The Warmest Romance Chapter 1067 -1068

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Chapter 1067

All the way forward, she could always feel a bunch of eyes falling on her. Finally, she walked into the inpatient department, turned a few corners, and rushed into the women’s bathroom, which gave her a long sigh of relief.

First of all, he deceives Yu Yimo. Later, he doesn’t care whether she will leave or stay or where she will go.

All of a sudden, the mobile phone in her pocket rings. She nervously takes out her mobile phone and sees that it’s Ms. Liu calling. She directly presses the answer key.

“Hello, Ma.”

There came Ms. Liu’s worried voice, “Shishi, Sasha has a fever. You can come back today…”

Hearing the speech, Ruan’s heart was suddenly pulled up.

Clearly, when she saw Sasha in the morning, she was still fine. Why did she suddenly have a fever?

Ruan Shishi didn’t dare to delay, so she immediately got off and drove home. When she got home, she went to the door of the children’s bedroom, where Ms. Liu came out with a cup.

“Mom, how’s Sasha? Why don’t you go to the hospital? “

“As soon as you send them to the hospital, you have to hang water. It’s not good for children! I’ve called my family doctor and prescribed antipyretic, and I’ve fed her. “

On hearing that Sasha had taken the medicine, Ruan Shishi’s worried mood was relieved. “Then I’ll go in and have a look at her.”

She just walked into the room, but next to her, Ms. Liu held out her hand and her chin held her arm. She said with a serious face, “Shishi, don’t go in. I have something to ask you.”

“What’s the matter, Ma?”

Liu confused way, “just now I listen to Sha Sha always talk about what handsome uncle, who is handsome uncle? You know what? “

Hearing the words, Ruan’s heart sank and he couldn’t speak for a moment.

Ms. Liu continued, “I listen to her always nagging, worried, thinking that it would not be a bad person, right?”

After a pause, Ruan said in a low voice, “no, just a friend.”

Ms. Liu is still a little confused, “what friend? I don’t think she is so attached to song’s son-in-law. “

Ruan Shishi pulled out a reluctant smile, “it’s just a friend who took sensenshasha to the amusement park before and has a better relationship.”

Listening to her saying this, Ms. Liu was a little relieved, and said to herself, “it’s not bad guys…”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and watched her walk away. Then he opened the door and stepped in.

Sasha was lying on the bed, covered tightly with a small head.

Ruan Shishi stepped forward, sat down gently beside the bed, stretched out the back of her hand and explored the temperature of Sasha’s forehead. It was still a little hot. It seemed that she would have to wait for the medicine to get better before her fever could slowly subside.


A weak voice rang out, and Ruan Shishi looked down at her. Looking at the little guy’s weak appearance, she felt a little softer.

She said in a soft voice, “have a good rest, mother is with you. Don’t be afraid, you won’t feel bad after a sleep.”

Sasha moved, reached out her little hand, grabbed her finger, and said in a hollow voice, “Mom, I think uncle Shuai will be able to…”

Without waiting for Shasha to finish speaking, Ruan Shishi had already subconsciously frowned.

Unexpectedly, in Sha Sha’s heart, Yu Yimo’s position is even higher than song yean’s. when she is sick, what she most wants to see is not her “father”, but him!

Chapter 1068

“… Can uncle Shuai come to see me? “

Ruan Shiwen, a tight heart, subconsciously refused, “no way.”

Sasha some lost mouth asked, “why?”

Ruan Shishi opened her mouth and couldn’t speak for a moment. A moment later, she said, “Dad will come to see you tomorrow. Will you wait?”

Sasha’s eyes turned red and tears rolled in her eyes, “but I want to see Uncle Shuai…”

All of a sudden, Ruan’s heart was agitated.

What’s the magic of Yu Yimo that can make a four or five-year-old child remember him? Is it really because of blood?

However, in any case, she can’t let Shasha have any contact with Yu Yimo again. Sooner or later, she will leave. The long pain is better than the short pain. She will cut the mess quickly and solve it as soon as possible.

“Sasha, I can promise you anything else, but this one.”

She looked a little serious, stretched out her hand to tuck in the quilt for Sasha, and her tone was not negotiable.

Sasha opened her eyes and burst into tears. It seemed that she was frightened by her attitude. After a while, she held out her little hand and gently grasped Ruan Shishi’s hand. In a small voice, she said, “Mom, I know. I have a good rest…”

Listening to the little guy’s aggrieved voice, Ruan Shishi’s heart suddenly softened a little. She inhaled deeply, and her voice eased a little. “Go to bed quickly, and take more rest to get better.”

Sasha nodded and obediently closed her eyes.

Watching her fall asleep, Ruan Shishi felt relieved and left the bedroom.

Maybe she is cruel to a four or five-year-old child by doing this, but it’s better to suffer now than in the future.

Unknowingly, it was getting dark. In a villa in the suburb of Jiangzhou, a black car drove into the gate and stopped at the gate.

Soon, the door opened, and two tall men in black uniforms came down from above, one on the left and the other on the right. Then, a figure came out of the car and quickly entered the room.

After a while, three of them went to the second floor and went directly into the room.

In the room, Yu Gubei is sitting on the sofa, lazily shaking his wine glass. Hearing the sound, he looks back and sees them, and his lips say, “Ninth master, you are late again this time.”

Luo Jiuye sneered and sat down directly in front of the sofa beside him. “It took me a little time to shake off my tail. I punished myself.”

With that, he grabbed the wine bottle and glass with a smile, poured a glass for himself, motioned to Gu Bei and drank it.

Yu Gu North smile, not slow asked, “the ghost has not caught?”

A mention of the ghost, Luo Jiuye face horizontal meat twitch twice, eye bottom flash out cold light, “this loach, hide very deep.”

Yu Gu North heard speech, ha ha two, light voice way, “is not a big deal, if nine Ye is willing, I can help check.”

As soon as Luo Jiuye heard this, his eyes sank. He immediately raised his hand and refused with a smile. “I can’t make a fool of myself. I’ll clean up the door myself. If you really want to help me, you’d better take care of Yu Yimo.”

Yu Gubei said with a smile, “isn’t Jiuye going to have a birthday soon? I’m going to give you a big present when I call you here this time. “

“You have a heart.” Luo Jiuye laughed twice. “It’s related to Yu Yimo?”

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