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Chapter 346

“Who are you, why did you come to kill me?” Darryl looked at the little fairy and said coldly: “I will ask one last time, don’t challenge my bottom line.”

When the voice fell, the blood-drinking sword was raised and placed directly on the little fairy’s neck!

Er Qing looked at the Blood Drinking Sword, without a trace of waves on her face: “If you want to kill me, just do it quickly. But I can tell you. After you kill me, you will never think of peace in your life, there will be countless people chasing you. “


Darryl frowned, this woman didn’t want to eat softly or hard.

“Hurry up and let me go.” Er Qing said coldly. Although he was tapped, how could he look like a prisoner?

Darryl couldn’t help but laughed: “You came to kill me, now I’m caught, and you want me to let you go? Do you think it’s possible? It’s not impossible to let you go, you just need to tell me. Where am I? I provoke you, why did you kill me. After saying that, I will let you go right away.”

“Don’t say it.” Two short words came from the mouth of the little fairy.


Darryl completely lost his patience. Suddenly picked up the little fairy and let her sit on the ground.

“What are you doing? Get out of here, don’t touch me.” The little fairy suddenly panicked, and she was holding the little fairy of the palace openly and being held by a man. How can this be!

However, what made her startled and angry was still behind. I saw Darryl put her on the beach, and then took off her shoes and socks.

Suddenly, a pair of snow-white jade feet were exposed to the air.

“You…you let me go!” Er Qing was already dumbfounded. She didn’t know what Darryl was doing. She trembled and couldn’t help but shout out.

Darryl ignored her yelling, raised his fingers, ran his internal force, and pressed it against the soles of Er Qing’s feet.

There is an acupuncture point on the soles of human feet, which is very sensitive.

At this time, Darryl poured his internal strength, and after stimulating with his fingers, he would feel an unbearable itching. Not to mention Erqing, a person with a deep inner strength. Can’t stand it either. The last time Raquel pretended to be herself, she begged for mercy because it tickles her. Darryl can be considered to have seen it through, no matter how hard the bones are, they are also afraid of itching.


At this moment, Er Qing’s body trembled, and only felt an unbearable itch from the soles of her feet.

No one can bear this feeling! The little fairy couldn’t help but smile slightly.

“You…you let me go, haha…you…”

The little fairy is incomplete, she only feels that under her feet, there are ten thousand ants crawling, and that kind of itchy feeling makes her worse than death!

Darryl smiled and looked at her: “I can let you go, but you have to tell me why you want to kill me, and who are you? As long as you say it, I will let you go right away.”

The little fairy bit her lip and categorically refused: “You…you let me go first. I…I tell you…”

“You speak first!”

Darryl left this sentence coldly, and then his fingers strengthened his internal strength!


At this moment, Er Qing couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but laugh.

“You, you…haha…you dare to do this to me, you…”

At this time, Erqing laughed out loud, but she was also indescribably ashamed! This man is really not a good thing, he can come up with such a way..

“You…you stop…haha, you stop!” The itchy feeling on the soles of the feet became stronger and stronger, Er Qing completely let go of the little fairy’s posture, can’t help it haha Laughing, and yelling at Darryl at the same time.

She felt that every inch of her skin was very itchy and unbearable on her jade feet!

“I said. I said… I’m begging you, I said it’s okay… you stop, stop!” Er Qing smiled tremblingly, dripping with fragrant sweat. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and started begging for mercy.

Saying these words, Er Qing’s face was extremely blushing. In Fuyao Palace, those men are slaves. But how could she have thought that one day she would beg for mercy from a stinky man.

At this moment, seeing Erqing finally compromised, Darryl stopped. He smiled and said: “Let’s talk, who are you.”

Er Qing blushed, and said with shame and anger: “I…I am the little fairy of Fuyao Palace.”

Fuyao Palace?

Hearing this, Darryl was shocked immediately.

What is Fuyao Palace? Didn’t provoke this force?

Thinking about it, Darryl frowned and looked at Er Qing: “You are from Fuyao Palace, why are you killing me? There is no hatred between us, right.”

“It’s Hu Sanyang… Hu Sanyang begged us to help Yao Gong to kill you.” How dare the little fairy conceal it now, if she doesn’t confess honestly. It must be cleaned up again.

Darryl took a deep breath. It seems that Hu Sanyang has escaped..

“You, let me go!” The little fairy shouted anxiously, her face was already flushed at this time, but it was getting late, and Darryl didn’t see it.

“You came to kill me, I let you go so easily?” Darryl laughed and said: “Well, if you beg me, I will let you go.”

“You! You are shameless!” The little fairy trembled, how could this person be like this! Scratching the soles of the feet again, and letting myself beg him!

“I’m shameless, how about it?” Darryl shrugged and said with a smile.

While talking, he grabbed the little fairy’s feet again.

“You…Don’t mess with me anymore, you…” The little fairy hated him to death. Shouted in a low voice.

“Today I must let you know the cost of killing me.” Darryl sneered, and was about to torture her again, and the result was at this moment. Only heard a rush of sea water!

The sound of the sea was strange, and Darryl looked towards the sea subconsciously.

As a result, at this look, Darryl was shocked and couldn’t help taking a breath. The whole person was stunned for an instant!

This this..

The boss opened his mouth wide, and he rubbed his eyes with his hands, his face was full of disbelief!

He could clearly see that it was on the sea not far away at this time. There are thousands of sailboats, coming in mighty!

That’s right, D*mn, thousands of sailboats! Already docked on the coast!

Really, that scene, he will never forget, it is simply too shocking!

These sailing boats are very large, and on each of them are neatly packed with people. Through the moonlight, you can see these people wearing uniform armor and holding long knives, with awe-inspiring awe-inspiring aura!

The ship at the front has five floors! A large flag stood on the ship, a full dozen meters high, with the word “handsome” written on it.

Obviously, it means the commander-in-chief.


This… Is this the Apocalypse Continent calling over? !

Seeing this scene, Darryl was shocked! Erqing next to her was also faintly trembling.

She could see that these sailboats were all wooden structures, and the soldiers on them were also dressed in ancient styles. It’s definitely not a unit from the Earth Round Continent.

With so many ships, I’m afraid there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers, right? ! Looking from a distance, I saw a black and crushed piece, all people! The sword in the soldier’s hand, under the shining of the moonlight, releases a cold light! Shocking!

“You…you quickly relieve the acupuncture point.” Er Qing was very anxious, shouting at Darryl.

Chapter 347

“Hey, did you hear that? Hurry up and relieve me!” A thin layer of fragrant sweat appeared on the little fairy’s face.

The Apocalypse Continent has come, so I can’t stay here, I must leave immediately.

As a result, he hadn’t waited for Darryl to relieve her acupuncture point, only saw two figures flying from the ships on the Apocalypse Continent!

These two figures are too fast. Almost in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Darryl!

These are two middle-aged men, aged in their forties, thin figures. One of them is wearing a white robe and the other is wearing a black robe. At first glance, it looks like black and white impermanence.

What shocked Darryl was the strength of these two individuals.

It turned out to be…. They are all Wu Duan Wusheng? !

D*mn, Wu Duan Wusheng!

Darryl was shocked. He had known for a long time that the cultivation style prevailed on the Apocalypse Continent, and there were many cultivators. But I didn’t expect that two people who came here would turn out to be Wu Duan Wusheng!

This kind of strength is only one step away, and that is the Emperor Wu!

The white-robed man and the white-robed man looked at Darryl up and down with expressionless faces.

The two of them are also very famous on the Apocalypse Continent! Known as black and white double evil. The two of them work together, even if they face the last Wuhuang, they are not afraid!


Before Darryl could react, the black and white Shuangsha suddenly shot, grabbing the wrists of Darryl and the little fairy, and then jumped and flew towards the big ship.

Darryl clearly felt that his internal strength was completely suppressed, and he couldn’t display it at all!

On the deck of the big ship, the black and white double evil spirits placed Darryl and the little fairy on the ground.

At this moment, Darryl was stupid!

This big ship. It was as big as four or five basketball courts, and at this time, in front of him, full of soldiers stood! Holding a long knife one by one!

Headed by these soldiers is a female general.

This female player looks only twenty-seven or eighteen years old, with perfect facial features and compelling heroism! A golden armor, which outlines the tight and s3xy body vividly and vividly! Her body reveals an inviolable majesty!

This woman is still riding a war horse under the crotch. The body of this horse is as red as blood. It is definitely a BMW!

“Commander Xing Yao, his subordinates are at the beach and found two people.” At this moment, the black and white Shuangsha stepped forward, bowed to the female player ninety degrees, and said respectfully.

That’s right. This female general is precisely Xing Yao, a well-known female god of war in the Apocalypse Continent.

Xing Yao, the first commander of the Apocalypse Continent. She will lead this attack on the Earth Yuan Continent!

Xing Yao has a high prestige in the Apocalypse Continent. Below one person, above ten thousand people.


At this moment, Darryl looked at Xing Yao, his eyes straightened, and he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. Unexpectedly, the Apocalypse Continent has such an extraordinary beauty.

The aura on her body makes people unable to breathe, making people afraid to look at her.

What made Darryl even more shocked was that the strength of this female general was not bottomed out! He only felt a strong pressure. Coming!

This Xing Yao commander…no… won’t it be Emperor Wu, right?

Darryl swallowed heavily. Full of shock.

“Seeing our Xing Yao commander, don’t kneel down yet, be bold!” At this moment, the black and white Shuangsha shouted. Then he kicked his knee and yelled.


After being kicked, Darryl knelt on the ground uncontrollably.

Finally, Xing Yao was expressionless, looked at Darryl condescendingly, and said coldly:

“Who are you guys.”

Xing Yao could feel the man in front of him. It is the fourth section of Wuhou. That woman is Er Duan Wusheng.

This kind of strength is impossible on Earth Round Continent to be a general generation.

Darryl swallowed, he was not stupid, if he said he was a member of the world, the other party would definitely kill him.

After all, the two continents are at the same level. People in the martial arts of the mainland. Every death is good for the Apocalypse Continent.

“I…” Darryl scratched his head, rolled his eyes, and said: “I am a businessman and I opened a small company in Donghai City.”

“Businessman? You lied to me.” Xing Yao opened her red lips slightly. A majestic breath was released from her in an instant!

With this breath, the pressed Darryl couldn’t catch his breath, and even had difficulty breathing!

“I didn’t lie to you…” Darryl yelled, and said, “I bought the elixir for all the money I made, so my strength is Wuhou!”

After saying this, Darryl was sweating profusely.

The strength of this female player is really unfathomable! It is estimated that if she moved her fingers, she would have to die here!

Xing Yao’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and she, who was sitting on the sweaty BMW, lightly pointed at the little fairy.

“Who is this woman?” Xing Yao asked coldly.

“I am…” The little fairy bit her lip. I don’t know what to say for a while.

Although Fuyao Palace has been retired for a long time. But after all, it is a martial art.

In the eyes of the Apocalypse Continent, all the Jianghu sects on the Earth-round Continent should be destroyed!

If the little fairy said. I am from Fuyao Palace, so I must die. So she was at a loss for a while.

At that time, Darryl was also anxious. Although this little fairy assassinated herself, she couldn’t let her die here.

After all, she is a master of the Earth Round Continent. Now that the enemy is present, personal grievances have to be left behind! The Earth is round the mainland here. Every time a master is lost, the situation becomes unfavorable! So you can’t let the little fairy go wrong.

In a hurry, Darryl raised his head and said: “Uh…she…she is my wife.”


The voice just fell. The little fairy blushed, sipped at Darryl, and yelled: “Who, who is your wife?”

This Darryl is too shameless, it’s really bad!

Darryl smiled, and said to Xing Yao with a smiley face: “Sister Xing Yao, I’m sorry, my wife has a big temper, and she often makes emotions with me, making you laugh.”

Xing Yao was expressionless, looked down at Darryl, and said coldly: “You husband and wife, run to the beach at night, take off your shoes and socks, and play acupuncture.”

Xing Yao had seen it long ago, and Er Qing was tapped on the acupuncture points.

Uh …

Darryl let out a sigh of relief, and responded with a grin: “Sister Xing Yao, I am a person who is usually very emotional. I like to have a romantic time with my wife. The night at the beach is very good tonight, so we two will play acupuncture here. .”

Having said that, Darryl couldn’t help but asked, “Sister Xing Yao, you can try it with your husband someday, it’s very emotional.”


When the voice fell, I saw all the sergeants in the room, their complexions all changed, and they all took their knives!

Commander Xing Yao, but the high female God of War, in the Apocalypse Continent, one person is less than ten thousand people, who is not respectful when he meets it? Moreover, the Emperor Tianqi once gave her privileges, Xing Yao war god, you don’t have to bow down to see the emperor!

In the hearts of the soldiers of the Apocalypse Continent, the commander-in-chief Xing Yao is their belief.

But the boy in front of him was so bold and frivolous that he ridiculed Xing Yao’s God of War?

It’s just looking for death!

Chapter 348

“You are looking for death.” Xing Yao’s gaze locked Darryl tightly.

In just a short moment, the surrounding temperature seemed to drop more than ten degrees!

Murderous aura flashed in her eyes, looking at Darryl and Little Fairy, coldly said: “Drag these two people down and chop them down and throw them into the sea.”

This man has a glib tongue. Dare to joke with yourself? It’s really too long.

When the voice fell, the black and white Shuangsha suddenly came over, and two knives appeared in the hands of the two, one black and one white, with sharp blades, and they were about to chop off against Darryl!

Darryl’s whole body was shocked, and he was immediately stunned.

D*mn, I just made a joke. This Xing Yao is about to cut himself…this…who is going to make sense!

“Commander Xing Yao, keep someone under the knife.”

At this critical moment, an anxious voice suddenly sounded. Then a person walked out of the cabin quickly.

It is the Lord Tongtian!

Darryl was stunned, why is the leader also there?

But then he realized that Tongtian Sect had already defected to the Apocalypse Continent.

Kendra left Tongtian Island for two reasons. The first is to be pregnant with his own child. The second is because Tongtian Island has joined the Apocalypse Continent, and the wife can’t accept it.

The Lord Tongtian took a few steps and bowed to Xing Yao: “Commander Xing Yao, his subordinates are merciful.. This person is called Darryl, I belong to the Tongtian Sect.”

At this time, the Lord Tongtian was also very surprised. This time, he followed Xing Yao and attacked Donghai City. I didn’t expect to meet Darryl here.

Upon hearing this, Xing Yao let out a breath.

“It turned out to be a disciple of the Tongtian Sect, that’s his own. If that’s the case, then I will spare your life.” Xing Yao looked at Darryl and said faintly, his voice full of majesty: “But if you are more glib, you won’t be lighter next time. Rao.”

“Yes, yes.” Darryl nodded repeatedly.

In this situation, life-saving is the most important thing..

At this time, he only listened to Xing Yao’s voice and said to Darryl: “Looking at your young age, you have reached the fourth stage of Wuhou. It is also considered a talent. My Xing Yao leads troops. I never bury talents. This way. Well, today I will give you an official position. You will be named “Xiaohou”.”

Xiaohou, this is an official position in the Apocalypse Continent.

The official positions of the Apocalypse Continent are divided into nine ranks.

The official position of Xiaohou is actually very low. He is a Seven-Rank Sesame Officer, but in a barracks, he can rule about a hundred people.

“Thank you, commander in chief.” Darryl was stunned, and quickly thanked him pretentiously.

D*mn, who wants to be the official of your Apocalypse Continent? And why is this official title so awkward… Little Monkey?


At this time, thousands of large ships on the Apocalypse Continent have all docked.


At this moment, a soldier walked over quickly, half-kneeled there, and said respectfully to Xing Yao: “Return to the commander-in-chief. Just now, his subordinates have inquired about the six major factions in the land circle, and the various forces in the rivers and lakes. , Have all gathered in Donghai City. They threatened to resist to the death. They will not let us in.”

“About how many people are there.” Xing Yao asked.

“Back to the commander-in-chief, their number is about the same as ours, close to two hundred thousand…” the soldier replied respectfully.

Xing Yao nodded. The next moment, her anger fell in her dantian, and her voice spread throughout the audience: “All the soldiers follow the order! Tonight, set up a camp nearby. Take a good rest. Tomorrow morning, we will attack.”


For a time, 200,000 soldiers shouted together, shaking the sky!

Immediately afterwards, all the soldiers got off the ship and started to set up camps. Everything was in order and well-trained!

See this scene. Darryl’s expression became solemn.

These soldiers, at first glance, were carefully selected through rigorous training. It’s difficult for the Earthland Continent to win this battle. It’s really tough.

In ten minutes, all the camps were set up. From a distance, the tens of thousands of camps were in order and it was very spectacular.

Immediately afterwards, Xing Yao led a dozen masters to the center of the camp and jointly deployed an enchantment. Envelop the entire camp.

Enchantment is an invisible defensive cover. It is used to block foreign attacks.

Not everyone can deploy this kind of enchantment. Darryl also only saw the records about enchantment in ancient books, but he didn’t expect to see it with his own eyes today.

Seeing the formation of the barrier, Darryl was also cold for a while. Ben was still thinking that he could sneak away. But after the barrier was laid, there was no way to slip away. Because any creature that touches the enchantment will be bounced back. Not even a fly can fly out.

D*mn, it seems that I can only sleep in the military account tonight. Tomorrow, the two continents will fight, and then sneak away.

“Master Yue, what are you doing?” At this moment, a voice suddenly came.

Darryl looked back subconsciously, suddenly startled. I saw black and white Shuangsha standing behind him, looking at himself with a smile.

D*mn, these two shameless pens. Darryl cursed inwardly.

Are these two people having problems in their heads? I was scared when I saw them two, one black and one white, like black and white impermanence, not scary at night.

However, Darryl still showed a slight smile: “It’s okay, chat with my wife.”

After speaking, Darryl grabbed the little fairy’s hand. The little fairy glared at him. But still did not break free.


“Good, good. I’m going to rest.” Darryl squeezed out a smile and pulled the little fairy into the camp. He really didn’t want to talk to these two ghosts.

Darryl is now a seventh-rank official anyhow. So there is a separate camp. Although Er Qing was reluctant, she had no choice but to follow.

As a result, Darryl was stunned just as he walked into the camp.

I saw two maids standing respectfully in the camp. There was a large wooden barrel next to it. The wooden barrel was filled with hot water and steamed. Seeing this scene, the little fairy was also stunned.

At this time, the two maids walked over, bowed to Darryl, and said, “Master Yue, you are a seventh-rank official, and the two of us are here to serve you. This wooden barrel is for bathing. Our Apocalypse Continent has a habit of bathing before going to bed.”

Speaking of this, the maid tried the temperature of the water and said, “Master Yue, Madam, it’s getting late, let the servants wait on your husband and wife, take a bath and rest.”


Take a bath and rest.

Upon hearing this, Darryl glanced at the little fairy subconsciously.

D*mn. . Do you want to wash it together?


At the same time, the little fairy blushed, her face instantly hot.

For a while, the atmosphere in the camp was unspeakably subtle.

After a full ten seconds, Darryl calmed down and looked at Er Qing with a smile: “Wife, in this case, let’s take a shower and rest quickly.”

Chapter 349

Seeing Darryl’s lack of seriousness, the little fairy blushed and said coldly: “I won’t wash.”

She is the little fairy of Fuyao Palace, Bing Qing Yujie, how can she wash with him.

Darryl scratched his head and said with a smirk: “That’s OK. If you don’t wash it, I will wash it.”

After speaking, he took off his shirt. After a day of tiredness, take a bath and relax, it feels good to think about it.

Seeing that he was really taking off, the little fairy stomped anxiously and shouted: “What are you doing, you are not allowed to wash it!”

“Why?” Darryl muttered: “You don’t want to wash. I’m not allowed to wash. What kind of reason is this? You are too domineering, right? You are totally unreasonable.”

The little fairy snorted coldly. I ignored him either.

Seeing this scene, the two maids felt funny. Master Yue and his wife are really flirting.

Darryl sighed, sat down and lifted his trousers, and said: “Okay, then I won’t take a bath, right?”

While talking, Darryl took off his shoes.

A maid hurried over, took a wooden basin from outside, filled a pot of hot water, and brought it to Darryl: “Master Yue, the servant maid will come to serve you to wash your feet.”

Darryl smiled slightly and deliberately said: “Forget it, my wife is often jealous. She doesn’t like seeing other women touch me.”

Speaking of which. Darryl turned his head and glanced at the little fairy: “Right, my wife, so you should wash my feet.”

Hahaha, Darryl smiled in his heart. Looking at the little fairy’s expression, the more you look, the happier.


At this time the little fairy was very angry, and this Darryl was too hateful. Knowing that she did not dare to reveal her identity, she did everything possible to take advantage of her.

Er Qing became more and more angry as she thought about it, strode over and kicked the tub over.


For a time, water splashed all over and Darryl was all over, and the two maids beside him couldn’t help but exclaim in exclamation.

“You two get out of here too, you can’t come in unless you are summoned.” Er Qing angrily ordered.

The two maids dared not neglect, and hurried out.

To the outside. One of the maid, stroking her heart with lingering fears, whispered: “Master Yue is a talented person, how come you marry such a lady.”

The other maid nodded in sympathy: “Yes, that lady is very beautiful and has a good temperament. I didn’t expect her temper to be so bad, she really doesn’t match Master Yue at all.”

The voices of the two maids were very small, and they were separated from the camp, so most people couldn’t hear them.

But the little fairy is the Er Duan Wusheng, so she can hear her clearly.

I was really ashamed and angry at the time. Staring at Darryl fiercely.

It’s all this ba5tard, and now the entire Apocalypse Barracks thinks he is his wife.

However, Darryl on one side. But the aD*mnl smiled harmlessly: “Forget it, I won’t wash my feet anymore, my wife,

have a rest. “

He said he was about to get into the bed.

“You go down to me!” Er Qing stomped.

This shameless guy still wants to sleep in a bed with himself?

What dreams are you doing!

In the end, she didn’t expect that Darryl would stand up all at once, concealing his ears with lightning speed. He directly tapped her acupoint.

Darryl shot quickly, and the little fairy didn’t react at all.

Only in a moment, Er Qing couldn’t move anymore, and immediately said with shame, “What are you doing?”

Darryl chuckled lightly and looked at her playfully: “What are you talking about? Of course it’s sleeping with his wife in his arms.”

While talking, Darryl hugged Er Qing onto the bed.

have to say. Er Qing is very immortal and has a very good figure. Thinking of this woman assassinating herself, Darryl wanted to take care of her. The more angry she was, the happier Darryl was in his heart.

The little fairy couldn’t struggle, her face flushed with anger: “You, let me go!”

Darryl couldn’t help but laughed, and deliberately shook his head and said, “How can we do it?

Hearing this, Er Qing almost burst into tears, biting her lip tightly. I’m about to bite and bleed.

Darryl originally wanted to anger her, but didn’t really want to sleep with her.

At this moment, I almost cried when I saw her. Darryl smiled and said: “Well, tonight, I can sleep on the ground. But you have to call me a good friend.”


When the voice fell, Er Qing’s face was hot, like a cloud of fire. I was extremely ashamed.

This ba5tard is getting better and better!

However, if he doesn’t call, he will sleep with himself.

How could she sleep in the same bed with him, the little fairy from the palace. If this spread out, not only would his reputation be damaged, but even Fuyao Palace would become a laughingstock.

However, those two words really cannot be called out.

Darryl lay on the bed, looked at her with a smile, and said: “Should you call me? If you don’t call me, I will put out the candle and go to sleep.”



This Darryl, he is a ra5cal! She only hates that she is not good at learning, and she has not been able to kill him before! Now he was humiliated.

Erqing couldn’t do it, staring at Darryl. If the look in his eyes could kill, it is estimated that Darryl would be battered.

“Your mouth is really hard.” Darryl said with a smile, “In this case, I have turned off the lights.”

When the voice fell, he would blow out the candle.

Seeing this scene, the little fairy was anxious and almost blurted out: “You, don’t turn off the lights, mate…”

When the voice fell, her face was red and red, like a ripe apple.

Chapter 350

“Haha, my wife is so good.”

Darryl couldn’t help laughing, and touched the little fairy’s hair.

The bones of her body were crisp when she heard the comradeship just now.

“You…” The little fairy was ashamed and angry. She never dreamed that she would really call out a comradeship.

“You can’t go to sleep yet!” the little fairy groaned.

“Fine, go down to sleep.” Darryl laughed, spread the bedding on the ground, and went to sleep happily. of course. He did not relieve the little fairy, anyway, people can sleep in the state of acupuncture.


Early the next morning.

Darryl was sleeping soundly, and was suddenly awakened by the sound of a horn.

This horn sounded like a bolt from the blue sky, and the sound shook my ears. Darryl sat up all of a sudden, his heart thumping and shaking with fright.

This horn is the wake-up call.

The little fairy woke up too. Her face was exhausted. She didn’t sleep well last night either. Because she always felt that Darryl would take advantage of herself. As a result, that night, Darryl slept like a dead pig.

“Master Yue, can we come in?” At this time. The voice of a maid came from outside the door.

“Uh, come in.” Darryl said, standing up in a daze.

When the voice fell, the two maids pushed in and brought in a set of armor. Darryl now has an official position and his own armor.

Serving Darryl put on the armor, and the two maids walked out of the camp.

After going out, one of the maids whispered: “We, Mrs. Yue, really know how to play, and even acupuncture acupuncture points while sleeping.”

“Yes, I guess, Mrs. Yue likes the feeling of being unable to struggle.” Another maid also said.

The little fairy in the camp was almost exasperated when she heard this, she was very ashamed and angry, and stared at Darryl tightly.

“Why are you staring at me…” Darryl smiled bitterly: “The two maids like to talk behind their backs, what does it have to do with me…”

“Quickly relieve me!” the little fairy said coldly.


Darryl stepped forward and unlocked her acupuncture points. Then he walked out of the tent.

Outside the tent, the drums are already loud!

The science and technology of the Apocalypse Continent is not developed, so marching operations are based on drums.

At this time the drums are loud. The soldiers of the Apocalypse Continent, holding long swords and spears one by one, attacked Donghai City like crazy!

Originally, Darryl and Little Fairy were going to take the opportunity to slip away. As a result, as soon as I got out of the tent, I saw the black and white double evil spirits and walked over with a smile.

“Master Yue, Mrs. Yue.” Hei Sha laughed and patted Darryl on the shoulder: “Commander Xing Yao, please go to the military tent.”

These two shameless pens.

Darryl sighed, don’t know why, seeing them is annoying, as long as you see these two ghosts, there is nothing good.

I was about to slip away, so what did I want to do in the military account?

Darryl cursed in his heart, but his face was still grinning, and said, “Brother Black, shouldn’t I go to the battlefield? Why did the commander tell me to go to the military account?”

“I don’t know.” Hei Sha spread his hands: “Our brothers are just talking. Master Yue, please.”

Finished. Black and white Shuangsha will lead the way.

“Two idiots.” Darryl muttered softly as he looked at their backs, and had no choice but to follow.

Among these camps in the Apocalypse Continent, there is a huge military account.

This military account is used by the commander and the soldiers to discuss plans. At this time, the generals of the Apocalypse Continent were all gathered in this military account.

In the military tent, Xing Yao was sitting at the top, her cold face was extremely solemn at this time.

The generals below did not dare to gasp loudly. Just now, the soldiers from the Apocalypse Continent and the people from the worlds and lakes of the Earth Round Continent had their first confrontation, but the result was not optimistic.

This clash lasted only ten minutes. Both sides suffered injuries and lost thousands of people.

Xing Yao wanted to break the Donghai City within three days. But looking at this situation now, there are many people in the mainland. All came to Donghae City for support. If this continues, when will Donghae City be breached?

At this time, Darryl and Little Fairy were also taken to the Great Army Tent.

“Subordinate Darryl, I have seen the commander in command.” Darryl said respectfully towards Xing Yao.

Although I was reluctant to salute in my heart, there was no way. People under the eaves have to bow their heads.

Xing Yao nodded slightly. Looking at him: “Darryl, you are a native of Donghai City, right?”

“Yes…” Darryl responded.

Xing Yao nodded and slowly said, “Since you are a native of the East China Sea, I will give you a task now. You will lead a few soldiers to find a way to go around the enemy’s rear to attack and harass them. You must attack them. At that time, the six major factions and those arena forces are bound to be in chaos.”


Let me sneak attacks on the six major factions and those arena forces?

At this moment, Darryl was stunned, and his heart was extremely complicated.

Although he has grievances with the six major factions, now the enemy is now, and he must unite with the outside world. How can you sneak attack on the six major factions?

Thinking about it, Darryl refused with a wry smile: “Commander, I don’t want to attack…”

“You must go.” Xing Yao looked at him coldly, with no doubt in his tone!

Xing Yao was unhappy, who would dare not listen to her orders? Marching and fighting, her orders are like imperial edicts. Does this Darryl dare to resist the decree?

Xing Yao frowned, took out a token, and handed it to Darryl: “I’ll say it again. In a moment, you will take a few soldiers to sneak attacks on the martial arts, and you must not disobey the order. Take this token. “

Because there are barriers around the barracks. Only hold this token. Only then can you leave the enchantment.

Seeing that Darryl had a token, the little fairy was very happy. How did Zheng Chou slip out? With the token, he can leave the barracks unimpeded.

However, she didn’t expect it. At this moment, Xing Yao looked at Darryl and said again: “Darryl, your wife. Just stay in the barracks for the time being. Right now, your wife is the safest to stay in the barracks.”

Upon hearing this, the little fairy trembled all over, and her mood sank to the bottom. I want to go back to Fuyao Palace, but I don’t want to be trapped in the barracks…

“Darryl, it should not be too late, you go put on your armor, choose a war horse, and set off quickly with your troops.” Xing Yao waved his hand and said.

“Subordinates obey.” At that time, Darryl couldn’t help but nodded and agreed. Turned and left the military tent.

As soon as she came out, the little fairy followed closely, her beautiful face was full of tangles, and she bit her lip and said softly: “Darryl, you…you leave the barracks later, you must take me away…”

Since last night, the little fairy has been thinking about how to escape from here.

But there are enchantments around the barracks, and you can’t leave without a token..

“Why? Wife, you can’t bear me, have to follow me?” Darryl looked at Er Qing and said with a grin.


Er Qing stomped his feet, his face blushing.

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