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Chapter 4144

With a dull sound, Gary’s whole body was shaken and flew out, falling towards the abyss below.


At the same time, the Overlord Hammer flew out and fell on the platform, making a loud noise.

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, Yan Fei was overjoyed and laughed at Kou Tianhu: “Okay, very good, Kou Tianhu kills Gary, and he should be credited first.”

The Eagle Fort was built on the top of the cliff, and Gary fell from here, and he would definitely die.

Kou Tianhu’s face was full of excitement, and his heart was even more excited.

Haha…. I killed the Lord of Tianmen myself, and I am about to make a name for myself.


At the same time, the sand thieves present also cheered.

At this time, Yan Fei walked over quickly, picked up the Overlord Hammer, his eyes were full of scorching heat: “I didn’t expect that not only did Gary kill today, but also got the peerless divine weapon Overlord Hammer, haha…”

The voice fell, and the surrounding sand thieves congratulated.

“Congratulations to the big leader for eradicating the enemy.”

“The big leader is mighty…”

In the cheers, Hai Ling’er’s delicate body trembled, and her eyes went black, she couldn’t believe this scene.

Uncle is dead….

No, he will not die!

For a time, Hai Ling’er’s heart trembled, and finally she couldn’t help crying.

“Brother Wuya, you can’t die, you promise me to take care of me for the rest of your life, you don’t want to die, don’t die…” Hai Ling’er burst into tears and fell to the ground. Can’t stop.

She and Gary have known each other for so many years, and every bit of the past is like a movie, constantly showing in her mind.

Brother Wuya, you haven’t married me yet, why did you die like this…

The more Hai Linger cried, the sadder she became. Suddenly, she didn’t know where the strength came from, she stood up and hit the big rock behind her. When she was brought out, her hands were tied and she did not lose her mobility.

Gary is dead, and she is no longer alive.


Seeing this scene, both Yan Fei and the sand thieves present were shocked.

This woman seems to be very weak, but her character is so strong, she actually followed Gary to death…

Soon, Yan Fei quickly reacted, his figure flashed in front of Hai Linger, and then he tapped the acupuncture point on her body. Suddenly, Hai Linger’s delicate body trembled and could not move.


Yan Fei showed a smile, looked at Hai Linger’s pear blossom with rain, and said with a smile: “It’s not so easy to want to die, I’m still waiting for you to give me a big fat boy.”

“Go away, you let me die…” Hai Ling’er cried and wanted to die, but the acupuncture point was taped and she couldn’t move at all.

Ha ha!

Seeing her making a fuss, Yan Fei didn’t bother to talk nonsense, and waved at the sand thieves behind him: “Go, take the lady back to the room and take care of her.”

“Yes, Chief!”

Hearing the order, a few sand thieves walked over quickly and carried Hai Linger into the room.

At this moment, Hai Ling’er couldn’t beg for death, she couldn’t tell the despair in her heart, but she secretly swore in her heart.

Brother Wu Ya, wait for me, I will go down to find you soon.


the other side.

Under Gary’s serious injury, his body kept falling.

Did it die like that?

I still have to marry Linger, and I have to take charge of Tianmen, so I am so unwilling to die.


At this moment, a shocking cry came from the top of his head. At that time, Gary was already in a semi-conscious state, and he opened his eyes in shock.

What it is?

Seeing this, Gary was stunned.

Just saw a golden giant shadow, like a bolt of golden lightning, coming quickly, because facing the sun, Gary couldn’t see what it was, but he also instinctively sensed the danger.

This is a golden giant eagle with golden feathers, reflecting the bright golden light in the sunlight. The claws are like knives, and the wings are spread out, more than ten meters long.

This is a very rare golden-winged Cangyu eagle in the desert. Because of its ferocious nature, there are only some sporadic records in the ancient literature of Kyushu. According to legend, the golden-winged Cangyu eagle is powerful and Qiongqi among the top ten beasts. When the unicorn encounters it, it does not lose the wind, but because it only appears in the desert, very few people know about it.

This golden-winged Cangyu eagle was foraging nearby, and when he saw Gary falling, he chased after him as a prey.

Chapter 4145

In the blink of an eye, the golden-winged Cangyu was sculpted in front of him. Until this moment, Gary could only see its appearance clearly. He was shocked and couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air.

God, such a big golden eagle….


Just when Gary was stunned, the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle stretched out its sharp claws and grasped Gary tightly. The huge figure turned and flew towards the desert in the distance.

Being caught by the sharp claws, Gary only felt that his muscles and bones were about to be broken, and he was sweating coldly from the pain. At that time, he couldn’t help shouting: “Hey, where are you taking me?”

However, the golden-winged Cangyu Eagle simply ignored him and flew faster and faster.


At this moment, Gary was extremely depressed, Linger was not rescued, he still fell off the cliff, and finally fell into the hands of such a bird of prey, I’m afraid it would be more fortunate than for luck.


On the other side, in the courtyard by the lake.

Darryl and Zhu Bajie played against each other a few times. Both sides won and lost, but the battle was fierce.


At this time, Darryl dropped his last son and couldn’t help laughing: “Brother Zhu, this is your loss.”

Zhu Bajie looked at the whole situation and scratched his head: “Brother Darryl is fine. Over the past few years, his chess skills have improved a lot…”

As he spoke, Zhu Bajie had a dissatisfied face: “Come again.” The voice fell, and the chessboard was set up again.

Darryl smiled and continued to play against Zhu Bajie.

With this sentence, Zhu Bajie had the upper hand, and his face was full of pride: “Hey, Brother Darryl, this is going to make me use my skills at home. I’m afraid you won’t be able to win.”


“Hey, I don’t dare to say anything else, but when it comes to playing chess and women, I, Zhu Bajie, say I’m number one in the world, and no one dares to say number two.”

“Uh….I believe it!”

While the two were talking, they were playing a game. Seeing that Zhu Bajie was taking every step of the way, he was about to win the overall situation. Suddenly, there was a wave of aura outside the yard.


Immediately afterwards, the gate of the courtyard was forcibly smashed by a terrifying force. Under the raging force, the pavilion was also blown away, and the chess pieces were also shaken to the ground.


Zhu Bajie cursed angrily: “I’m going to win soon, that bastard with no eyes is making trouble?” While scolding, Zhu Bajie turned his head angrily.

Darryl also frowned and looked towards the door.


Seeing this, Darryl and Zhu Bajie couldn’t help but take a deep breath and froze on the spot.

I saw that above the leveled gate, a figure was quietly suspended, dressed in black, with a sharp-edged face, showing coldness and anger, and a terrifying aura permeating his body.

It was Gogne.

Knowing that Darryl had taken Nalan Xinran, Gogne was very furious and left the Nalan family to look around. Because he controlled Nalan Xinran, Gognie quickly found this place with his special induction.

The power of the demon soul?

At this moment, Zhu Bajie sensed the aura on Gone’s body and frowned secretly.

Haven’t the demons been wiped out? How can the remnants survive?

Because Gone had changed his appearance, Zhu Bajie had not yet seen his true identity at this time.

Muttering in his heart, Zhu Bajie took a step forward, pointed at Gone’s nose and cursed: “Where did the remnants of the demons come from? You are not too timid, and dare to disturb Lao Tzu to play chess.”

Hearing the scolding, Gone ignored it and just looked at Darryl coldly.

What the hell!

At this moment, Darryl didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and hurriedly whispered to Zhu Bajie: “Brother Zhu, don’t underestimate the enemy, the opponent is not the remnant of the Demon Race, but the Demon Race Supreme Gone.”

While speaking, Darryl’s heart was complicated.

Gogne was very fast, and he found this place so quickly.


Hearing Darryl’s words, Zhu Bajie opened his mouth wide and was very shocked: “Supreme of the Demon Race, Gone?” During the speech, Zhu Bajie’s expression became solemn, and his eyes also showed a bit of fear when he looked at Gone.

If it was someone else, Zhu Bajie wouldn’t take it seriously, but Gone was different, this was something that God’s Domain was afraid of.


At this moment, Gone looked closely at Darryl and said word by word, “Hand over Nalan gladly.”

His tone was cold and unmistakable.

Feeling Gone’s aura, Darryl took a deep breath, tried to calm himself down, and said indifferently, “Gonie, you are the Supreme Demon of the Demon Race, and I am ashamed for you to use such a method to deal with a woman.”

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