The Warmest Romance Chapter 1053 -1054

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Chapter 1053

“Back? Come to the company. “

Du Yue’s heart was dreary and hesitated for a moment, but he still wanted to go down.

Half an hour later, he rushed to the company from home and directly arrived at the president’s office. As soon as he opened the door, Yu Yimo was standing at the door looking through the documents.

Seeing him coming in, he habitually ordered him to work. When Du came closer, he noticed the flesh band aid on his face.

Yu Yimo’s voice suddenly stopped, his brow slightly wrinkled, “what’s the matter with your face? Who’s calling? “

Du Yue was low, now he asked, twisted his eyebrows, prevaricated, “accidentally touched.”

Smell speech, metaphor with silent brow twist deeper.

How could he not see the bruise on the edge of the band aid? It was obviously a fist fight. What’s more, Du Yue had been with him for so many years, how could he not notice his abnormality.

He closed the open folder and put it on the table. He said seriously, “go ahead.”

Looking at Yu Yimo’s posture, Du Yue knew that if he didn’t say it, he would certainly go to investigate. After a moment’s hesitation, he opened his mouth and described the matter in detail.

After hearing this, Yu Yimo frowned, “song yun’an is OK. How can he have an accident?”

What’s more strange is that he didn’t hear any news.

After hesitation, he said, “go and find out what’s going on.”

Du Yue responded and did it immediately.

When the door closes, Yu Yimo stands in front of his desk and looks at the documents on the desk, but he can’t read a word.

This matter, let him inexplicably some uneasy.

Three days later, Ruan remained in the hospital.

Song yun’an has passed the dangerous observation period and transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward. Ruan Shishi guards by the bed and looks at the woman lying motionless on the bed for three days and three nights. But song yun’an has no sign of waking up.

In three days, Ruan Shishi lost a circle, ate little and slept little. He was not a bit haggard.

The third night, song yean rushed to persuade her, “go back tonight, your body can’t stand this.”

“Nothing.” Ruan Shishi shook her head stubbornly, “I think An’an will wake up. I hope she can see me as soon as she wakes up.”

Her debt to song yun’an can’t be made up in a few days.

“Shishi, if you really want to do something for An’an, you should go back to have a rest. Do you forget that tomorrow morning is the ribbon cutting ceremony of Ye’s brand.”

A word awakens the dreamer. Ruan Shishi is stunned. Then he suddenly remembers his previous plan.

She took a deep breath and glanced over song yun’an’s pale face on the bed. Then she turned her head and bit her teeth. “OK, I’ll listen to you.”

She needs to have a good rest, to be radiant, to be energetic, to deal with tomorrow’s battle.

Before leaving, she asked song yean, “please, have you arranged everything?”

“Don’t worry, everything will be arranged according to you.”

Ruan Shishi nodded, “OK.”

She has long thought about it. She will go tomorrow and give a gift to ye Wan’er.

Recently, Ye’s group is booming.

Chapter 1054

Ye Fengpeng is a typical businessman who does everything he needs. Since his daughter married Yu Yimo, he has made a lot of conveniences. Either he wants resources, contacts and projects from Yu Yimo, or he wants cooperation and competition under the banner of Yu Yimo.

For his actions, Yu Yimo turns a blind eye. In addition to the constant disturbance of Yu Group recently, he has no time and energy to manage Ye.

Ye Fengpeng took advantage of this opportunity to quickly create Ye’s fashion brand, trying to get a share from Yu’s brand in Jiangzhou market. He also paid a lot of money for endorsements to send out manuscripts. He also recruited a famous designer to create a full popularity.

Now, he held a so-called ribbon cutting ceremony. He invited Yu Yimo several times, and finally reached an agreement to hold it in front of their first offline shop in Jiangzhou city.

When Yu Yimo attends, ye Waner naturally wants to go.

Early in the morning, she went to the modeling studio, had her hair cut for three hours, put on her makeup for two hours, and dressed up to attend. She was as bright as a female star.

After all, Yu Yimo attended her mother’s ribbon cutting ceremony with her. In front of the media and the public, she was a big face.

At this moment, the tension and uneasiness caused by the collision a few days ago were dissipated. Immersed in excitement, she arrived on time and accompanied Yu Yimo to appear in front of the public and the media.

Many people came to the ribbon cutting ceremony, many of them came to support because of Yu Yimo. Moreover, the ceremony was held in the open space outside the shop, which attracted many people to watch.

Along the way, she said hello to the big guys one after another, and the atmosphere at the scene was getting hotter and hotter. Ye Fengpeng was also very high spirited, and did the host’s posture and exchanged greetings with the people.

There are media reporters standing by to take photos and record every moment.

Five minutes before the ribbon cutting ceremony, suddenly, a middle-aged woman in ragged clothes suddenly rushed into the crowd and rushed to ye Fengpeng’s feet. Her two hands directly grabbed his trousers, “boss Ye! You must give me justice! “

All of a sudden, the woman who burst in surprised everyone. Ye Fengpeng frowned and subconsciously stepped back two steps. He opened his mouth and was about to give a cold reprimand. Suddenly, he remembered that there were so many eyes beside him, and the media, and suddenly forced him to feel uncomfortable.

He lowered his voice a little. “Who? Did you make trouble on purpose? “

Said, he raised his eyes to the peripheral security, eyes signal.

The security immediately crowded into the crowd, trying to pull the woman away.

The woman struggled and yelled, “boss Ye! Your son killed my son in his car! You have to give me justice! Give me justice

Her words, like a big stone into the lake, “bang” sound, aroused thousands of waves.

On hearing this, everyone’s face changed, and ye Wan’er turned pale.

Yu Yimo stood aside, his face as usual, and his eyes seemed calm, but they were extremely deep and dark.

“What are you talking about?” Ye Fengpeng was shocked, and immediately called the security guard, “security guard, take this madman away!”

The woman’s eyes were red, and she screamed, “I’m not crazy! Six months ago, your son Ye Zeyu killed my son in his car! After I lost a sum of money to send me, directly drove me out of Jiangzhou! I’ve been running for so long before I come back. It’s hard to find you! You have to give me a statement! “

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