CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1477 – 1478

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Chapter 1477

Maria is already thirty years old. She used to feel that she should be calm when she is old, and she doesn’t have to find her own sense of balance by relying on praise from others, which seems vulgar.

But at the age of thirty, she could not be as refined as she imagined, nor could she face this age calmly.

Because everything she has now is in jeopardy.

When she was a teenager, she couldn’t see things clearly, and she was proud and complacent, but at the age of 30, she wanted to firmly grasp everything around her, whether it was a human network or a man.

People who suffer from gains and losses cannot be calm.

What’s more, the words that stabbed her were still cold.

She has been jealous of Tina since she was a child, and she is protected by Peter, and the sons and brothers who have made friends with Peter also give Tina a bit of face, and Tina’s own character is also very popular in this circle.

And she, in fact, is just a marginal person in this circle, dispensable, even if she suddenly leaves this circle, no one will remember her.

With a gentle smile on Maria’s face, she said cruelly in a voice that only two people could hear: “Tina, do you think you can’t get folds?”

“Even if I have pleats, I’m the best-looking old fairy lady. I won’t be as disgusting as your mouth.” Tina looked at Maria with a smile, calmly and fearlessly.

Peter stood two steps away behind Tina, looking around, deliberately not going to see Tina and Maria.

Although their voices were low, he could still hear a general idea as soon as he stared and listened carefully.

Tina and Maria have never dealt with each other, and Tina just pulled Maria’s action, Peter saw it, and now he was secretly proud of it.

Although Tina asked him to say that the two met by chance when he was in the parking lot just now, he was a little angry, but now he feels happy again.

Tina still cares about him.

“Why are you standing at the door and not coming in?”

The box door was opened and Cody walked out of the box.

Tina heard the sound and looked up at the door: “Mr. Scott?”

Cody is an extreme sports enthusiast. He runs all year round outside, and he is in the wind and the sun. Naturally, he is different from Peter, a golden son. His skin is very healthy and wheatish. With a grin, his white teeth become Very eye-catching.

But fortunately, his foundation is not bad, his features are tough, and he is still very manly.

“Miss Weber is getting more and more flavorful.” Cody opened his arms and was about to give her a bear hug when he walked over, but Peter quickly pushed Tina away.

Cody hugged him, but he wasn’t angry either, and after two tuts, he put his hand on Peter’s shoulder.

He said: “Sir Grant, you are not kind. Miss Weber is so old. You are still like a hen guarding her chicks. You are so wide. Do you want Miss Weber to be a single beautiful old lady?”

“What’s your name? Miss Weber is also yours?” Peter backhanded Cody’s arm back and raised his eyebrows and asked him.

Peter has been the fighting king since he was a child. Even if he grows up, his combat effectiveness is still the strongest among the crowd.

“Hiss——” Cody yelled, “Mr. Grant, it hurts!”

Peter glanced at him coldly and did not let go.

Cody sighed again because of the pain, and said, “Can’t I call Miss Weber?”

Peter just let go.

Maria watched the scene from the side, clenched her hands, her brows were filled with patient anger and jealousy.

Chapter 1478

Cody relaxed, and Peter hung his shoulders and walked in.

Among these young people, Cody is the closest to him, but because he runs around the world, it is difficult to meet him. Peter was still happy to see him.

Tina and Maria fell behind again.

Seeing Cody and Peter entering the box, Maria blocked Tina’s way.

“Do you want to fight with me too?” Tina was already rolling up her sleeves.

When it comes to fighting, Maria is definitely not her opponent.

Maria said with a cold face: “Tina, what do you mean?”

“Please make it clear that I have something to say all at once.” Tina folded her arms and watched Maria in her spare time.

Maria questioned: “Haven’t you had given up on Peter?”

Tina stared at her, pretending to think carefully, then said: “When did I say this?”

“When you were in the studio, you asked me to confess to Peter. You asked me to try. At that time, you clearly gave up on him. Now you don’t let me approach him. What is in your heart?”

When Maria talked about this, she was full of anger.

She finally got ready, and when she decided to give it a try, it came out that Peter had a girlfriend, and the girlfriend was pregnant with his child.

Maria is also a face-seeking person. Cathy was pregnant with Peter’s child. She will go and kick her aside again. Isn’t she a mistress? How ugly is this spreading out? Does she want to mix in this circle?

It didn’t make any difference easily, Cathy’s child was not Peter’s, and she rekindled hope.

Maria feels that although she and Peter have known each other for so many years, although they are not as close as Tina and him, they still have a certain friendship basis, and Peter is more likely to accept her.

Unexpectedly, Tina came out at this moment. Listening to her, it was clear that she did not give up on Peter’s plan.

Tina hooked her lips: “What is your peace of mind, I am what is safe.”

“You…” Maria pointed at her: “You have turned your back!”

“I just figured it out.” Tina held the finger that Maria was pointing at her: “What’s wrong with me? What can you do with me?”

Tina snorted coldly, threw away Maria’s hand, bypassed her, and entered the box.

Cody likes to be lively. There are many people in the box with familiar faces, but they haven’t been together for a long time. Not many people can name Tina.

After she walked in, she sat directly next to Peter.

Although Tina couldn’t name him, these people all knew her and knew that she was close to Peter. Tina sat next to him, and the others were not surprised.

Peter brought a glass of juice to her, and whispered in her ear, “Why did you come in late?”

“Talking about life with Miss George.” Tina said slowly, taking the juice to her lips and taking a sip, then frowned, and said with disgust, “What? Come out and drink this?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Cody ran to Tina and sat down, and caught a glimpse of the juice in her hand: “Hey, what are you drinking? Are you an eight-year-old girl? Where can you not drink! Tonight, everyone is not drunk. No return!”

Cody directly grabbed the juice from Tina’s hand, exchanged a cup for her, and stuffed it in her hand: “Drink this.”

Tina took a sneak peek at Peter, the light was not good, and Peter’s expression was hidden in the darkness, making it unclear.

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