The Warmest Romance Chapter 1085 -1086

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Chapter 1085

Ye Wan’er was shocked and cold all over, “that What about that? “

“During this period of time, keep a low profile, stay at home at ease, and we will meet less. Only in this way can we have fewer opportunities to make mistakes.”

Huo Chuan pause, and then said, “then, wait for Xiao Xiaolin sentence.”

This sentence is the most important thing. When Xiao Xiaolin, the scapegoat, is sentenced, everything will be settled and they will be at ease.

Ye Waner quickly agreed, “yes! You are right

Dormant for a period of time, as long as they can clear their suspicion, she is willing to!

Huo Chuan nodded and said firmly, “OK, the rest we can do is wait.”

They are waiting, but some people can’t.

On the same day, Ruan Shishi rushed to the police station and applied to meet Xiao Xiaolin alone.

On the other side, the Yellow skinny woman drooped her head. Compared with the last time, she was thinner. Her cheekbones were high and her bones were skinny.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and asked, “Xiao Xiaolin, you should know what I came to you for.”

Xiao Xiaolin was silent.

Ruan Shishi continued, “I’ve come to ask for a truth, and I want to help you. I can promise you whatever others promise you. I just want you to tell the truth.”

Xiao Xiaolin was still silent, as if she had never heard her at all.

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and continued to sing monologue, “you are still young. Do you want to live in prison like this for a lifetime? And what about your family? Have you ever thought about them? “

Referring to relatives, Xiao Xiaolin finally had a little reaction, her eyes moved, and finally gloomy vomited a word, “I am an orphan.”

Ruan’s poems were filled with words.

Originally, she also wanted to play the emotional card to get something out of Xiao Xiaolin’s mouth, but unexpectedly, she was an orphan.

So, is this road not working?

But she was not reconciled. Since she came, she couldn’t go back empty handed. Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, explained with reason and moved with emotion. Even in the end, the threat was used, but she didn’t shake Xiao Xiaolin.

And the time of visiting has come to an end.

Before leaving, Ruan Shishi looked at the sallow faced woman in front of her. Her angry body could not help shaking. But she had nothing to do when she watched the police take her away.

Originally, she thought that since she couldn’t get any useful clues from ye Wan’er, she would start from Xiao Xiaolin on the other side. Unexpectedly, they were as solid as gold and didn’t leave any useful information for her.

A sense of powerlessness rose to Ruan Shishi’s mind. Seeing that the time to send An’an abroad for treatment was getting closer and closer, once they left, it would be even more difficult for them to continue to investigate when they came back!

She is not reconciled! I’m not reconciled!

When she comes out of the visiting room, Ruan Shishi’s mood is a little unstable. She goes out for a few steps and is looking for police officer Zhao to say thanks. But before she goes far, she sees him and a man standing in front of the corridor window not far away.

Looking from the back, the man has long hands and feet, a straight suit, outlines his perfect body shape, wide shoulders and narrow waist, and has extraordinary temperament.

Ruan Shi’s heart “clattered” for a while.

Just looking at her back, she can recognize it. It’s Yu Yimo!

Chapter 1086

What is he doing here!

Without waiting for her to think clearly, Yu Yimo and officer Zhao had already turned around. When they saw her, they were all slightly stunned.

Soon, officer Zhao responded and said with a smile, “it seems that your visit is over.”

Ruan Shishi nodded. He wanted to say something, but as soon as he raised his eyes, he met Yu Yimo’s bright eyes. His heart sank and he didn’t speak.

Just then, Yu Yimo turned to officer Zhao and asked, “officer, it’s my turn.”

Officer Zhao nodded, half jokingly said with a smile, “this Xiao Xiaolin is really sweet cake, so many people visit her one day.”

When Xiao Xiaolin was mentioned, Ruan Shishi was shocked.

Unexpectedly, Yu Yimo also came to visit Xiao Xiaolin! Is he investigating? Does he want to ask Xiao Xiaolin something?

Looking at the man walking away with officer Zhao, Ruan Shishi’s heart tightened and immediately turned to follow him.

Officer Zhao was surprised, “Miss Ruan, what are you doing?”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and said, “can I go in together? I’ll listen to it. I won’t talk! “

Zhao police officer smell speech, some can’t laugh or cry, “this how line?”

Ruan Shishi turns to Yu Yimo, who is also watching her.

Their eyes meet each other, and their emotions are complicated. Ruan Shishi moves her lips. She wants to beg him for permission, but she can’t say anything when she is soft.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, bit his lip and kept silent.

Yu Yimo took a deep look at her, turned to officer Zhao and said, “let her go in with me.”

Officer Zhao hesitated for a moment, looked at Yu Yimo and Ruan Shishi, and finally said, “since you have said that, I can’t help but give you this face.”

He waved his hand. “Go.”

Ruan Shi’s heart was filled with joy and continued to thank him.

If you can follow them in and listen to their conversation, maybe you will find something unexpected.

As Yu Yimo goes into the visiting room, Ruan Shishi looks at Xiao Xiaolin sitting there. She lowers her head and her hair almost covers most of her face.

Yu Yimo sat down opposite her and said in a cold voice, “Xiao Xiaolin, I’ll give you a chance to confess.”

Ruan Shishi stood aside, listening to what he said, and could not help but hook his lips.

Just now, when she visited Xiao Xiaolin, she used all kinds of methods to coerce and entice Xiao Xiaolin. In the end, she didn’t get anything useful. Did he think that he could make Xiao Xiaolin speak in this way?

How naive!

Sure enough, Xiao Xiaolin did not speak.

Yu Yimo leaned back leisurely in his chair and said, “it will do you more good than harm to say it. I’ll give you three minutes to think about it.”

When his voice dropped, the visiting room fell into silence, one minute, two minutes, three minutes

The clock on the wall was moving slowly, and the atmosphere in the room was a little depressing.

Ruan Shishi stood aside, looking at the silent expression without any worry, and frowned unconsciously.

What does he want to do? It’s strange to interrogate Xiao Xiaolin like this!

Who knows, at this moment, Yu Yimo straightened up and said in a low voice, “three minutes have arrived. It seems that you are not going to say that you are worthy of your sister to cover up a stranger’s crime like this?”

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