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Chapter 509

She asked him, innocently suspicious in her immature voice.

It should be painful, right?

Burton Liam on the side was startled for a second, then pulled his lips and smiled faintly.

The little guy is worried about him? What a strange feeling!

Is she worried that his heart is hurting, or is she worried that his heart is hurting for other women?

For a moment, he couldn’t help laughing out loud, he felt that the second kind of worry should belong to this little woman’s normal thinking!

He raised his hand, gently clasped Amelia’s cold little hand, and put it on his hot chest to warm her.

Then he turned sideways.

He propped up her head with one hand and fixedly stared at the little guy on one side, with a slightly complicated look in his smiling eyes.

He didn’t speak, just kept watching.

It seems that he wants to see through the little woman next to him.

Finally, Amelia on the side seemed to be a little panicked by him…

She tilted her head and looked at him, “What’s the matter?”

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows, his gaze jumped up with teasing, “You eavesdropped on me and Emily?”

Didn’t she even overheard the phrase “I’m in love with Amelia”?

“No…” Amelia shook her head, denying, with a firm attitude.

“I’m just sitting in the corridor looking at the scenery, it’s because you speak too loudly!” She was confident.

Very outsiders put the responsibility perfectly on the parties.

“Looking at the scenery?” Burton Liam probed his hand and squeezed her pretty little nose in a petting manner.

“Don’t tell me, you think the furniture in the hall can also make up a beautiful landscape painting!”

The little guy has such a leisurely sentiment, he doesn’t believe it when he is killed!

“No!” Amelia vetoed his intentions without hesitation, then, after a pause, she cast a deep glance at the man above.

“But… I think that hard furniture with two tightly bonded people makes it look special! What do you think?”

Liam’s eyebrow raised slightly.

After a long time, he smiled wickedly and stared at the little woman under him with narrow eyes.

Examining her seriously, “Hey, are you jealous, little guy?”

With a low and soft voice with a charm, he asked her teasingly.

Amelia didn’t bother to pay attention to him, curled her lips, and complained, “Why to hug so tightly!”

Don’t think she didn’t see it!

With that strength, she can observe very clearly.

It’s so tight as if he wants to embed that woman alive in his body, huh! Can she not be angry?

He pulled his lips and smiled softly.

Lowered his head, kissed her delicate pink lips, faintly.

That kind of hug is simply based on touch and heartache…

“Hey! Burton Liam, you can’t foul, you can touch me only after three years, okay?” Amelia protested his kiss.

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows, glanced at her, and snorted coldly, “Who told you to get into my quilt first!”

Besides, she has done more to him! He was just trying to even out!

Thinking of this, Burton Liam shuddered suddenly, glanced at the little guy next to him in a panic, raised his hand, knocked her head hard, what else was thinking! At this time, thinking about those ambiguous things, isn’t she asking for trouble? Moron!

“Then I will go back to sleep in my quilt!! Bye-bye…” Amelia got up and got ready to get out of bed.

Returning to his senses, Burton Liam had quick eyes and quick hands, raised his long arms, and involuntarily grabbed Amelia’s small waist which was not gripped. The next moment, he once again arrogantly stuffed her into his gentle embrace.

“Hey! Who allowed you to leave!!?” Burton Liam approached her and asked her with a cold face deliberately.

The warm breath splashed on Amelia’s sensitive ears intentionally or unintentionally, causing Amelia to tickle.

“Burton Liam, you are so overbearing!” Amelia pursed her lips to accuse him, but the eyes that looked at him were full of happiness.

This man is born with a temperament that makes her indulge and fall…

She thought, probably, this is love!

Very happy, very happy!!!

Long time…

The little hand rubbed restlessly in his arms, and her voice became a little fuzzy and haunted.

“Liam, you said you love me!” She murmured, asking the man who seemed to be asleep under her.

“Well, I…love you…” Below her, he held her little hand very tightly.

The dumb voice murmured, he seemed to have entered a deep sleep.

The questions were answered smoothly as if muttering in a dream.

On her delicate face, she pushed up a sweet smile, closed her eyes, and fell asleep happily.

This night, Burton Liam hugged her and said…I love you!!!

A crystal clear teardrop slid down the corner of Amelia’s beautiful eyes…

Falling on his warm chest, her heart trembled for a second.

Then, opened his eyes, looked down, and looked at the happy little guy in his arms.

Probing his hands, carefully wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, his fingertips were full of petting and distress.

The long arms clung to her waist tightly, the sex-sense thin lips approached her ears, and he whispered, “You can’t just shed tears in the future…”

The sound is very light and light…

But like a magic sound, it pierced through the eardrums, and it penetrated the deepest part of Amelia’s heart.

Amelia smiled, laughing very deeply…

Finally, this time God is willing to try to love her!

This feeling is so good!!!

Nora Old House

In the study, there is still that strong and retro book fragrance.

Burton Liam’s memory of the old house is very vague, but he remembers the smell of grandma’s study very deeply.

This is a very majestic taste.

One, the taste of the entire Burton family!!!

Too depressing, too dull, and too serious to allow him to forget.

“Cancel the engagement?” Finally, the old lady from the French window spoke.

Without a wave of questioning, Burton Liam’s thoughts were drawn back.

“Yes…” Burton Liam nodded, a simple word, but he was very affirmative.

A low chuckle fell into his ears, full of ridicule.

Quite a while…

The old lady turned her head and looked at him.

If Burton Liam is not mistaken, those vicissitudes of life are filled with smiles!

It is a cheerful smile, a retaliatory smile!!!

Suddenly, a heart tightened fiercely, inexplicably, a little painful.

However, he can’t tell why.

“She, fell in love with you?” The old lady continued.

It seems that she is very interested in this answer.

Liam’s dark blue eyes contracted unconsciously.

He seemed to understand where the smile in grandma’s eyes came from…

Come from, the little guy’s love for him!!!

That’s it…

He realized afterward!!!

“Grandma, I fell in love with her!” He, very sure, answered her firmly.

“Really?” Mrs. Burton smiled, “It’s all the same!”

“The most extreme pain in this world comes from three emotions, Liam, this time you did a good job!” The old lady praised her grandson with a deep smile.

“Grandma, I think you have misunderstood what I mean!”

Liam’s eyebrows frowned slightly, he hated this feeling!!!

Going around in a circle made him hate it!

However, he also understood an important point. In the eyes of the gray-haired old lady in front of him, he was just a pawn to avenge the little guy!

No wonder she knew that Emily was his girlfriend, but she agreed to her and his brother’s wedding!!!

This kind of relationship is ridiculous!!!

“What do you mean?” The old lady turned sideways, staring at him, with obvious sarcasm in her smile.

She thought that in this big family, there was always only the meaning of “the old lady”!!!

“Liam, go back and start preparing for this wedding! You don’t have to worry about other things!!” The old lady smiled deeply and gave the order to evict the guests.

Liam was taken aback for a moment.

It’s a long time…

He shook his head and chuckled leisurely.

“Grandma, a wedding without a groom should be considered the most exciting entertainment headline?”

Burton Liam leaned back on the desk lazily, curled his lips, and smiled wickedly.

“Probably, Nora can’t afford to lose this face, right?”

Even if the Burton family really can afford this person, Blair won’t let him go, right?

The rickety body in front of the window froze for half a second.

“Do you think you have a chance to escape at the wedding?” Mrs. Burton asked her with a smile.

Burton Liam turned sideways, took out a cigarette, and lit it.

After taking a mouthful and spitting out a faint mouthful, he still maintained a leisurely and confidently said: “Grandma, if you don’t believe me, you can try it!”

He doesn’t mind playing an exciting peekaboo game with them at all!

“I don’t believe it!” The old lady replied softly, her inattentive tone full of strong self-confidence, and the simple three words were almost insulting.

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled.

Then, turning his head, calmly and gracefully squeezed out only a puff of smoke in his hand, the calm tone was gentle and powerful, but it seemed to have aloofness, “Believe it or not, that’s your business!”

It has nothing to do with him!

After a long time, there was no answer from the opposite old lady.

He straightened up and said: “Grandma, since there is nothing else, I won’t bother you!”

Bowed politely, ready to leave.

“Are you not afraid of what the little girl will have?”

He just raised his steps, and suddenly, the old lady in front of the French window spoke again.

In the old voice, there was extreme confidence and pride.

The steps under Liam’s feet stopped, and his strong back stiffened.

Quite a while…

With a dull smile, “I see! Grandma, don’t bother you, I will take care of her!”

Without hesitation, he left the study door, only the old lady in front of the French windows.

The teacup in her hand is already cold.

Between the vicissitudes of life, there was a terrifying whiteness glowing!

No one has ever dared to disobey her orders!!! He, Liam even more so!!!

“Hey! You are so anxious to find me to come home, what is the important thing?”

A mellow and charming male voice sounded in Burton Liam’s study, with a hint of teasing.

“Come here!” Burton Liam didn’t feel astonished at the sudden appearance of this man.

He was the top international lawyer he had rushed to find, Brook Mike, and he was also the best buddy of the university at the same time.

Specializing in divorce cases, the average, no matter how difficult it is, seems very easy in his hands.

“Master Burton, are you looking for me because you are thinking about divorcing Miss Allen Emily?” Brook Mike approached the desk and teased him.

Burton Liam raised his eyes and glanced deeply at the opposite man.

Chapter 510

It seems that this guy still has an obsession with Emily, otherwise, how could he not even know the news of Emily’s marriage? Except for deliberately avoiding news of her, right?

Tossed a book of materials in front of him, “You look at this first, right?”

Brook Mike leisurely picked up the information on the table, “Oh! Emily wants to get a divorce! Hey, buddy is not interesting enough! Don’t notify me if you get married!”

There was a bit of sourness in the laughter’s voice.

Burton Liam didn’t bother to talk to him, but just let him look down.

“Burton Lucas?” Finally, Brook Mike seemed to have discovered the problem, “How could he be your brother?”

“En!” Burton Liam nodded, “Look at how big the lawsuit is!”

“Domestic violence?” Brook Mike’s fingers were getting tighter and tighter, and his anger kept burning in his eyes.

In the next moment, he threw the information in his hand heavily on the sofa chair, “Don’t read it! Just tell me!”

The more he looks, the more upset!

“I think it would be better for you to find Emily to find out the specific situation first!” Burton Liam said truthfully, there are still too many questions he doesn’t understand.

He is just a third party!

“Also!” Brook Mike nodded knowingly, “Then I will go look for her directly!” Brook Mike was about to leave after speaking.

“Wait…” Liam called him, “I have other things to look for you!”

Burton Liam’s face suddenly darkened a bit.

The look seemed a bit solemn.

“What’s wrong?” Brook Mike also seemed to have discovered the seriousness of the matter.

“Is there any way to kill someone without committing a crime?” Lawyers generally understand this kind of problem best!

“Are you going to kill?” Brook Mike stared at Burton Liam in shock and whispered out of control.

Burton Liam glanced at him angrily, shook his head, and said, “I’m afraid someone will deliberately murder the little guy!”

When Brook Mike saw him shaking his head, he finally settled.

It’s not that he kills! But…

“Little guy?” Brook Mike was a little surprised, “Couldn’t it be the one Ball Madison said…that cutie named Amelia?”

“En…” Burton Liam mumbled to him, really having to sigh Ball Madison’s big speaker.

“Hey! Buddy, okay, you can soak her in your hands! How does she taste? Does she taste fresh and tender?” Brook Mike asked him with a look of mi-mi.

Burton Liam looked down and stared at him uncomfortably, “You don’t think about those impure things anymore, she is only fifteen years old!”

“What’s the matter with fifteen years old? Hey! You don’t know that the little kids in the kindergarten have ‘strange uncles’ visiting!” Brook Mike said self-consciously, still smugly.

Because he was too strong, he ignored the strangeness of Liam here.

The strange uncle of the kindergarten…


“That’s right! You guy has always been accustomed to eating vegetarian food!” Brook Mike made fun of him again about him and Allen Emily.

With the sound of “pop,” a thick book slammed on him.

“Damn it! You want to murder!” Brook Mike cursed at Burton Liam who threw the book opposite.

“Tell me business! Is there anyway!”

“Yes!” Brook Mike answered him affirmatively.

He almost forgot important things!

“Is there a murder that is not a crime?” Burton Liam’s expression tightened a bit.

Brook Mike shook his head, “Murder is illegal! But if it is accidental casualties, it’s a different matter!”

“Accidental casualties?” Burton Liam was a little shocked.

“En!” Brook Mike nodded and carefully analyzed: “In short, accidental casualties refer to non-human accidents. In this case, the general law cannot be held accountable! For example, a person driving on the road, suddenly, his eyes were blinded by the reflection of the surrounding mirrors, which resulted in a car accident and death! So, this is an obvious accidental casualty, but if the reflective object was deliberately arranged, by mastering the shift of the sun to create this accidental car accident, then you will never be able to pursue its legal responsibility!

Brook Mike shrugged, such things, they are already considered strange!

“That is, deliberate accidental casualties?” Suddenly, Burton Liam’s expression became serious.

No wonder…

No wonder grandma’s attitude can be so determined!

“What’s the matter? Your face is so ugly! Does anyone want to murder your little guy?” Brook Mike asked worriedly.

The sharp outline of Liam became colder and colder.

He moved his body back tiredly, put a cigarette on the back of the chair, and lit it.

After taking a few sips, a faint white smoke came out of his mouth, with a worried look.

It seems that this time he underestimated his superior grandma!

“My grandma wants to use the little guy’s life to negotiate terms with me!” For a while, Burton Liam opened his lips slightly, and his voice was extremely dull.

He, it is impossible to take the life of a little thing to make a bet!

“Your grandma? Mrs. Burton?!” Brook Mike glanced compassionately at Burton Liam on the opposite sofa, “The old guy is the hardest to deal with!” Brook Mike said truthfully.

“This kind of person has almost no dead spots. If you want her to give in, you must first find a breakthrough for her to give in!”

Achilles’ heel?

Burton Liam on the sofa was startled suddenly, and a flash of sparkle flashed through the gloomy blue pupils.

Just returned a cold handsome face, suddenly seemed a little clear.

“Sure enough, it’s okay to ask a barrister like you to come back and help!” The lawyer’s thinking is always more rigorous than ordinary people’s thinking, and he is always thinking of finding a breakthrough to solve the problem!

Since peaceful meetings are not enough, it can only be head-on!

“Hey! Have you found the old guy’s death hole?” Brook Mike asked curiously, his face suddenly improved.

“Hehehehe…” A series of strange laughter interrupted Brook Mike’s questioning.

“Wow-no?” Brook Mike couldn’t believe that this man would change his old style and habits and use this kind of nonsensical silly laugh.

Looking at the soft smile on the corner of his lips, he came over clearly, “Nice!”

He trembled exaggeratedly, making fun of him sourly.

Burton Liam didn’t say a word but just glanced at Brook Mike, who said that the grapes were sour when he couldn’t eat the grapes, and then looked at the caller ID of the phone. It was the little guy who called.

Suddenly, the cold contour line that had just returned was softened a bit.

Picked up the phone and pressed the answer button.

“Hey!” A nice voice rang gladly here.

“Hello! Are you Mr. Burton, Ms. Amelia’s family member?” Suddenly, there was a very normal question from the other party.

Here, he couldn’t help but wink his eyebrows, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Yes! Excuse me, are you?” The answering voice became low for a few moments.

Perceiving Burton Liam’s abnormality, Brook Mike couldn’t help but tilt his head and glanced at him.

It seems something happened…

“Hello, Mr. Burton, this is the National Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Miss Amelia had some accident just now. Could you please come here first?”


Liam froze suddenly while holding the big palm of the phone.

“Is she seriously injured?”

The deep voice seemed to tremble a bit, and the biting words were heavy and heavy.

Worries and distress flowed out without concealment…

“Mr. Burton, Miss Amelia suffered a little injury because she was hit on her head by glass fragments, but you don’t need to worry too much. We have stopped the bleeding and sterilized her. Could you please come here as soon as possible, please?” The voice and attitude of the nurse are always so gentle.

Shards of glass hit the head?

His heart slammed hard.

After hanging up the phone, there was no time to say hello to Brook Mike in the house, so he rushed out and went to the hospital.

In the corridors of the hospital, it was a little frighteningly cold.

It was filled with a strong smell of chlorine, a bit pungent.

It runs through his cold and silent surroundings, like the smell of disgusting corpse water… ghastly!

He doesn’t know why, for the first time he has such a strong sense of rejection of the hospital.

There is also a somewhat inexplicable sense of fear!

Hand, on the doorknob…

After a while, unscrew it.

The gloomy blue pupil shrank for a while, and his eyebrows trembled.

The heart pierced as if it had been pierced hard by something.

On the hospital bed, there was a figure that he couldn’t be more familiar with…

It’s just… that cute curly hair like a doll was tightly bound up by the white gauze.

The whole head showed only a pale little face.

Even, there are still some sporadic scars on the white face…

The pale gauze was already stained with blood, with a terrifying thorn red!

He, approach her…

The steps under his feet are a bit solemn, like pouring lead.

The big cold palm covered her injured face, carefully rubbing her white tender skin.

The deep blue pupils are full of pity and intolerance.

She should be in pain, right?

She is so young, but she has to endure so much pain!

Just because, did she fall in love with him?!

His heart hurts as if it is about to suffocate…

He lied to her pale face, lowered his head, and gently kissed her almost pale pink lips.

In the action, it was full of pity and regret.

How could he be willing to let his little guy bear the pain that shouldn’t belong to her!

“Burton Liam, you kissed me secretly again!” A sweet little voice suddenly sounded, pouting her lips, accusing him of his evil deeds mercilessly.

Amelia widened her pupils and stared at the exquisitely enlarged face.

He couldn’t help but sigh…

So lovely!!!

“No idea! You pretend to be asleep every time!” Liam raised his head and accused her with a smile.

“Why! Did you kiss your sleeping beauty, OK?” Amelia coquettishly retorted his accusation.

Your sleeping beauty…

Five beautiful words!!!

The five simple words deeply affected his heart.

Heart, so sweet and sweet…

But it was a bit painful.

But, he knows how to hide his heart…

He doesn’t want to make the happy little guy in bed thinking too much, and doesn’t want her to worry!

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