CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1453 – 1454

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Chapter 1453

Something happened to Cathy recently, and Stephanie was in a particularly good mood, and she was also very enthusiastic about work.

This also directly caused her to see Tom more pleasing to her eyes than before.

“Mr. Allison and we are also friends. Ms. Tina’s contract is easy to go with.” Stephanie took a glass of champagne from the passing waiter to clink with Tom.

Tom looked down at Stephanie for a moment before taking the wine glass to his lips.

Then he spoke slowly: “Miss Stephanie looks in a good mood.”

Stephanie blinked, is she acting so obvious?

“It is of course happy to be able to participate in such activities, to be able to cooperate with you, such a good thing.” Stephanie snapped.

She was blind and felt that she might have said a little too perfunctory, so she had another cup with Tom: “Drink, drink!”

“Regarding the details of the contract, we will take the time to talk later.” Tom’s tone was not rushed, which made people feel particularly comfortable.

“Okay, you can go to work.” After all, it was Tom’s own party. As the host, it was natural to socialize.

Tom raised his eyes and looked in the distance, as if he was temporarily conscious, and suggested: “Mr. Grant, want to come together?”

“What are you doing here?” Stephanie looked at him blankly.

Don’t know how funny her expression is or what she said, a smile appeared in the corner of Tom’s eyes: “Know more people, you can expand your network.”

“Then thank you Mr. Allison.”

Tom was right. As an agent, contacts are also very important. Stephanie has no reason to refuse.

She followed Tom, but before he met anyone, he was first stopped by a young woman in greeting.

The woman smiled, her voice soft: “Mr. Allison, we met at the dinner party last time, do you remember?”

The woman’s eyes fell on Tom’s body and did not move away.

A drunkard doesn’t mean to drink.

Stephanie felt that she still didn’t want bad things, so she wanted to leave Tom carelessly. Unexpectedly, when Tom was about to raise his foot, he stepped ahead of her and turned around and took a small cake to Stephanie on the table behind him.

His movement was sudden, but not abrupt at all.

When he handed the little cake to Stephanie, he did not forget to reply to the woman’s words: “I remember.”

After finishing speaking, he lowered his eyes to look at Stephanie with a bewildered look, with a gentle smile: “What’s the matter? Isn’t it the favorite to eat this? You don’t want to eat it today?”

The woman’s gaze swept back and forth on Tom and Stephanie, and said with some embarrassment: “I have an acquaintance over there. I will say hello again. I will lose money first.”

The woman left in a hurry after speaking.

No matter how stupid Stephanie is, she can understand that Tom deliberately used her as a shield, but this little cake is indeed what she likes to eat.

Stephanie took the cake unceremoniously and asked Tom incomprehensibly: “Since you are afraid of being entangled by a woman, why don’t you take your fiancée.”

“She…” Tom said with a sigh, then suddenly paused, looking at Stephanie deeply.

Stephanie was inexplicably flustered by the look in his eyes, and the cake in her mouth was not tasty anymore. She swallowed the cake in her mouth and asked curiously: “What’s wrong?”

Tom’s gaze fell on the scraps of cake left over from the corner of Stephanie’s mouth. He took out the handkerchief and wiped it off for her, and said indifferently: “Run.”

Stephanie froze on the spot for an instant.

She didn’t know whether she should shock Tom rubbing her lips, or she should shock Tom being abandoned by his fiancee.

Chapter 1454

Stephanie was tangled to death, and at the same time, she wanted to hammer herself to death.

So why mention Tom’s fiancee.

Tom’s fiancée is too, so why run away?

And Tom just told her about it.

The dignified and easy-to-do boss, the bright young talent with a bright future, was abandoned by his fiancee!

She knew about such a shameful thing!

Will the endorsements be p0rn0graphic?

Stephanie had evaluated Tom before. If Tina could endorse Tom, it would be considered a strong team, and each took what he needed. Moreover, this was the first time Tom had asked someone to endorse him.

Thinking about endorsements that might not be kept, Stephanie is a bit painful.

In just a few tens of seconds, Stephanie thought a lot, and the expression on her face changed rapidly, first shocked, then unbelievable and regretful, distressed…

It was wonderful.

Tom wanted to laugh a little, but the little girl was even more panicked when she laughed out loud, so she stretched out her hand to cover her lips and coughed to hide her smile, and said solemnly, “It’s okay, I’ll wait for her to come back.”

Stephanie: “Huh?”

Is such a handsome boss in love so humble?

“She is young, I have to let her.” Tom usually looks like a gentle smiling face, but when he said this, his tone was different from the usual formulaic gentleness, and there was an unspeakable gentleness in it.

But when he said this, he still watched Stephanie say it.

Stephanie had the illusion that he was saying this to her. Her heartbeat missed a beat, and the frequency of the beating became abnormal.

She hurriedly didn’t open her eyes before looking for her own voice: “You are pretty good. She doesn’t know that cherishing you is her loss…”

After speaking, she went to drink pretending to be calm, but was choked because he drank too quickly.

Tom frowned slightly, stretched out his hand, and patted her back gently.

Tina came back from the bathroom and saw this scene.

She looked at it from a distance, thought for a while, but she didn’t bother to come, then turned and went to rest in the corner.

As soon as she sat down, the phone vibrated.

It’s WeChat from Peter.

Tina opened it and found that Peter had posted a photo.

Peter: “[Picture].”

Tina opened the photo and found that it was a photo of an office sent by Peter. The light in the office looked very dim. It should be that he only turned on the work light next to the desk.

Tina knew him too well. It was nothing more than a miserable sale. He worked overtime alone in the company.

Who hasn’t worked overtime yet?

Tina picked up the phone, took a picture of the reception, and sent it to him.

The cocktail party was very lively, delicious and beautiful, which formed a sharp contrast with Peter’s situation at this time.

After the photo was sent, Tina couldn’t help but bend her lips at the thought of Mr. Grant’s sulking look.

Soon, he sent a message again. It was an emoticon of a mournful cat. Below the emoticon was a line of small characters: “I`m fine, great.”

Tina couldn’t return, because David was here.

“Miss Weber, you are here, I thought you were gone.” David smiled and sat down beside her.

Tina smiled: “You are here too, I have to go to my agent, I lose compensation.”

How could she not see that David talked to her on purpose.

After the “My Life and Me” program was broadcast, many people knocked her and David, and he deliberately got in front of her, which is not a good thing.

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