The Warmest Romance Chapter 1047 -1048

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Chapter 1047

The door of the operating room opened and the doctor stepped out. Ruan Shishi and song yean immediately came forward and asked, “doctor, how is she?”

“The situation is not very optimistic, comminuted fracture of the leg, brain trauma, we have done treatment, the specific situation also depends on her personal recovery.”

Hearing these words, Ruan Shishi’s body was stiff and cold. He moved his lips, but he couldn’t speak.

She did not expect that the situation should be so serious!

Her nose a sour, tears uncontrollably gushed out.

At that moment, she looked at Song yean helplessly with cold body, “yean What shall we do? “

“Don’t worry, I’ll find a way.” Song yean twisted her eyebrows, raised her hand and patted her on the shoulder, “you go to the ward to see Sensen and Shasha, I’ll contact the doctor, don’t be afraid.”

After comforting Ruan Shishi and sending her back to the ward, song yean walks to the window of the hospital corridor and lights a cigarette.

Before long, a footstep came, a low voice sounded, “Sir, you’re looking for me.”

Hearing this, song yean took a puff of smoke, raised his hand to put out the light of the cigarette end directly, and turned his head, “Xiao Liu, from today on, you will stay by the side of Shishi and Sensen Shasha. No matter what, you should ensure their safety.”

Small six hears sound, complexion has no waves of nod, “is.”

The next second, the man’s cold voice rang out, “in addition, I also want you to investigate, what happened today, who is responsible for it!”

“Yes, sir.”

Liu left, song yean stood in front of the window, a change in the past warm eyebrows, eye bottom revealed a bit of cold light, deep and unpredictable.

The person he cared about most was stabbing him with a knife. He endured it again and again. This time, he would never swallow it again.

Last time Ruan Shishi was kidnapped on his birthday, Yu Yimo said he would go to investigate, but he waited for so many days without waiting for half a reply. This time, he won’t bear it any more.

This time, once he finds out the truth, no matter who the other party is, he will not leave any more feelings!

On a rocky beach near the seaside in the suburb of Jiangzhou, there is a car. The door is wide open. Not far away, ye Wan’er is bending over and vomiting.

Just now, when she ran all the way from the museum, her stomach turned upside down and she couldn’t help vomiting as soon as she got out of the car.

Just then, the driver’s door opened and huochuan stepped down.

He took out his handkerchief, handed it to ye Wan’er and said, “Miss, I’ve wronged you.”

Hearing this, ye Wan’er raised her hand and waved it away. She said angrily, “go away!”

At that time, after she ran into song yun’an at the entrance of the museum, she ran away. She wanted to go home, but Huo Chuan stopped her. He got on the car, pushed her to the back compartment, and drove all the way to the place where there was no shit.

She would have scolded him if it hadn’t been for vomiting.

Huo Chuan was not angry. He put the handkerchief on the stone beside her and said, “Miss, do you want to drive this car back to Ye’s house? You ran into song yean’s sister. Do you think he would let you go easily? “

Ye Wan’er, who is patting her chest, turns white.

Huo Chuan said in a deep voice, “if you drive this car back to Ye’s home, it’s like you don’t have to admit it to yourself. With song yun’an’s ability, you can find you all the way along the monitoring of Jiangzhou today. Think about it.”

Chapter 1048

His words, said Ye Wan’er face a tight, immediately speechless.

A moment later, she looked up at Huo Chuan. “That’s why you brought me here?”

Huo Chuan nodded slightly, “well, the only thing you do right is that you don’t drive your own car.”

In this way, as long as the car is discarded, even if they follow the license plate number to find the owner, they will not be found.

Ye Wan’er was tight and asked, “what about the surveillance video along the way?”

Huo Chuan said in a low voice, “don’t worry, leave it to me.”

With that, he turned to look at the car, “now is to clean up the car, your fingerprints, hair, all the things that can be forensics, should be cleared.”

Ye Wan’er was so happy that she asked, “am I safe in this way?”

Driving into someone is not in her plan at all. Her behavior just now was just because she was too impulsive and stepped on the accelerator for a moment.

Now that something has happened, song yun’an’s situation is still unknown. If it is really serious, song ye’an will definitely pursue it to the end. Now that she calms down, she realizes how stupid her behavior was!

Huo Chuan shook his head. “It’s not that simple.”

In an instant, ye Wan’er’s heart pulled up. She subconsciously stretched out her hand, held his hand, and said helplessly, “Huo Chuan, what should I do? I don’t want to go to jail! “

Five years ago, Huo Chuan went to prison for her. Five years later, she made a mistake again. What should she do this time? If she is found, song yean will definitely sue her for intentional wounding!

Huo Chuan wring his brow, “Miss, I told you long ago, can’t be too impulsive.”

Ye Wan’er got up, grasped Huo Chuan’s arm and promised, “I won’t be impulsive. From now on, I will listen to you, Huo Chuan! You have to help me! You have to help me

Huo Chuan heard the speech, but he didn’t speak for a long time.

The more silent he was, the more scared ye Wan’er was. In the end, her tears fell down and she cried with tears. “Huo Chuan, now I have only you around me…”

A moment later, Huo Chuan finally let go, “Miss, I will help you, but from now on, you must listen to me.”

How many times, because ye Wan’er himself impulsive, and how many wrong way, pay how much price, he clearly remember.

Ye Wan’er nodded, “OK, OK, I’ll listen to you!”

Huo Chuan smell speech, nodded, turned to look at the car, “I go to clean up the car, you wait for me, finished, we leave here.”

At present, the first thing to do is to get rid of Ye Wan’er, and then talk about the rest.

Central Hospital, song yean pushed all the work, keep in Song Yunan side.

Song Yunan has been transferred to the intensive care unit with an oxygen mask on his face and surrounded by cold machines.

Through the transparent glass, song yean looks at the pale person lying on the bed, and his heart is melancholy.

He didn’t tell his parents about it. Even his sister couldn’t be well protected. He didn’t have the face to face them.

“Good night.” Ruan Shishi came out of the next ward, looking at the man’s back, a melancholy emerged in her heart.

Song yean looked back at her and asked, “hmm? How’s Sam doing? “

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