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Chapter 336

She must be very sad when she didn’t pick up the wife..

Darryl only feels upset. I don’t know where Mrs…

When the wife leaves Tongtian Island, she will definitely come to Donghai City to find herself. But she hasn’t returned to Donghai City for several days. She can’t find herself, how did she spend the past few days?

Thinking of this, Darryl was anxious and walked out of the room in a hurry. Called Xueying and hurried to Donghai City.

On the way, Darryl was restless. His head is full of madam’s appearance. She is still pregnant with a child, so there will be no accidents..

Mount Emei.

This mountain is sacred. In the middle of the mountain, there is a retro building, that is, the Emei School, one of the six sects.

The Emei Sect has been passed down for thousands of years, and many powerful girls are all from the Emei Sect!

It is said that the only female emperor in history, Wu Meiniang, once served as the head of the 26th generation of Emei.

Today’s head of Emei has been passed down to the 37th generation. The head is the famous goddess in the arena: Monica Han.

Han proudly. The 37th generation of Emei School. Because of her trick of the big ice dragon palm, the rivers and lakes called it: Goddess of Frost!

It is rumored that the Big Ice Dragon Palm, this technique is rare in the world, unparalleled, and infinitely powerful!

The legend about the goddess of frost, Han arrogantly. There are countless. One of the most famous is the incident five years ago—

Five years ago, a generation of heavy rains in Mount Emei caused landslides and mudslides. The people under Mount Emei complained endlessly. Because most of the people at the foot of Mount Emei depend on growing fruits for their livelihoods. However, because of the obstacle of Mount Emei, the traffic is inconvenient. Many fruits are rotten before they are shipped out.

The mudslide caused the entire mountain road to be blocked and the fruit could not be shipped out.

Monica heard about this and used a big ice dragon palm at the foot of the mountain, directly smashing half of the mountain! This allowed the people to transport the fruit out.

Five years have passed since this matter, but the arena still talks about it!

Smash half a mountain with one palm!

At this moment, Emei Hall.

Han sat proudly on the phoenix chair. If you look closely, she is only thirty years old. She is wearing a purple dress. She has a compact figure and a dignified temperament. She looks like a fairy in the sky, holy and not to be desecrated!

Four Duan Wusheng!

After a long period of retreat, Monica finally broke through to this state.

Today is her first day out of customs. But her expression was cold and frosty.

In front of her. There is still a person standing, it is Master Miao Yuan.

“Senior Sister Head, that Darryl, really deserves death.” Master Miao Yuan said through gritted teeth.

Yes, she learned that the senior sister in charge had left the customs and hurried back to Mount Emei from the Ouyang family overnight. Seeing the first side of Senior Sister Master, I told him about the humiliation by Darryl just now.

Monica sat there, his expression didn’t fluctuate at all, and said coldly: “That Darryl, really pissed off his grandfather, defiled his younger siblings, joined the Hall of Longevity, and humiliated you?”

“It’s true.” Master Miao Yuan let out a long sigh of relief.

Thinking of himself kneeling in front of Darryl just now, he was still touching his hair, Master Miaoyuan trembled angrily.

“Senior Sister Master.” Master Miaoyuan bit her lip too, and said anxiously: “That Darryl is a scum, and at this time, he still holds a Taixuan Zhenjing in his hand. Taixuan Zhenjing is something like that, Can’t fall into the hands of this scum!”

“Yeah.” Monica replied indifferently: “Don’t talk about Darryl. Let me tell you first, what happened to the rivers and lakes during my retreat these days.”

Master Miaoyuan had no choice but to nod her head and said: “Senior Sister, the biggest thing is that we round the continent. I am afraid that a battle will be about to fight with the Apocalypse Continent…”

On the other side, Donghai City, Dafeng Real Estate Company, the President’s Office.

It was only six o’clock in the morning, Darryl sat anxiously on the office chair, and Carol stood beside him respectfully.

In the morning, before Carol woke up, she was called by Darryl. She could hear that Darryl was anxious, so she didn’t wear any makeup. But even she without makeup is so beautiful.

“Call, ask a painter, hurry up.” Darryl ordered.

When I was with Kendra, I never took a picture of her.

The only way now is to find a painter to paint Kendra’s appearance, then take the portrait and go to the street to inquire. There is no other way!

Hearing the order, Carol quickly took out the phone and started looking for a painter.

Carol now. As the general manager of Dafeng Group, his position in Donghai City is also very high, and his contacts are even wider. Within an hour, the most famous painter in Donghai City was invited.

After the painter arrived. Darryl dictated his wife’s appearance. The painter altered and altered the image provided by Darryl, and finally painted the portrait.

I have to say that this painter’s painting skills are very good, and the portraits he drew are almost indistinguishable from Kendra himself.

After getting the portrait, Darryl immediately left Dafeng Real Estate Company.

When he got outside, Darryl took out his mobile phone and took a photo of the portrait. Sent to the four brothers of the Duan family. Let them lead all the disciples of Tianmen to find the wife of the teacher. Darryl specially emphasized many times that he must not publicize it to the outside world, and the process of searching must be carried out in secret.

After all, Kendra is the wife of the leader.

If you look for it with great fanfare, it is easy to be found by Tongtianjiao.

After confessing, Darryl took the portrait and headed to the most prosperous street in Donghai City.

He has already thought about it, holding the portrait himself, and asking one by one on the street!

Although this is a stupid way. But it is also the most effective.

The madam is so beautiful, people who have met her must have an impression.

It was late autumn and the weather was really cold. Darryl stood at the entrance of the street, and whenever he met a person, he took out a portrait and asked if he had seen him.

ten minutes.

Half an hour.

After several hours passed, Darryl didn’t know how many people had been asked, his feet were sore and numb, but he didn’t find any news.

In the evening, Darryl was holding a box of lunch, standing at the crossroads in frustration, feeling unspeakable loss, unspeakable regret.

He hadn’t eaten or drank water on this day, but at this time he had rice in his hand, but he didn’t have any appetite.

Donghai City is so big, wanting to find the lady is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

His wife has lived on Tongtian Island for a long time and has just come to Donghai City. People who are unfamiliar in life will not have an accident… Madam is still pregnant with her own child. If she has an accident, she will really blame herself for a lifetime!

The more Darryl thought about it, the more flustered, he threw away the box lunch. Open the portrait again.

By this time it was dark, and there were fewer and fewer people on the street. There are only groups of young people left, still shopping.

Not far away, a group of young people came to face each other with cigarettes in their mouths. He also has a tattoo on his body. There are also dyed hair and earrings. Looks like a little ba5tard. Originally, Darryl didn’t want to come forward to ask, but he really missed his wife, so he had to meet him at that time. He opened the portrait in his hand and asked the young people politely. Ask them if they have seen this woman.

While talking, Darryl handed over the portrait.

Seriously, he didn’t have much hope in his heart.

However, what made Darryl dream of was that these young people looked at each other at the moment they saw the portrait, and then laughed!

“Portrait of this woman, isn’t she the new waitress in “Secret Garden”?”

Several young people talked and laughed, and their expressions looked very serious.


Have they seen?

Darryl was overjoyed and asked quickly: “Secret Garden? What is that place?”

One of the young men with yellow hair stepped forward and said, “My friend, you are asking the right person. This secret garden, brothers are always there! Haha, it is a newly opened KTV, just over the Century Plaza. The environment is very good. Hahaha!”

As he said, his eyes fell on the portrait again, and he continued eloquently: “I’m telling you, this person in your portrait is the secret garden, the most beautiful waiter! Whoops, that figure is so charming. I heard that after only a few days, I became a celebrity in this KTV. Many children from rich families who went there to spend money called her to serve.”

After saying this, Huang Mao looked at Darryl with a smile, and said with deep meaning: “My buddy, you look for this woman, and you want to enjoy her serving next to her? Haha, you have a vision, a vision!


At this moment, Darryl’s mind went blank!

Chapter 337

Donghai City, Secret Garden KTV.

This KTV is located in a prosperous area. It has just opened, and the decoration is very luxurious! It can be said that the Secret Garden is the largest KTV in Donghai City.

On the third floor, luxurious VIP boxes.

This box is several hundred square meters in size. There is a separate bartending area, sleeping compartments, top-of-the-line audio equipment, and more importantly, there is a small dance floor in the middle.

Absolute luxury! The hourly price of this kind of private room reaches 50,000 yuan. Unless you are a big boss, you can’t afford it at all.

And at this time around this box. A dozen bodyguards in black suits stood quietly, with great momentum.

These bodyguards stand here just to protect one person: Zhu Datong, the president of Datong Entertainment.

The last Mid-Autumn Festival in Donghai City. Zhu Datong was urinated by Darryl. After this incident, Zhu Datong realized how important it is to bring more bodyguards. These bodyguards of his were all invited at a high price, and each of them was a cultivator and had experienced a hundred battles!

At this time, Zhu Datong was sitting on the sofa, holding a glass of red wine in his hand, smiling all over his face.

Next to him, there were a few women sitting, all of whom were okay in length. They are all stars of Zhu Datong’s company. In addition, there are several small entertainment company owners who are also sitting on the sofa.

After Ziyu Company declared bankruptcy, Zhu Datong’s Datong Entertainment quickly grabbed all the resources of Donghai City. After this period of development, Zhu Datong’s company is well-known in the entertainment industry!

It can be said that Zhu Datong now is proud of the spring breeze!

At this moment, Zhu Datong was holding a glass of red wine and looked at a waiter in front of him with a smile.

This waiter. The figure is graceful, the facial features are exquisite, especially the temperament that pervades the body, it is tickling Zhu Datong’s heartstrings and making him feel unbearable.

It is Kendra!

“It’s not bad, it’s a rare beauty.” Zhu Datong took a sip of the wine and looked up and down Kendra with a pair of eyes. Sincerely admired.

Today, Zhu Datong was in a good mood. He came to this KTV to spend and learned that there was a beautiful waiter, so he asked the manager to call to see him.

At this sight, Zhu Datong was immediately moved, almost astonished!


So beautiful!

How could there be such a beautiful woman in the world, these female stars around her, compared with her, suddenly eclipsed her.

Zhu Datong’s eyes made Kendra uncomfortable. But she couldn’t help it. Manager Zhuo Ting asked herself to serve in this private room, and she couldn’t refuse it. After all, this is my job.

Zhuo Ting stood aside and smiled at Zhu Datong, “Mr. Zhu. If you are satisfied with Kendra, let her serve you today!”

At this time Zhuo Ting was happy in her heart. This Kendra is really a cash cow!

After only a few days, it attracted many wealthy children to join in and made a lot of money.

Today, even Mr. Zhu is full of praise for her.

Zhu Datong is the big boss of the entertainment industry. If he is satisfied with his service today, Mr. Zhu will not be able to spend every day.

You know, Zhuo Ting, as the manager, has a commission for every purchase of this KTV! Thinking of this, she was indescribably excited.

Zhu Datong smiled and nodded, his eyes did not leave Kendra for a moment.

“Manager Zhuo Ting.” Zhu Datong laughed and looked at Zhuo Ting and said: “I heard that this beautiful Qin only orders songs for guests. She never accompanies her to drink with fruit plates. I don’t know.

Can you make an exception for me today? “

Zhuo Ting was stunned and hurriedly said with a smile: “Mr. Zhu. Look at what you said, Kendra’s pleasure to serve you such a big person, and of course it is no problem to accompany her.”

While talking, winking at Kendra, asked her to pour Zhu Datong a drink.

Kendra bit his lips tightly and stood there and said in a low voice: “Manager Zhuo. We said before, I…I won’t drink with guests.”

On the first day at work, Kendra felt that something was wrong. The guests here look at their own eyes as if they want to see through. The expressions in their eyes made Kendra very uncomfortable.

And there are some guests here, after drinking too much, they have to accompany them to drink.

Kendra wanted to leave this place very much. But where can I go if I leave here?

Donghai City is such a big city, and he has no money. Where can I find Darryl?

Moreover, this place was introduced by Darryl’s sister-in-law. It shouldn’t be too bad.. With this idea, Kendra told Zhuo Ting on the first day of employment that he works here, but does not accompany guests to drink.

At that time Zhuo Ting also agreed. But today, why did Manager Zhuo suddenly change his mind?

Kendra has always been aloof, how can he accompany his guests to drink?

Zhuo Ting laughed and said to Kendra: “What are you waiting for, hurry up and offer a glass to Mr. Zhu! You have been working here for several days, how many customers have you had these days? I want you to accompany you for a drink, but you all refuse A few guests are unhappy, do you know? I can forgive you for the previous ones. But today President Zhu wants you to accompany you for a drink, so you shouldn’t be reserved. Can you understand?”

Zhu Datong is a big benefactor, keeping guests like Mr. Zhu. To make money! This glass of wine must be accompanied by her!

Kendra bit her lips tightly, standing there at a loss.

Seeing this situation, Zhuo Ting made a straight face. Leaning to Kendra’s ear, he whispered: “Don’t be shameless, you have to drink this glass of wine, and you have to drink it if you don’t drink it! Boss Zhu, do you know who it is?! If you don’t drink it today This glass of wine, don’t do it here, and you won’t be paid these days’ wages.”

After saying this, he gave Kendra a little lightly.

Kendra bit her lip tightly, struggled for a long time, finally picked up the wine glass and looked at Zhu Datong: “Boss, thank you for coming to join us today. I respect you.”

When the voice fell, Kendra’s red lips opened slightly, and he took a small sip.

To be honest, Kendra had a hundred reluctances and 10,000 reluctances in his heart to accompany Fat Zhu in front of him drinking!

But there is no way. If you don’t do this, the manager will expel himself without being paid. Then how to live. So I can only bear it.

But thinking of the child in his stomach, Kendra didn’t dare to drink too much, so he just took a sip.

“Huh? Why is it so rude, to accompany the guests to drink, and want a glass of wine to dry, so that you can have sincerity.” Zhuo Ting frowned, and said unhappily.

As soon as the voice fell, Zhu Datong laughed and waved his hand: “Okay, okay, this beauty must be the first time drinking with a guest, understandable.”

With that said, Zhu Datong patted the position next to him, and smiled at Kendra: “Sit down, pretty lady, don’t be embarrassed, I am very easy-going, haha…”

Kendra bit his lip tightly, knowing that he could not refuse, so he sat down.

As a result, at this moment, Zhu Datong’s hand suddenly placed on her waist.

“Beauty, don’t sit on the sofa, sit here.” Zhu Datong said with a big smile, pointing to his leg.

Chapter 338

“Please respect yourself.”

Kendra was frustrated, took Zhu Datong’s hand away, and then sat on the sofa, deliberately keeping a distance from Zhu Datong.

“Good good, self-respect, self-respect!”

Zhu Datong laughed. Picking up the wine glass, drinking one after another, watching Kendra while drinking.

The more Zhu Datong watched, the happier he became, and he beckoned to Zhuo Ting.

Zhuo Ting hurriedly walked over, accompanied by a smiling face: “What does Zhu always say?”

Zhu Datong laughed. He said: “Manager Zhuo, this beautiful Qin lady, working as a waiter with you. Isn’t that too awkward? I’ll just say it straight, I want to poach her away, don’t you mind, I’ll take the beautiful lady Qin, Pack it as a star, haha!”

“Mr. Zhu…this…” Zhuo Ting showed a trace of embarrassment and smiled: “This…I’m afraid it’s not good.”

I have to rely on Kendra to attract more customers…

Zhu Datong waved his hand and took out an Amethyst Bank diamond card: “Here you are ten million, this beautiful Qin Datong, I will take it away.”


Ten million.

Zhuo Ting froze for a moment, and suddenly smiled: “Zhu’s move is the grandeur, then let’s go, I have to reluctantly give up.”

Zhuo Ting was so excited. This President Zhu is really a rich man! Haha!

Zhu Datong moved his lower body and moved to Kendra’s side. She smiled and said: “On your terms, if you enter the entertainment industry, you will definitely be a big hit. Don’t worry, I promise to give you the best resources of the company…”

When the voice fell, the female stars next to them suddenly stopped doing it, and they were all annoyed.

“You are partial, Mr. Zhu, you gave her all the resources, what shall we do…”

“Yes… She is a waiter, what will she do?”

“Mr. Zhu, you only agreed yesterday to let me make a new movie and act as the heroine…”

Zhu Da is in the same rank. Said impatiently: “Shut up for me!”

Really, they are less than one ten thousandth compared with Kendra!

Zhu Datong smiled and looked at Kendra with a look of eagerness: “Dame Qin, is it particularly tempting? Don’t worry, I will definitely make you popular! There is a variety show called “The Birth of a Star”. I let you Go to this show, okay? Let’s go to the guest room next to us and have a good talk.”

While talking, Zhu Datong’s hand naturally hugged Kendra.

In his eyes. No matter how beautiful a beauty is, she can’t stand the temptation to be a star.

After all, being a star is the dream of many women.

So Zhu Datong was determined. This Kendra was just pretending to be reserved, and he was definitely not happy now. So he became more and more unscrupulous.


At this moment, Kendra couldn’t help it completely, her body trembled, and she broke away from Zhu Datong’s hand, and said softly, “Please be respectful.”


At this moment. All the people in the box were stunned.

Is this woman crazy?

She dared to lose her temper to Mr. Zhu?

“What are you doing?! Why do you talk to Mr. Zhu like this?” Zhuo Ting went out in a cold sweat and walked to his wife. There is no doubt: “Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Zhu!

Zhu Datong smiled and motioned Zhuo Ting to temporarily withdraw.

Then he came over again and said to Kendra: “Beautiful Qin. Your temper is really hot. Haha, I like it.”

While talking, Zhu Da sympathized and couldn’t help holding Kendra’s jade hand.

“You! You let go!”

Kendra was completely angry, quickly withdrew his hand, picked up a glass of wine on the table, and poured it on Zhu Datong’s face fiercely. Immediately after, she stood up and wanted to leave the box.


However, at this moment, Zhu Da’s anger in the same body finally couldn’t hold back. He kicked the coffee table fiercely, and then kicked the coffee table over.

“Slot you. You shamelessly give you a face?” Zhu Datong’s eyes were cold. He waved his hands at several bodyguards: “Tie her to me!”

When the voice fell, several bodyguards gathered around directly, not knowing where the rope was obtained. Tie Kendra.

Kendra was originally low in strength, so how could he beat these bodyguards. And he was pregnant. After struggling a few times, she was tied up by five flowers. Lost on the sofa.

Zhu Da was proud of the same face. Looking at Kendra with a smirk: “You have a very strong temper, right? Dare to splash me with wine?”

With that said, Zhu Datong said to several female stars: “Come on. To your new colleague, a toast.”

Several female celebrities suddenly realized, each holding a glass of wine, and walking over with a smile.

Of course they didn’t really toast Kendra, but poured it on her face one after another.

In an instant, the red wine slowly flowed down from Kendra’s face, and a few strands of long hair stuck to his forehead, unspeakably charming.

Zhu Datong sneered and leaned forward again: “It’s really a toast and no fine wine. Beautiful Qin.”

“Go away, stay away from me.” Kendra resisted all over.

Zhuo Ting, who was also very angry, walked up to Kendra and cursed: “What do you think you are pretending? What kind of airs? I really don’t know how to exaggerate! Come to work with us, do you think you are just an ordinary waiter? Really shameless.”

Hearing this, Kendra had tears in his eyes, and said to Zhuo Ting: “Manager, my sister-in-law introduced me and said you can take care of me. Is that how you take care of me…”

Zhuo Ting sneered: “You call sister Yun’s sister-in-law? Why haven’t I heard her say it? Patsy called me at the beginning and said to introduce you to here. Whatever arrangement you can do! Don’t talk about drinking with you, even if it’s too much. Thousands of things, you can do it!”

“You…” Kendra bit her lips tightly: “Impossible, impossible…”

“What’s impossible?” Zhuo Ting said coldly: “Stop talking nonsense, you must satisfy Mr. Zhu today!”

“I, I won’t work here anymore, you let me go.” Kendra only felt his nose sore, and almost cried: “You guys loosen me up, why don’t I work here anymore.”

“No!” Zhuo Ting shouted irritably, and lost all patience, stepped forward two steps, and slapped Kendra’s face with a slap!


This slap was so powerful that a slap print suddenly appeared on Kendra’s white face, which was particularly eye-catching!

Kendra exclaimed in pain and aggrieved, his face was full of pain.

“Shame on the face, pretend to be high-minded!” Zhuo Ting cursed, and slapped Kendra one after another.

Chapter 339

“Slap! Slap!”

A slap is heavier than a slap!

Zhuo Ting didn’t seem to be out of breath yet, grabbing Kendra’s hair, pulling vigorously, and kicking her in the lower abdomen!

“Shame on your face, let you pretend to be high!” Zhuo Ting shouted loudly while tapping.

Kendra grew up so big, has always been aloof, has always been respected. When has been beaten by others.

She was weak when she was pregnant. At this time, she was kicked on the lower abdomen, and only felt the pain in the lower abdomen! I was afraid and wronged in my heart, and my eyes were already moist.

“Okay, okay. Don’t break Damei Qin.” Zhu Datong laughed and motioned Zhuo Ting not to fight. Then he stepped forward and looked at Kendra with a smile.

“Stains and stains, our beauty, Qin Datong, blushed.” Zhu Datong seemed to feel distressed. Stepped forward, stretched out his hand and touched the wound on her face.


Qin Rong’s delicate body trembled, and his beautiful eyes were full of anger. She kept drinking: “Don’t touch me, you get off… Fcuk off…”

While drinking softly, Kendra struggled, but his hands and feet were tightly bound, and he couldn’t get rid of it at all.

Seeing Zhu Datong’s disgusting face, he got closer and closer, and his movements became more and more excessive. Kendra was completely desperate, closing his eyes, tears streaming down like he couldn’t stop.

Darryl, where are you!

It’s hard for me to find you, I can’t find you..

I was bullied, do you know it!

“Am I going to slot you! Zhu Datong, I really want to kill you!”

At this moment, a loud roar suddenly sounded, and the next moment, only a loud noise was heard, and the door was smashed by a kick!

In an instant, everyone in the box looked towards the door.

There was a man standing at the door. Sweat all over. Eyes are blood red, holding a blood-drinking sword!

Who is it if it’s not Darryl? !


Kendra bit his lip tightly, tears streaming incessantly.

Are you dreaming?

He came, he came to me..

“Who are you, who let you in?” At this moment, Zhuo Ting frowned and looked at Darryl: “Get out quickly. Can you come in this box?”

This man is all alone and looks poor and sour. It should be too much, right?

Zhuo Ting has always been rude to such people.

While talking, Zhuo Ting walked over and was about to bang Darryl away.

However, Zhuo Ting felt something was wrong before she got to the front.

The man at the door had a cold expression on his face, his fists clenched tightly. His aura, the trembling air is trembling!

Zhuo Ting only felt that her neck was firmly grasped by an invisible force, and it was even difficult to breathe!

Darryl’s eyes were blood red, and his whole body was trembling!

He saw his wife being tied up by five flowers. That Zhu Datong’s dirty hands are on her face!

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Darryl walked forward step by step, making a sound every step!

“You…what are you going to do…” Zhuo Ting finally felt scared and kept backing away: “I tell you, this secret garden is not a place where you can make trouble…you…”

Before the voice fell, the voice stopped abruptly!

Darryl had already raised his hand, pinched her throat, and lifted her whole person!

“You all have to die today.”

A cold voice came from Darryl’s mouth. At this moment, he suddenly raised his hand and slapped Zhuo Ting’s face with a fierce slap!


With this slap, Darryl tried his best! Zhuo Ting didn’t have time to react, and the whole person flew directly. Flew a full ten meters away, and finally hit the wall, vomiting blood!



Seeing this scene, several female stars screamed. He quickly hid in the corner, frightened one by one.

Zhu Datong was also dumbfounded, looking at Darryl coldly, concealing the fear in his heart: “Darryl, what are you doing? This is my box, you give me out.”

At this time, Zhu Datong did not know the relationship between Darryl and Kendra.

Darryl’s eyes were blood red, scary red! Because he didn’t go to Tongtian Island in time to meet him. Kendra was left alone in Donghai City, helpless.

Now I see her being bullied by Zhu Datong. That beautiful face was all slap prints, Darryl’s heart was cut like a knife, he only felt that the blood all over his body was burning!

Darryl didn’t speak, but the terrifying aura on his body diffused out and swept the entire box!


What a strong aura!

Zhu Datong’s brain buzzed. The whole person shivered, trembling and shouting at several bodyguards: “What are you still doing in a daze? Quickly, kill him!”

When the voice fell, several bodyguards looked at each other with fear!

This popularity field is too strong…

But the boss spoke, and it was hard to shrink back. After hesitating, several bodyguards rushed over.

Darryl was still expressionless, raising his hand lightly. But just this light and fluttering moment, Pure Yang’s internal strength is magnificent!


Those bodyguards didn’t react, they were shocked and flew out, vomiting blood in their mouths!

“You…you…” Zhu Datong’s mind went blank, as he fell down with cold sweat!

one move.

Those bodyguards were all invited by themselves at a high price, and they couldn’t even handle a single move!

Zhu Datong’s cold sweat had dripped on his clothes, and he knelt on the ground at this moment. He kept kowtow at Darryl: “Darryl.. No, Brother Darryl, Brother Darryl.. Misunderstanding, this is definitely a misunderstanding…”

“Huh…” Darryl let out a long sigh of relief. He also ignored Zhu Datong, but went straight to his wife and untied the rope on her body.

Kendra was delighted and wronged again. Holding Darryl’s waist tightly, tears seemed to burst: “Darryl, you…how did you come…I thought you didn’t want me…”

Speaking of this, Madam couldn’t help it anymore. Wow, cry out.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Darryl held her tightly in his arms, only feeling guilty in his heart.

He could feel that his chest was already wet with his wife’s tears.

“I came out from Tongtian Island, looking for, I couldn’t find you…” Kendra’s voice choked, full of grievances: “You didn’t come to pick me up, I thought you didn’t want me… I…”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I want you, I’m sorry…” Darryl’s eyes were wet, and he lightly patted her back, feeling uncomfortable in his heart.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside, and then, hundreds of people suddenly rushed in, all in black Tang suits.

Mathew is the leader.

Knowing that his wife was in KTV, Darryl called Mathew and asked him to bring the Tianmen elite.

“Take them all.”

The moment he entered, Mathew looked around and pointed at Zhu Datong and shouted.

Immediately, the Tianmen disciples rushed over and tied Zhu Datong’s five flowers.

“Brother Darryl, what should I do with this fat man?” Mathew asked respectfully.

In front of outsiders, Mathew never called Sect Master Darryl.

At this time, Zhu Datong had completely collapsed, knelt there and kept shouting: “I was wrong, I was wrong…”

Darryl hugged his wife, his expression extremely gloomy. Slowly looked towards Mathew: “Take Zhu Datong and Zhuo Ting and shave me adult sticks. Do you know what a human stick is?”

People stick?

Mateo was confused and shook his head.

There was no expression on Darryl’s face, and he said coldly: “Human stick means to cut off all the protrusions on a person’s body and cut them into a stick.”

Chapter 340

“No! Brother Darryl, Brother Darryl.”

Zhu Datong was completely paralyzed with fright, and kept howling.

But Darryl didn’t even look at him, kicked him away. Then he hugged Kendra and walked out of the KTV slowly.

“Madam, why did you come to work in this KTV?” Darryl asked as he walked.

Kendra’s whole person was nestled in Darryl’s arms.

“My sister-in-law introduced me…” Kendra said weakly. Weak.

Sister-in-law, which sister-in-law?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and in a blink of an eye, he had already left the KTV. At this moment, Darryl only felt that his hands were sticky, he lowered his head and glanced, his brain buzzed!

The hands are full of blood! The blood flowed from Kendra’s skirt.

“Darryl. My stomach hurts…” Kendra pressed his face to Darryl’s heart, his face was pale, and a layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

I was kicked by Zhuo Ting just now. At this time, I only felt terrible pain in the lower abdomen.

“Madam…” Darryl’s heart suddenly picked up!

“Child…our child…will it be gone. Our child…” Kendra held his stomach, tears falling down, and before he could finish speaking, he fainted.

“Madam, don’t scare me, you will be fine, and the children will be fine…” Darryl roared loudly, holding his wife, and ran to the hospital desperately.


On the other side, two thousand miles north of Donghai City.

There is a mountain range, beautiful environment and beautiful scenery. There is a waterfall in the mountain, and there is a cave next to the waterfall. This cave is huge, as big as a basketball court!

It was originally an unnamed cave, but now, this cave has been given a name by Peter: Shuilian Cave.

After Peter established Huaguoshan, he set up the main altar here. Usually he stays in the water curtain cave. This water curtain cave was decorated with magnificence and magnificence by him.

And Peter was still on this mountain, building a Qionglou palace. For this building. This product has almost spent all his net worth.. But there is no way. There are tens of thousands of disciples in Huaguoshan, and there is always a general altar. From a distance, this building halfway up the mountain is really beautiful!

At this moment, in the water curtain cave.

Peter was sitting in a chair leisurely, sipping tea leisurely.

Became the leader of the faction, Peter’s dress also changed his style. At this time, he was wearing a bright yellow Tang suit, which was extravagant and stable.

Next to him, stood a slender woman, Li Nan, Peter’s wife.

After the establishment of the sect, Peter’s family members also moved to Huaguo Mountain.

“I’ve lived in the city for a long time. It’s too noisy, but the environment here is quiet and comfortable.” Li Nan said with a smile, with a happy face.

The husband established the sect, and Li Nan was his wife. That was full support.

Husband used to be the eldest brother. So what? Now the husband, whoever sees him will call a hero, and he will call Sun Master.

Peter looked at Li Nan with a smile and nodded: “If you like it, we will live here for the rest of our lives. By the way, we will give birth to a bunch of children, named Sun Xiaosheng, Sun Ersheng, Sun Sansheng…”


Hearing this, Li Nan was amused immediately, and at the same time he gave Peter a sullen look: “The leader of the all faction, and his words are still so serious.”

As he was talking, a disciple walked in quickly outside the door with a panic expression. Speaking to Peter: “Brother Sheng, sister-in-law, it’s not good, it’s not good!”

The disciple was out of breath. I was sweating all over.

“What are you panicking.” Peter said in an annoyed manner. This disciple, when he was in the society before, was his confidant.

“How many times have I told you, don’t call me Saint Brother, call me the head. Call your sister-in-law the head wife. Why can’t you be too tough?” Peter glared at him: “Now we are the authentic sect. , Speak and act with steadiness. Do you know? What a panic, like.”

The disciple was almost crying, obviously too anxious.

“What’s the matter?” Peter took a sip of the tea and said calmly.

The disciple sweated like rain: “Brother Sheng, Hu Sanyang… Hu Sanyang ran away…”

What? !

D*mn! Peter stood up abruptly, his head blank: “What are you talking about?! How did he escape!”

At that time on Kunlun Mountain, after the Kunlun faction was wiped out. Instead of killing Hu Sanyang, he captured him alive.

Because Hu Sanyang secretly took refuge in the Imperial Family of Apocalypse, it might be useful to keep him.

During this period, Hu Sanyang has been kept in the iron prison of Huaguo Mountain. Peter sent many elite disciples to guard the iron prison, which can be described as tightly guarded.

How could Hu Sanyang escape?

“Return to the head. Just last night, Hu Sanyang kept hitting the wall with his head, pretending to commit suicide. Later, he fell to the ground and pretended to be dead.”

The disciple whispered: “Later, the brother in charge of the guard thought he was really dead, so he went in to see him and found that he was not dead, so he kicked him cursively and left. But who would have thought that Hu Sanyang Before I knew it. I stole the disciple’s key. It wasn’t until just now that we went to deliver food to Hu Sanyang and found that he had escaped. He also took away his daughter, Hu Ling’er…”

It’s over.

Peter clenched his fists. I couldn’t tell the fire: “Go, send all the disciples to chase me, no matter what, I have to catch Hu Sanyang back!”

“Yes. Headmaster.”

Feeling Peter’s anger, the disciple responded and walked out quickly.

Peter’s face was very ugly, and he was trembling with anger. This Hu Sanyang ran away. Really endless troubles!

“Husband, don’t worry too much.” At this moment, Li Nan whispered.

She stepped forward and held Peter’s hand: “That Hu Sanyang, when you were caught alive, didn’t you interrupt his heart? Even if he escapes, he is still a useless person, and it’s nothing to worry about.”

Hearing his wife’s words, Peter’s complexion improved slightly.


At this moment, about thirty miles from Shuilian Cave, there is a forest.

Hu Sanyang took his daughter and ran forward desperately. He was very tired, but he dared not stop. He knew that once he stopped, he might be caught again!

I don’t know how long I’ve been running, but Hu Ling’er was sweating and couldn’t help shouting, and said aggrieved: “Father, I’m almost out of strength.”

Hu Ling’er grew up so big that he was almost spoiled. When did he suffer such suffering?

At this moment, Hu Ling’er felt exhausted and didn’t want to take a step.

Hu Sanyang looked anxious, and warmly persuaded: “My dear daughter, hold on again, we will be safe when we reach Fuyao Palace.”

“Fuyao Palace?”

Hu Ling’er looked puzzled: “Father, where is Fuyao Palace?”

She has lived in Kunlun Mountains all year round, and only heard of the six schools and the Tongtian Sect, the Hall of Longevity.

This is the first time I have heard of this Fuyao Palace.


Hu Sanyang took a deep breath and said slowly: “Fuyao Palace is a place with only women.”

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