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Chapter 351

The little fairy bit her lip. This ba5tard Darryl always takes advantage of himself.

Seeing that the little fairy was crying in a hurry, Darryl said helplessly: “I also want to take you away, but the female commander just said that if you want to stay in the barracks, I can’t take you out. After all, this In the barracks, so many eyes are watching. How can I take you out…”

Darryl didn’t lie to her, he really wanted to take her away.

After all, the little fairy is also from the Apocalypse Continent, and her strength is not low. If she is released, the Earth Round Continent will have more strength.

“Master Yue, you and your wife have such a good relationship, they are chatting here again.” At this moment, a discordant voice came.

It is black and white Shuangsha.

Bai Sha came over with a smile. Said to the little fairy: “Madam is worried about Master Yue’s mission. Is there any danger? It is a blessing for Master Yue to have a wife like you.”

“Yes, Master Yue can marry this beloved wife. It’s really lucky.” Heisha also echoed nearby.

These two people, with the wife on the left and the lady on the right, said that the little fairy was flushed, but they couldn’t refute, and they were anxious.

At this time, Hei Sha’s voice changed, and he directed at Darryl: “Master Yue, you can attack the six major factions this time. You can only lead 30 people, but these 30 people are all of the Wuhou level. They are. The camp in front is waiting for you. Go and see them.”

Darryl nodded. Walk to the camp.

When passing by Little Fairy, Darryl whispered: “Don’t worry, I will take you out whenever I have a chance.”


When the voice fell, before Er Qing could react, Darryl smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

“Madam, wait for me to come back.”

After kissing, Darryl turned and ran. Haha, take advantage of it and slip quickly. Hahaha, k!ss her, she must be mad. Darryl felt happy when he thought of her angry look. Haha!


Sure enough, the little fairy was going mad, she was icy and clean, when was she kissed by a man? At that time, there were two blushes on her face instantly, trying to catch up, but Darryl had already gone far.

“Mrs. Yue, there are rules in the military camp. Family members can’t walk around casually. You should go back to the camp and rest.” At this time, Hei Sha said with a smile.

Erqing stomped his feet and had to return to the camp.

On the other side, Darryl took these thirty soldiers to the Star Picking Tower.

Along the way, Darryl had already made plans in his heart that it was impossible to sneak attack on the six major factions.

After half an hour. Darryl took thirty soldiers and arrived at the top of the mountain behind the Star Picking Tower. Standing on the top of the mountain, with a wide view, the situation of the two camps can be said to be unobstructed.

At this time, all of these thirty soldiers were extremely excited. This hillside is indeed a good place for sneak attacks!

They were sighing, they saw Darryl go around behind them, and directly sealed their acupuncture points with lightning speed! Make them immobile!

“Master Yue, you are…” The thirty soldiers were all dumbfounded.

They never dreamed that Darryl would make a sudden move.

Darryl sneered, took out some pills from his body and stuffed them directly into their mouths.

These pills are the Tongtian Pill! At that time, Tianmen was trying to subdue various evil forces. Darryl practiced a lot of Tongtian Pills. For example, the top ten evil men refused to accept the Tianmen at that time, and only after Darryl had given them the Tongtian Pill, they were willing to join the Tianmen.

“Master Yue. You… what are you giving us?”

“It seems to be poison…”

Thirty people, startled and angry, yelled at Darryl.

Darryl smiled slightly, waved his hand and said: “Don’t panic first, what I am giving you is indeed a poison. The name of this poison is Tongtian Pill. After eating this kind of pill, it will not be poisoned and die immediately. But. Every other year you need to take the antidote. Otherwise, you will die like a knife.”

Darryl had already thought about it. I will not sneak attack on the six major factions. Although I have grievances with them, at this time, we must take the overall situation into consideration.

As for these thirty people, it is a pity that they were killed directly, it would be better to collect them for your own use.

Darryl said with a smile: “Don’t you believe it? Let’s do this, you are urging your internal strength now. Do you feel unbearable pain when you go to Shuangyang?”

After saying this, Darryl directly unlocked their acupuncture points.

Hearing this, thirty people tried it secretly, and in an instant, their expressions changed drastically.

Sure enough, it was poisoned!

“To tell you the truth, I, Darryl, cannot go to the Apocalypse Continent.” Darryl’s expression became solemn, and he looked around, saying every word: “I don’t want to kill you, so I will give you a chance to follow me or die. !”

When I said this, a powerful aura filled Darryl’s body!

For a while, thirty people looked at each other, and they all seemed to hesitate.


However, within two seconds. Two people couldn’t help it anymore, they knelt down first, and kowtow at Darryl: “I am willing to follow Master Yue!”

“I am willing too…”

Seeing someone taking the lead, the rest. They all knelt down, after all, no one wanted to die.

“Swear allegiance to Master Yue!”

“I am willing to follow it to the death!”

Seeing this scene, Darryl showed a smile on his face and nodded slowly. Raising his hand gently, an internal force helped them up.

“Okay, don’t call me Master Yue. Just call me Brother Darryl from now on.” Darryl ordered.

I am a person from the Earth Round Continent, how can I use the name of the Apocalypse Continent?

“Subordinates obey!” The soldiers nodded one after another.

As a result, at this moment, I only heard a big curse, which suddenly came from not far away!

“Darryl, you scum!”

Following the voice, I saw Master Miaoyuan was standing not far away with a cold face. She almost squeezed these words out of her teeth!

By her side, there were hundreds of people who were masters of various sects! Real person Lingbao, Master Jueyuan… these people are all there!

The reason why these arena masters came to the top of the mountain is because the mountain top has a good line of sight and can see the barracks of the Apocalypse Continent.

As a result, I didn’t expect to encounter Darryl here!

Elisa, who was behind Master Miao Yuan, trembled after seeing Darryl. She clearly saw that Darryl was wearing the armor of the Apocalypse Continent! The thirty people around him are also soldiers from the Apocalypse Continent!

At that moment, Elisa’s beautiful face was full of anger, pointing at him and shouting: “Darryl, you are really a scum, you have taken refuge in the Apocalypse Continent, you are really a scum.”

Elisa at this time is really going to die of anger!

This Darryl really has no bottom line!

“Darryl, you shameless person, colluding with foreigners and attacking your own compatriots, are you still not a human?” Master Miao Yuan was too cold and gritted his teeth in hatred!

Chapter 352


Darryl’s bloody head was scolded, his fists clenched tightly.

When the voice fell, the beggar gang came over, pointed at Darryl’s nose, and yelled: “Darryl, as a person from the Earth Round Continent, you have joined Tianqi. What kind of parents can teach you such a scum? Unforgivable, it’s not a pity that someone like you has died 10,000 times.”

“Yes, your foster father, Oliver, is famous in the arena. You really shame him! You are the scum. You don’t deserve to be alive!”

“D*mn you!”

In the face of the verbal criticism of various schools, Darryl sneered.

At this time, he was almost dumbfounded, completely dumb and eating coptis.

“Listen to my explanation, I haven’t rebelled.” Darryl tried to suppress his emotions and said it.

As the result was not over, Master Miaoyuan took a step forward, pointed at Darryl with a long sword, and opened her red lips, “What else are you explaining? Wearing the armor of the Apocalypse Continent, do you still want to quibble? You are such a shameless scum. , Today is your death date.”

When the voice fell, Master Miao Yuan’s Tai Long Sword made a buzzing sound. Stabbed directly towards Darryl.

“Go together!”

“Get rid of this scum.”

At the same time, the real Lingbao and the gang leader of the beggars all yelled, showing off their weapons and rushing over.

“you guys.”

Darryl’s eyes were red, and this group of people was really sick!

With a curse in his heart, Darryl shouted at the thirty soldiers: “Quickly retreat.”

There are so many masters on the opposite side. If you face the battle, it is tantamount to looking for death.

The moment the voice fell, Darryl ran down the mountain with thirty soldiers.

Speaking of which, Darryl is a native of Donghai City, and he is very familiar with the area around the Star Picking Tower, knowing that there is a hidden path here, where you can go down the mountain.

In a blink of an eye, Darryl took thirty soldiers and disappeared among the dense forest.

These masters of the rivers and lakes chased after Darryl, one by one indescribably annoyed, and finally had to return to the Star Picking Tower.

The Star Tower is the most important checkpoint in Donghae City. Once the Star Reaching Tower is lost, the Apocalypse army will drive straight in and enter the urban area of ​​Donghai City. It will definitely be overwhelmed by the time!

Therefore, the masters of all the martial arts, almost all gathered in the Star Cultivation Building.

At this time, on the first floor of the Zhanxing Building, these masters of the rivers and lakes were sitting around.

Master Miao Yuan raised his hand too much, slapped the table hard, and said coldly: “That scum of Darryl, joining the Apocalypse Continent, really shouldn’t die!”

“This scum is from Donghai City. He is very familiar with the environment of Donghai City. Now he has joined the Apocalypse army. If he advises the Apocalypse army, it will be very bad for us.”

“Yes, this scum must die!”

There was a loud discussion, and everyone’s face was filled with anger.

At this moment, I don’t know who said: “But. He is hiding in the army of the apocalypse, it is not easy for us to kill him…”

When the voice fell, the Zhixing Building was suddenly silent.

That’s right, the military camp of the Apocalypse Continent, the master is like a cloud, it is really too difficult to kill Darryl there.

Ladies and gentlemen, there was silence for more than ten minutes. Xiaoyao Grandmaster Sun E slowly stood up and said: “Since the scum of Darryl cannot be killed, let’s kill his family.”

“Yes! Must be severely punished!”

“As soon as the war between the two continents started, Darryl became a running dog. If it is not severely punished, I am afraid that more people will join the Apocalypse Continent as traitors!”

Seeing that everyone was filled with righteous indignation, the real Lingbao stood up, cleared his throat, and said, “Everyone is quiet.”

With that, the real person Lingbao looked around and said: “Even if we kill his relatives, what can we change? This can only arouse Darryl’s hatred and make him even more desperate to be a running dog!”

The voice fell, the surrounding quieted down, and the masters of the various schools looked at each other with complex expressions.

“Mr. Lingbao, what do you mean?” Master Miaoyuan reacted too much, frowning, and said displeased: “Darryl, this scum, is unforgivable, you mean. He is a running dog and we will not punish he?”

Real person Lingbao smiled: “The teacher is too safe and not to be impatient, I have a good way. We can catch his parents and his wife. Then, he will definitely come to save people.”

Speaking of this, the real person Lingbao waved his hand: “When he came to save people, we rushed forward and rectified him on the spot.”

“Good idea!” Everyone present hit it off.


On the other side, Donghai City, Hongqi Pedestrian Street.

The weather is good today, and the pedestrian street is full of people coming and going.

The Apocalypse Continent sent troops to attack Donghai City, and this news spread in Donghai City last night. At that time, it caused panic throughout Donghai City.

But shortly afterwards, all the big sects on the rivers and lakes jointly issued a statement saying that in any case, they would block the Apocalypse army, so that the citizens of Donghai City should not be afraid.

The statement issued, the citizens of Donghai City, as if taking a reassurance.

Shops in various streets will open as usual.

The same goes for Hongqi Pedestrian Street. It’s still very lively.

At this time, in a high-end women’s clothing store, Alexandra was choosing clothes. These clothes were all worth a lot of money, even tens of thousands of dollars. But Alexandra is rich now.

recently. Daughter Lily and Zhang Yin get along pretty well, and they have reached the point of discussing marriage. .

Just yesterday, Zhang Yin gave Alexandra 8.88 million, saying it was a bride price.

Don’t mention Alexandra too happy, so early this morning, she came to buy clothes. My daughter is about to get married, so I must dress myself up at the wedding.

After choosing clothes, I was about to swipe my card, and suddenly two people came in.

“Follow us.”

When they arrived, the two directly grabbed Alexandra.

“Why are you arresting me?” Alexandra was frightened and asked for help.

But these two people directly knocked her out. Then he leaped and flew her into the air, heading straight to the Star Picking Tower.

In the Zhanxing Building, all the big sects gathered.

In front of these arena masters, there are four people who are tied up by the five flowers!

Alexandra, Lily, and Darryl’s parents.

Darryl’s parents had been living in the country for this period of time, but they were also arrested today.

“You…” Finally, Alexandra squeezed out a smile: “Dear fellows, what are you doing?”

While talking. Alexandra looked at Darryl’s parents contemptuously.

It must be their trash son again. Something has done wrong, and it has affected themselves and their daughter.

Master Miao Yuan walked out too slowly and looked at Alexandra with a sneer: “Darryl betrayed the Earth Continent, colluded with the Apocalypse army, and is now planning how to capture Donghai City. Darryl is your son-in-law, right? What do you mean by arresting you? “

what? !

Alexandra was shocked.

Darryl, this trash, actually colluded with the Apocalypse army?

She always thought that Darryl was a waste, but she didn’t expect that he could even do this kind of running dog? It seemed that the daughter had forgotten him. God opened her eyes.

Alexandra said anxiously: “Master, you caught the wrong person. My daughter has nothing to do with Darryl. What he does has nothing to do with us…”

After that, Alexandra pointed to Darryl’s parents and said: “They are Darryl’s parents. You should ask them how to teach a son like Darryl.”


At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on Darryl’s parents.

Yue Tian Hengqi’s face was pale, and he said loudly: “Dear heroes of the world, my son Darryl. Be honest and upright, I dare to guarantee his life, he will never be a traitor!”

These words are sonorous and powerful!

Yue Tianheng clenched his fists, he believed that his son would not run a dog!

“Yes.. Good guys, you must have misunderstood my son.” At this time. Darryl’s mother Su Yue also spoke anxiously.

She has educated her son since she was a child, and she needs to have a backbone. How can her son betray?

Su Yue doesn’t believe it at all to say that her son is a traitor!

“To shut up!”

At this moment, Elisa walked over with a cold face. Without warning, slapped Su Yue’s face!

“Slap!” This slap used all his strength!

Su Yue suddenly exclaimed, and a slap print appeared on her face. Blood came out from the corners of his mouth.

“Your son Darryl, wearing the armor of the Apocalypse Continent, was seen by many people present!” Elisa said coldly, his hateful teeth tickling: “You are his parents. How did you educate your son? Just educate this. Is it a scum? Your whole family has nothing good!”

When the voice fell, Elisa slapped it over again!

“You guys, why did you start beating people indiscriminately!” Seeing his wife being beaten, Yue Tian’s chest trembled and yelled at him.

“Indiscriminately?” Master Miao Yuan walked up with the sword and looked at Yue Tianheng coldly: “Your son is a running dog, and this matter has been stone hammered! He is a complete scum, a sinner in the whole continent. !”

“No…” Yue Tianheng shook his head, his tone firm: “Mr. Darryl can’t do this kind of thing, he can’t do it.”

Master Miao Yuan sneered too: “You mean, all of our sects have wronged your good son? He previously led the soldiers from the Apocalypse Continent, secretly lurking in the back mountain of the Star Picking Tower, and all the leaders here are watching. When it comes, the evidence is solid, do you still want to deny it?”


Yue Tianheng laughed and gritted his teeth and said: “You just slander, I, Yue Tianheng, can’t believe a word! I repeat, my son is not that kind of person.”

“Don’t admit it?” Master Miaoyuan gritted his teeth too tightly: “Qin’er, call me.”

Hearing what the master said, Elisa stepped forward, raised his jade hand, and slapped it slap after slap.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

A slap is heavier than a slap! How could Yue Tianheng be able to withstand his age?

With a loud slap in the face, Master Miao Yuan said coldly: “What kind of old man is there, and what kind of son is there. He has done this kind of thing that people and gods are angry with. You don’t admit it, right? Your mouth is soft!”

“Don’t fight, don’t fight…” Su Yue couldn’t help yelling, trying to rush over, but she was tied up and couldn’t move at all, tears streaming down her eyes.

Chapter 353

On the other side, the main altar of Tianmen.

Darryl sat in the hall with a gloomy expression.

Just now, Darryl returned to the Tianmen General Altar with thirty soldiers.

Hem Ha, the second general, the four great gods, and the ten heavenly kings, all from outside the door at this time. They walked in quickly, knelt down on one knee, and shouted in unison: “See Sovereign.”

After speaking, Mathew respectfully said: “Sect Master, all the disciples of Tianmen, have assembled.”

Darryl nodded, stood up slowly, and looked at the Tianmen disciple in front of him. Word by word: “Everyone, the Apocalypse Continent has already come, we are all passionate men from the Earth Round Continent, and our homeland is in trouble. We must resist desperately!”

As he said, Darryl’s tone was beyond doubt: “Now the six major factions and all parties are already in Donghai City, resisting the Apocalypse army, you lead the Tianmen disciples, and immediately support!

Darryl let out a sigh of relief, although he didn’t have a good impression of the six major sects, he even felt like they were horrible. But at this time the enemy is currently, personal grievances must be put aside. Tianmen disciples, must go to the front line to defend Donghai City!

“Subordinates obey!” The four gods replied in unison.

Half an hour later, Darryl led the Tianmen disciples and set off from the main altar in a mighty manner.

There are tens of thousands of Tianmen disciples now. These tens of thousands of people, joining the war, are definitely not a small force.

Along the way, Darryl called Evelyn and asked her to take good care of his wife.

Yesterday the wife said she was hungry and went out to buy food by herself. I haven’t gone back till now.

Just finished the phone call with Evelyn, but the phone rang again.

Jingle Bell…

Darryl glanced at the caller ID, his face instantly gloomy!

It’s Elisa.

Seeing this name, Darryl felt uncomfortable! This woman, why did you call yourself?

After struggling for a long time, I still pressed the answer button.

The moment I connected, I only heard Elisa’s cold voice: “Darryl, if you are still a person, you should hurry up to pick up the star building. I am the same way as Jianghu, waiting for you here.”

The posture is high, and the tone is somewhat commanding,

Hearing this tone was annoying, Darryl said: “Why should I go?”

“Darryl, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. Your parents are in our hands. If you don’t want them to be in trouble, come quickly.” After the voice fell, Elisa directly hung up the phone!

what? !

Only at this moment, Darryl’s body suddenly shook. My mind buzzed, and it went blank in an instant!

On the other side, Zhanxinglou.

Around the Star Cultivation Building, all the major sects have set up elite disciples to guard, almost five steps one post and ten steps one post.

At this time in the lobby on the first floor of the Zhanxing Building.

The big sects are gathering there to discuss how to resist the apocalypse army.

It has been a long time since the first confrontation between the two sides, but the masters of the various factions present still have some lingering fears.

In the morning battle, both sides suffered losses. Reluctantly drew a tie.

But everyone at the scene knew that, logically speaking, it would definitely not be able to beat the Apocalypse Continent. The reason for the tie was because the soldiers of the Apocalypse Continent were not familiar with the terrain in this area, so they suffered.

The situation is really not optimistic. Wait two more days. The Apocalypse Continent is familiar with the terrain, it must not be able to beat.

For a while, the heads of the various sects were sitting there with solemn expressions.

at this time. An anxious voice came!


A disciple shouted loudly outside the door: “Report – Darryl, Darryl is here…”

“That scum is here, why are you panicking.

“Master Miao Yuan shouted too coldly.


However, Shitai’s voice fell, and only a loud noise was heard! Then the door was smashed to pieces! Dust is filled!

When the dust slowly dissipated, all the martial arts masters on the scene looked towards the door. At this look, everyone was stunned.

A man stood at the door, single-handedly. Poker face!

It is Darryl!

At this time, his eyes were blood red and blood red, terribly red!


Elisa’s subconscious body trembled! She had known Darryl for so long and had never seen him so serious.

“Scum!” Master Miao Yuan stood up and pointed at Darryl and shouted angrily.

Darryl’s face was cold, his eyes circled around the crowd, and finally locked on Elisa’s body.

“My parents, where are you.” A few words coldly. From Darryl.

Elisa made the call, so Darryl was questioning her.

Feeling Darryl’s anger, Elisa didn’t panic at all, sneered and sneered: “Darryl, it seems that you still have a little conscience. I thought you didn’t care about the life and death of your parents.”

Darryl’s face was pale, too lazy to talk nonsense, and asked again: “Where are my parents?”

Zhou Qinxiu frowned and said coldly: “I tell you Darryl, you don’t yell at me, who do you think you are?”

I used to admire Darryl very much, and thought he was a man of indomitable spirit. But after knowing Darryl’s true face, Elisa hated his teeth itch!

Since ancient times, righteousness and evil are not at the same time, this Darryl has secretly colluded with the Palace of Longevity!

This matter is forgotten. Now that the enemy is present, he actually became a running dog of the Apocalypse Continent?

Is he still a human? Not as good as livestock!

In Elisa’s heart, his fiancé Hao Jian is a thousand times stronger than him. Ten thousand times!

“I’ll ask you again, where are my parents!” Darryl almost shouted out, clenching his fists!

If something happens to your parents, Darryl will really be crazy!

“Darryl. What are you? You betrayed the Diyuan Continent, and still have the face to see your parents?” At this time, Kongtong sent Lu Shaoqing and couldn’t help standing up.

At the Lion Slaughter Conference that day. As a contestant, Lu Shaoqing had also fought against Darryl, but he was stunned with just one move. At that time, Lu Shaoqing’s strength was a five-stage general.

Originally, Lu Shaoqing was hailed as the leader of the younger generation by Jianghu people. But at the lion slaughter conference, Darryl’s move was a second, and this matter became a well-known joke in the rivers and lakes.

After the lion slaughter conference, he held a grudge in his heart, and wanted to find Darryl, knock him to the ground, and prove to everyone that he was stronger than Darryl. These days Lu Shaoqing worked hard to cultivate, and his strength had reached a certain period of Wuhou.

Now Darryl was standing in front of him. He was emotional, walked to Darryl’s side, stretched out his hand, and pointed at Darryl’s face and yelled: “You scum, today I will get rid of you scum for Wu Lin.”

When the voice fell, his wrists flashed, and a long knife appeared in his hand, raised it high, and slashed directly at Darryl’s chest!

This trick is revealing!

This obviously wanted to take Darryl’s life!

However, Darryl stood there, motionless, as stable as Mount Tai!


It was just a cold word that came out of Darryl’s mouth. In his entire life, he most annoyed others to use his finger!

When Lu Shaoqing spoke just now, his fingers almost touched Darryl’s face.

Seeing Lu Shaoqing’s knife, he was getting closer and closer. Darryl’s eyes were cold, and the pure Yang internal force of the fourth stage of Wuhou suddenly exploded at that instant!


Lu Shaoqing only felt that his throat was restrained by a pair of invisible hands, and he couldn’t say a word!

Chapter 354


Lu Shaoqing held a knife in his hand. Before the knife fell, Darryl had stretched out his hand and firmly clasped his wrist!

“Crack, click!”

Darryl’s whole body’s internal strength was concentrated on his hands. Pinch his wrist hard!

Lu Shaoqing only felt that his bones were about to be crushed by Darryl, and an extremely painful feeling came. Then came the sound of broken bones!

“Crack, click!”


Finally, Lu Shaoqing couldn’t bear it anymore, the big beads of sweat fell down, he clutched his wrist and howled desperately. He never dreamed that he had worked hard for so long to face Shang Darryl again. Still can’t bear a single trick!

The surrounding martial arts masters saw this scene, and the corners of their mouths twitched.

“I only ask once, where are my parents!” Darryl clenched his fists. It almost roared out!

“Ah!” Lu Shaoqing kept howling, his wrist was about to be crushed. In a hurry, he suddenly howled: “Master, help me!”

“Pop!” The voice fell, and the head of Kongtong stood up suddenly, his face like a cold iron.

Lu Shaoqing is his most proud disciple. If he becomes disabled today, it would be a great loss to the Kongtong School!

“Beast, I can show you your parents, you let me go!” Kongtong’s head shouted.

Darryl was expressionless, his anger was nowhere to be released. But he still let Lu Shaoqing go.

At this moment, only a few disciples of the Emei school came down from the second floor. They escorted two women.

It is Lily and Alexandra.

Seeing Alexandra’s mother and daughter, Darryl was stunned. Why were they also arrested?

“Darryl, this is your mother-in-law and wife, didn’t you expect that they are also in our hands?” Master Miao Yuan stood up too slowly and said with a sneer.

Darryl’s face was pale. Did not speak.

Alexandra couldn’t help it anymore, and shouted at Darryl: “Darryl, you useless waste, if you are stained with you, our Liu family has really fallen for eight lives. You are not only a waste, but also a disaster star! “

In her heart, she almost disliked Darryl to the extreme.

If it weren’t for him, how could he and his daughter be caught here?

Lily said nothing, she had completely forgotten who Darryl was. But these days, she often heard her mother say that this Darryl is a waste and a scum. At this moment, she looked at Darryl coldly, with contempt in her eyes.

Darryl let out a sigh of relief, and looked at Master Miaoyuan closely: “It’s useless for you to catch their mother and daughter. I have nothing to do with the Liu family anymore. They are immortal and have nothing to do with me.”

What Darryl said was actually helping Alexandra’s mother and daughter.

As a result, the voice fell, and Alexandra angrily yelled again: “Darryl. You are really a beast. You ate and drank for free in my Liu’s house for three years, and even said this, raising a dog is better than you.”

At this time, Alexandra hadn’t realized that if Darryl completely separated from the Liu family, the safer she and Lily would be.

The more Alexandra scolded, the more unpleasant it became. Master Miao Yuan couldn’t help but frown. It seemed that Alexandra’s mother and daughter really had nothing to do with Darryl. I would not arrest them if I knew it.

Master Miao Yuan waved his hand too much: “Come on, bring this beast’s parents here.”


Several Emei disciples nodded, and after a while, they brought Yue Tianheng and his wife up there.


Seeing his parents, Darryl’s head buzzed, and tears almost came out.

At this time, Yue Tianheng’s face was full of bruises and even whip marks. Mother is also indescribably weak and embarrassed.

“Dad…Mom…” Darryl shouted hoarsely. The heart is cut!

“Son, you, tell your father whether you are a running dog!” Yue Tianheng gritted his teeth. His body was covered with wounds, and his clothes were covered with blood.

“I don’t have it, father, I don’t!” Darryl called out loudly, heartbreaking!

“No, did you say no?” Master Miao Yuan was too clever, and a long sword appeared in her hand: “You are wearing the armor of the Apocalypse Continent, you are not a running dog. So who is?”

“You…you…” Darryl furiously pointed to Master Miao Yuan and shouted: “One by one, you all claim to be authentic, but if you don’t give me a chance to explain, you call me a traitor. My parents. There is no cultivation ground, you are cruel to him, are you still human?!”

When the voice fell, everyone was anxious. The people of various sects stood up one by one, pointed at Darryl and cursed.

“You scum, still have a face to say about us? It’s really ridiculous!”

“You colluded with the Apocalypse Continent and harmed your compatriots. It was a treachery. Not to mention that you caught your parents and killed them directly, or they deserved it!”

“Yes, teaching a son like you deserves to die.”

Then conquer with a loud voice, like a tide coming!

Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he broke out completely: “Haha, I’m colluding with the Apocalypse Continent? Did you see me killing a person from the Continent?!”

After saying this, only a click was heard, and the blood-drinking sword suddenly appeared in Darryl’s hand!

“You sects. Really shameless. Today I will take my parents away. Who dares to stop, die!” Darryl roared in a low voice!

Who dares to stop.


The five words resounded like thunder in the entire lobby of the Star Picking Building.

However, just after the voice fell, only a woman’s voice was heard. It came from not far away.

“Today I want to see how you took your parents away.”

This voice is frosty!

Looking along the voice, only one woman was seen. Flew from mid-air. She is graceful, like a fairy. The breath of an icy goddess should not allow men to blaspheme!

It is the head of Emei, the goddess of Frost. Han proudly.

At this moment, she raised her jade hand, and struck Darryl’s chest with a seemingly fluttering palm!


Darryl’s pupils shrank sharply, and only he in the audience could feel how terrifying this palm was!

At this moment, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant, and a suffocating cold air swept away.

This palm was fast and cruel, and Darryl had no time to dodge! In a hurry, I can only raise my hand and bite the bullet to meet him!


The moment his palms were facing each other, Darryl’s blood spurted wildly, and his body flew out like a broken kite!

What a strong internal force!

Darryl fell to the ground, staring at Monica blankly, his face was shocked!

Wow! Another mouthful of blood spurted out, and Darryl only felt that the meridians all over his body were about to be broken.

“Take it down.”

Han proudly spoke coldly.

When the voice fell, a few Emei disciples walked over and tied Darryl’s five flowers.

Darryl only felt like a knife cut!

Darryl’s parents were arrested. In fact, when Darryl first learned of the news, he wanted to lead the Tianmen disciples to fight against the various sects, and then save his parents. But after thinking about it carefully, Darryl dispelled this idea.

Now the enemy is present, if he leads the disciples of the Tianmen, and fights against the various martial arts. In that case, death and injury will be inevitable!

In the current Earth Round Continent, every loss of a master is not good for the situation!

Therefore, Darryl could only rescue his parents by himself, single-handedly. I look forward to the various major groups willing to listen to his explanation. Unexpectedly, only after coming to discover that these sects did not give him the opportunity to explain at all.

It’s good at this time, Darryl was tied up strictly.

Elisa walked up and slapped Darryl’s face without warning!

“running dog!”

Elisa said in a cold voice, only feeling that one slap was uncomfortable, and he slapped him seven or eight times in a row.

Chapter 355

“Flap! Flap! Flap!”

Being slapped with a slap in the face, Darryl only felt his brain buzzing, and a drop of blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

Elisa became more angry as he fought, and coldly shouted at Darryl: “The rebel is killed.”

When the voice fell, she held the long sword tightly and pierced towards Darryl’s heart.


However, at this critical moment, a Buddhist bead suddenly flew and hit Elisa’s long sword directly.

Shot. It is Master Jueyuan.

With a crisp sound of golden light, Elisa backed away a few steps, the long sword in his hand almost flew, frightened and angry, and looked at Master Jueyuan in surprise: “Master…what are you doing?”

At the same time, the others also looked confused.

Shouldn’t Darryl, such a scum, deserve to die?

Why did Master Jueyuan save him?

Facing everyone’s doubts, Master Jueyuan folded his hands together: “Amitabha.”

Talking. Master Jueyuan looked around and slowly said: “Everyone, although this thief Darryl is heinous, but the enemy is now. He is from the Apocalypse Continent again, and may be of some use to us.”


What use can this kid do?

For a while, everyone around them looked at each other, their expressions fluctuating.

Master Jueyuan looked at Darryl quietly, and slowly said: “Yue Donor, no matter what the reason for your refuge in the Apocalypse Continent, now your parents are in our hands, if you have a little conscience, help us deal with the Apocalypse Continent. I promise, as long as you agree, we will let your parents go.”

Dealing with the Apocalypse Continent?

Hearing this, Darryl hesitated and looked at Master Jueyuan: “What do you want me to do?”

He did not take refuge in the Apocalypse Continent at all. As long as the other party’s request is reasonable and the parents can be safe, it doesn’t matter if you agree to it.

Master Jueyuan didn’t answer right away, but took a look at the real Lingbao who was aside.

The real person Lingbao walked out immediately, looked at Darryl coldly, and said word by word: “I have a bottle of “Ecstasy”, as long as you go to Tianqi Camp. Disperse this ecstasy and throw it into the water they drink. In, even if the task is completed.”

With that, Master Lingbao took out a jade bottle and threw it in front of Darryl.

Before catching Darryl’s family, Lingbao Zhenren thought about it carefully. Instead of killing Darryl, it would be better to use him to poison the soldiers of the Apocalypse Continent.

At this moment, everyone around suddenly understood, and they admired the real Lingbao people one by one.

“Lingbao Real Man really has a foresight.”

“Yeah, letting this scumbag poison the Apocalypse Camp can be considered as a reflection of his only value.”

Darryl let out a sigh of relief, really, seeing the faces of this group of people, Darryl’s heart was full of anger! I really want to call the brothers from Tianmen over and have a good fight against these various sects!

But thinking of the current situation, the Apocalypse army is just outside the city. If Tianmen and the six major factions fought, the Apocalypse Continent would definitely be able to reap the benefits.

Darryl gritted his teeth. There was a few minutes of silence, almost squeezing a few words between the teeth: “Okay, I promise.”

Darryl was trembling all over, if it weren’t for the current enemy, he would definitely call the Tianmen disciples to kill, and kill you all without leaving!

But now, the Apocalypse Continent is staring at it, and it really can’t mess around. Can only promise them to poison. Only in this way can parents be safe.

Hearing this, the real Lingbao showed a smile on his face and nodded and said, “Okay, let him loose.”

When the voice fell, several disciples walked over and untied the rope on Darryl.

At the same time, the real Lingbao smiled and said: “Darryl. We only give you three days. Within three days, if you don’t succeed in poisoning, then don’t blame us.”

At this moment. The eyes of everyone present will gather on Darryl’s body, each with a sneer.

In their hearts, Darryl was just a tool to deal with the Apocalypse Continent at this time.

This kind of scum doesn’t need to treat him as a person at all.

“Darryl, you better don’t let us down.” Elisa said with a frosty face, without any emotion.

If it wasn’t for Darryl’s usefulness, I really wanted to kill him immediately.

Darryl didn’t even look at her. Bend down and picked up the jade bottle, and said seriously at Yue Tianheng: “Dad, take good care of mom, I will definitely not let you have an accident.”

After speaking, Darryl’s face was gloomy, and he turned and walked away.

Apocalypse barracks.

In the military account, Xing Yao sat in the main seat, surrounded by many soldiers. Sitting around her, each one looked serious.

In front of them, there is a map of Donghai City.

Obviously, they are studying how to attack the city.


A soldier walked in, knelt in front of Xing Yao, and said, “Commander, Master Yue is back.”

When the voice fell, Darryl walked in.

Xing Yao nodded, glanced at Darryl, and said faintly: “Let you sneak attack on the six major factions, how is your mission going?”

Darryl smiled bitterly, stepped forward and said, composing nonsense: “Commander Xing Yao, the people of the Six Major Sects are very shrewd. The subordinates led a sneak attack, but were ambushed by the Six Major Sects. Those thirty soldiers, all Died in action.”

When saying this, Darryl lowered his head and did not look at Xing Yao. I felt a little uneasy.

“That’s it.” A flicker of disappointment flashed in Xing Yao’s eyes, then looked at Darryl, and raised his hand and said: “You should be tired too, go take a rest first.”

honestly. Xing Yao didn’t expect Darryl to succeed either.

Hearing this, Darryl was overjoyed and quickly said: “Thank you, commander in chief.” After speaking, he quickly withdrew from the military account.


To the outside. Darryl took a deep breath, holding the jade bottle tightly in his hand.

I have to hurry to poison it. If you delay for one second, your parents will suffer another second.

Thinking about it, Darryl walked straight to the direction of the water source.

The best place to poison is to poison in their water. As a result, Darryl was dumbfounded as soon as he arrived.

Around the water source, hundreds of elite soldiers were directly surrounded, and at the entrance of the water source, a sign was set up: People are not allowed to enter, and offenders will be punished by military law.

D*mn it.

Take precautions so tightly.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was suddenly depressed.

“Master Yue, there is no command from the commander. People who are not allowed to approach here, please leave.” A soldier walked up to Darryl and said to him.

Water and food are the top priorities of a military camp.

Xing Yao acted calmly and always attached great importance to the water source of the camp.

Darryl smiled bitterly and had to leave. D*mn, there is no chance to poison the water source, what can we do?

For a while, Darryl felt irritable.

As a result, at this moment, only one soldier was heard shouting all of a sudden.


Darryl looked forward subconsciously, and was stunned.

I saw a woman wearing a blue dress, wandering in front of the barracks, as if looking for something.

“This is the Apocalypse Barracks, get away quickly!” Several soldiers rushed up, drew their long swords, and shouted at the woman.

While shouting, the soldiers looked at the woman up and down. Every saliva is going to flow down.

This woman is about twenty-three or four years old, and she is very beautiful. The temperament on his body is like a fairy.

Darryl could see that this woman was carrying a white jade token around her waist.

Seeing this token, Darryl was taken aback.

If I remember correctly, the little fairy also carries a white jade token on her waist, which looks exactly like her..

This woman, isn’t she here to find the little fairy?

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