The Warmest Romance Chapter 1059 -1060

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Chapter 1059

Ye Wan’er quickly glanced at Yu Yimo, who was very worried. She quickly put her hand around his arm and said, “brother Mo, let’s go. Let’s go and cut the ribbon.”


Yu Yimo answered, and looked at her suspiciously. In the end, she said nothing more.

At this time, Ruan Shishi had left the ribbon cutting ceremony, walked to a car parked on the side of the road and opened the door.

Song yean had been waiting in the car. Seeing her coming up, she couldn’t help asking, “how’s it going?”

Ruan Shishi looked at the front, bit her teeth and said, “if I guess correctly, it should be ye Wan’er.”

As her voice fell, song yun’an’s brows wrinkled.

I didn’t expect that ye Wan’er should be so cruel, this kind of heartless things can come out!

Ruan Shishi said seriously, “I didn’t tear her down. At this time, what we need to do most is to collect evidence. Only when we get the evidence, can we revenge for An’an!”

Sitting in the driver’s seat, song yean did not answer, but remained silent for a long time.

His reaction made Ruan Shishi feel that she had no bottom in her heart. She took a deep breath and asked, “good night, what’s wrong?”

After a pause, song yean was asked, “I wonder if ye Wan’er was involved in the kidnapping on your birthday last time.”

His words surprised Ruan Shishi, and her mind came up with the words that the ghost face man said to her. In an instant, she was cold all over.

The ghost face man repeatedly emphasizes that she should stay away from Yu Yimo and not tangle with him. If she really listens and stays away from Yu Yimo, the biggest beneficiary should be ye Wan’er.

Did she do the same thing last time? What about that card with spider web? It doesn’t look like a group of people who sent her cards before.

Is ye Wan’er trying to get rid of her suspicion, so she deliberately did this in the name of others?

She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down, but her hand was shaking unconsciously.

Now she calms down and thinks about it carefully. She really feels that the last time she was kidnapped is different from the previous experience of receiving cards. Before she received cards again and again, she received things, but last time she was directly kidnapped on her birthday.

It’s really strange to think so.

Is it really ye Wan’er who did the kidnapping last time?

Ruan Shishi clenched his teeth, clenched his fist, and his face was extremely cold.


Song yean’s light call came from her ear, and she slowly recovered.

“It could be her.” She gritted her teeth. “I won’t let her go!”

Song Ye settled down and said, “Shishi, in fact, when you came back to Xiqiao garden on your birthday, Yu Yimo came to see you. At that time, he wanted to leave the card and promised me that he would investigate and give me a result. But now, I haven’t waited for his reply.”

In an instant, Ruan Shishi’s brows tightened and he couldn’t say a word.

Maybe Yu Yimo knew it was made by Ye Wan’er long ago, but he didn’t say it because he didn’t want to give her up, and he wanted to leave the card to help ye Wan’er hide her crime!

A chill suddenly rose in her heart, and Ruan Shiqi’s body trembled, unable to say a word for a long time.

Chapter 1060

In this way, Yu Yimo has already made a choice between her and ye Waner. Even if he shows his care and treasure for her in front of her time and again, in the final analysis, she can’t match Ye Waner’s position in his heart.

Therefore, the injured person is clearly her, but Yu Yimo is willing to shield the murderer for ye Waner!

Thanks to her, she thought he was different. Thanks to her devotion to him, in the end, she found that Yu Yimo and ye Wan’er are just like birds of a feather!

A stuffy block in her heart, her nose a sour, tears are forced out.


Seeing this, song yean hurriedly stepped forward, put out his arm around her shoulder, and patted her on the back, “OK, don’t worry, evil will be rewarded, and I won’t let them go.”

Ruan Shishi bit her lip and finally nodded. Tears still gushed out and wet the shirt on the man’s chest.

In other words, Sensen and Sasha are also Yu Yimo’s flesh and blood. In order to protect his lover, he doesn’t even care about the life and death of others. Now, she really sees him clearly.

A heart deep cold down, Ruan poetry slowly recover calm, finally, she raised her hand to wipe away tears, deep suction airway, “OK, let’s go.”

Song yean heard the speech, nodded slightly, “OK.”

He took Ruan Shishi to the front of the car, opened the door to let her go up, was about to follow the car, but suddenly the mobile phone rang.

He took a look at the screen. His eyes sank a little. He turned to Ruan Shishi and said in a soft voice, “Shishi, a work phone. Wait for me.”

Seeing the woman nodding, he turned around and stepped out a few steps before pressing the answer button.

“Hello? Xiao Liu, how are you doing? “

The man’s gloomy voice came from the other side, “Miss Song’s car accident has not made any progress, the other side is too clean, and all the surveillance videos are gone. If you’re not wrong, there must be someone covering it.”

In an instant, song yean’s face was cold.

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, Xiao Liu’s voice came from there again, “but, the kidnapping of Miss Ruan before, something happened.”

“Who is it?”

Song yean frowned, “who is it?”

“If it’s right, it should be Yu Yimo’s good friend, Su Yucheng.”

Hearing the name, song yean’s face turned blue.

He didn’t expect it to be him!

He and Su Yucheng have met several times. Every time when he confronts Yu Yimo, Su Yucheng comes to play the role of peacemaker. He gives him the impression that he is sophisticated and tactful, cynical on the surface, but can’t understand his mind behind him. He is an extremely complicated person.

Song yean inhaled deeply, “are you sure?”

Xiao Liu said, “seventy or eighty percent.”

Listening to him, song yean is almost certain.

If it’s right, it should be him. After all, he knows Xiao Liu’s business ability.

Finally, he said in a low voice, “OK, I see.”

“Do you want to tell Miss Ruan about it?”

Song ye’an’s eyes flashed a glimmer of dark light. After half a second’s pause, he said, “no first.”

He has just told Ruan Shishi that he suspects that ye Wan’er did the kidnapping last time. Now he suddenly says that Su Yucheng did it. It’s really a slap in the face. Besides, he wants Ruan Shishi to think that ye Wan’er did it. In this way, it’s more beneficial to him

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