The Warmest Romance Chapter 1071 -1072

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Chapter 1071

She raised her eyes and looked up at Gu Bei’s dark eyes. All the words came to her mouth and she couldn’t say anything.

“Xiaoman, how do I spend these years? I believe you know very well that the reason why I have been dormant in Jiangzhou is that I want to end all my pain.”

Yugu beidun, holding her hand, voice more affectionate, “with me to end the pain here, from now on, I take you to a new place, we live a simple life together, OK?”

Lu Xiaoman smell speech, nose a sour, lift an eye to look at him, “Sir…”

Yu Gubei’s eyes are soft, just like a spring water, “my heart has shown you, do you accept it?”

Lu Xiaoman was both surprised and happy. Her eyes couldn’t hide her surprise and shyness. She inhaled deeply. When she couldn’t speak, the man’s gentle kiss fell down.

I’ve been hiding my mind for several years. At this moment, I confess that Lu Xiaoman is completely in a sweet mood, leaving everything behind

Late at night, some people are sweet, others are sad. Du Yue guards song yun’an’s bedside, holding her pale hand, praying silently, waiting for a miracle.

However, heaven has always been cruel. In the next three days, song yun’an still didn’t wake up at all. The foreign doctor song ye’an invited has arrived. Under the conditions of the existing hospital, he has done all kinds of examinations on song yun’an, and finally issued the result sheet.

After more than an hour of talks, song yean finally came out of the conference room of the hospital with a bit of fatigue on his face.

Ruan Shishi waited outside anxiously for more than an hour. Seeing him coming out, he immediately went up and asked, “what’s the situation?”

This meeting is absolutely private. Foreign doctor James only allows the closest relatives of patients and relevant doctors in our hospital to attend.

Song yean shook his head, took Ruan Shishi to one side and said, “the situation is not very good.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi’s heart suddenly fell from his throat. He opened his mouth, but he couldn’t make a sound.

Domestic doctors can’t do it. Now they find foreign doctors. If there is no way, will song yun’an really lie down like this?

Song yean then said, “but James said there is a chance, but the domestic medical facilities can’t do it, I’m afraid to take An’an abroad for treatment.”

After listening to Ruan’s poems, his mood is even more complicated. However, as long as there is a chance, it means that An’an has the hope to wake up.

Song yean inhaled deeply. He pressed his eyebrows and whispered, “I’ll talk to James another day, make sure as soon as possible, and take An’an abroad for treatment.”

Ruan Shishi immediately said, “I’m with you.”

When song yean heard that he wanted to refuse, he thought that as soon as he left, Ruan Shishi would stay in Jiangzhou alone with Sensen Shasha. In this way, he was more worried. He might as well leave with them.

He nodded, “OK, I’ll arrange the work of the company as soon as possible…”

But before his voice fell, his mobile phone suddenly rang. He took a look at the screen, looked serious and answered immediately.


After a few seconds of pause, his face suddenly changed, “what? Has the driver of the car accident been arrested? “

Ruan Shishi stood aside, and when he heard song yean’s voice, he suddenly became nervous and pricked up his ears to listen carefully.

Chapter 1072

Soon, song yean put away his cell phone, looked a little surprised and turned to see her, “the police said that the perpetrator of the collision went to the police station to surrender.”

Ruan Shishi was also surprised. They left the hospital and rushed to the police station immediately.

As soon as she arrived at the gate of the police station, Ruan Shishi saw officer Zhao standing outside. They were led to the police station by him. Officer Zhao explained the situation as he walked. “The name of the perpetrator is Xiao Xiaolin, 28 years old. She had a previous record of stealing. This morning, she came to the police station to surrender herself, and later identified the hiding place of the abandoned vehicle. Then our police officers picked up the car Got her DNA. “

When Ruan Shishi listened, she felt as if she was listening to a stranger. Until she was led to the police station, she saw a sallow woman through the gray iron railing.

She had long hair, low head, shabby clothes and timid eyes.

Officer Zhao motioned to them, “she is Xiao Xiaolin.”

Ruan Shishi inhales deeply, but she can’t accept it for a moment. In her mind, the suspect she identified is ye Wan’er, not the strange woman she has never met before.

One side of song yean also don’t want to believe, he frowned, rigorous asked, “didn’t you check the DNA from the car before?”

Not only did the police check it before, but he also sent Xiao Liu to check it once. It was the same result. The car was clean, as if it had been cleaned up, leaving no evidence.

Officer Zhao nodded, “it was before, but she told me that she accidentally scratched her hand while driving that day. We sent someone to check it carefully again. We collected some residual blood inside the steering wheel and tested the DNA.”

Ruan Shishi stood aside and looked at the woman in the detention room. She still didn’t believe it. She took a deep breath and asked, “then why did she bump people? We don’t know her at all

Police officer Zhao said in a straight line, “she said that the car was stolen by her. She wanted to sell money. Later, she accidentally hit someone because she was not skilled in driving and mistakenly used the accelerator as the brake. Later, she ran away because she was afraid. Later, the more she thought about it, the more afraid she was. It came from the head.”

Ruan Shiwen denied subconsciously, “impossible!”

All the evidence chain is complete and reasonable, but she doesn’t believe that this incident is just an accident!

In her opinion, the accident was a conspiracy, a premeditation, and even more a murder! And this strange woman who suddenly appeared could not be the murderer.

So, there is only one possibility left, that is, this woman is the scapegoat pushed by the murderer to cover up the crime!

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth and strode to the door of the detention room. Looking at the woman inside, she said in a loud voice, “Xiao Xiaolin, have you been instructed? Or threatened! “

Xiao Xiaolin shook her head when she heard the speech. “No, it’s me, or I hit someone! I don’t mean it! Not really

She shook her head, her eyes clearly flashed a bit of fear, “the net of heaven is wide, careless, I’m afraid, so I came to surrender, I hit that woman, but I really didn’t mean it!”

Seeing this, Ruan’s fists could not help clenching the railings, but his heart felt powerless.

Now, some people give themselves up, the evidence is solid, so this case, also means to the end, but her heart, always echoed a voice, Xiao Xiaolin is not the real murderer!

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