CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1493 – 1494

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Chapter 1493

At this point in time, Best Day’s door was still a good stop.

Stephanie quickly stopped a taxi.

The taxi driver stopped the car, and Stephanie thought for a while, still felt that out of politeness, she should also say “goodbye” to Tom.

Thinking about this, she turned her head and looked at Tom: “Mr. Allison, I will first…”

Only halfway through her words, Tom suddenly raised his foot, she walked over and opened the taxi door first, and stepped up with his long legs.

Stephanie:? ? ? ?

What is Tom doing?

She obviously stopped the car. Does he want to grab her car?

Stephanie originally wanted to talk to him nicely, but now she couldn’t calm down.

She increased her tone and stared at Tom: “CEO Allison, I stopped this car.”

Tom raised his eyes slightly: “Get in the car.”

These four short words convey a pressure that cannot be ignored.

This reminded her of Peter when he was angry.

Peter is a few years older than her, and she has stayed with Peter. He is in charge of her most of the time. He usually talks well, but it’s not like that all the time. She doesn’t dare to make any trouble.

Stephanie suddenly understood that Tom was going to take her home by taxi.

She thought that Tom had dispelled this idea, but she didn’t expect him to still insist on sending her home.

This is… surprising.

She felt hesitant, but forced by Tom’s sharp eyes, she climbed into the car silently.

The cabin was extremely quiet, and the atmosphere was unbelievably weird.

The taxi driver hit the meter, started the car, and glanced in the rearview mirror.

Tom didn’t have any expression on his face, but he sat upright and looked cold. At first glance, he was a rich and influential person. It seemed that he was not easy to provoke or talk to.

Stephanie, who was on the side, looked a little easier to talk to.

The driver said aloud to the direction where Stephanie was sitting: “Where are you going?”

Stephanie heard this and turned to look at Tom.

Tom felt Stephanie’s gaze and glanced at her: “I don’t know where you live?”

Hearing this tone, as if she owed him money.

Stephanie pouted her lips and reported her address to the driver.

After listening, the driver didn’t look back anymore, and stepped on the accelerator to move the car forward.

Stephanie’s place is not very far away, and they arrived in half an hour.

“I’m here.” Stephanie put one hand on the door handle of the car, ready to get off directly, signaling Tom to leave the car without getting off.

Tom didn’t speak, and directly opened the door on the other side.

Stephanie opened her mouth slightly in surprise, and got out of the car after paying the fare.

When she got out of the car, the taxi flew out like an arrow from the string.

Stephanie turned her face away, avoided the dust raised by the car, and asked Tom: “What are you doing why you got off the car? In our community it is not easy to get a taxi.”

Peter has always been willing to spend money on people close to him. Stephanie had no money when she escaped from marriage. This house was also rented to her by Peter. It was in a prime location and a high-end community. The rent was hundreds of thousands a year.

Just because it is a high-end community, it is not easy to take a taxi.

Tom didn’t seem to hear Stephanie’s words, and asked in a serious manner: “I took you back, don’t you plan to invite me to drink a glass of water?”

Stephanie was stunned, and she hesitated and said: “It’s not so good… It’s midnight, otherwise… I’ll invite you to dinner another day?”

Chapter 1494

Stephanie regretted after saying this.

She didn’t even want Tom to drop her off, now she is fine, and she has to invite him to eat for nothing.

Her rent was paid by Peter, and her living expenses were subsidized by him too, but she was too embarrassed to ask Peter all the time. After paying her salary a few days ago, she let Peter not have to pay her living expenses.

Unexpectedly, the wages in hand hadn’t been calculated enough, and they would be used to invite Tom to dinner.

A boss like Tom can’t be too shabby if she invites him to a meal.

“I didn’t see it, Miss Stephanie is still a rich little woman, who can afford the rent here, and still have enough money to buy me a dinner.”

Tom laughed, gentle and harmless.

But Stephanie always felt that he was mocking her.

“Actually, it’s okay…” Stephanie was too lazy to explain to Tom in detail, always finding it strange that the explanation was too clear.

Tom did not intend to let her go like this.

Tom’s smile deepened, and he said: “Miss Stephanie, although you are Miss Weber’s agent now, you are still in the internship period. As far as I know, the salary during the internship period should not be enough to pay one month’s rent here.”

Stephanie looked at Tom incredulously: “Are you investigating me?”

If it weren’t for investigating her, how could Tom, a big boss, know her salary.

Tom said lightly: “This does not require investigation, it is just a matter of common sense.”

Stephanie felt that she was despised again.

She became more and more confused about what Tom was thinking, and she simply pointed out the words.

“Mr. Allison, I don’t know why you have to take a taxi with me to take me home, but I know that we are not in a relationship of ‘dropping each other home’. You are also a person with a fiancée, and you should respect yourself. Right.”

Stephanie’s tone was extremely serious.

She felt that if she were to be taken in a mirror at this time, she would be able to see her solemn look like an old cadre in the mirror.

This is the first time she has tried to persuade people so seriously.

Before, she was persuaded by others.


This little girl persuades him to respect himself?

Tom contemplated briefly for a while, then let out a low laugh.

If she changes to another woman, she won’t refuse or pierce, half-pushing and half-pushing.

She’s better, just let him respect himself.

This little girl is indeed innocent, no wonder parents like her, even if she has run away, they still have to let her come to see them.

“I was abrupt today, Miss Stephanie, forgive me.” Tom looked at Stephanie’s eyes with a very sincere attitude.

Stephanie felt that she couldn’t hate Tom again.

The attitude of apologizing is too sincere.

She pursed her lips: “Then…Let’s go, I’m going up, how do you go?”

“I’ll let the driver come and pick you up, so go up first.” It’s getting late, it’s time to go back and rest.

Stephanie nodded, walked into the community, and after a few steps, she looked back at Tom quietly.

Tom stood under the street lamp, tall and slender, with the smell of wine near the speed breaker.

It’s a pity that there is a fiancee.

Stephanie sighed again and hurried into the community.

Back home, she called Tina.

“Ms. Tina, are you home yet?”

Tina and Peter had just arrived home, and Peter fell asleep on the way back. She had to find a security guard to bring Peter up. At the moment, she was wiping Peter’s face.

“Just arrived.” Tina turned on the phone and put it aside, and continued to wipe Peter’s face, and asked, “Tom sent you home?”

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