CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1467 – 1468

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Chapter 1467

Because of meeting Cathy, Tina’s good mood all morning was gone.

Although she didn’t sleep well last night, she was still in a good mood. She wanted to cook a few meals after shopping for food items, but now she has no thoughts.

Cathy followed her to the food market early in the morning, indicating that she may have been squatting at the small door.

Tina had never thought of breaking her head, but Cathy would come to her and ask her to help.

On the way back, she thought about it and became annoyed.

But Peter sent her a WeChat message at this moment, which was a good morning k!ss and k!ss emoticon.

Tina was in a bad mood, thinking that everything was made by the man Peter, it was inevitable to get angry, so when she waited for the green light, she replied to Peter with a “kick and fly” emoticon.

As soon as the emoticon was sent out, Peter showed that he was typing.

His message came quickly: “Woke up so early?”

Tina drove the car and didn’t reply.

Along the way, she was thinking about Cathy.

From Cathy’s reaction today, it seems that she is already a little bit paranoid, she won’t let it go, and will definitely continue to squat at the gate of the community.

When Tina drove the car in from the entrance of the parking lot of the community, she saw from the rearview mirror that a taxi came slowly and stopped beside the road outside the community.

Tina slowed down and took another look, just in time to see the taxi window lowered, revealing Cathy’s face.

Cathy followed her all the way.

Tina frowned slightly, she knew that Cathy would not give up like this.

She did not give extra sight to her, and drove the car straight into the garage.

In the taxi.

Cathy watched Tina drive the car in, still staring at the garage entrance.

The taxi driver felt that Cathy looked a little abnormal, and asked cautiously: “Miss, won’t you get out of the car?”

Cathy looked at the driver with a disdainful look: “You don’t care if I get off the car? Do you think I can’t afford to pay? Even if you use the meter, your monthly salary is not enough for me to buy a bag!”

The driver’s complexion changed, but the money delivered to the door was not made for nothing, and he turned his head and said nothing.

After a while, Cathy took out her cell phone.

After the marketing account revealed that she was not pregnant with Peter’s child, she was terminated by AdamPic, the agent assistant was gone, and Peter never saw her again.

She tried every means but couldn’t see him.

She couldn’t get through the phone a long time ago. don’t know if Peter blocked her or just changed the phone number.

However, she still has Rubin’s number.

She dialed Rubin’s phone.

She called with a new number, and Rubin answered the call soon.

“Hello, hello.”

“Rubin, there is a sentence for you to tell Peter, if he keeps not seeing me, I will go to Tina and look for her every day.”

Cathy didn’t give Rubin a chance to react, so she hung up after speaking.

After hanging up, she looked at the driver in front: “Let’s go.”


Peter lay on the bed and stared at the phone.

The screen of the mobile phone showed the interface for chatting with Tina’s WeChat. Before Tina sent him a kicking emoji and ignored him.

Are you falling asleep again?

He kept staring at the phone screen for fear of missing the text.

But instead of waiting for her WeChat, he waited for Rubin’s call first.

Peter didn’t want to answer the phone, which affected him to wait for the WeChat message.

But thinking that Rubin usually doesn’t make calls early in the morning, he must only call when something is wrong, so he answered the phone.

Chapter 1468

What’s the matter?”

Peter was still lying on the bed, lazily asking Rubin.

Rubin said: “Just now, Cathy called me.”

Hearing Cathy’s name, Peter couldn’t help showing a look of disgust on his face, and slowly sat up from the bed: “Is it necessary to call me for this kind of thing?”

Rubin paused and said, “Cathy said, if you don’t see her, she will go to Miss Weber, every day.”

Rubin relayed Cathy’s original words to Peter.

The phone became quiet, so quiet that one could hear the breath of the other side.

Based on Rubin’s familiarity with Peter, he knew that Peter was angry.

Peter doesn’t look at the usual way of talking, when he is really angry, it is really scary.

It was early summer, but Rubin felt a bit cold in his back.

He did not continue to wait for Peter’s response: “My daughter woke up, I will make her milk powder.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone, for fear that Mr. Grant would become so angry that he would also burn him.

This Cathy is stupid and bad, and is completely seeking death on her own.

Others didn’t understand, but Rubin knew that Peter didn’t kill Cathy completely, just because Cathy looked a bit desolate.

Therefore, Peter still gave her a chance, but he couldn’t prevent the woman from committing suicide.

Peter took the phone from his ear, and the phone vibrated at this moment, prompting a new text message.

It was a text message sent by Rubin and sent Cathy’s number to Peter.

Peter disliked Cathy very much, and blocked all the mobile phone numbers he used before. Naturally, it was impossible to have Cathy’s phone number, let alone remember.

Rubin knew about Peter, so he sent a phone number.

Peter glanced at the number, leaned lazily on the bed, lowered his eyebrows, and his expression was cold.

The number was dialed, and it was picked up after a while.

“Who?” Cathy’s voice came from the phone.

Peter’s tone didn’t make any waves: “I heard you want to see me.”

“Peter?” Cathy was surprised: “Peter, you are finally willing to contact me, listen to me…”

“I will fulfill your wish.” Peter didn’t come to listen to her nonsense, but interrupted her directly: “Ten o’clock, Best Day.”

After talking about the time and address, he hung up.

Then he logged into WeChat again and found that Tina still did not reply to him.

About to throw the phone aside, Tina sent a message: “I was driving just now.”

Peter asked, “Where can you go out so early?”

Tina took pictures of the vegetables she bought and sent over.

Peter: “Wow, our family Tina actually buys food from the menu, it’s great, right?”

Tina sent a voice over, and the time was only two seconds.

When he clicked on it, he heard Tina’s disgusting voice: “Insane.”

He couldn’t help but grin, and after another sentence with Tina, he packed up and went out.

It was around eight o’clock when he went out, and it was around nine o’clock in Best Day.

After eating breakfast and watching a few more news items, it was ten o’clock.

At ten o’clock, the waiter knocked on the door: “Mr. Grant, the person you have arranged has arrived.

Peter didn’t move his gaze at all from the phone, and said casually, “Come in.”

The box door was pushed open, and Cathy walked in. After seeing that the person sitting in the box was really Peter, all the worries on her face disappeared, and she walked towards him ecstatically.

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