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Chapter 4466

In the next two minutes, Li Suqiu explained in detail the tragic death of the fifth elder and the killing of the second elder by a mysterious expert.

At the end, Li Suqiu looked at the first elder closely: “The death of the second elder has nothing to do with us, but died under your ambition. It’s ridiculous for a person like you to try to be the sect master.”

Mysterious master?

At this moment, hearing Li Suqiu’s narration, the expressions of everyone around became complicated. It’s all skeptical.

You must know that this Sunflower Secret Realm has existed for thousands of years, long before the establishment of Mingyuemen. In these thousands of years, Mingyuemen has explored the secret realm more than once, and has never heard of mysterious masters in it.

Therefore, Li Suqiu’s statement was dubious by the surrounding disciples.

Ha ha….

At this time, the first elder looked around at the reactions of the disciples around him, couldn’t help laughing, and said to Li Suqiu, “Li Suqiu, what you said is more absurd than Yuan Rou, what mysterious expert? You are all blind. made up.”

Speaking, the elder looked at the direction of the entrance to the secret realm: “If there is a mysterious expert, would you let him show up?”

Although the elder is very jealous of the mysterious expert, he firmly believes that the other party can always hide in the secret realm and will never come out.

If you can show up, you have already shown up, why wait until now?

So, don’t worry at all.


Facing the provocation of the first elder, Li Suqiu bit her lip tightly and looked very embarrassed. At that time, her red lips were lightly opened, but she just said a word and couldn’t say it.

Because what the elder said was right, it was impossible for him to invite that mysterious expert to appear.

Moreover, after the mysterious master killed the second elder, he did not show up, so he and the sixth elder did not even know what the master looked like. How to invite him out?

At this time, Li Suqiu didn’t know that the mysterious master was Darryl by his side.


Seeing Li Suqiu faltering and unable to speak, the first elder was even more proud and sneered: “What? Can’t tell? Can’t you just lie?”

“You can’t justify such a lie yourself, and you still want to deceive the entire Mingyuemen disciple?”


The words fell, and the surrounding elite disciples were extremely angry, staring at Li Suqiu and scolding the pen.

“It’s abominable..”

“I always thought that Elder Li had a good-natured nature, but I didn’t expect that he was so insidious behind his back that he would make up lies to fool us.”

“Yeah, and it’s still such a ridiculous lie, it really makes us all fools.”

The angry shouts of the surrounding disciples, you and I came, Li Suqiu remembered that she almost cried. She wanted to tell the truth and reveal the evil face of the elder, but she never thought of it, and finally it was self-defeating.

Ha ha….

Seeing this situation, the Great Elder felt even more proud, this Li Suqiu is so naive, and he still wants to fight with me for this little bit of Taoism? Just a fool’s dream.

At this moment, Yuan Rou was very angry, but she still tried her best to calm herself down. When she thought of something, she said to Li Suqiu, “Quick, take out the sect master’s suicide note.”

The current situation, with no evidence, will only make the situation more and more chaotic. The only way is to publish the sect master’s suicide note to the public.


However, Li Suqiu was a little hesitant, and said in a low voice, “This…is this okay?”

She didn’t want to be the head of the clan, and it was not her style to use a suicide note to argue with the elder.


Seeing her hesitating, the sixth elder was completely anxious, and shouted: “Sect master, when is this, you are still hesitating, do you really want the entire Mingyuemen to fall into the hands of this villain?”

At this time, the sixth elder was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. The first elder had already taken control of the situation, but Li Suqiu had no intention of arguing, and was so anxious.


Hearing their conversation, the first elder frowned, what did they say? Sect master’s suicide note?

Could it be… they really found the sect master in the secret realm?

At the same time, the surrounding disciples were also in turmoil, all staring at Li Suqiu and the others, puzzled.

Chapter 4467

“What did the sixth elder call Elder Li just now? Sect Master?”

“The Sect Master’s suicide note? Could it be that the Sect Master really did something wrong in the secret realm?”


When the discussion among the disciples came, Li Suqiu bit her lip, and finally took out the suicide note at Yuan Rou’s urging.


Yuan Rou took the suicide note, took a deep breath at that time, waved her jade hand, and threw the suicide note to the nearest Tong Shan, her tone extremely cold: “Tong Shan, please read the suicide note of the sect master.”

Yuan Rou has a lonely and cold personality, but her mind is meticulous. At this time, she deliberately gave Tong Shan the suicide note of the door owner.

You must know that Tong Shan is the apprentice of the first elder. The situation is complicated at the moment, and every move is under the attention of everyone. Therefore, Tong Shan will never dare to destroy the suicide note. Once destroyed, it will prove that the elder has a ghost in his heart. Effort is in vain.


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help nodding secretly, looking at Yuan Rou, secretly nodding in approval.

This Yuan Rou is usually taciturn, but she is quite skillful.

This sect master suicide note, let Tong Shan read it, the effect is much better than that of others, at least it can combat the psychology of the elder.


At this moment, Tong Shan took the suicide note subconsciously, and his heart suddenly became a mess, a little overwhelmed.

Two seconds later, Tong Shan tilted his head to look at the Great Elder, seeking instructions.

However, the Great Elder at this time was also in a mess, and he didn’t know how to deal with it at all. When he left the secret realm, he thought of countless ways to deal with Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou, but he never thought that the other party actually had a suicide note from the sect master.

There is a sparseness in the hundred secrets, and no one can calm down.


Seeing that Tong Shan was sweating profusely and refused to recite for a long time, Yuan Rou was calm and could not help urging: “What? You dare not recite, are you guilty?”

The words fell, and some disciples around couldn’t help it, and they urged.

“Senior Brother Tong, read it.”

“What did the suicide note left by the sect master say?”

“Yeah, just read it to us.”

Facing everyone’s urging, Tong Shan’s face was tangled, and he just had to bite the bullet and read: “I Ye Wenhai, the sixteenth generation sect master of Mingyuemen, I was exploring the secret realm today, and I was accidentally poisoned. Write down your will.”

When reading the suicide note, Tong Shan was in a complicated mood and his voice trembled.

The disciples present were all attentively and quietly listening.

For a time, the entire entrance to the secret realm was silent, and a needle could be heard clearly.

At this time, Tong Shan was shocked when he saw the content below, and stopped immediately. He really saw that it was clearly written below, and let Li Suqiu take over as the head.

This… if this is read out, wouldn’t all of Master’s efforts be in vain?

While muttering in his heart, Tong Shan realized just now why Yuan Rou had tossed the suicide note over. This was obviously a means of psychological pressure.

Realizing this, Tong Shan glared at Yuan Rou fiercely, his anger rising.

Ma De, Yuan Rou is so good at making me read the suicide note on purpose. This is to embarrass me and Master in public.

“Huh? Why did you stop?”

At this time, someone in the crowd couldn’t help but say a word, and immediately, other disciples also spoke.

“Senior Brother Tong Shan, why don’t you read it?”

“keep going…”

“What did you say next?”

At this time, Tong Shan is already riding a tiger, and facing the urging of everyone, he just takes a deep breath and continues to read: “This place is full of bureaucracy, I don’t know when someone will be able to come in again, if the Mingyuemen disciple gets the will, pass on my life for me. , After my Ye Wenhai’s death, Elder Li Suqiu will take over as the head of the sect, other elders, as well as the disciples of the sect, must obey, and must not violate!”

When he read the last sentence, Tong Shan’s voice was very small, and at the same time, he lowered his head and did not dare to look at the elder.


At this moment, when they heard the content of the suicide note behind, all the disciples present were in an uproar.

“The sect master is dead… and Elder Li has to take over as the sect master…”

“real or fake?”


Hearing the voice of doubt, Yuan Rou slowly took a step forward and said slowly, “If any of you don’t believe it, you can take a look at the suicide note. The suicide note was written by the sect master before he died.”

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