he suddenly raised his hand and hit Master Miaoyuan’s chest with a palm!

With this palm, Master Miaoyuan’s heart will be broken!

However, at this moment, the door was suddenly kicked open! This foot has a lot of strength, and the door is torn apart!

Immediately afterwards, a figure strode in and directly blocked Darryl’s blow!

This person is the Lingbao real person of Wudang Sect!

The room where Lingbao real person rests is next door. Just now I heard something happening here, and I was curious for a while, so I came over to take a look.

As a result, as soon as he approached, he heard the voice of Master Miaoyuan, and Lingbao didn’t think much about it, so he broke in. Stopped Darryl’s palm!

“Naughty aD*mnl, you dare to do too much with the teacher!”

Real Lingbao shouted. A palm is slapped towards Darryl!

The palm of Lingbao’s real person is strong! It is the Wudang school’s unique knowledge, the gossip serial palm!


Only seeing the real person Lingbao, the air was suddenly distorted, forming a gossip picture!

This palm, with a powerful force of thunder! This gossip serial palm is really tyrannical!

Darryl didn’t have time to think, he raised a palm at will to greet him!


When the two palms touched each other, the real people Darryl and Lingbao took a few steps back!

Logically speaking, the real Lingbao was definitely not Darryl’s opponent. Mainly in the palm just now, the real person Lingbao used the gossip serial palm, while Darryl just took a random palm. Although the two took a few steps back, they were decisive!

Taking advantage of Darryl’s hind legs, the real person Lingbao rushed to Master Miaoyuan, quickly shot, and unlocked the acupuncture points between her and Elisa.

Darryl wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

Really, this Lingbao real person, really special code can be a bad thing!

Finally, there was an opportunity to abolish this Miaoyuan Master!

Darryl sneered. Sarcastically said: “Tsk tsk, can’t tell, Lingbao real person, Miaoyuan Master, you old couple have a good relationship.”

I was in the Zhanxinglou before. Raquel pretended to be Yue Wudi and arrested the major factions. At that time, Master Miaoyuan and Lingbao real person worshipped and got married. This matter had been spread in the arena for a long time.

It’s just that Master Miao Yuan is too hot and no one dares to pretend this matter before her.

But Darryl didn’t care so much, and he laughed again: “You couple, you really have a good heart. Just as soon as your wife has an accident, your husband is here, and it’s stains.”

“Darryl!” Hearing this, Master Miao Yuan’s too annoyed body trembled, turned his head and gave Lingbao a fierce look: “Who let you be nosy. I don’t need your help!”

Uh …

The real Lingbao couldn’t laugh or cry.

This Master Miao Yuan, why is it unreasonable…you help yourself, if you don’t appreciate it, you still scold me for nosy…

“Darryl, today’s hatred, I have written it down.” Master Miao Yuan looked too cold and looked at Elisa: “Qin’er, let’s go.”

While talking, the master and apprentice left. The real person Lingbao also followed out.

Darryl clenched his fists, his eyes were red. I just took away the Taixuan Zhenjing. But the Celestial Silkworm is still on Master Miaoyuan’s body! Seriously, he didn’t want to let go of these two masters and apprentices!

Now there is no way but to let them go!

If they really fight, Lingbao, Master Miaoyuan, Elisa, these three people are not their own opponents.

But if you want to win, you can only release your skills. When the time comes, there will be too much movement, and it is estimated that people from all sects will hear the news.

The six sects are in the same spirit, and they will help Miaoyuan Master Tai. Even if he can play again, he can’t beat so many masters.

With red eyes, Darryl let go of the two masters and disciples, he was not reconciled!

Especially thinking that Elisa killed his sister-in-law on Changsheng Island, he burned with anger!

Jingle Bell..

At this moment, Darryl’s cell phone suddenly rang!

Darryl let out a long sigh of relief, and stopped thinking about Master Miaoyuan. Take out the phone.

D*mn, it’s late at night, who is calling?

Take a look at the caller ID. It turned out to be He Tianyou.

He Tianyou is the master of Donghai City, Tongtian Church. Because Darryl refined the Tongtian Pill antidote for him, he gave the position of Hall Master to Darryl.

But later, Darryl became Venerable Tongtian. He returned the position of the hall master to him.

This kid hasn’t contacted himself for a long time, why did he call so late?

Thinking about it, Darryl answered the phone.

Just after the call, He Tianyou’s anxious voice came: “Brother Darryl, you can get through this call! It’s not good. Something has happened to Tongtian Island!”

What happened to Tongtian Island?

Hearing this, Darryl was inexplicably surprised.

At this moment, I heard He Tianyou continue in a sad tone: “Many days ago, the back mountain of Tongtian Island suddenly caught fire, and all the houses were burnt clean. The master’s wife should be buried in the fire, and the master is heartbroken. I have ignored the educational affairs for a few days, and now the entire Tongtian Island is in a mess. Brother Darryl, you are the Venerable Tongtian, and only you can praise the leader and preside over the overall situation.”

Madam is buried in flames?

D*mn it!

In my own mind, it’s no wonder that I have been restless these days, and always feel that I have forgotten something.

So I forgot about it!

Darryl patted his forehead annoyedly, and said: “Okay, I know.” After speaking, he hung up the phone.

It was Kendra’s plan to set fire on Tongtian Island.

Looking at this situation, this plan was implemented perfectly, and it actually deceived the entire Tongtian Sect.

But he said he would pick up his wife. At that time, he was practicing in the ancient tomb and missed the opportunity to pick up his wife. After leaving the ancient tomb, I hurried to attend Cynthia’s birthday and forgot about it!

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