CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1457 – 1458

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Chapter 1457

Tina answered the call faster than expected.

The phone rang only twice, and she answered it.

Peter can’t remember how long it has been, and he hasn’t called Tina in such a relaxed mood.

The elevator arrived just then, and the door opened with a beep.

Peter glanced at the empty elevator and asked Tina aloud, “Where?”

“At home.” Tina’s end was indeed quiet, unlike in a lively place.

Peter took a step forward and pressed the down button of the elevator: “I am going home too.”

The elevator doors opened again.

Tina also heard the voice of the elevator: “Then hang up first.”

“It’s hanging up? Let’s talk, it’s boring to sit in the elevator alone.” Peter walked into the elevator after taking a long leg.

The elevator door closed, and his mobile phone hung up with a beep.

He stared at the hung-up cell phone, comforting himself: “It must be because there is no signal.”

Although Tina is not warm, but willing to answer his phone and talk to him calmly is also very good.

Thinking about this, he became happy again.

When he got to the underground parking lot, he hummed a song to find his car.

At this time, the underground area was mostly empty. The location of Peter’s car was easy to find, but there was a problem with the lights and the light was very dim.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at his car. He had reached out and pulled the handle of the car door. With the other hand reaching into his pocket to retrieve the car key, he found that the car key was not on him after a long time.

He remembered that he had asked Rubin to drive his car to go out to work, and the key should be at Rubin’s.

When he got down just now, Rubin didn’t even think of giving him the car key.

It seems that he is getting older and has a bad memory.

Go back and give Rubin a bonus to buy some walnuts to replenish his brain.

Rubin is very cautious, and has never made such a low-level mistake before.

Peter took out his mobile phone and prepared to call him, and ask him to send down the car keys.

Peter dialed Rubin’s phone with one hand, and was about to release the hand holding the door handle, but the door opened by itself.

Although he is an atheist, there are indeed many things in the world that cannot be explained by science.

What’s more, he saw Tina in the car.

How the hell can it be explained by science? ??

The answer is, it can’t be explained at all!

“CEO Grant?” The call was connected, and Rubin’s voice came from the phone.

Peter’s complexion gradually became serious, and his eyes fell on the face of the woman in the car, without moving an inch: “There is a ghost in the car.”

When Tina heard him, she didn’t know if she should be angry or laugh first.

“Peter, I think you should hurry up and test your IQ!” Tina glared at him, then closed the car door with a “bang”.

Rubin is someone who has seen big scenes, but he has never seen Peter be so stupid.

He is a 100% professional assistant, so he can’t laugh.

He coughed and suppressed his smile, and patiently explained to Peter: “Ms. Weber called me before when Ms. Weber came over and said that she was going to wait for you in your car, but she didn’t want to interrupt your work. I thought she was right, so I gave her the car keys. I actually wanted to tell you in my heart, but then I forgot.”

“Oh, forget it?” Peter smiled sadly: “I will ask you to settle the account tomorrow.”

After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone quickly and opened the door of the car, his tone of excitement could not be concealed: “Tina, you come down for me, I will drive.”

Chapter 1458

“Let me drive.”

Tina sat in the car without moving, fastened on her seat belt, and said slowly, “Or do you want to drive fatigued and go to the hospital for supper?”

Tina fastened his seat belt and didn’t hear any movement from Peter. He turned around and found that Peter was still standing by the car, staring at her with a smile.

Even if she laughed, her eyes still fell on her, sticky, making Tina think of the cake he had eaten at the reception before, which was sweet and greasy.

Tina was uncomfortable with him, and said fiercely, “Get in the car!”

“Okay.” Peter walked around to the passenger seat on the other side, fastened his seat belt, and asked her slowly, “Where to have supper?”

“You will know when you go.” Tina started the car without even looking at him, extremely cold.

Peter tilted his head slightly, seemingly not enough, and continued to look at her.

After Tina got down from the easy-to-dry cocktail party, she went back and changed her clothes. She had a simple shirt and trousers, but this simple combination was not so simple to wear on her.

There are two buttons on the collar of the shirt, revealing a delicate neck and a beautiful clavicle. The shirt is loosely designed and the slender arms are hidden in the sleeves, but because she is raising her hand to drive, the cuffs are retracted, revealing the wrist strap With a fragile beauty, the hem of the shirt was tucked into the waist of the trousers, showing a waist that was not full of grip.

Peter lowered his eyes and glanced at his hand, and then at the cold waist, wondering if he could hold it with one hand…

Thinking of this, some long-lasting memories came to his heart, making him a little dry.

He reached out and unbuttoned two more buttons on the collar of his shirt.

Tina turned her head and glanced at him: “Hot?”

His eyes couldn’t be more pure.

Peter only glanced at her quickly, then turned his head and looked out the window, concealing his inner nasty thoughts, and said perfunctorily: “Somewhat.”

“It’s just that you have a lot of things, hypocritical…” Tina turned on the air conditioner after complaining.

However, it is the weather at the end of May. When it is sunny, it will be a little hot at noon, but at night, the temperature will drop and the air conditioner will not be turned on.

Tina was not hot at all, and felt a little cold after turning on the air conditioner. She pursed her lips and exhaled softly.

After that, she caught a glimpse of the man on the side like she leaned over, her heart lifted up, but soon, she realized that Peter had just put his coat on her.

Tina was a little dazzling.

Putting on clothes is just a small matter, and Peter has done it many times before.

But Tina felt a long-lost touch in her heart.

Going around, they are still the same as before.

Tina blinked her eyes vigorously, without speaking.

“You’re welcome.” Peter on the side suddenly said.

“Who thanked you, do you want to be shameless?” Tina gave him a sideways glance and taunted him incidentally.

“I know you must be touched.”

Peter had a hippy smile on his face, but when he opened his mouth, his tone was a little more cautious.

He felt like he was dreaming at the moment.

Tina came to the company to wait for him and pick him up for supper.

He couldn’t even dream of this.

During the time he was with Cathy before, when he dreamed of depression, it was a nightmare.

Either Tina got married, or he got married.

But their marriage partner is not the other.

He woke up from such a nightmare, in a cold sweat.

Then, he smoked on the balcony all night and couldn’t sleep again.

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