The Warmest Romance Chapter 1029 -1030

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Chapter 1029

Recently, a wave of Yu’s group has not been leveled, and another wave has arisen. Yu Yimo is busy. If she takes advantage of this time to start with Ruan Shishi, I’m afraid Yu Yimo will never have a chance to take charge of the affairs here!

Step by step, ye Wan’er arranges her thoughts in her mind. A chill flashed through her eyes. After a circle, she walked to the side of the road again, stopped a taxi and went directly to Yu’s group.

Soon, arriving at Yu’s group president office, ye Waner walked to the door and was stopped.

“Mr. Yu has gone to the meeting. Please go to the reception hall and wait for a while.”

Stopped by the Secretary, ye Wan’er frowned and said in a cold voice, “open your eyes and see who I am? How dare you stop me

The new secretary naturally didn’t recognize her. She took a timid look at ye Wan’er and said, “I’m sorry, it’s a rule. Outsiders are not allowed to enter the president’s office.”

Recently, confidential documents have been stolen from the company. The security of the company is much stricter than before. Let alone the unfamiliar faces, even the company’s internal staff are not allowed to enter and leave the president’s office casually.

Ye Wan’er was furious when she heard that. Just now she found that the anger of the necklace was still blocked in her heart. Now she was stopped by the secretary who didn’t know what to do. Naturally, she was upset.

She said coldly, “get out of here! I’ll go in and wait! “

The Secretary smelled speech, a face embarrassed, stretched out his hand to stop her, said, “really can’t, please cooperate with my work.”

Ye Wan’er frowned angrily, and her anger welled up in her heart. Naturally, she did not care about the demeanor of any upper class socialite. She stretched out her hand and pushed the Secretary away.

The secretary was very thin and wearing high-heeled shoes. She pushed her so hard that she staggered back a few steps and almost fell down.

Ye Wan’er said in a cold voice, “I don’t know what to do!”

As soon as she finished, she felt a chill climb up her back, as if someone was staring at her. She subconsciously turned her head, who knew that it was right in front of a pair of dark eyes.

In an instant, she was tense and shocked, “silent Brother murmur

Yu Yimo’s dark pupils are full of cold light. He looks at her without a trace of warmth. After his eyes stay on her for a few seconds, he walks straight towards the office.

He strides through the door and walks in. He doesn’t give ye Wan’er any more eyes. Ye Wan’er is in a panic. She steps forward and says, “brother mo…”

Yu Yimo is indifferent. He goes to the office, turns around and looks at the people who come with him. He orders the work in an orderly way.

Ye Wan’er was put aside, neither in nor out, embarrassed to the extreme.

Half an hour later, Yu Yimo finishes his work, and his men step down one after another. There are only two of them left in the whole office. Finally, ye Wan’er can’t help it. She stands up and walks forward, “brother mo…”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and looked at her coldly, “what’s the matter?”

Ye Wan’er inhaled deeply, lowered her eyebrows, and sobbed, “what happened just now is not what you saw…”

Before she finished speaking, Yu Yimo interrupted her coldly, “what’s that like?”

This is not the first time he has encountered such a thing. How many times, at home or in the company, he will see ye Wan’er treat servants or subordinates with a bad attitude.

Chapter 1030

If it was an accident once or twice, he still believed it, but if it happened more than once, he would not believe it at all.

Ye Wan’er’s nose twitched and she couldn’t be aggrieved. “It’s the secretary who doesn’t understand. He has to drive me away…”

“Is it?” Yu Yimo frowned and his last patience was exhausted at this moment. He inhaled deeply, “is it really like what you said?”

Ye Wan’er looked at him with tears in her eyes, “brother Mo, don’t you believe me?”

Looking at her like this, Yu Yimo’s heart inexplicably gives birth to an aversion to evil. In the past, ye Wan’er was gentle and lovable, but now she’s bitter and addicted to acting.

Yu Yimo tightened his brows, forced down his discomfort and said in a cold voice, “you go back first, I want to work.”

Ye Wan’er frowned, “brother Mo, I have something else to tell you…”

Yu Yimo looked grim and said coldly, “get out.”

Ye Wan’er’s voice is full of words. Looking at Yu Yimo’s cold face, she has to give up and turn away.

The door of the room is heavily closed by a woman, which means that Yimo is standing in front of his desk with a terrible cold face.

If let him choose again, two years ago, even under great pressure, even in nominal marriage, he would not choose ye Wan’er.

At this time, there was a knock at the door. Then, Du Yue stepped in with a transparent bag in his hand and came forward with a serious face, “president, the result is coming.”

Then he handed the transparent bag to Yu Yimo and reported in a cold voice, “as you said, these three cards are not made of the same material. The first one is the same as the second one, and the third one is another.”

Yu Yimo’s eyes are fixed on the three cards in the transparent bag.

These are the cards with spider web logo that Ruan Shishi received. From the first time he received the jade, to the card when he found the dead cat in the trunk, and finally to the card he got from Song yean, there are three.

When song yean saw the card at first, he almost decided that it was Luo Jiuye who started Ruan Shishi. But later, he always felt that something was wrong. Until he found that the card was slightly different from the previous one, he asked people to check it. Unexpectedly, the final result was the same as his guess.

Several times before, it was Luo Jiuye who sent things to Ruan Shishi and threatened her, but this time it was another group who kidnapped her on Ruan Shishi’s birthday!

Who is it! Do you have to work in the name of Lord Luo?

This is the strangest part!

Yu Yimo stared at the cards on the table, depressed.

Now, what these cards can show is that there are more than one group of people hiding in the dark trying to attack Ruan Shishi, which is also the most dangerous thing!

After a long silence, he inhaled deeply, looked up at Du Yue and said, “send someone to check where Su Yucheng and his men are on Ruan Shishi’s birthday.”

Du Yue hears speech, the vision one stagnates, some hesitant openings ask a way, “president, you are to suspect Su Yucheng he…”

Yu Yimo frowned and said in a cold voice, “go and check.”

Du Yue immediately positive color, a serious response, “yes.”

Watching Du Yue leave, Yu Yimo inhales deeply and raises his hand to press the center of his eyebrows.

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