The Warmest Romance Chapter 1055 -1056

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Chapter 1055

For a moment, the scene is more chaotic, the media beside the crazy shutter, record all the pictures at this moment!

Now in Ye’s ribbon cutting ceremony, such a big story has been revealed, which can be said to be full of heat!

Ye Feng Peng Qi’s body trembles, cold drinks a way, “nonsense! Get this crazy woman out of here! Or call the police! “

Two security guards rushed up, one left and one right, trying to hold the woman down. The woman kept struggling. Red eyes reached out and pointed to ye Fengpeng, “ye Fengpeng! You have no heart! You ye family, there is not a good thing! “

Then she pointed to the stunned ye Wan’er, “and you, ye Wan’er! How many people did ye family harm! I don’t know! Those evil spirits will come to you! Those other people’s pain, will eventually turn to your head! There is a samsara in the way of heaven, one report for another! “

Two security guards pressed her arm and dragged her away. The woman’s voice was sharp and twisted, with a sense of sadness and desolation, straight through the heart.

Ye Wan’er stood there, stiff, completely cold at that moment, his face as white as paper, without any color.

Standing in the outer ring, wearing a black dress, Ruan Shishi had a panoramic view of her reaction.

Sure enough, ye Wan’er was afraid.

If there is no ghost in her heart, how can she be afraid to be like this?

She had overheard that ye Zeyu had been killed in a car before, and then she used her power to cover it. Three days ago, she suddenly remembered this and asked song yean to send someone to find the relatives of the dead, specially arranging for her to make such a scene at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

One is to test ye Wan’er, and the other is to teach her a lesson. Even if the accident has nothing to do with ye Wan’er, it can be regarded as an export.

But now, looking at ye Wan’er’s face, it’s not so simple. She’s almost sure that the accident has something to do with her!

Thinking of this, Ruan Shishi’s heart was blocked, and she could not help but clench her fist.

At this time, I felt that a line of sight beside her was casting towards her. Ruan Shishi frowned slightly and raised her head just to meet the man’s deep eyes.

Yu Yimo crosses the crowd and looks straight at her. Their eyes meet in mid air, which is very complicated.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, pretended to be calm, looked away, and walked to the side.

Because of the farce just now, there was some confusion at the scene. Ye Fengpeng’s face was even more green and frightening. The security guards went out to maintain the order at the scene, but the faces of other guests at the scene were different.

In the ribbon cutting ceremony of their own brand, such a thing happened. No one would lose face.

Ye Fengpeng picked up the microphone next to him, laughed awkwardly twice, apologized and said, “sorry, let you see the joke…”

Ye Wan’er stood aside, still in a state of confusion. What the woman said just now was still hovering in her ears. “The way of heaven has reincarnation, one report for another!”

Thinking of the car accident a few days ago, she was inexplicably afraid. She had asked her subordinates to inquire about it. Song yun’an lived in the central hospital. After the operation, she didn’t wake up. The situation is not optimistic

She thought, after climbing a cold back, inexplicable fear.

Chapter 1056


When she heard Yu Yimo’s voice, she slowly recovered.

She raised her eyes in a panic. “What?”

Yu Yimo frowns slightly, stares at her and asks, “what’s the matter with you?”

“I’m fine.” She shook her head and forced a smile. “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

With that, she stepped forward and turned away from the noisy scene.

To the bathroom, she turned on the tap, quickly washed her hands, cold liquid flowing through the sweaty palm, let her suddenly awake a bit.

She inadvertently looked up, suddenly saw the figure in the mirror, the body suddenly shook, scared scream, “ah!”

Ruan Shishi put her hands around her chest and leaned against the doorframe of the bathroom. Her face was expressionless and her eyes were staring at her coldly.

Ye Wan’er’s face faded. She suddenly turned around and looked at Ruan Shishi at the door. She leaned her back on the washing table and was surprised and annoyed. “Why don’t you walk quietly! Like a ghost, I’m scared to death! “

Ruan Shishi hooked the corner of his lips, but his eyes were cold. “If you don’t do something bad, you’re not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door. Miss Ye is afraid of this. Is it hard to come true? Like the woman said just now, what kind of cruel things have you done?”

Her light words suddenly made ye Wan’er’s face more ugly, “what are you talking about?”

Her eyes dodged, and she immediately turned on the tap and washed her hands to hide her panic.

Ruan Shishi stepped forward, went directly to her side, and then said in a cold voice, “what are you so nervous about, Miss ye? You see, you’ve spent all your sweat makeup.”

Hearing this, ye Wan’er immediately looked up into the mirror. Unexpectedly, it was just opposite to Ruan’s unpredictable eyes in the mirror. She was shocked and inhaled deeply, pretending to be calm. “Ruan, don’t play tricks here, I don’t want to eat your trick!”

With that, she suddenly thought of something. She suddenly turned to Ruan Shishi and asked, “by the way, the ribbon cutting ceremony didn’t invite you at all. How did you come?”

Ruan Shishi sneered, “I was not invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony of Ye’s family, but song’s family was invited. Yean was busy with her work. She should have come instead of yean, but she can’t come now.”

Referring to song yun’an, ye Wan’er’s face was flustered. She took a paper towel to wipe her hands and held it tightly. Half a second later, she asked, “why can’t she come?”

Looking at ye Wan’er’s appearance, a sense of nausea rose from the bottom of Ruan’s heart and poured into his throat, which was almost hard to suppress.

She can pretend, can always pretend, but her eyes, her micro expression can’t cheat others! Her subconscious cover up flustered little action, dodgy eyes, are enough to show that she and the accident is related!

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth and looked at the woman in front of her. She wanted to rush up and tear her! This woman, repeatedly provoked her, repeatedly hurt her, repeatedly calculated her, and this time, she really stepped on her minefield!

But at this moment, there is no conclusive evidence that can be submitted to the court, she can not act impulsively, otherwise not only can not get back justice, but will be self defeating.

Ye Wan’er didn’t speak for a long time when she saw Ruan Shishi. She threw the paper ball in her hand into the garbage can and laughed contemptuously, “Ruan Shishi, I don’t have time to play with you. Since you want to come to our Ye’s ribbon-cutting ceremony, I’m sure. Let’s go first.”

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