The Warmest Romance Chapter 1081 -1082

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Chapter 1081

Yu Yimo said word by word, “I’ll deal with Wan’er’s affairs, but I’ll let her go first.”

His tone was firm and irrefutable.

“Yimo, you!” Ye Fu’s hand trembled slightly. “You helped an outsider! If I don’t let go, what else can you do to me? “

Yu Yimo’s lips were tightly pressed into a line and said coldly, “if you don’t want to let people go, I’ll have to fight hard.”

When Mrs. ye heard this, she was even more angry. “How dare you…”

Before she finished speaking, Yu Yimo gave a look, and the men behind him immediately spread out and surrounded Mrs. ye and the car behind them.

It’s not like talking. Obviously, it’s serious.

Ruan Shishi stood in the same place, but he didn’t expect that Yu Yimo would tear his face for himself and Mrs. Ye.

Yu Yimo thin lips light open, throw out a words with no emotion, “mother-in-law, offended.”

Yef’s whole body trembled with anger.

Although she took a few people with her, she knew that these people under her command were definitely not Yu Yimo’s opponents. It would be better to take a step back than to quarrel with him.

She took a deep breath and stared at Yu Yimo for a long time. Finally, she let go

Her subordinates were a little surprised. They looked and looked, and finally pushed Ruan forward.

Ruan Shishi falters at her feet and almost falls to the ground. Yu Yimo reaches out her arm and holds her firmly.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and looked up at him without saying anything.

Yu Yimo took back his hand, looked at Mrs. ye, leaned slightly at her, and said word by word, “mother-in-law, let me know about Wan’er. Tomorrow, I will send her home. Don’t worry.”

Ye Fu’s face turned blue, but she didn’t say anything. She clenched her teeth and finally gave Ruan Shishi a hard glance. She got into the car and left.

Ruan Shishi stood by and watched the car leave. His nervousness eased a little.

Now, she has been put in prison and unable to defend herself.

Ye Wan’er, Mrs. ye, and the strange organization that she did not understand, even Yu Yimo, are all very easy to destroy as long as they want to destroy her.

Suddenly, a man’s low voice came from his ear, “what I’m afraid of is this situation.”

Ruan Shishi looked back and turned her head to the man’s dark eyes. She took a deep breath and found that her palms were wet.

Yu Yimo said in a low voice, “I’ll take you back.”

“No Seeing the man’s hand extending towards her, Ruan Shishi could not avoid it, and quickly opened the distance between them.

For a moment, Yu Yimo’s hand was hanging in the air, slightly embarrassed.

Without waiting for him to say anything more, Ruan Shishi had already quickly stepped to the side of the road, stopped a taxi and quickly got on.

Looking at the figure of the woman who refuses to leave, Yu Yimo’s heart is tight, and an indescribable sadness emerges.

Since when has it become like this between him and Ruan Shi? It was clear that all he did was for her, but she didn’t understand him at all.

At this time, Ruan Shishi was sitting in a taxi, cold all over.

Now, she feels more and more how dangerous it is to stay by Yu Yimo’s side. Unknown people and events, unexpected accidents, all of which make her feel panic and fear.

Chapter 1082

It was not until the taxi drove slowly into Xiqiao garden and saw the familiar scene that Ruan’s heart became more stable.

When the car arrives at the entrance of the villa, Ruan Shishi gets out of the car. As soon as he enters the room, he sees song yean sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Hearing this, song yean immediately got up and walked towards her, with some anxiety between his eyebrows and eyes, “what’s the matter? I don’t answer the phone. I’ve been worried about you. “

Just now, Yu Yimo answered the phone call he made to her. After being hung up, he dialed several more times, but no one answered. He was worried for a moment, so he rushed to Xiqiao garden to wait for her.

Ruan Shishi shakes her head a little tired. “It’s nothing. Yu Yimo came to me to ask where ye Wan’er is.”

Hearing this, song yean asked, “did he embarrass you?”

“No Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and turned to look at him. His face became more serious. “Why did you suddenly catch ye Wan’er?”

Song yean was silent for a moment, and then explained in a deep voice, “it’s not the purpose to catch her, I’m to catch huochuan.”

“Huo Chuan?”

Hearing the name, Ruan Shishi’s body tightened and her back gave birth to an inexplicable chill.

She knows that Huo Chuan is ye Wan’er’s loyal subordinate. Five years ago, he attacked her, including the last time Sasha was bitten by a snake, which is also related to him.

He is not a simple ruthless role, not to be underestimated, let alone taken lightly.

It’s no wonder that song yean catches ye Wan’er just to get him out, because the accident may have something to do with him.

Song yean said solemnly, “one night, according to Huo Chuan’s temperament, he will show up tonight. Once he shows up, the people I arranged will take him down, and I will release him in the morning.”

With that, he turned to look at Ruan Shishi and said, “Shishi, don’t you blame me?”

It’s really radical to use such means, but now he has no other way.

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, reached out and patted his arm gently to show comfort, “I understand.”

Now an an’s situation is so bad. As his brother, he must want to catch the bad guys as soon as possible.

If it was her, she would do the same.

Now, I’ll wait to spend the long night. Tomorrow morning, I’ll catch Huo Chuan, and then I can move on.

This night, Ruan Shishi tossed and turned, almost no sleepiness, two eyes sour and astringent, but still can’t help passing things in her mind, disturbing her to sleep.

Finally, she got up and took two tablets of melatonin before she went to sleep.

Who knows, when I fall asleep and wake up again, it’s already too late.

Ruan Shishi got up in a hurry, quickly washed her face and hurried downstairs.

Seeing Ms. Liu watering flowers on the balcony, Ruan Shishi immediately came forward and asked, “Mom? Is good night gone? “

“Well, I left early in the morning.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed song yean.

If Huo Chuan showed up at night, he should have been caught by now.

This thought, her heart some faint excitement, holding the hand of the mobile phone also slowly tightened a few minutes.

After several rings, someone answered, “hello?”

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