The Warmest Romance Chapter 1069 -1070

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Chapter 1069

“That’s nature. It’s the biggest gift for the ninth master to make Yu Yimo a success.”

Luo Jiu Ye picks eyebrow, “have a way?”

“Well.” Yu Gu North calm smile, eyes fell on the Luo nine Ye lack of the finger above, “wait and see, this time absolutely give you a satisfactory result.”

Luo Jiuye said with a smile, “listen to me. What can I do? Should we use that woman or not? “

Yu Gubei said calmly, “people, you can’t expose your weakness, otherwise the other party will grasp his weakness, and it’s not easy. Yu Yimo is like this now. Ruan Shishi is the best weapon for him, we don’t need to waste it.”

“That’s right!”

Luo Jiuye laughs twice, grabs the wine glass to touch the glass with him, and then drinks the liquid directly.

Yu Gubei smiles and raises his eyes inadvertently. He suddenly sees that the door is not closed, and the crack of the door suddenly flashes by. When he looks at it again, it is empty.

Who was the man standing at the door just now?

Yu Gu Bei became alert in an instant, and his eyes sank a lot.

It happened that Lord Luo finished drinking the wine, looked at him and said, “do you know what Miss Ye pretended to be me?”

Yu Gu North back to God, said with a smile, “of course I know.”

Luo Jiuye sneered, “that Ruan Shi offended many people. I don’t know what Yu Yimo likes about her…”

Yu Gubei laughs and accompanies Luo Jiuye to talk again, but his heart is always uneasy and uneasy.

Who was the figure that flashed by the door just now? Did you hear the conversation between him and Lord Luo? How much did you hear?

He didn’t know.

In order to make sure things go smoothly, he has to find out.

After seeing Luo Jiuye off, he immediately told Shao Zhuo, “go and check the monitoring to see who stayed at the door when I talked with Luo Jiuye in the room.”

Shao Zhuo a listen to, immediately should under, quit the room.

Yu Gubei sat on the sofa, thinking quickly in his mind, recalling what Lord Luo said just now.

Just then, footsteps came from the door. Then, the door was pushed open, and Lu Xiaoman came in from the outside with a tray in his hand.

“Sir, this is a cake just made by my aunt. Try it quickly.”

As she said that, she brought the cake to Yu Gubei, but her face flashed a trace of unconscious timidity and uneasiness.

Yu Gubei took a panoramic view of her face, quietly reached out and picked up a piece of mung bean cake, tasted it gracefully, and said in a soft voice, “it’s delicious, you try it.”

Lu Xiaoman smell speech, obedient nod, picked up a cake, quietly eating, did not speak.

Yu Gu Bei stares at her and asks, “is everything settled at home?”

Lu Xiaoman’s one board answer, with a bit of formality, “settle down.”

As soon as they asked and answered, the bedroom fell into silence again. A moment later, Lu Xiaoman took the initiative to get up and said, “Sir, I’ll be busy first.”

Then she started to walk out.

“Wait a minute.” Yu Gu Bei opened his mouth and called to her, with a gentle smile on his face

Lu Xiaoman’s body suddenly became stiff when she heard the speech. She trembled twice and turned to look at Yu Gubei. Her eyes were a little scared and alienated. “Why can’t we let go of poetry?”

Chapter 1070

After five years with Yu Gubei, he always gives her the feeling of kindness. He is as warm as the spring breeze in June, which makes people feel free from invasion and strangeness. No matter who you are with, you can say it. However, some strange and terrible scenes that she bumps into have already explained to him that Yu Gubei is not as simple and pure as she imagined.

He is mysterious and complicated. He has hidden power in his hand. Raising his hand can deal with the things that she can’t do for her, just like the debts and enemies of his family. He encircles her into his warm and clean life circle. Strictly speaking, he is her benefactor.

She can ignore other things, but she can’t help but want to know about her old friend Ruan Shishi.

Just now, she heard the conversation between Yu Gubei and Lord Luo Jiuye in the room. Five years ago, she also helped Yu Gubei to do something wrong to Ruan Shishi. Five years later, it will be. But from now on, she really doesn’t want to hurt her old friends any more.

Yu Gu Bei quietly picked up the tea cup, took a sip, raised his eyes to get a full view of the woman’s emotions, and then whispered, “Xiaoman, you are too kind.”

“Don’t understand the heart, don’t understand the dark, this is your biggest advantage, but also a disadvantage.”

He said without hesitation, slowly bowed his head, and his eyes fell on his legs. After a pause, he said softly, “my legs are broken by metaphor. I want him to feel the pain and sadness of these years.”

Lu Xiaoman frowned, “what does that have to do with poetry?”

Yu Gubei said, “because Ruan Shishi is his beloved woman.”

Lu Xiaoman’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise. Soon, he thought of something and said, “but didn’t you like poetry at the beginning?”

Five years ago, Yu gubeiqing himself admitted that he liked Ruan’s poems, but now

A glimmer of light flashed through the man’s eyes, and then he raised his lips and laughed with deep meaning.

Five years ago, he said that only because he knew that Lu Xiaoman was interested in him. He wanted to make use of the jealousy between women to make her do things better for herself.

But now it seems that this road will not work. It’s right to attack Lu Xiaoman with emotion if you want to hold her firmly in your hand.

He raised the corner of his lips, looked gentle and affectionate, got up and walked straight to Lu Xiaoman.

Lu Xiaoman saw him suddenly stand up, surprised to stare, “Sir, your leg!”

Can’t he stand up? How suddenly

Without waiting for a reply, Yu Gubei had already come to her side and looked down at her with burning eyes. He didn’t hide his feelings at all.

He lowered his head, close to his ear, “my leg is good, originally wanted to give you a surprise.”

Lu Xiaoman’s heart beats like thunder. To her surprise, Yu Gubei is taller than her. Standing in front of her, she can clearly feel the masculinity of men.

As she spoke, her ear warmed. The man’s hand crossed her ear, lifted her hair, and said in a low voice, “the person I like is always the one who has been with me all these years, not others.”

In an instant, Lu Xiaoman felt the blood in her body boiling. She was frightened and flustered, and her body was unconsciously hot.

Is Yu Gubei expressing himself when he says this?


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