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Chapter 341

“Father, that Fuyao Palace, are all women?” Hu Linger asked curiously.

“Yes.” Hu Sanyang nodded: “Fuyao Palace, never asked about Jianghu. But the power of Fuyao Palace is stronger than that of the Six Martial Arts! As long as we run to Fuyao Palace, we will be safe and safe… “

While talking, Hu Sanyang ran desperately without stopping under his feet.

Hu Linger’s delicate face was somewhat surprised. I couldn’t help but said: “Father, what is the origin of Fuyao Palace? It is more powerful than the Six Martial Arts? Also, will Fuyao Palace take us in…”

Hearing this, Hu Sanyang smiled: “Don’t worry, you will definitely take us in…”

Fuyao Palace only accepts female disciples, a total of tens of thousands!

Of course, there are also men in Fuyao Palace. It’s just that the men here are all slaves. There is no human right to serve these female disciples every day.

There are seven masters in Fuyao Palace. The arena is called the Seven Fairies.

A few years ago, Kunlun Mountain absorbed the aura of heaven and earth. Yun bred a spiritual tool called the Baolian Lantern.

At that time, the great palace owner of Fuyao Palace, passing by Kunlun Mountain, took the Baolian Lantern as his own.

As the head of the Kunlun School, Hu Sanyang was depressed. This Baolian Lantern was produced in Kunlun Mountains, but was taken away by others. He was unbalanced in his heart, but he dared not speak. Because he really can’t provoke Fuyao Palace!

Of course, the great palace lord of Fuyao Palace couldn’t take away others’ things for nothing. He gave Hu Sanyang a piece of jade pendant and told him that if he got into trouble one day, he could use this piece of jade pendant to find her.

Hu Sanyang was upset at the time.. You know, that Baolian Lantern is a superb spiritual weapon! And as the head of the Kunlun School, how can I run into trouble…

After many years, now that my heart pulse is cut off, I can no longer practice. He really has no choice but to go to Fuyao Palace now!

Hu Ling’er’s face was pale, she was too tired, and stopped: “Father, Ling’er can’t walk anymore… really tired.”

“Well, good, good-natured, dad carry you.” Hu Sanyang smiled helplessly, and then squatted down.

Treat outsiders. Hu Sanyang is extremely sinister and can be said to be unscrupulous.

But in the face of her daughter, it shows the love of the father.

Hu Ling’er smiled with joy and lay on Hu Sanyang’s back without hesitation.

Hu Sanyang couldn’t hold on anymore, but in order to survive, he had to grit his teeth.

After noon, another night passed.

Hu Sanyang finally came to a mountain range.

This mountain range is very high, and there are clouds floating halfway down the mountain, looking from a distance, it is like a fairyland.

On the top of this mountain, a majestic palace is erected!

It is Fuyao Palace!

Seeing this palace, Hu Sanyang was overjoyed, and quickly went up the mountain along a winding mountain road.

After a dozen steps, I saw a 100-meter-high stone stele standing at the entrance of the mountain road, with a few large characters written on it: I’m not my disciple of the palace, and those who trespassed will die.

The blood-red font, vigorous and powerful, full of domineering!

“Father, this…this says that the trespasser is dead.” Hu Linger felt the pressure of the eight characters, her body trembled, and she couldn’t help but said, and at the same time, she hugged Hu Sanyang’s arm tightly.

Hu Sanyang smiled slightly and patted Hu Linger’s fragrant shoulders: “Linger is not afraid. Not afraid…”

Indeed, if outsiders come in, there is only a dead end. But at the beginning, the Grand Palace Master gave himself a piece of jade pendant. With this piece of jade pendant, he could enter Fuyao Palace.


At this moment, Fuyao Palace, Hundred Flowers Hall.

The Hundred Flowers Hall is the place where Fuyao Palace discussed matters. The whole hall, in the shape of a lotus, is very beautiful.

At the top of the hall, there are seven pure gold phoenix chairs. On the phoenix chairs, there are seven slender and graceful figures. These seven women really have their own merits. I am afraid that any man will look straight when they see it.

These seven women are the seven palace masters of Fuyao Palace-Seven Fairies.

They are not very old, the name of the master of the palace is Bai Shengshui. Only about thirty years old. The little fairy Erqing has just turned twenty.

But the strength of the seven of them has reached Wu Sheng! Among them, the Grand Palace Master is already the pinnacle of Wu Duan Martial Saint! It’s only one step away from Emperor Wu!

terror! The strength of Fuyao Palace. It’s really scary!

Seven martial sages, it’s enough to beat any big sect!

At this time the seven fairies were gathering together, discussing their cultivation experience.

Under their feet, there are more than a dozen men. These men knelt on the ground, each holding a fruit plate for the Seven Fairies to enjoy. These men are all captured slaves.

“Palace Master, someone is asking to see you outside the temple.”

At this moment, a female disciple walked in and spoke respectfully.

“Who?” Bai Shengshui’s red lips opened slightly.

As the Grand Palace Master, she is the most temperamental. Her aura. Let people dare not look at her, let people surrender willingly to her.

“Return to the Great Palace Master, the other party claimed to be Hu Sanyang, the head of the Kunlun School.” The female disciple said in fear: “Here is his token.”

After speaking, he took out a jade pendant and handed it respectfully to Bai Shengshui’s hand.

Hu Sanyang, head of Kunlun?

Bai Shengshui took the jade pendant and nodded gently: “Let him come in.”

“Yes, Grand Palace Master.”

The female disciple responded. After a while, Hu Sanyang and Hu Linger were brought in.


This hall is so beautiful.

At this moment, seeing the elegant arrangement in the Hundred Flowers Hall, Hu Linger felt like he had entered the sky fairy pavilion. Can’t help but admire from the bottom of my heart.

Hu Sanyang smiled, bowed respectfully, and said politely: “Hu Sanyang has seen all the palace masters.”

As he said, his gaze fell on Bai Shengshui, extremely complicated: “Palace Master, don’t be unharmed… Do you remember me…”

“Remember.” Bai Shengshui smiled lightly, cherishing the words like gold: “Give you a seat.”

When the voice fell, several maids came over with chairs and asked Hu Sanyang to sit down.

“Head Hu, he visited suddenly, but was in trouble?” Bai Shengshui asked softly.

A few years ago, he took the Baolian Lantern from Kunlun School. He promised him personally, let him come to him in trouble. People in the arena have promised a lot of money, if he really has trouble, he still has to help.

“I did have trouble!” Hu Sanyang clenched his fists, his face was very ugly!

“Palace Master, my Kunlun Sect was destroyed. I only ask you to help me kill three people!” Hu Sanyang almost squeezed these words out between his teeth.

“Which three?” Bai Shengshui asked curiously.

Wouldn’t it be an ordinary person who can make the head of Kunlun hate so much?

Hu Sanyang clenched his fists tightly: “Darryl. Peter, Lorenzo!”

Mentioned these three people, he gritted his teeth with hatred!

Hearing these three names, the little fairy Erqing couldn’t help laughing and laughing: “Head Hu. I haven’t even heard of these three people. This kind of cat and dog can be guilty of you begging us? You dignified Kunlun faction. , Will not be annihilated by these three cats and dogs?”

“Huh…” Hu Sanyang’s face was pale. I can’t say a word.

Bai Shengshui smiled lightly: “Okay, Head Hu. I helped you take down the lives of these three people. But three years ago, when I took your Baolian Lantern, this matter was completely wiped out.”

“Okay!” Hu Sanyang nodded heavily. He just wants the three brothers to die now!


the other side. Donghai City, the first hospital.

In the corridor, Darryl was full of anxiety and kept walking around.

After leaving the Secret Garden KTV, Darryl immediately brought Kendra to the hospital.

Evelyn said that the condition was very serious. His wife was hit in the abdomen, causing heavy bleeding. Now adults and children may not be able to keep it!

At this time, Kendra had been admitted to the gynecology department for more than three hours, but still nothing happened.

“Madam, and children, you must have nothing to do.” At this time, Darryl was like an ant on a hot pan, sweating profusely, and chanting incessantly.

He hates it! Even if we cut the adult sticks for Fatty Zhu and Zhuo Ting, that would not solve the hatred!

Darryl was also wondering, how could his wife go to work in the secret garden?

The wife said that she was introduced by her sister-in-law. Which sister-in-law?

Chapter 342

Darryl was really restless in the corridor of the hospital.

The reason why the wife was in danger, in the final analysis, was that she didn’t go to Tongtian Island to pick her up that night.

If something happens to the wife and the child, I will regret it for a lifetime! Now I only hope that in the operating room, the lady will tide over the difficulties..

Darryl only felt that he was going crazy. On the bench in the hospital, every second is like a year.


On the other side, the Yue family.

In the hall, sister-in-law Patsy was sitting in front of the dressing table with a smile on her face.

This set of cosmetics is the latest product of Yashi Company. The price is extremely expensive, enough to buy half a villa.

“Wife. Don’t put on makeup. It’s already pretty enough. If you put on makeup, let other women live.” Clint walked over with a smile.

Don’t think he is a strict wife. But this mouth can always make his wife happy.

However, after Clint sighed in admiration, he sat there and lit a stuffy cigarette.

Seeing his gloomy look, Patsy couldn’t help asking: “I usually praise me for more than ten minutes. What’s wrong today? Those who are frowning, don’t praise me.”


Clint sighed and said irritably: “Wife, you didn’t see, Wang Yan’s wife Zhang Jiajia, her belly is getting bigger day by day.”

As he said, Darryl’s face was bitter: “You said, if she is really born, wouldn’t I show my stuff…”

During this period of time, every time Clint saw Zhang Jiajia’s stomach, he felt uneasy. It’s as if a piece of cotton is stuck in my heart, and I can’t sleep well.

Hearing this, Patsy said coldly: “I was just happy for a while. Now I know I regret it?”

When it came to this matter, Patsy was furious.

Why did you marry this trash? There is nothing good except sweetness. I have to worry about everything.

“My good wife, your brain is the brightest, you can help me figure out a solution.” Clint muttered in a low voice.

My own wife has always had ideas, and this time I can definitely help myself think of a way.

Patsy let out a long sigh of relief and was silent for a long time before she said: “There is only one way now, and that is to let Zhang Jiajia disappear completely.”


Completely disappeared.

Hearing this, Clint was shocked, couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, and stared at Patsy blankly: “Wife, you, what do you mean. Kill, kill her?”

When the voice fell, Clint’s eyelids twitched, and there was some inexplicable panic in his heart.

I suffocated my grandfather before, and had a nightmare for more than a month. If you kill Zhang Jiajia again, you will really go crazy.

Seeing Darryl was a little timid. Patsy said coldly: “You are still not a man? I dare not do this little thing. How can I be the head of the patriarch and lead the whole Yue family? Have you ever heard this sentence? How did I marry you? waste.”

After being scolded, Clint gritted his teeth secretly. Fists clenched tightly, after a struggle in my heart, I still nodded: “Okay!”

Patsy laughed and said lightly: “This matter should be done sooner rather than later. It just happens that Wang Yan is on a business trip these few days and is not at home, so it shouldn’t be late.”

Clint replied, clenching his fists.


On the other side, the back garden of the Yue family.

Zhang Jiajia is sitting on a bench, basking in the sun.

Since she became pregnant, Zhang Jiajia has often come here for walks and heard that she can enjoy the sun. Good for children.

“Brother and sister.”

At this moment, Patsy walked over with a smile on her face and sat next to Zhang Jiajia: “How are things going? Seeing that the child is about to be born. Do you feel uncomfortable.”

Zhang Jiajia smiled and shook her head: “Sister-in-law, there is no discomfort, but during this time, I often get sleepy. I don’t dare to sleep, the doctor said, I have been sleeping well, so I went out and turned around.”

With that said, Zhang Jiajia asked casually: “Is there anything wrong with my sister-in-law?”

Patsy smiled and said: “It’s not a big deal. Your belly is getting bigger and bigger, and you haven’t been shopping for a long time? Yesterday, I went to Haiwang Street and bought you some maternity clothes. You should follow me. Is it appropriate to give it a try.”

“Thank you sister-in-law.” Zhang Jiajia felt warm. After she became pregnant, everyone in the family said that she was pregnant with a sinner. No one gave himself a good face.

But now, my sister-in-law actually said, can she be upset in her heart when she bought a few sets of clothes for herself. It’s nice to have such a sister-in-law.

Patsy walked over and supported Zhang Jiajia very intimately: “My sister-in-law is helping you. I told you, Jiajia, the clothes I bought for you are so pretty.”

Now Zhang Jiajia has a big belly. Someone needs to be supported to walk some steps.

Zhang Jiajia and Patsy talked and laughed, and walked forward slowly. What puzzled Zhang Jiajia was that instead of taking her to the bedroom, Patsy went to a grocery room in the backyard.

No one usually comes to this grocery room.

“Sister-in-law, didn’t you go to try on clothes? Why did you come here?” Zhang Jiajia asked softly.

As a result, at this moment, Clint didn’t know where he was from. All of a sudden, Zhang Jiajia was pushed directly into the grocery room!


Immediately afterwards, Clint and Patsy also walked in, and then locked the door.

Zhang Jiajia was confused. I looked around in a circle of the grocery room, and suddenly a cold sweat broke out. A new coffin was placed in the center of the grocery room.

Clint stood in front of her with a faint smile, his eyes faintly ruthless.

“Brother. Sister-in-law, what are you…” Zhang Jiajia trembled when she spoke.

Before she finished speaking, Clint laughed evilly and interrupted her words: “My dear brothers and sisters. Don’t be nervous, we are going to see you off.”

While talking, he patted the coffin.

See off?

Zhang Jiajia’s face was pale and her whole body was shaking!

“Big brother, you, what do you want to give me… Sister-in-law said, bought me new clothes… Sister-in-law asked me to try on clothes…” Zhang Jiajia said in a low voice with red eyes.

“Haha, hahaha!”

Hearing this, Clint laughed at once, sat on the coffin, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and said with all his face: “Brother and sister, let me tell you the truth, the child belongs to me.” Speaking of this, he pointed to Zhang Jiajia’s belly.


Just at this moment, Zhang Jiajia’s mind went blank! The whole person was dumbfounded, and only felt that the body did not have the slightest strength! Then tears shed freely!

Chapter 343

Tears shed tears, Zhang Jiajia stared at Clint very ashamedly: “You…you beast, why do you treat me like this, why do you treat Wang Yan like this, you are his eldest brother… “

At this time, Zhang Jiajia didn’t expect that the big brother who had always respected was a beast in human skin!

“Hahaha…” Clint looked indifferent, and said with a chuckle: “Wang Yan treats me as the eldest brother, but I don’t treat him as a brother, you know. He is my father’s adopted son, and he doesn’t have the blood of my Yue family. .”

Speaking of this, Clint continued to say calmly: “Brother and sister, you also know that I will be the head of the Yue family in the future, and the Yue family can rely on me to develop and pass on. My reputation must be good.”

When the voice fell, Clint suddenly rushed over, grabbed Zhang Jiajia, and pushed her into the coffin!


Zhang Jiajia is pregnant, how can she withstand such a push. Suddenly he exclaimed and fell into the coffin. At that time, he only felt a pain in his stomach.

Before Zhang Jiajia could react, Clint rushed over and turned around Zhang Jiajia. Finally took out her mobile phone. Immediately afterwards, the coffin lid was closed! Hold the lid of the coffin with your hand. Don’t let her out. Take out the nails and seal the lid of the coffin.

Patsy on one side took a long sigh of relief and said to Clint: “After a while you imitate Zhang Jiajia’s handwriting and leave a letter to Wang Yan, you write that Zhang Jiajia is pregnant with Darryl’s wicked species, and the child is about to be born. Thinking left and right, I still felt ashamed to face the Yue family and ran away from home.”

Hearing this, Clint’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but admire: “My wife, you are really amazing!”

While complimenting, Clint found paper and pen, imitated Zhang Jiajia’s handwriting, and wrote a letter, creating the illusion that Zhang Jiajia had run away from home.

As the result was writing, only a few loud noises suddenly came from mid-air!


It was a rush of horns! The sound of the trumpet is very loud, listening to the sound, it is from Shangwu Academy!

Hearing the sound of the horn, Clint and Patsy looked at each other, shocked!

This loud horn sound, three long and two short, made people panic after hearing it!

Clint put down the pen in his hand. Said to Patsy: “My wife. I heard that at the beginning of the establishment of Shangwu College, a huge horn was set up on the top of the building on the campus. The horn is tens of meters high. Clear and clear! But this horn will sound only when a major dangerous situation occurs. After it has sounded, all members of the Six Martial Arts have to go to the Shangwu Academy to gather.”

Having said this, Clint couldn’t hide his curiosity: “Could it be…what happened to Shangwu Academy?”

Patsy kicked him angrily: “Okay, should you worry about these things? Write a letter quickly.”

“Yes, yes, my wife is right.”


the other side.

Shangwu Academy.

That’s right, the loud horn sound came from Shangwu Academy.

At this time, in the conference room of Shangwu Academy, the principal Ye Yun, as well as the teachers and leaders of the academy, gathered there one by one, with solemn expressions.

The atmosphere of the entire conference room was unspeakably depressing, and it was hard to kick.

In front of them, sat a beautiful woman.

It is the peach blossom island lady, Huang Ling.

Huang Ling at this time is covered with blood! Even the gray hair. It’s going to be stained red with blood.

Just three hours ago, the Apocalypse Continent suddenly sent troops!

Originally, there was a sea of ​​death between the Apocalypse Continent and the Earth Round Continent. This sea water has no buoyancy, and a leaf will sink. Only a powerful cultivator can survive the sea of ​​death.

But recently, the Emperor Tianqi didn’t know what materials he used, and he even built many sailboats. These boats can float on the surface of the sea!

The Apocalypse Continent dispatched 200,000 troops, sweeping in mighty!

Huang Ling is Miss Peach Blossom Island. Peach Blossom Island, the closest to the Sea of ​​Death, was the first one to be destroyed.

Huang Ling tried his best to escape, and hurriedly came to Shangwu Academy for help. After all, Shangwu Academy was founded by the six sects.

At this time, the principal Ye Yun looked panicked and couldn’t help but said: “Miss Huang, the 200,000 army of the Apocalypse Continent, where have they hit?”

“If my estimate is correct, the 200,000 troops of the Apocalypse Continent will reach Donghai City with eight hundred li.” Huang Ling said softly.


Suddenly. The entire conference room was in an uproar, and everyone was shocked.

Eight hundred miles, wouldn’t it be here soon? !

Donghai City is the east gate of the Earth Round Continent. Once it falls, the entire Earth Round Continent will be surrounded. Will suffer an unprecedented disaster! Can’t let them in!

At this time, Ye Yun stood up anxiously: “Don’t panic, everyone, I’ve sounded the horn just now, the six martial sects, and many heroes from the rivers and lakes are all rushing over quickly! We fight the enemy together and we will never allow it. The Apocalypse Continent is coming in!”

Speaking of this, Ye Yun sonorously said: “This battle is inevitable! We in the rivers and lakes have learned martial arts. We must serve the mainland! Defend our country!”

“well said!”

“Even if we die in battle, we can’t let them in!”

“Yes, fight the enemy to the death!”

That shout of heroism, angrily!


At one o’clock in the morning, Donghai City, Zhuxing Building.

Usually no one comes to this place. It was here that Raquel pretended to be Yue Wudi and humiliated the six major factions last time.

After picking up the stars, there is an unknown mountain. Clint buried the coffin here overnight.

Until more than three o’clock in the morning. He drove back to Yue’s house. When they got out of the car, both Clint and Patsy froze and froze there.

I saw not far away, surrounded by a dozen female disciples of the Emei school, Master Miaoyuan came over in a hurry.

Next to Master Miaoyuan, there is a cold woman with a dignified temperament, about thirty years old, and a prestige that cannot be profaned! This woman is the head of the Emei School, Han proudly.

Because the Apocalypse Continent had fought over, all the big sects on the rivers and lakes went to Donghai City. The Emei faction had always lived in the Yue family’s other courtyard, so after Monica came, Master Miaoyuan brought her here too naturally.

At this time, Master Miaoyuan also saw Clint and Patsy. Suddenly asked: “Master Yue, Madam Yue, why did you come back so late?”

Clint was startled, he couldn’t say, go and bury the coffin by himself. He was in a panic at the time. I had to look at Patsy for help.

Patsy’s heartbeat was also quickening, but she reacted quickly, smiling at Master Miaoyuan and said: “Master…it’s hard to say in a word. Originally, the family is ugly, but Master is not an outsider. Let me just say it. “

Speaking of this, Patsy looked complicated and continued: “My younger brother and sister Zhang Jiajia, after being defiled by Darryl’s beast, will she be pregnant soon? This looks like she is about to give birth to the child. Zhang Jiajia thought about it and felt pregnant. Niezhong, I’m sorry for the Yue family, so I ran away from home.. By the way, I still left a letter!”

Patsy from her arms. Take out a piece of letter paper. It was the letter written by Clint imitating Zhang Jiajia.

Master Miao Yuan took the letter paper and frowned, and read it out: “Wang Yan, I’m sorry, after thinking about it, I decided to leave you during this period of time. I really want to spend my life with you, but I am pregnant with Darryl. Child, I don’t deserve you anymore.. I really don’t deserve you.. If I give birth to this child, you will be uncomfortable seeing this child every day. So I decided, I’m leaving, you Stop looking for me, find another girl who is kind to you… Zhang Jiajia wrote it himself.”

“Darryl, this scum, commits evil, really commits evil!” After reciting the last sentence, Master Miao Yuan was too delicate and trembling! In my mind, I couldn’t help but recall the scene of myself kneeling in front of Darryl. The more I think about it, the more angry!

Chapter 344

Master Miaoyuan gritted his teeth too tightly, holding this letter, and said to Han proudly: “Senior Sister, listen, this is a good thing that brute Darryl did! Defiled his younger brother and sister, and now his younger brother and sister are embarrassed and leave home Run away!”

When he said this, Master Miao Yuan was too full of killing intent: “This Darryl is really worth a thousand cuts.”

Master Miao Yuan’s voice fell too far, and Clint was instantly silly. Looking at Han proudly without blinking.

The woman next to Master Miaoyuan…

Is the head of the Emei school?

Clint and Patsy looked at each other. The shock that both can’t tell each other.

Jianghu has been rumored that the head of the Emei School is a superb goddess.

Unexpectedly, the real person is even more beautiful than the legend!

Clint looked straight, and couldn’t help swallowing.

If you can be gentle with the head of cold overnight, even if you die immediately, your life will be worth it!


On the other side, the First Hospital.

Outside the operating room, Darryl had been sitting for a long time, like sitting on pins and needles! I don’t know what happened to Madam!


at last. Just when Darryl was about to collapse, the door of the operating room was opened, and Dean Evelyn walked out calmly. Behind her are all famous obstetrics and gynecology and emergency doctors in Donghai City.

“How is she?” Darryl hurriedly walked over. Asked anxiously.

Evelyn smiled, and said: “Brother Darryl, you don’t have to worry about it. Both the adults and the children are fine, but there is some blood loss and needs some rest period.”


Hearing this, Darryl only felt that a big rock in his heart finally fell to the ground, and he was indescribably delighted. I really couldn’t help it at the time, and gave Evelyn an excited hug, and said in her ear: “Thank you, Evelyn, thank you so much.”


At this moment, she was suddenly hugged by Darryl, Evelyn’s face turned red all of a sudden, she was indescribably shy, and there was nowhere to put her jade hands.

While shy, Evelyn was also a little curious.

What can make Brother Darryl so nervous, what does the woman inside have to do with him?

But having said that, that woman is so beautiful and so temperamental.

Evelyn thinks she looks pretty good, but compared with Kendra, she really can’t compare…


At this time. Darryl reacted and let go of Evelyn, very embarrassed.

I only care about being happy, forgetting that Evelyn is a woman. Thinking about it, Darryl scratched his head and smiled at Evelyn: “I…I will go in and take a look.”

When the voice fell, he quickly entered the ward.

In the ward at this time, Kendra’s face was not so pale anymore, but it still felt a little weak, and it made people feel distressed.

Darryl walked over quickly and gently shook Kendra’s hand. He blamed himself very much: “Madam, I’m sorry, it’s me who caused you to suffer so much sin.”

When saying this, in addition to feeling distressed, Darryl’s face was full of tenderness.

Kendra works in places like KTV. She must not be able to eat well and sleep well. I really wronged her.

Kendra smiled slightly, shook his head and said, “I…I don’t allow you to blame yourself, did you hear…”

Kendra was also relieved to learn that the child in his stomach was okay. Now that he and Darryl are reunited, the child has saved his previous grievances. What’s more.

Darryl hugged her tightly and couldn’t help asking: “Madam, you said before that it was the sister-in-law who introduced you to KTV, which sister-in-law?”

Kendra bit her lower lip lightly, and whispered softly: “That’s… it’s your sister-in-law Patsy…”


Hearing this, Darryl’s anger suddenly surged! Fists clenched tightly!

Feeling Darryl’s anger, Kendra said softly and comforted: “Darryl, you must not blame your sister-in-law, it is also a good intention for your sister-in-law to introduce me to my job.”

Good intentions? !

Darryl’s fist was clenched tightly! Eyes

Blood red!

“Okay, okay, look at your angrily. I… I’m a little hungry.” At this moment, Kendra whispered.

In the secret garden these days, she didn’t eat well and didn’t sleep well. At this time, I had just undergone an operation, and I only felt sleepy and hungry.

“I’m going to buy porridge, I’m going now.” Darryl stood up hurriedly and put on the clothes on the side: “Madam, wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”


When the voice fell, Darryl kissed Kendra’s face. Then walked out.


At that moment, a blush rose on Kendra’s face.

Seeing Darryl’s departure, the wife couldn’t express the sweetness in her heart.

the other side.

Darryl left the hospital and stopped a taxi directly. Go to the beach.

There is a porridge shop on the East China Sea, which is open 24 hours a day. In the past, when Darryl was the second young master, he often played with Hupengou friends all night. In the second half of the night, he would go to this congee shop with his friends for dinner.

This porridge shop has a signature porridge: Shrimp and Crab Seafood Congee.

In my impression, this porridge seems to be worth more than 200 yuan per bowl, but it tastes delicious. Madam must like it.

Sitting in the taxi, Darryl admired the night view of Donghai City. have to say. As a new first-tier city in Donghai City, it is already three o’clock in the morning, and the streets are still busy.

But when the taxi drove to the beach, it was deserted. At this time, there is no one on the beach. Who came to the beach in the middle of the night…

Darryl got out of the taxi and walked several hundred meters along the coastline, looking for the congee shop.

The sea style at night was cool outside, Darryl walked for ten minutes, suddenly frowning.

D*mn, a house near the sea. It seems that they have all been demolished, and that porridge shop has long since disappeared.

Darryl’s face was sad, and his heart was very anxious. There is really no way, I can only go to Neptune Street to buy it. At night, only Neptune Street is lively and there must be food. But there are food stalls, barbecues and the like. Madam is pregnant, it’s not good to eat that stuff…

Darryl was thinking about it, only a cold voice sounded from behind him.


D*mn! This night, there was no one on the seashore. Suddenly, when someone called himself, Darryl was startled. He immediately looked back and was stunned for an instant.

D*mn it!

I only saw a girl standing a few meters away from me. This girl is about twenty years old and she is very beautiful. At this time she was wearing a short skirt with her charming legs exposed. The figure is graceful and charming. Especially the unique temperament on his body, revealing a kind of fairy aura.

nice. This girl is beautiful and otherworldly.

Compared with her, those popular stars are simply vulgar fans.

Darryl couldn’t help but look at it a few times, then said: “I am Darryl. You are…”

The girl in front of me is very beautiful, but I don’t know her..

Upon hearing the answer, the girl nodded with a cold voice: “I’m here to take your life.”

When the voice fell, her wrists were in vain. A white ice whip appeared in her hand. This whip is one foot long, as if it were carved from ice! At this moment, the girl raised her hand and hit Darryl with a whip!


How terrifying is the power of this whip? I saw the surrounding air. A black seam was cut abruptly!

If you were drawn by this whip, you would be seriously injured if you didn’t die!

This girl is the little fairy of Fuyao Palace, Er Qing.

Fuyao Palace, entrusted by Hu Sanyang, helped him kill three people. Peter, Darryl, Lorenzo.

To kill these three cats and dogs, there is no need to mobilize people. Among the Seven Fairies, only one person needs to come out of the mountain to kill the three. It happened that the little fairy had recently practiced a set of exercises, named Meihua Sannong. It happened to try these three people.

Unexpectedly, after seeing Darryl, the little fairy discovered that this person was only four Wuhou in strength. This kind of waste of strength is not worthy of letting oneself release skills. Two whips would make him kneel and beg for mercy.

Chapter 345

D*mn it!

Seeing this whip fall, Darryl was dumbfounded!

what’s going on? This girl is only about twenty years old, she turned out to be… Er Duan Wusheng? !

That’s right, it’s Er Duan Wusheng!

Darryl was stupid as a whole, he was now a fourth-stage Wuhou, reaching this level of strength. I don’t know how much effort I have gone through, or how much danger I have gone through. But this girl in front of me is actually Er Duan Wusheng?

Darryl seemed to feel dazzled, and quickly avoided the whip, and said to Er Qing: “Beauty, we have no grudges. What are you doing?”

I didn’t offend her either. The whip just now obviously came from his own life! If you didn’t avoid it, wouldn’t you be slapped to death? !

“You don’t need to know so much. You just need to know. Today next year will be your death day.” Er Qing said coldly, slamming it again!


This whip is worse than just now!

“Beauty, why do you want to kill me, you have to give a reason!” Darryl let out a long sigh of relief.

But Erqing didn’t pay any attention to him at all, and the whip in her hand was pulled out, making comparisons cruel!

D*mn, something is wrong?

Darryl had no patience either, and backhand called the Blood Drinking Sword, directly greeted him!

D*mn’s, isn’t this a bit bullying? Come up and kill me without saying a word?

“Clang clang!”

The blood-drinking sword and the whip kept colliding, making a burst of crisp sound.

At first, Er Qing didn’t even look at Darryl, only thinking that two whips could knock him down. But just a few fights. She just feels wrong!

what happened? Although this Darryl only had four Wuhous, every sword pierced him, his inner strength was pure, and he couldn’t even take the slightest advantage!

How could this be? !


Another sword stabbed, Er Qing moved her body slightly to avoid the blow. The face is also covered with frost!

My second-stage martial sage, and this fourth-stage Wuhou, fought for more than 50 rounds, but failed to get the upper hand! This is simply a shame!


Another whip was thrown out and forced Darryl back. Er Qingyu raised her hand and saw three plum blossoms appearing in her hand!

These three plum blossoms are obviously shaped by internal force, spinning fast in the air! It is the skill she just learned, the three clubs!

Darryl was shocked! He could see it. This skill is absolutely terrifying!

At that time, I had to use Nine Dragons to ascend to heaven to resist, raise my hands, and nine dragons roared out!


Blinking an eye, Jiulong Shengtian collided with Meihua Sannong, only to hear a loud noise coming from within a few miles, all dust!


Darryl spit out two mouthfuls of blood. After this skill collision, he was still


Waiting for the reaction, the little fairy slapped it again!

D*mn! Darryl cursed in his heart, and in desperation, he had to raise his palm. Opposite her.


In a moment, the two sides touched with palm strength, but they did not immediately separate. But the palm of the hand is frozen there.

Fight internal power!

That’s right, Darryl knew in his heart that if he continued to fight, he would lose. There is only one way to win now, and that is to fight internally!

Er Qing just found it funny. Is this man mentally retarded? A four-duan Wuhou unexpectedly wanted to fight his own internal strength! Isn’t this looking for death?

But two seconds later, the little fairy felt something was wrong.

She could feel that in the palm of Darryl’s hand, continuous internal force came from, like a majestic ocean! He… Is this pure Yang internal force? !

The little fairy realized this. It’s too late! At that time, she obviously felt that she could not fight this man, but if she withdrew her palm, her heart would be broken! Right now, I can only bite my lip and insist on abruptly!

The two face each other for nearly a minute. The little fairy only felt that Darryl’s internal strength in front of her seemed to be constantly flowing. She finally couldn’t hold on anymore, her pretty face was pale, and she took a few steps back!

“You…” The little fairy’s lips were about to be bitten and bleeding by herself. She didn’t believe it, she was defeated by a Wuhou? !


At this moment. Darryl’s eyes were quick, and he tapped twice on Little Fairy’s body, sealing her acupuncture points. When she can’t move!


Darryl let out a long sigh of relief, his face full of beauty.

D*mn, thankfully I am witty. Fight with her internally. However, Darryl was so tired that he sat down on the beach. Panting heavily, rested for several minutes before he came back.

“Let’s say, why did you kill me?” Darryl stood up with a smile, and said to her.

The little fairy didn’t speak, but snorted coldly.

D*mn? Pretend to be cold with me?

“I’ll ask you again, who on earth are you and why you killed me? Hurry up and say, I don’t have much patience.” Darryl became a little impatient, and asked again coldly.

“Fcuk.” Er Qing just opened her red lips and said coldly.

She dazzled the little fairy in the palace. She was always respected. When did anyone dare to speak to her like that?

Darryl completely lost his patience, and said coldly: “Ming people don’t do dark things, you have the courage to kill me, do you not have the courage to report your identity?”

Kendra was still hungry in the hospital, so he didn’t have much patience if he wanted to go back quickly.

But the identity of the woman in front of me must be clarified.

“Fcuk.” Another cold word came from the little fairy’s mouth.

D*mn it!

With this sentence, Darryl was completely overwhelmed. She is now a prisoner, and she is still so arrogant, who is it to show?

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