CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1487 – 1488

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Chapter 1487

Stephanie was taken aback by this bold idea.

Tina and Tom were still staring at each other, the expressions on their faces were a little unpredictable, Stephanie couldn’t understand them.

But she started to calm down.

Ms. Tina is beautiful and smart, and the drama is good. No matter who likes her, it is understandable. She even began to wonder whether Tom deserves Tina.

However, the relationship between Tina and her cousin is also a bit unclear…

Love triangle?

No, plus the legendary fiancee of Tom, it is four corners of love!

This is full of dramatic plot, does it really exist?

Saw it a long time ago.

After Stephanie had a violent brainstorming, she heard Tina say: “Then bless you.”


Is this the beginning of the blessing?

Stephanie looked at Tina, then turned to look at Tom.

“Thank you.” Tom responded earnestly.

Stephanie really felt that she was just a baby and couldn’t keep up with their thoughts.

Tina didn’t know what Stephanie had made up. He looked at the time and felt that Peter was almost over. He turned to ask Stephanie, “How did you come here? I should be with you later. Cousin go back together, do you want to go together?”


As soon as Stephanie spoke, she was interrupted by Tom: “I’m on the way, I can drop Miss Stephanie off.”

Stephanie: “Huh?”

Although they knew the gentleman Tom, they had a very pleasant chat today, but they weren’t familiar enough to go home with him.

Stephanie thought for a while, and felt that Tom was very angry.

So, she refused Tom: “No need… I can take my cousin’s car and go with Ms. Tina.”

“You don’t bother them, they didn’t go along with you.” Tom’s tone aggravated, and there was a bit of unhappiness hidden in his tone.

Stephanie became more sure that Tom was outraged. Peter was her cousin and Tina was her artist. Not to mention sending her home, even if she came home to eat and drink, it wouldn’t be troublesome.

Instead, it was quite troublesome for Tom to send her back.

Stephanie deliberatedly said, “I shouldn’t be in the same way with you?”

“I said I would go along the way.” Tom’s tone returned to his usual gentleness, but he was more tolerant of rejection than the unpleasant tone just now.

Stephanie also felt that she was awkward enough, so she dared not say anything to refuse, and cast her eyes down and said, “Well, I’ll trouble you…”

“No trouble.” Tom smiled as if finally satisfied.

Tina received a WeChat message from Peter: “It’s over, I’ll come down to find you.”

Tina replied: “Okay.”

She silently calculated the time it would take Peter to get down to the bar, which was only ten minutes at most.

But she waited for twenty minutes without waiting for Peter.

She was worried about sending Peter a WeChat: “Are you down yet? Where?”

Peter: “WC”

Tina frowned, Peter usually has no habit of calling “WC”.

She asked again: “In the toilet for so long?”

Peter didn’t reply, waited a few minutes and didn’t reply.

It is impossible for Peter not to reply to her normally.

She stood up anxiously, and looked at Stephanie with a suspicious look, and said, “I’m going to find Peter first.”

Then she turned her head and said to Tom, “I will trouble you if I am full.”

Tom nodded slightly.

Tina left the bar, not sure which floor Peter was on, so he looked for the toilet on the bar floor first.

Chapter 1488

The public toilets on the bar floor are actually spare, and very few people usually go there.

Tina walked to the door of the men’s bathroom and took a deep breath. If there were people inside, she would pretend that she had gone wrong.

After doing a good job of mental construction for herself, she walked quickly in the direction of the toilet and walked directly into the men’s section.

The toilet is not very large, you can see it as soon as you enter it, there is no one outside, only a compartment door is vaguely unclosed, but there is no movement.

Tina walked over and opened the door to take a look. The man in the compartment holding the toilet and vomiting dimly, who is not Peter?

Peter’s shirt was already crumpled. He sat on the ground with a look of exhaustion. The whole person looked very embarrassed, and there was still the usual appearance of CEO Grant, who was incomparable.

Tina hadn’t seen Peter drink like this for many years, and she couldn’t react for a while.

In the memory, the last time he was drunk was more than ten years ago. On the night of her junior high school graduation party, a group of people closed the door in the KTV box to drink, but her classmates praised him At that time, he was only a teenager, desperate to save face, and drank all the male classmates present.

Then, he walked out of the box and fell straight down, returning home to sleep for two days before relieving himself.

Tina really didn’t expect that after so many years, she would see him again in such an embarrassing appearance.

Peter vomited again, Tina came back to her senses, looking at his appearance a little bit dumbfounded.

She knew the amount of Peter’s drink, and he drank it like this. It is conceivable that Cody was drinking like this.

The drunk was slow to respond, and Tina had stood here for a while, and Peter did not find her either.

Although he is usually a delicate man, he is very particular about food and clothing, but he is a layman, but now he is like this, and he is not handsome anymore.

Tina rarely watched him like this, and felt a little tempted to laugh, and even wanted to take out her mobile phone to take a video and show it to him when he is sober.

But on another thought, Peter drank it like this, because she removed her eager hand from the edge of her pocket. What if she wanted to post the video to Moments?

At that time, Peter was afraid that he would “fix her without thinking about the old feelings.”

So she leaned slightly and called his name softly.


His reaction was to stop suddenly, seeming to be discerning whether someone called his name. After two seconds, he slowly turned his head and looked in Tina’s direction.

He looked blank, his eyes without focus slowly looked towards Tina, then tilted his head to identify who the woman in front of him was.

Tina was so cute with her head tilted, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but bend slightly, squatting in front of him, couldn’t help but want to touch his head.

However, she stretched out her hand, before she touched Peter’s head, she was waved away, and said with a vicious expression, “Who are you.”

If it is normal, Peter’s appearance is still quite a deterrent.

But at this time he was already drunk, the whole person was messy, and he was vomiting dimly, but he liked to be clean, so there was nothing on his clothes, and even so, it seemed that there was no deterrent.

Tina couldn’t get angry, he slowly narrowed his smile, and said solemnly: “I’m your father.”

Peter: “You [email protected], where is my old man so sweet as you.”

“Am I very fragrant?” Tina moved towards him further closing the distance between them.

Peter frowned and leaned back: “You stay away from me, I have a wife.”

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