The Warmest Romance Chapter 1057 -1058

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Chapter 1057

With that, she stepped out of the bathroom.

Ruan Shishi, tense all over, suddenly turns around. When ye Wan’er comes to the door, she strides forward to catch up with her step, grabs her shoulder and pulls back.

Ye Wan’er screamed. Before she knew the situation, she was pushed to the wall by a huge force. She was surprised. Then she saw Ruan Shishi standing in front of her. They were very close. Her black shining eyes were staring at her.

Ye Wan’er was startled. After taking a deep breath, she immediately tried to push Ruan away, “are you sick?”

Ruan Shishi opened her mouth and said, “Miss ye, didn’t you just ask me why song yun’an couldn’t come? Because she was in a car accident, she was hit by a madman, the driver hit and ran, but as long as I Ruan Shishi in Jiangzhou for a day, I will check for a day! One day, I will find out that man! Send her to jail! Let her also feel what is the destruction of life

Ye Wan’er was stunned. She seemed to be frightened by her. Her face was white and terrible. A few seconds later, Ruan Shishi released her. She gasped for breath and regained her consciousness.

Ruan Shishi’s words just now were like a string of incantations, which kept wandering in her mind. Over and over again, the fear hidden in her heart was magnified and magnified again. Finally, she was a little overwhelmed.

Did she already know that she was the one she hit? Didn’t Huo Chuan say it was all cleaned up! Where did Ruan’s poems come from!

The more she thought about it, the more frightened and flustered she became.

Finally, she clenched her teeth and kept her last sense. She glared at Ruan Shishi and said, “lunatic!”

With that, she ran out as fast as she could.

Looking at the figure of Ye Wan’er running away, Ruan Shishi’s body suddenly relaxed like a tight string. She was also sweating and panting. The breath she had just held in her heart was finally able to come out.

She came here today to test the reality. Now, after a fight, she was almost sure that ye Wan’er had hit An’an!

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be afraid of it.

But at this time, knowing who the murderer was, he could not subdue her and punish her. That kind of feeling made Ruan Shishi scratch her heart and liver.

She retreated to the bathroom and raised her eyes, only to find that her eyes were already red.

After stopping for a while, she calmed down, washed her hands, and then turned to leave the bathroom.

Who knows, a toilet, she found outside a tall figure.

Yu Yimo is leaning against the wall not far away, holding his cell phone to his ear in his right hand. He is on the phone, but he seems to be waiting for someone.

Seems to be aware of her eyes, he turned his head, clear eyes toward her, face as usual, not a bit surprised, seems to have known that she will come out.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, drew back her eyes, and walked forward as if she had met a stranger.

The man to the other end of the phone, voice low command a few, “well, that’s it.”

With that, he put away his mobile phone and walked forward without hesitation, directly blocking her way.

“Let’s talk.”

Ruan Shishi’s attitude was cold and hard, and he refused directly, “I have nothing to talk about with you.”

Chapter 1058

It seems that he didn’t expect her to be so resistant. He frowned slightly. Two seconds later, his face relaxed. He moved his lips and asked, “did you do today?”

I have to say that it was a bit deliberate at the ribbon cutting ceremony just now, but it also had some effects.

Ruan Shishi naturally knew what he meant. She frowned, looked at the man and pretended to be stupid. “What’s the matter? I don’t know. “

With that, she began to walk away from him.

Yu Yimo stretched out an arm and directly blocked her back. “I have no other meaning. I just want to remind you that since you do it, you can do it clean. Ye Fengpeng will send someone to check it.”

Listening to his kind-hearted reminder, Ruan Shishi sneered and didn’t appreciate, “Mr. Yu, I think you misunderstood me. I just came to join in the fun. I didn’t expect to see a farce by the way. It’s not good for you to discredit me without any basis, is it?”

She slightly raised her chin, calm and self-confident, glibly excused herself.

Without waiting for Yu Yimo to open her mouth, she went on to say, “Mr. Yu is trying to test me like this. Isn’t he looking for the backstage agent to fight for his beloved wife?”

Objectively speaking, Yu Yimo will stand by Ye Waner no matter what. This incident has damaged the reputation and interests of the Ye family and ye Waner. Not only does Yu Yimo not help with the investigation, how can he remind her so kindly?

She is cold hum, secretly belly Fei, is really crying, false mercy.

At this moment, Ruan’s poetry is like a little hedgehog with thorns all over his body. Every word has its own meaning.

In a word, he is regarded as the opposite.

Yu Yimo frowned uncomfortably. Thinking of another thing, he asked, “yes, about song Yunan…”

“It’s none of your business.”

Leaving this sentence behind, Ruan Shishi stepped forward and walked away coldly.

Now, in her opinion, Yu Yimo is ye Wan’er’s wife, maybe also the shield of her crimes, or even the protector of her eyes. She has no expectation of him.

Therefore, the hatred and blame for ye Waner, also because of his identity, let her invisible with prejudice and dissatisfaction to him.

Yu Yimo’s eyes are slightly dark. Looking at the woman’s cold back, his doubts are getting deeper and deeper.

She suddenly appeared at the ribbon cutting ceremony, the woman who had been deliberately arranged, and ye Wan’er, who had just come back from the bathroom with a look of panic, all these doubts worth pondering, slowly formed a line, and he had a clue.

He turned, walked through the hall of the shop and returned to the door.

People outside were still talking and laughing, as if nothing had happened just now.

Yu Yimo goes to ye Wan’er and pulls her to a place where there are few people. He asks, “Wan’er, have you done anything recently?”

Ye Wan’er hasn’t recovered from the panic just now. As soon as she heard Yu Yimo’s question, the most vulnerable nerve in her mind tightened again. “Brother Mo, what do you mean by that?”

Yu Yimo stared at her with complicated eyes, and finally said in a low voice, “it’s OK, just ask.”

Ye Wan’er is in a cold sweat. She hasn’t figured out what to say yet. Ye Feng Peng has sent for them to cut the ribbon.

Just now because of the unexpected situation delayed time, now Ye Feng Peng calms everyone’s mood, the steps are as follows.

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