The Warmest Romance Chapter 1063 -1064

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Chapter 1063

Ruan’s heart was tight, and when she thought of what song yean had said to her before, a sense of disgust and resistance came to her heart, which made her subconsciously frown.

Du Yue saw her, stepped forward, and said, “an an, is she…”

Nowadays, everyone wants to hear good news, but has to prepare for the worst.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, took him to a window with few people, and said solemnly, “today, the doctor told me that An’an’s situation is not optimistic. She may or may not wake up and become A vegetable. “

With that, she couldn’t help choking.

Du Yue Leng in situ, for a long time did not speak, finally, his eyes moved, back to God, “vegetative?”

Ruan Shishi nodded.

For a moment, it seemed that it was quieter around, and the three of them did not speak.

Finally, Du more slowly recover, eyes some red, “can treat?”

Ruan Shishi replied in a low voice, “yean said that he had a chance to find a doctor abroad, but he had to wait until the doctor arrived to determine the specific situation.”

Smell speech, Du Yue Mou bottom flashed a glimmer of light, nodded a way, “no matter how, I will always accompany her.”

His voice was light, but firm and irresistible.

Then Du raised his eyes, looked at her and said, “I’ll go and see her.”

With that, he turned and went straight to the ward of song yun’an.

Looking at the man’s back, Ruan’s heart burst with sadness. She could see that Du Yue was really sincere in treating An’an.

A few seconds later, she turned her head, her eyes just hit Yu Yimo’s eyes. She was slightly stunned. Two seconds later, she frowned, said nothing, and turned to leave.

Seeing this, Yu Yimo twisted his eyebrows, raised his feet to keep up with her steps, and walked directly in front of her in three or two steps, directly blocking her way. “Ruan Shishi, we don’t have to do this between us.”

There is no need to meet again and again like the enemy general tit for tat, there is no need to become even say too much relationship, there is no need to make so stiff.

Ruan Shishi pressed her lips tightly, but she refused to speak.

Yu Yimo continued to follow her and said, “why don’t we continue to make public interest short films? And the necklace. Why did you ask director Gao to give it to me? “

Hearing the words, Ruan’s eyes sank, and his heart was clear. Yu Yimo should have been to the crew, and director Gao naturally handed over all those things to him.

If according to the original plan, she and song yean have already taken sensenshasha to nanfa by this time, but now, because of An’an’s affairs, they have to stay, and all their itineraries are pushed back.

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth and refused to say a word.

At last, Yu Yimo’s brows turned up and his face sank. He held out his hand, grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the elevator.

Ruan Shishi was surprised and almost blurted out, “Yu Yimo, what are you doing?”

She tried to struggle a few times, but it didn’t work. The man’s iron arm tightly clasped her wrist, and didn’t give her any chance to break free.

Just as an elevator door opened, she was pulled up by him and directly pressed the button on the first floor.

Chapter 1064

Ruan Shishi became angry and glared at him angrily, “are you so interesting?”

Yu Yimo smelled the speech and slightly raised his eyebrows. “Finally willing to speak?”

“Find a quiet place and let’s talk slowly.”

Ruan Shishi is about to explode. She just struggles back and forth. Unexpectedly, Yu Yimo suddenly presses her and directly presses her onto the elevator car wall.

The elevator shook slightly, and Ruan Shishi felt a little nervous.

Yu Yimo lowered his head slightly, lowered his eyes, and said, “no matter how chaotic it is, if the elevator is broken, we can’t get out.”

This sentence worked inexplicably. Ruan Shishi was stiff and did not dare to move any more.

Soon, the elevator arrives on the first floor, the door opens slowly, and Yu Yimo leads her out to the back garden of the hospital.

After walking along the cobblestone path for a while, Ruan Shishi finally found a chance. He broke away his hand and stepped back a few steps. He looked at him with alert eyes, “what do you say? Let’s say it here!”

Yu Yimo turns around and frowns at her. He pauses for a few seconds, then says, “I’m not going to make a public interest video?”

Ruan Shishi also didn’t want to beat around the Bush and directly admitted, “well, no more shooting.”

Smelling speech, Yu Yimo was surprised. Half a second later, he stepped forward, approached her and said in a deep voice, “don’t you want that video?”

Listening to what he said, Ruan Shishi sneered and looked at him coldly, “Yu Yimo, besides threatening me with that video, what else will you do?”

She gritted her teeth, word by word continued to say, “that video, I do not rare, you want to open or destroy it, I do not care.”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo some surprised frown.

He didn’t expect that Ruan Shishi’s attitude would become so rigid. Originally, he thought that he could at least use this video to keep her for a while, but now the change of her attitude is completely unexpected.

After realizing something, Yu Yimo took a deep breath and asked, “are you going to leave Jiangzhou?”

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and directly admitted, “yes.”

Leave Jiangzhou, leave him, has been what she wants to do, but now because of Ye Wan’er, all plans have been disrupted!

After all, all this has something to do with Yu Yimo!

Thinking of song yun’an, who is still lying in bed and has not woken up, Ruan Shishi is even more angry. She clenches her teeth and looks at the man in front of her. Suddenly, her mind moves. She can’t help but blurt out, “I heard that you went to investigate the last time I was kidnapped.”

Yu Yimo was a little surprised. She didn’t expect her topic to change so abruptly.

After a pause of two seconds, he answered, “well.”

Ruan Shishi’s heart tightened, and her hand, which hung on her side, tightened unconsciously. She continued to ask, “what happened? Who is my kidnapper? “

Suddenly, Yu Yimo’s face changed slightly and his expression became serious.

After waiting for a long time, without waiting for his answer, Ruan could not help sneering, “it seems that you already know who is behind the scenes.”

Yu Yimo hesitated for a moment and said faintly, “I’ll deal with it and give you justice.”

Ruan Shi sneered at the speech.

She had already guessed that Yu Yimo would not speak.

And she also confirmed some things from his reaction. Besides ye Wan’er, there should not be a second person who can make Yu Yimo so protective, right?

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