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Chapter 1459

Along the way, because Peter was deliberately cheap, he was not taunted by Tina.

But he always had a smile on his face.

It was too cold to talk to him after being so cold.

After that, Tina’s tone improved a bit. The two of them talked with each other. Although a lot of bad things have happened in the past six months, the two of them are not unfamiliar with each other. Peter often said the sentence. Tina would know what he was going to say next.

Their tacit understanding is carved into the bones by the years.

Just like their relationship.

If you have to completely withdraw from the other person’s life, you need to cut off the flesh and blood, deboning and reshape.

How painful is that?

Tina has tried it.

That is unbearable pain, and there is no way out.

Perhaps, conforming to the heart is the best way out.



Tina stopped the car, took a look outside, then turned to see Peter’s reaction.

Peter looked out the window and found that it was a bunch of incense.

The house number is a bit old, showing that it is open 24 hours a day. From the outside, it seems that it has been a few years.

“Come down.” Tina unfastened her seat belt and got out of the car first.

Peter got off the car, looked far away, and saw a few familiar and iconic lighting buildings, and then vaguely guessed: “Is the Film Academy next to it?”

“Yeah.” Tina turned her head and smiled brightly in the night.

This is the snack street behind the Rostenvel Film Academy.

The Rostenvel Film Academy is the alma mater of Tina and Alyssa.

Peter’s heart moved, and his voice softened a little: “This is my first time here.”

“Come in quickly. It’s eleven o’clock. There are few people at this time. We can choose any location.” After Tina said that Peter hadn’t moved, she urged him: “Come.”

Peter stepped forward in two steps and walked to Tina’s side. He lowered his eyes and glanced at Tina’s hand hanging beside him, which was very close to his hand.

As long as he raises his hand, he can hold it.

However, he dare not.

Tina turned and walked in, and Peter’s voice came from behind: “Can I just go in like this?”

“What’s wrong, you really think how hot you are, it’s an individual who has to chase you to see.” Tina took the opportunity to attack him again.

Peter chuckled softly: “If we were photographed while eating together, it would be a fire, right? You are not afraid?”

Tina’s face didn’t change: “Even if it is photographed, they will scold you more.”

When Peter heard her say this, he knew that she really didn’t care.

In other words, she knew that even if it was photographed, he could handle it.

Peter has today’s status in the entertainment industry, not just to talk about it.

In the later period of AdamPic, Karl basically did nothing. AdamPic grew to be what it is today. It is to Peter’s credit.

In terms of tactics, he did not lose to Karl.

It’s just that he was born in a happy and harmonious family, which is more humane than Karl, and it will also give people the illusion that he is very good to talk.

It was late, but there were still seven or eight customers in the store. They seemed to be students nearby, and no one noticed Tina and Peter.

People from the film academy often came to eat in the shop, and the boss also saw many handsome men and beautiful women. When he saw Tina, he still opened his eyes in surprise, but he quickly stopped and said, “Are you two? Go to the second floor, there is a space on the balcony on the second floor.”

Tina smiled and accepted the boss’s arrangement: “Okay.”

Chapter 1460

There are fewer guests on the second floor than on the first floor.

The lights on the terrace are a bit dim, and there is only a table in the corner.

Tina understood that the boss recognized her and Peter, and was afraid that others would recognize them, so he thoughtfully took them to the less crowded terrace.

After the two sat down, the boss asked, “What kind of pot do you want?”

The boss’s gaze swept over Tina and Peter, thinking that they probably usually go to high-end places and should rarely eat anything like skewers, and then asked: “Do you want mandarin ducks?”

“Red soup.” Tina said with a smile.

“Red soup…” the boss repeated to himself.

The boss ordered the pot for them, and asked them to take what they needed. If it is inconvenient to take, the waiter can help.

Before leaving, the boss thought of something again and looked back at Tina, “Have you been here before?”

Tina curled her lips: “I graduated from the film school next door, and I often came with friends when I went to school.”

When the boss heard her say this, he suddenly remembered: “I remember, you used to come with a girl back then, and that girl was not as pretty as you. At that time, my wife told me that you are so pretty and you are bound to be a big hit. , I was really hit by her…”

Alyssa still looked ugly when she was in college. The boss said that Alyssa was not cool and beautiful, but she was gentle.

It is also possible that it was because Tina was too beautiful at that time, Alyssa looked too ugly, and the contrast was too sharp, and was remembered by the boss.

She took food from the buffet. After the boss left, Tina took Peter to take the food.

There are few people at all, and no one notices them after taking the food.

Before returning to the dining table, the pot was already served. Tina picked out the cooking-resistant dishes and put them in the pot to cook. Then she heard the opposite Peter asking her: “You used to come often?”

“Yeah.” Tina said indifferently, still holding vegetables in his hands, “I used to come here to eat with Alyssa.”

Tina remembered the past, and smiled involuntarily: “When I was a child, I couldn’t eat spicy food, you know, afterwards, Alyssa brought me to eat more times, and I became able to eat spicy food.”

Peter lowered his eyes and responded in a low voice: “Hmm.”

In the end, there was a hint of a helpless sigh.

During the years when he was not involved, Tina had new hobbies and new eating habits with others.

Even if this person is Alyssa, he still feels jealous.

Then there was endless regret.

He regrets why he was so scared at the time.

Tina didn’t notice the change in Peter’s mood, and continued to talk about the past.

“You don’t know how too much the Adams’ family was back then. Alyssa had been working and earning money by herself when she was in college. I think she worked so hard, so she tried every means to invite her to dinner, but she was stubborn and insisted to invite her back. I picked this cheap and tasty place, which tastes quite good, so we would come often after that…”

The Hot Pot boiled, and the mist rose, Peter’s cold face was a little unclear.

The year he left, Tina was eighteen years old.

The year he came back, she was already twenty-four years old.

Twenty-four-year-old Tina graduated from college and made her debut.

During these six years, she went through the college entrance examination, went to college, graduated from college, and received the first announcement…

He did not participate in the most important and iconic events in her youth.

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