The Warmest Romance Chapter 1025 -1026

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Chapter 1025

Up to now, there needs to be a person who stands in the objective center to take charge of the overall situation. He and Yu Gubei have a lot of quarrels. Undoubtedly, the most suitable intermediary is not their father, Yu Qingshan.

The phone rang again and again, but no one answered.

Yu Yimo takes a deep breath, hesitates for a moment, and then dials he Shuping.

The phone just rang twice, suddenly, the voice suddenly stopped, was hung up, the end came mechanical English, repeated twice, automatically hang up.

Yu Yimo’s hand holding the mobile phone can’t help but slowly tighten. He inhales deeply and has a bad premonition in his heart.

Yu Qingshan couldn’t get in touch with him. How could he Shuping not get in touch with him? There is someone at that end. Why is the phone hung up?

All kinds of questions rush up, and Yu Yimo can’t help frowning. A moment later, he suddenly thinks of something. His eyes sink down. He puts his mobile phone on the table, looks up at Du Yue, and says in a cold voice, “contact the people in the United States, and let them have a look at the situation.”

Du Yue hears the speech, looks at Yu Yimo’s serious expression, and suddenly realizes the seriousness of the matter. He immediately nods and turns to do it.

When the door closed, for a moment, Yu Yimo was the only one left in the big office. He took a deep breath and felt a chill in his heart.

He knows very well that he lives in deep water. Why is Yu Qingshan not? The people around him, he Shuping, are also cold-blooded and ruthless.

When Yu Yimo’s heart was tight, a complex emotion that could not be explained came up. A moment later, the feeling was depressed. The original faint uneasiness and worry seemed to be diluted by the wind, and he regained his calm.

Who can be more ruthless than Yu Qingshan? At that time, his biological mother was still shouting Yu Qingshan’s name when she was dying, but he refused to see her for the last time.

If you want to be ruthless, Yu’s family will be the best.

Yu Yimo hums coldly, picks up the suit coat beside him, forgets all the complicated emotions in his mind just now, and strides out of the office.

As soon as they went out, the two ostentatious secretaries immediately came up, “Mr. Yu, the phone calls from the shareholders are constantly…”

Without waiting for them to finish, Yu Yimo interrupted them and said, “inform all shareholders to hold an emergency meeting. Everyone must be present.”

Since they want to put pressure on him, it doesn’t matter. He’ll take all the orders. Even if they don’t come to him, sooner or later he will meet them.

On the other side, at the gate of the cast.

Ruan Shishi parked the car outside and went directly to the crew.

Before leaving the house, she had made an appointment with director Gao. Although she didn’t say anything on the phone, director Gao seemed to feel something and came to meet her at the gate ahead of time.


Ruan didn’t walk a few steps before she heard a familiar voice. As soon as she raised her eyes, she saw director Gao standing at the door, waving at her.

Ruan Shishi raised his lips and walked towards him quickly.

“Shishi, you can count it. You don’t know. I’ve been on fire in the production group alone these days. I always feel like something is missing when you’re not here. You come in with me. Everyone misses you very much…”

Chapter 1026

Seems to be afraid of what she said as soon as she spoke, director Gao kept talking.

“Director Gao.” Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, stopped and looked at him with fixed eyes, “I won’t go in. I’m here today to talk to you about something.”

“Why?” Director Gao’s face changed slightly, and he said, “everyone is waiting for you.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment, and finally summoned up the courage to say, “I know, but I’m afraid you’ll have to support your future work alone.”

From the beginning, she promised to shoot this public welfare short film to now, although it didn’t take long, she got along with everyone very happily. Speaking of separation, she was inevitably emotional.

So, just now, she had thought about meeting director Gao and saying goodbye.

The less people know she’s leaving, the easier it will be.

Looking at director Gao’s eyes, Ruan Shishi couldn’t bear it. At last, he inhaled deeply and said word by word, “because of some personal things, I can’t participate in the later shooting, but I believe that as long as you are here, the soul of the crew is there. I come here to say goodbye to you, and there are some things I want to ask you.”

Then she took out a sealed envelope and a delicate black velvet box.

“Please give these to Mr. Yu for me. He’s very busy recently, so he won’t be free to come to the cast. So, when he comes, you can give them to him for me.”

Director Gao frowned as he looked at what Ruan Shishi had handed over from his hands, “Shishi, are you really going to leave?”

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply and said firmly, “I’ve already thought about it, director Gao. I admire you very much during our working time together. Please do it.”

Director Gao was moved. He looked disappointed and complicated. Finally, he sighed and agreed, “OK, I’ll give these things to president Yu.”

Ruan Shishi smiles and gives him something. After saying goodbye to him, he turns around and leaves.

Director Gao stood in the same place, watching Ruan drive away, feeling a little lost.

Although he didn’t think much of Ruan Shishi from the beginning, after a period of time together, he could see that Ruan Shishi was positive and serious about her work, and he also changed a lot about her.

I didn’t expect that before the public interest video was finished, she said she would go.

He sighed and was about to turn back to the crew. But as soon as he turned around, there came a clear female voice.

“Director Gao, long time no see!”

Director Gao takes a step and turns around to see ye Wan’er coming towards him.

He was obviously surprised, “Ye Miss ye, why are you here? “

Ye Wan’er painted red lips, stepped on a pair of red high-heeled shoes, the image of high-profile eye-catching.

Hearing director Gao say this, she glanced at a trace of disdain and said in a cold voice, “listen to director Gao’s tone, it seems that she doesn’t welcome me very much!”

“Why How could it be? “

In the face of Ye Wan’er’s questioning and examination, director Gao’s forehead is in a cold sweat.

Before he could say anything, ye Wan’er suddenly stepped forward and asked with a smile, “director Gao, I saw you and Ruan Shishi together just now. What did she say to you?”

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