CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1479 – 1480

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Chapter 1479

Tina stared at him for a moment. Seeing that he didn’t respond, she turned her head and clinked a glass with Cody: “Come on, Mr. Scott, this cup respects you.”

When Tina raised her head to drink, she spilled a little. Peter took a tissue and handed it over, and whispered, “Drink less.”

Tina tilted her head, smiles in her eyes, and voice: “I see, hen.”

After the last two words, she got closer again, evacuated quickly after speaking, and turned to talk to Cody.

In the past, Cody and the group said that Peter protected her, like a hen guarding her cubs, and called him “Auntie” boldly.

Of course, in the end, they were all beaten up by Peter and kneeled on the ground to call him Dad, so no one dared to say that often.

However, as long as someone asks what is the relationship between Tina and Peter, this group will use the mother to protect the cub to explain. That is to protect your life. Don’t provoke Tina if you don’t want to die.

After Tina and Cody said a few words, they got up and went to the other side to play games, and quickly escaped from the scene of the crime, leaving Peter unable to find them to settle accounts.

Peter stared at her back with heavy eyes, and could only take a sip of wine with dull eyes.

What else can he do if he is used to it?

Endure it.

“What are you drinking alone? Our brothers haven’t seen each other for so long, so we won’t be drunk tonight.” Cody leaned over, opened two bottles of wine, and put one of them in front of Peter.

Peter picked up the wine bottle and touched Cody. After a sip of wine, he asked him aloud: “You are back this time, are you still leaving?”

“What am I going to do? I can’t walk anymore.” Cody sighed and leaned back: “The old man in the family is also getting older, so he gave me an ultimatum. Either come back and inherit the family business or get married. Let me choose the second one. One, if I don’t choose, I won’t have to choose, and have to do both of these things for him.”

Peter smiled and said coldly: “That’s not bad, get married and start a business.”

Cody “singed”: “Are you married yourself? Still have the face to say this to me?”

Peter raised his eyebrows and snorted with disdain, “I don’t have a family, but I have a company.”

Cody was blocked with nothing to say, shut up, drank dully, and lit a cigarette after drinking.

He lighted a cigarette himself, and handed the cigarette case to Peter: “Come on.”

“Quit.” Peter waved his hand.

Cody tilted his head with a look of surprise: “Mr. Grant, they are all fine foxes. What kind of big-tailed wolf pretends, and he will pretend to be old.”

Peter glanced at him coldly.

Cody’s scalp tightened, his expression was a bit serious, and he asked in disbelief, “Really?”

Peter lazily said, “I’m ready to get married and have children.”

The wishful thinking in Peter’s heart was crackling.

Although Tina is still unwilling to make it public, it will be sooner or later to get married and have children. He should make plans sooner.

Cody nodded: “Alright.”

Cody had just returned, but he had also heard about Peter’s recent events. After thinking about it, he decided not to ask him about Cathy.

Watching Peter’s state is the same as that of an okay person, he feels relieved.

Peter is thinking about getting married and having children, and he thinks he should pay more attention.

Peter didn’t know the twists and turns in Cody’s heart. After drinking a glass of wine with him, he went to Tina.

As soon as he sat down, he heard Cody holding the microphone and shouting: “Everyone is here today, I have something to announce.”

Tina and Peter turned their heads together, Cody looked at them and said in a serious tone: “I have decided to officially pursue Tina from today!”

Chapter 1480


Peter put the wine glass in his hand heavily on the table in front of him, his face sinking like water.

But the people around were busy booing, no one noticed his face at all, even Tina stared at Cody in shock, and didn’t look at Peter’s face.

“Sir Scott, can’t tell!”

“If you want to chase after Miss Weber, you must pass the level of our CEO Grant first…”

Among the noisy voices, Tina heard them mention Peter, and then turned to look at Peter.

Peter also turned to look at her, expressionless.

“What do you think I am doing, where did I know that Cody is going to come here…” Tina was also confused.

Cody was born almost at the same time as Peter, which is considered to be equal. Several people have been in friendship since they were young, and are known as brothers and sisters.

She didn’t expect Cody to suddenly say that he wanted to chase her.

She came to the party today purely because she is an old friend to contact her relationship, eat, drink and have fun.

At this moment, the person watching the excitement was called Tina: “Ms. Weber, what do you think about Mr. Scott?”

“I don’t like Cody, what can I think.” Tina directly expressed her attitude unambiguously.

Cody walked over here, and his face remained as usual when he was rejected. When he walked to Tina, he said with a hippie smile: “Don’t rush to refuse, give me a chance?”

As Cody spoke, he leaned towards Tina’s side.

Peter kicked him: “Why do you squeeze? Didn’t you hear people say that I don’t like you?”

“Emotions can be cultivated…” Cody had a thick-skinned face, put his hand on Peter’s shoulder, and pointed to Maria who was sitting not far away: “You, you are also single anyway, do you want to think about Maria?”

Peter threw his hand away: “Why don’t you think about Maria yourself.”

“Mom counted the horoscopes for me, mine doesn’t agree with Maria’s horoscopes…” Cody came along.

Maria was also surprised that Cody would say in front of so many people that he wanted to pursue Tina.

When she heard Cody talk about this just now, she had been paying attention to the reactions of people here, mainly watching the reactions of Peter.

Although Peter’s complexion looked ugly, he didn’t refute anything.

If Peter and Tina are really together, he should stand up and refute it directly?

That is, she still has a chance?

But now Cody is in such a situation, and everyone in the box is making a fuss. If she tries to take advantage of the situation, she won’t suffer…

After making up her mind, Maria also came over.

She looked at Peter with a smile: “Peter, don’t you really think about me? I’m single too.”

Maria’s tone is half joking, and her tone is relaxed, not disgusting, and there is nothing wrong with it.

But Tina knew Maria’s thoughts about Peter, and she felt very much in her heart.

Tina raised her eyebrows and looked at Maria: “Maria, why don’t you think about Mr. Scott, do you look down on Mr. Scott?”

Tina was also smiling, her tone was not gentle, and everyone could hear the provocation in her tone.

But Tina has always been with a straightforward temper. Besides, everyone knows that Tina and Maria can’t deal with them, and no one thinks Tina’s tone is wrong.

“Didn’t Mr. Scott like you? As a friend, I even came in to mix things up. It doesn’t seem very good either.” Maria said calmly.

Looks so generous.

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