The Warmest Romance Chapter 1027 -1028

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Chapter 1027

Director Gao said with a smile, “it’s nothing. It’s just something at work.”

“Is it?” Ye Wan’er’s eyes swept a trace of coldness, and her eyes swept over the things in director Gao’s hands.

She raised her chin slightly and asked coldly, “what’s that in your hand?”

Director Gao inhaled deeply, subconsciously hiding things behind him, “nothing.”

The more he is like this, the more arouses ye Wan’er’s curiosity. Ye Wan’er comes forward and reaches out her hand to grab what he has.

Director Gao subconsciously dodged, slightly frowned, “Miss ye, I’m sorry, this is some work documents, can’t pass.”

In an instant, ye Wan’er’s face sank down, “what’s the story? What’s the name of “waizhuan”? Don’t you know the relationship between me and Yu Yimo? “

When she saw that other people were defending Ruan’s poetry, she was even more angry. She felt a burst of anger and reached for it again.

Director Gao dodged, but his hand was still hit, and the black velvet box fell off from his hand and directly fell to the ground.

When he reacts, ye Wan’er has bent down to pick up the box.

Ye Wan’er holds the box and checks it with pride.

She wanted to see what was in it!

The next second, she opened the box, and when she saw the star tears Sapphire Necklace inside, her action suddenly stopped.

As soon as she was tight, she felt cold and climbed up her back. How How could it be this necklace!

Nearby director Gao didn’t know. Seeing her like this, he frowned and said, “Miss ye, this is someone else’s thing…”

The next second, ye Wan’er looked up with a blue face, looked at him with wide eyes and asked, “Ruan Shishi gave this to you, what else did she say?”

It seems that I didn’t expect that ye Wan’er would have such a big reaction. Director Gao paused and hesitated, but didn’t speak.

Ye Wan’er’s heart was filled with anger. She stared at director Gao and asked, “tell me what she said to you!”

“She Let me transfer these to president Yu. “

Hearing this sentence, ye Wan’er only felt a “buzz” in her mind, as if something had exploded in her ear.

This necklace, as she knows, is the work of a famous jewelry designer. There is only one necklace in the world, which can’t be bought with money.

When she saw the design drawings and photos of the necklace in Yu Yimo’s room, she knew that the necklace was given by Yu Yimo. At that time, she was very excited and thought that it was a gift for her three-year wedding anniversary. Unexpectedly, now she saw the necklace passed by Ruan Shishi.

In other words, this necklace is not prepared for her by Yu Yimo. He has given it to Ruan Shishi!

She clenched the black velvet box in her hand, hoping to crush the necklace immediately.

“Miss ye, this necklace…”

Next to director Gao, he couldn’t watch it any more and finally made a sound.

Ye Wan’er looks back, clenches her teeth and looks at the necklace in her hand. Finally, she closes the lid and throws her anger to director Gao. “Director Gao, I’ve seen this necklace before. No one is allowed to say it, or I’ll bear the consequences.”

Leaving the threatening words behind, she turned and walked away quickly.

Chapter 1028

High director Leng Leng, finally put things away, turned away.

He has seen for a long time that the relationship between Yu Yimo, Ruan Shishi and ye Waner is not so simple.

As long as he does well the things entrusted to him by Ruan Shishi, he will not meddle in other things.

On the side of the road, ye Wan’er pulls open the door and gets on the car. Her head is about to explode.

She never thought that Yu Yimo gave the necklace to Ruan Shishi. Before, she thought that Yu Yimo would not be too blatant anyway, but now, he didn’t mean to avoid it at all!

At the beginning, she was happy to publicize the fact that Yu Yimo had prepared a necklace for her to a circle of her little sisters. But in the end, it turned out that she was amorous. If the truth was known, where would her face go?

What’s more, how could she allow Ruan Shishi to ride on her head!

“I’m so angry!”

Ye Wan’er was so angry that she grabbed the bag and threw it aside.

Huo Chuan, sitting in the front row, slowly raised his head, looked at ye Wan’er through the rearview mirror and asked, “Miss, what’s the matter?”

Ye Wan’er gritted her teeth angrily. She didn’t know how to say it when she thought of it. It was her face to say it!

“Huo Chuan, help me find a way! How can I get rid of Ruan Shishi’s eyesore? “

Last time in front of Jiang Huanchen, Ruan Shishi’s old hatred has not yet been avenged. Now it has happened again. She can’t bear it!

In contrast, Huo Chuan is more calm. He drives the car calmly and says in a low voice, “Miss, I told you that if we want to get rid of Ruan Shishi, we should take our time.”

Ye Wan’er gritted her teeth, “I can’t wait!”

Huo Chuanyou said, “if you can’t bear it, you will make a big plan. Miss, you can think about it. You are too aggressive now.”

Listening to the man’s serious persuasion, ye Wan’er is more angry than before.

If not for Huo Chuan’s advice, she would have retaliated against Ruan Shishi for Jiang Huanchen’s last time. Now she can’t bear it any more! She can’t sleep well and eat well!

Since Huo Chuan is indecisive and can’t do it, she will come by herself!

She didn’t believe that Ruan’s body could be invincible!

Besides, Ruan Shishi has two wild seeds with her. If she continues to indulge in this way, one day, she will be kicked out by the Yu family mercilessly!

No, she will never allow such a thing to happen!

Ye Wan’er thought, biting her teeth and looking forward, she ordered coldly, “Huo Chuan, stop, I want to get off.”

“Miss, aren’t you going to the mall?”

She said coldly, “I’ll do something nearby. You can park.”

Huo Chuan hesitated for a moment, and finally pulled the car to the side of the road.

After getting out of the car, ye Wan’er takes a step forward without looking back.

Before, she thought Huo Chuan was her right hand, and she could use it easily. But now, he would not do anything except to persuade her to be patient!

It doesn’t matter. She’ll come in person!

As long as Ruan Shishi’s eyesore is not pulled out for a day, she will have no peace in her heart!

Now the most important thing is that she is going to visit Yu’s group to see the current situation of Yu Yimo!

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