CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1469 – 1470

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Chapter 1469

“Peter, you are finally willing to see me.” Cathy walked over with a smile on her face and wanted to sit next to him.

However, before she approached, Peter took a step ahead of her and kicked the chair beside him.

The smile on Cathy’s face froze for an instant, fear flashed in her eyes, and cautiously said, “Peter, what’s the matter with you? Why suddenly…”

Peter just put the phone aside, turned his head to look at Cathy, then pointed to the opposite chair, and motioned for her to sit on the opposite side.

Cathy was reluctant.

How good Peter was to her before, but now suddenly like this, it’s like a personal change, and it’s chilling.

Cathy is no stranger to Peter who is so cold.

Before she told him about her pregnancy, Peter treated her like this.

Even if he is smiling and talking to people, the pride and nobleness exuding from his bones always make people feel like being watched, so they don’t dare to be presumptuous.

And at this moment Peter gave Cathy this feeling.

No matter how reluctant, Cathy didn’t dare to disobey Peter, and didn’t dare to sit next to him anymore, so he could only sit down to the opposite side of Peter.

After Cathy sat down, he was much more honest than before. She said, “Peter, I am so happy to see you again.”

Peter leaned back in his chair and looked at her. There was no expression on his face and no emotion in his eyes. Obviously, he did not touch her words.

Not only did he not touch the slightest, but the corners of his lips pressed slightly, also revealed his impatience and disgust.

“You go to Tina.” Peter did not question her, but a very calm statement.

Cathy couldn’t touch Peter’s thoughts at all, but she still quibbles: “I just want to see you, you know, I love you so much, don’t you love me too?”

Peter twitched the corners of his lower lip, and his expression became more and more deserted: “Who gave you the courage to find Tina? Huh?”

Cathy was taken aback: “Are you blaming me for looking for Tina? If I don’t look for her…”

At this moment, there was a knock on the door outside, interrupting Cathy.

She frowned. Why did an ignorant waiter knock on the door? She still had a lot to say to Peter.

The people outside knocked twice and opened the door directly. Cathy saw the waiter standing at the door at a glance.

Before Peter said anything, she scolded the waiter: “What are you doing? Are there any rules? Did you see that Peter and I were talking?”

The waiter glanced at Cathy, then turned around and asked Peter: “Here is someone, can they come in directly?”

Peter nodded.

Cathy frowned, why did he even date someone else?

Isn’t it Tina?

The waiter said to the people outside: “Go in.”

Then someone came in from outside.

When she saw the person’s appearance, Cathy’s eyes widened, shocked and panicked, and her voice trembled: “Why are you…”

It was a man who came in, his face was a little haggard, and his face was normal. He looked at Cathy and grinned: “Cathy, long time no see.”

Cathy turned her head and glanced at Peter, and hurriedly denied: “I don’t know you! Don’t bark.”

“Henry.” Peter suddenly said, taking out a kraft paper bag from somewhere and threw it on the table.

The man who was still looking at Cathy at first heard Peter calling him by his name, and quickly walked over: “Mr. Grant, this is for me? What is it?”

Chapter 1470

Peter didn’t speak, but glanced at Henry and motioned to him to open it by himself.

Henry smiled flatteringly, rubbed his hands and opened the kraft paper bag.

Henry had no expression at all, but when he watched, his complexion changed, as if he couldn’t believe it. He watched and watched, then turned his head to look at Cathy.

Cathy was sitting, and Henry stood by Peter looking at the documents-like things taken out of the brown paper bag. From her perspective, she couldn’t see the contents of the paper at all.

However, Henry glanced at her, and suddenly gave her a bad feeling.

He sees what she does!

After a long while, he finished reading, but he was a little uncertain about Peter, and tentatively said, “Mr. Grant, you…”

“I’m also pitiful for the innocent child. It can’t be born without a father.” Peter curled his lips, smiling pleasantly.

When Henry heard the words, the smile on his face increased: “Mr. Grant, you are really kind.”

“What kid? What are you talking about?” Cathy had already noticed something, Peter’s pleasant smile looked in her eyes, like a signal to death, making her extremely scared, and her whole body was shaking.

Peter said quietly: “You and Henry are together…”

Having said that, he paused for a while, calculated the time quite seriously, and then continued: “From the time you graduated from high school, you have been together for four years. You must have a deep relationship. Now that you being pregnant with his child, you are together.”

Peter’s words were extremely mild, but Cathy felt cold all over, and she shook her head hurriedly: “It’s not like this, you can’t treat me like this…”

The “together” that Peter said is naturally impossible to be together and fall in love, but Cathy was taken up by Henry.

Henry’s financial background was very good a few days ago. He has been a small opener in the industry. He has a good vision and makes money easy. Although he is married, he secretly raises a female college student. It’s easy.

Cathy was young and charming. Henry liked her, so he kept her for four years. It was not until Cathy graduated and signed to AdamPic that the relationship was gradually broken.

However, the two met at dinner some time ago, and the relationship rekindled for a while, and they got together again, and then she became pregnant.

At that time, Cathy only wanted to hook up with Peter, so she told a big lie.

In fact, these incidents of Cathy are not difficult to find, Rubin helped Peter find out early, but they have never been used.

Henry is not a good thing either. Some time ago, the investment failed, and the money earned like floods was naturally poured out like floods, losing his fortune.

And his wife also knew that he had been raising a mistress outside the past few years, and divorced him, but his wife was a ruthless person, not only divorced him, but also caused Henry to be beaten.

Playing so hard that there is no way to have children in this life.

So if Henry knew that Cathy was pregnant with his child, how could he not want her?

After all, Henry and his wife did not have children before, and both of them were very playful, so they did not have children so early.

In this way, Cathy couldn’t escape.

If it hadn’t been for Cathy to find Tina recklessly, Peter wouldn’t have planned to care about her anymore.

It was she herself who wanted to die.

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