CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1481 – 1482

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Chapter 1481

Tina gave a cold snort and looked at Maria with a smile but a meaningful smile: “Mr. Scott liked you before.”

As soon as Tina’s words came out, Maria’s complexion stiffened.

Cody did like Maria before.

Maria is also pretty good-looking. When she was in school, she had good grades and a gentle personality. At that time, everyone was not very old. It was normal for Cody to be tempted by girls like Maria.

However, Maria has not been a fuel-efficient lamp since then.

She knew that Cody liked her and deliberately hung Cody in order to use him to break into Peter’s circle and did a lot of bewildering behavior.

At that time, everyone didn’t understand at a young age, but now so many years have passed, all of them have been in the society and cultivated to perfection. How can they not understand the tricks of Maria.

It is also because everyone has seen through Maria’s little tricks, so few people in this circle like Maria, at most for the sake of playing together as a child, for the sake of the George family, see Maria will also say hello, just a little bit superficial.

“Miss Weber, you are right. At that time, when I was young, I didn’t like who I liked or disliked. That’s not counting.” Cody quickly turned his head to look at Tina and explained.

Tina didn’t like Peter at the time, but after so many years, the two of them are still not together.

Just at this point, Cody dared to confess to Tina in front of so many people today.

Who doesn’t know how close Peter and Tina were.

Back then, Peter went abroad without looking back, leaving Tina in the country alone.

Cody had never felt this way about Tina before, because he knew that she was the person Peter was protecting, and he was not the one who snatched women from his brother.

But now, he is back and settled down. Tina is still single. Looking at it, there are so many women around, married families, and restless restlessness. It seems that Tina is the most beautiful and the most achieving in life. Clean and perfect for marriage.

Instead of letting the family arrange for him a woman he doesn’t like, it’s better to find one he likes.

Tina has been with them since he was a child. What is her personality, he is very clear.

If he could really catch Tina, he would still pick up a bargain.

But he turned his head to look at her cold face and found that she was frowning slightly, obviously not feeling pleased.

Cody never thought that Tina would directly agree to him, and he planned to pursue a long-term pursuit, but he was completely rejected in public like this, and it seemed to be quite shameless.

So, he lowered his body and whispered in Tina’s ear: “Save your friend a little, don’t refuse me too ugly.”

Peter kept staring at Cody. As soon as he got close, he stretched out his hand to open him, and then said to Tina in a serious manner: “Stephanie sent me a text message saying that it is urgent. Go out and call her back.”

Tina: “???”

Stephanie doesn’t know if she has something to call her directly?

Although Peter’s excuse was very clumsy, he was serious and no one doubted it.

But Tina knew in her heart that Peter was looking for an excuse for her.

She responded with kindness, “Okay.”

After speaking, she smiled and turned to look at Cody: “Mr. Scott, I’ll go out and make a call first.”

Cody wanted to follow up, so he was pulled back by Peter: “Drink, where to go.”

He put the “pop” of the wine glass in front of Cody, and Cody was taken aback.

Chapter 1482

Peter didn’t want to let Cody stay with Tina anymore, so he deliberately sent her away.

Before coming, Tina had said that she would not disclose her relationship with Peter.

Now that Cody came so out, Tina felt a little sad, and it seemed unfair to Peter.

However, she has no choice.

She was really scared, she didn’t dare to gamble on everything like when she was eighteen.

She was also bored with such a shrinking and looking forward and backward self, but she couldn’t control the fear in her heart.

This is probably the sequelae of Peter leaving her behind.

Her pride and self-esteem, self-confidence and freedom were all flattened by him when he left.

Even if she decides to start again with Peter because of impulse and momentary courage, she has no sense of security in her relationship with Peter and is ready to withdraw at any time.

In the current relationship, she cowardly and selfishly chose to save herself first.

Tina also knew that this was a bit unfair to Peter.

She stood at the door of the box for a moment, then walked to the elevator.

With Peter’s character, after she left, he would definitely clean up Cody, and before Peter cleaned up Cody, she needed to find a place to spend time.

Best Day is a comprehensive entertainment venue with a bar downstairs.

She took the elevator downstairs to the bar.

There was a band singing on stage, Tina found a corner and sat down, ordered a glass of wine, and drank.

The atmosphere is right and lively.

There were five people in the band. Tina looked at it, and always felt that the drummer looked familiar, but due to the lighting and sight, she could not see that person’s face, and she could only tell that it was a girl.

She narrowed his eyes and stared at the stage for a while, but didn’t see who the girl was. She just felt that the more she looked at it, the more familiar it became. Could it be that she was from the entertainment industry?

At this time, the male guest in a seat in front of Tina talked to the waiter with his face turned, and Tina glanced at him casually, a flash of interest flashed in her eyes.

She thought, she knew who the girl on the stage was.

Tom was very keen, felt her cool gaze, turned his head and looked over.

Tina raised her own glass and motioned to Tom.

He was stunned for a moment, and raised his glass to signal.

Tina’s gaze swept back and forth between Tom and the girl on the stage, took out her mobile phone and took a photo on the stage and sent it to Peter. By the way, he asked, “Will it be full of drums?”

She looked familiar with the drummer on the stage before, and she didn’t think about Stephanie at all. The main reason was that Stephanie seemed to be too second in the middle, and Tina never thought that she would still do this.

Peter received the photo from Tina and was drinking.

Feeling the phone vibrating in his pocket, he put the wine bottle aside, took out the phone and took a look, zoomed in on the photo, and then replied: “Why went to the bar?”

Tina saw Peter’s reply and couldn’t help but roll her eyes. This man’s focus was really…

Tina threw the phone aside, too lazy to return him.

Cody muttered, “Miss Weber hasn’t come back yet?”

“The work of an artist is more complicated, and there are many places that need to be communicated,” Peter said nonsense seriously and continued to drink.

Although Cody noticed that after he publicly confessed to Tina, Peter was a little unhappy, but he didn’t think it was anything. After all, Peter had been protecting Tina since he was a child.

So he said to Peter recklessly: “Mr. Grant, how can I get to my Miss Weber if you could give me a trick.”

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