CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1495 – 1496

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Chapter 1495

Stephanie choked and said in a low voice, “How did you know Mr. Allison was going to send me home?”

Tina laughed: “Guess, Mr. Allison is such a gentleman.”

Stephanie and Tina have a good relationship. Naturally, she didn’t intend to hide and tuck her in. She directly expressed her thoughts: “I think Mr. Allison is very contradictory. He seems to be very shrewd and gentleman, but He has a fiancée and insists on sending me home. Feels like he is sc*mbag…”

Tina was silent after hearing this.

Stephanie thought Tina was thinking about whether Tom was a sc*m.

As a result, after a while, she heard Tina asking unclearly, “Mr. Allison insists on sending you home?”

“Yeah, but that’s not the point. Ms. Tina, will you catch the point…” Stephanie was a little tired. She felt that Tina was not on the same channel as her, and she felt unclear.

“Why didn’t I grasp the point, what do you think of Tom?” Tina asked her.

“Smart, capable, and good-looking…” Stephanie came back to his senses again: “But what does this have to do with me? He has a fiancée, and he also sent me home. Does he want to step on his feet? Two boats?”

The more Stephanie thinks about it, the more she feels something is wrong. Tom seems to like Tina…

Peter, who was asleep on the bed, frowned uncomfortably and kicked the quilt. It was probably noisy by Stephanie’s voice.

Tina turned off the hands-free and put the phone to his ear: “I’ll talk about it tomorrow, if you have something, it’s late today, go to bed early.”

“I…” Stephanie actually has something to say, but Tina has hung up the phone.


Peter was very drunk this time, and his sleep went straight from night before to the evening of the next day.

When Tina went out in the morning, she ordered breakfast and put it on the dining table. She also left a note for him to heat it up in the microwave when he woke up.

Tina went out in the morning because there was a charity event that needed her to participate, so she went out early in the morning.

Busy till two or three o’clock in the afternoon, it was dusk when she got home.

As soon as she opened the door, she felt that the room was quiet.


Tina closed the door with her backhand, and called Peter’s name in the room.

No, respond.

When she changed her shoes and walked in, she found that the breakfast on the table was left unsealed.

It shouldn’t.

If Peter wakes up, he will definitely see the breakfast, and he must also guess that she bought it for him. Even if he has to go out in a hurry, he will eat the breakfast she bought before leaving.

Tina walked to the door of the bedroom and opened the door gently, only to find that the bed was still falling.

Tina froze for a moment, then sighed helplessly, it turned out that he hadn’t woken up yet.

Tina went to the bed and sat down, thinking about whether to wake him up, he pulled the quilt down by himself, looking as if he just woke up.

“Awake?” Tina asked him.

Peter stared at Tina for a few seconds, and then suddenly reached out and rubbed his eyes vigorously: “I am not awake, I am just dreaming.”

If it were not a dream, how could it be possible to see Tina as soon as he woke up.

Tina heard his tone and felt quite normal.

This time it should be completely sober.

She unceremoniously opened the quilt, and in Peter’s sluggish expression, she pointed to the bathroom and said, “Go to the bathroom and wash out immediately. Let’s chat.”

The word “chat” was accented.

Tina left after speaking.

Peter rubbed his temples. What did he do yesterday?

Chapter 1496

Women have more or less choice difficulties.

Tina came out of the bedroom and half-leaned on the sofa to order takeaway.

It’s just that she picked it for a long time and didn’t want to order any takeaway.

It was tangled until Peter got out of the shower and put on clothes.

Peter took a bath and became sober a lot. He vaguely remembered that he had a drink with Cody last night and drank Cody’s to drowning.

Then he went downstairs very smartly to find Tina on the bar floor.

The memory was broken when he left Cody, and he couldn’t remember the following things even if he wanted to break his head.

“What are you doing?” Peter smiled and walked to the side of Tina to sit down, and looked at her mobile phone.

Tina was watching the takeaway, so she calmly handed the phone to him and let him see it for himself.

“Order takeaway? Will it taste too strong in the morning?” Peter saw the shops Tina browsed, full of fish and shrimps.

Tina didn’t speak, and pressed the phone’s power button to lock the screen without saying a word, and then pressed the screen again to let Peter see the time.

Peter took a closer look and found that it was almost six o’clock in the evening.

“f*ck!” Peter widened his eyes: “I slept for so long?”

Tina was not in a hurry to watch the takeaway. She was still not very hungry, and Peter didn’t seem to be too hungry with such spirit.

She put the phone aside, wrapped her arms, and said blankly: “Peter, can you fight with people without moving? Are you harming others? Or are you short-lived?”

Peter let out a slow “Ah”, realizing that Tina was very serious at the moment, and couldn’t help but straighten up slowly.

“That’s… if I don’t drink, I can’t give Cody a meal…” Peter felt that there was nothing wrong with doing this, but Tina looked unhappy, and her momentum weakened.

She was a little helpless.

In fact, a drink is nothing.

She got up, took something from her bag, and handed it to him.

He looked down and found that it was a medical examination report. He looked at Tina inquiringly.

“Yours, in the morning, Rubin couldn’t find you, so he called me and gave me this by the way.” Tina explained.

Peter looks tall and thin, and is also exercising, but in fact, he is not particularly healthy.

Often staying up late, smoking and drinking a lot, this is the lifestyle of young people.

And Peter is in his early thirties.

It’s no longer a teenager to be a vigorous teenager.

At a certain age, one has to learn to admit defeat.

Peter flipped through the physical examination records, coughed lightly, and forcibly explained: “I was in a bad condition during the physical examination days, which is not usually the case.”

Tina suddenly changed the subject: “I thought about it. Let’s find a time to make it public.”

What she said before was not to account for Peter.

However, this medical report made her realize that she and Peter had missed too much time that they should have been together.

The past can no longer be returned.

But they, at least can live up to the present and every day in the future.

“Public?” Peter blinked, with a dull expression, and asked her uncertainly, “Is that what you meant?”

Tina answered decisively: “Yes.”

Happiness came too suddenly, leaving Peter at a loss for a while.

He sat for a while before digesting what Tina had said in his mind.

“Then I will now think about the public plan, how to minimize the impact on you.” Tina’s publicizing her love actually has no effect on her, but she is in love with him.

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