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Chapter 523

“Brook Mike, don’t come to me anymore, I don’t love you at all, I love Burton Liam, I love their money, and… these days, I just played with you. I didn’t even see you. Don’t take the initiative to ask you to sleep with you- am I? That’s because you are not my food! I just like excitement to play with you. Use you to ease my premarital phobia!”

What is this called?

Play against being played!

He shouldn’t be angry. In a big deal, he would be angry that this woman’s courtship request was deformed, but he was so angry that it was her sentence, ‘I don’t love you at all, I love Burton Liam, I love their money!!! ‘


When Brook Mike thought of this, he couldn’t help but ridicule.

Is anyone missing that bad money?

“Miss Blair, please go back! Come to see a single man at night, I would think you are here to ask me to sleep with you!!!”

Brook Mike used her words to block her back fiercely.

After speaking, he was ready to close the entrance door.

“Wait!” Blair Evelyn’s eyes were quick, and she slammed her hands, jamming her small white arm in the crack of the door.

There was a “bang…”, and within a short time, it was purple and red.

Tears flowed involuntarily.

Evelyn’s eyebrows trembled.

It hurts!!!

Brook Mike’s face changed suddenly, and the entrance door was opened wide in the next instant.

“Damn it!!” He cursed fiercely, and he didn’t know whether it was cursing her opposite or cursing himself.

He probed his hand and strangled her arm.

“Does it hurt?” There was a bit of anger in the voice, but the worry was obvious.

Blair Evelyn lifted the other one, wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes, smiled lightly, “It doesn’t hurt!”

It’s all purple and it doesn’t hurt!!!

Brook Mike turned around and went to the bedroom. When he came back, he had an extra medicine box in his hand.

Throwing out a bottle of potion to her, “wipe!”

His tone was still very poor, his attitude was even ignorant.

His anger is still on the fire!

Blair Evelyn glanced at him aggrievedly, took the potion, and obediently wiped her injured arm.

For a long time, the two were silent.

The atmosphere seemed a bit awkward for a while.

“It’s so late, why are you here?” The topic returned to the beginning again.

“I miss you…” Blair Evelyn put down the medicine bottle in her hand, lowered her eyes, and whispered.

She missed him so much!

“Miss me?” Brook Mike looked at her amused and asked softly.

The delicate corners of the lips evoked a wicked smile, with a bit of mockery.

Suddenly bullied her, his long body pressed, covering her delicate body.

His eyes didn’t forget to wander around her low-cut neckline, and the next moment, he buried his head and kissed her extremely undulating chest.

Then, raising his eyes, wickedly stared at the red-faced woman under him.

“Why? Want me to play a more exciting game with you? If you come to me so late, maybe you want to play another premarital deviant with me to relieve your premarital phobia, right?” Brook Mike teased her. When he asked her, the words were full of ridicule.

Blair Evelyn’s beautiful pupils were filled with a sorrowful mist, biting her lip, silent.

But, looking at her deeply…

It seems that he wants to embed her figure clearly into the depths of his heart!

For a long time, he couldn’t get the answer from the woman below him.

Brook Mike’s ink-stained pupils shrank, and his face instantly became gloomy for a few moments.

One turned over, got up, and in the next instant, with a long arm, he pulled the woman on the sofa up.

“Get out!!!” Just a single word, but it seems to have too much affection.

He just gave her a chance!!!

There was a chance to explain to him, but she didn’t! She acquiesced!!!

Blair Evelyn was stunned, and the next moment, tears fell straight down.

“I won’t go!!” She shook her head, her arms tightly wrapped around his strong waist from behind.

Brook Mike’s cold body was stiff.

Then, dragging her petite body, walked out the door.

He is really angry!!!

What does this woman think of him?

The day after tomorrow, she will marry his best friend, and she even leads seduce him!!!

This plan failed to the extreme!!!

Blair Evelyn leaned on the cold anti-theft door, cried, and pulled him, refusing to step out of this door.

Brook Mike stared at her like a fierce lion.

Thin lips, gently close to her cherry lip.

There was a charming smile at the corner of his lips, but it was dangerous.

“Woman, if you don’t leave now, I can guarantee that there will be no brides for the wedding the day after tomorrow!!!” His words were almost finished through gritted teeth.

A touch of panic passed through Blair Evelyn’s eyes.

The tears in her pupils dropped more and more urgently, then, after taking a deep look at him, she turned around, opened the door, and left.

With a “bang…” the entrance door was closed heavily.

“Yeah!!!” Brook Mike roared wildly, kicked suddenly, and kicked the security door with a heavy vent.

“Damn woman! Money, money, money, I have money!!!”

The wind in winter is bitterly cold.

Blair Evelyn squatted under the street lamp in front of the door, buried her face, crying bitterly.

Her heart hurts as if it is about to split!

Evelyn, but can’t be together…

Brook Mike, you are a demon. You only appeared after 23 years of unconsciousness. You only appeared when I was about to get married!!!

Does he know that she can’t escape this wedding…?

Fleeing, from then on, her great future may so end!!!

He is just a little lawyer after all!!!

With the strength of their Blair, he could not tolerate her resistance!!!

Body, so ice so ice…

Lifting her eyes, looking at the night sky, tears slipped down.

It’s snowing…

In front of the floor-to-ceiling window, Brook Mike stared out of the window blankly, smoking the cigarette in his hand without a puff.

Looking at the white snow floating outside the window, he sneered, it was snowing!!!

Ghost weather!!!

He tilted his head slightly and put out the burning cigarette butt in his ashtray.

Suddenly, the dull pupils crossed a touch of sparkle.

The ink-stained pupils shrank for a while.

In the next moment, he ran out of the door without hesitation.

Under the light, there was a petite and weak figure squatting, hugging her knees, buried there tremblingly, crying helplessly.

The feather-like snow, floating on her shoulders, gradually melted…

The drops of water fainted along with her thin shirt.

She trembled, but, stubbornly, refused to leave.

Brook Mike’s eyebrow trembled, anger was obvious in his eyes.

The frozen heart melted in an instant…

“What do you want?” He did not move.

Standing in front of her, asking her coldly, deliberately suppressing the worries about her.

Blair Evelyn was taken aback, then raised her eyes.

Hardly propped up her trembling body, drenched in the mist, looking at him, her eyes were full of innocence.

She didn’t know what she wanted!!!

“I miss you…”!!!

The trembling voice, choked, stated the facts again.

The tears are falling and getting more anxious.

The pink lips have long been frozen into purple.

“Well…” She had to wait for her to return to her senses in the future. In the next moment, her slightly opened lips were heavily held by his familiar thin lips.

The cold body was deeply buried in a warm embrace.

So happy, so happy…

For the first time in 23 years, she felt that it turned out that a man’s embrace can be so warm and so happy!

In the snow fluttering, two figures hugged and kissed tightly in the dim light.

It seems that he has to engrave the opponent deeply into his body.

After kissing for a long time, finally, Blair Evelyn gently pushed away from the man who was hugging her.

Blinking big eyes, looking at him, a bit wronged.

“What’s the matter?” He frowned, and there was a flash of injury in his eyes looking at her.

Blair Evelyn lowered her eyes and smiled, “I’m cold…”

The heart is warm, but the body is still cold and cold!!!

“Ah -” As soon as the words fell, her cold body was beaten and hugged.

“Put on more clothes next time!” Brook Mike glanced at the shy woman in his arms, calmly and told her.

It’s weird if she doesn’t wear so little!

“The coat fell on the car! The car was driven away by the driver!” Blair Evelyn defended herself.

“Fortunately, I lack everything, I don’t lack women’s clothes!” Brook Mike raised his head and announced triumphantly.

In the next moment, the shy little face in his arms became gloomy for a moment.

Small body, a little bit colder, heart… also instantly cold.

She was biting her lip, her face pale and silent.

Every change in the expression on the little face could not escape Brook Mike’s eye.

It turns out that her jealous expression is so cute!!!

He raised his head, laughed, and was in a good mood, “Hey! Woman, I am just kidding you!!”

Sure enough, his words fell, a gloomy face in his arms, instantly brightened.

Coquettishly, he punched her hard on his firm chest.

After entering the room, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became hot, and it seemed to be a bit ambiguous.

Even worse, she just came out of the bath.

The clothes on her body are still his long shirt!

As a result, the terrible fire burned to the bed.

It’s getting stronger and stronger!

“Hey!” Burton Liam called her dumbly while kissing her white neck.

The magnetic voice is full of charm.

“En?” Blair Evelyn squinted her drunk eyes slightly and looked at him suspiciously.

“Didn’t you say that I am not your food, so you are not interested in taking me to bed?” He remembered her words clearly.

Blair Evelyn smiled softly, raised her hand, wrapped tightly around his neck, buried her on his shoulder, and did not answer.

“Woman…” he said again.

“Do you love me?”

“Love…” Blair Evelyn answered him, almost without hesitation.

“Yes, there is progress! The answer is very satisfactory!!” Brook Mike finished speaking and kissed her lips heavily.

“Why don’t you ask me?” Don’t women like to ask such questions?

Blair Evelyn still just smiled and didn’t answer, but her eyes were filled with sorrow.

What if he loves her? She doesn’t want to know his answer, she just needs to work hard to grasp this moment!

Because the time they spend together can almost only be calculated in minutes…

As long as she loves, she doesn’t care if he also loves her!!!

Brook Mike raised his eyebrows, kissed her lips deeply, and the fire heated up rapidly…

It may be better not to ask, because the answer may not be clear to him!

Chapter 524

He didn’t even understand, is this just a game?

Today, Amelia did not go to class.

Because today is an extremely special day!!!

It’s… her uncle, the day of marriage.

She, alone, sat quietly in the cold corridor.

She is the only one in the huge home!!!

Everyone else went to church…

She refused to go! Resolutely refuse!!!

She was afraid that she would see the sad scene in her dream.

Therefore, she would rather sit here alone and stare at the ‘landscape’ downstairs…

Outside, the snow was flying and the ice was biting.

She did not turn on the heating.

It’s cold and cold at home…

When it gets cold, her blood is about to freeze and her breathing will stop.

Wearing only thin silk pajamas, she sat in the hallway blankly, her legs hanging in the air, her eyes were hollow, and she stared at the hall where there were too many memories of them…

Her eyes were dull and hollow…

It’s like her heart, so normal!!!

“Boom-boom-boom -” A muffled crash sounded deep in the empty house.

The heart trembled fiercely, and the cold body suddenly felt aroused.

What a harsh sound…

It’s like a certain decisive sentence!!!

The coming of death…

All of a sudden, her world was completely dark!

She tilted her head and glanced at the muffled quartz clock in the hall.

It’s ten o’clock!!!

Time to salute…

The heart, in an instant, completely, broken!!!

A pair of cheerful faces dangled in front of her dim eyes, time and time again…

Tears, slide down…

It’s so cold and ice, and it hurts!!!

She closed her eyes deeply…

A dazzling silver light struck her slender wrist heavily.

The next moment…

Blood flowed all over the place.

The silver blade, held in the palm of her hand, so cold and cold…

The frozen body was faint in a pool of blood.

Also, tears are stained on the pale little face…

It’s just why the pain in her hands is still no match for… her bloody heartache!!!

In a pool of coquettish dark red blood…

The delicate face is as pale as dead gray!!!

The corners of the charming lips were filled with an innocent smile.

Finally… she is leaving this dark and lonely world…

She has always been an orphan abandoned by this world. This time, she was brave and took the initiative to abandon the world that did not belong to her!!!

But she also abandoned her favorite man…!!!

If there is an afterlife, she will desperately transform into a little mouse, a little mouse that can get in his pocket every day…

Liam, I love you!!! Extremely love!

Also, goodbye…

She can’t wait for him!!!

At the wedding of the century, the order fell into chaos.

The reporters and the media were chasing after him, and the dazzling spotlight kept flashing, reflecting his pale handsome face.

The bride… is gone!!!

The Blair was already anxious like ants on a hot pot, and the old lady on the side, without saying a word, looked ugly.

And he, Burton Liam, was supposed to have a happy heart, but he was inexplicably heavy and heavy.

The heart was throbbing painful, very sharp, with an unclear sense of pain!!!

He always feels…there is one of the most important things, from his warm body, little, little…slowly passing…

Heart, so flustered…


A familiar little body flashed past the muddy head.

Amelia’s small face was pale with deathly silence, and she fell lonely…in a pool of red blood…

Just like that, alone, fall asleep quietly, fall asleep!!!

The sturdy body trembled suddenly.

In the next moment, he desperately rushed out of the media and ran out of the church frantically.

“Go away, go away!!!”

He was like a mad lion in anger, screaming frantically at the reporter who blocked him.

Red eyes, bloody anger, and panic…

His actions frightened everyone present! Also included, the old lady.

For the first time, he saw his grandson so crazy out of control…

He rushed out of the enclosure and ran to the parking lot.

The steps under his feet seem to be awkward.

His heart hurts more and more!!!

Breathing… as if it was about to stop!!!

He was breathing hard, time and time again.

The speed of the car has reached two hundred, and the cold wind pierced the bone, hitting his face fiercely…

But he can’t feel the coldness at all…

In addition to pain, there is still a pain…

In addition to panic, panic…

The hand holding the steering wheel has been trembling, and his fingers are pale as gray as death.

“Wait for me…wait for me…”

“Wait for me, be sure to wait for me…”

“Wait for me…”

“You have to be obedient…obediently…”

The pale thin lips murmured helplessly, again and again.

The icy tears, unconsciously, overflowed into the red eyes and dried in the biting cold wind.

He wept…

No warning, no control at all!!!

He just knows that his heart hurts so much he wants to cry, he wants to cry…

For the first time, for no reason, so painful, so painful!!!

When he, standing in front of a pool of blood, saw that small face that was as pale as dead gray…

At that moment, his breathing stopped for an instant.

Body, stiffness, and then, numb…

His red eyes were misty, and he couldn’t see anything.

He hugged her, who was covered with blood all over her body… rushed to the emergency room of the hospital madly!!!

He can’t hear anything in his ear…

There was already a blank in his mind.

He only knows that he wants to save her! To save her!!!

“Doctor, doctor!!!” he screamed crazy, loudly.

Like calling the savior who saves everything!

The lights in the operating room are always on.

He, with his head down, sat slumped in the cold corridor.

Waiting…waiting for her in the emergency room.

The phone is off!

He doesn’t want anyone to disturb him and her…

Cold fingers pressed against thin pale lips and prayed again and again in his heart.

Suddenly, the door of the emergency room was opened without warning.

He was shocked, and in the next instant, he propped up his stiff body and rushed to the doctor.

“Doctor, she, she… how is she?”

In the blue pupil, with crimson, asked the doctor anxiously.

The doctor raised his eyes, looked at him who was depressed, and sighed leisurely.

“Mr. Burton, I think you must be mentally prepared first, the situation is not very optimistic!”

“What do you mean? What do you mean? What does it mean that the situation is not optimistic? Ah? Are you not the hospital with the best service equipment and the most skilled? It’s all just talking, right? Huh?” Burton Liam was completely mad.

The palm of his hand tugged at the neckline of the doctor’s overalls, screaming, questioning him angrily.

On the forehead, the blue veins burst out, and the red eyes became redder and redder.

“Mr. Burton, calm down, Mr. Burton!!”

“Calm down, how you can calm me down!!! Tell me if she still has a chance to survive!!!”

Finally, the strength in his hand was lightened a bit.

The doctor hurriedly broke away, “Mr. Burton, we did our best. It is Miss Amelia. She refuses to cooperate…”

“What nonsense are you talking about? She fainted at all, how can she cooperate with you?” His spirit was about to collapse…

“Mr. Burton, although Miss Amelia is in a coma, her brain is not dead yet, she is still conscious because she does not want to wake up, she has no desire to survive at all! It is difficult for us to save her!!!”

The doctor’s words fell…

With a “boom”, Burton Liam felt a blank in his mind.

Not a trace of desire to survive…

That is to say, the desire is gone!!!

The body trembled, and his heartfelt like he was about to explode.

The red-blooded pupils were instantly dull…

No trace of anger can be found anymore!

In the ward, he held her cold little hand, pressed it to his lips, and kept kissing.

“Little guy, will you wake up OK?”

“I promise, this kind of thing will never happen again… OK?”

His voice choked.

One sound, another sound called the bed-her sleeping peacefully.

However, still, no one answered.

He bowed his head and kissed her thin pale lips pityingly…

A drop of clear tears overflowed into the red eyes, and fell on Amelia’s cold cheeks, fainting…

“Sleeping beauty, your prince has come to kiss you, don’t sleep anymore, okay?”

The pleading voice was almost hoarse.

After another, calling, begging, but…

The little girl on the bed seemed to have no intention of waking up.

His heart hurts so much…

She can’t open her eyes…

A familiar voice has been floating in her ears, calling her constantly.

However, the sound hit her eardrums, but it irritated her heart, and it hurt.

She remembers this voice, familiar with it, it’s strange!!!

She loves him…

So tired, so tired…

Love to the whole world, it is dark, dark…

However, he doesn’t want her!!!

He said that he would not want her…

He also said that he would wait for her…

However, he did not!!!

The promise he gave her, he did nothing!!!

Heart, so cool, so cool…

It’s cold, she…don’t want to open her eyes and look over…

“Amelia, are you stupid! Looking for death? You are just a selfish ghost!!!”

Amelia frowned.

You are the selfish ghost!!!

Who? So rude and so noisy…

“Get up for me, don’t you hear it! Get up!!! No ambition, no spine! Who wouldn’t pretend to be dead? If you have a kind, live and get this man. Death is a P, just a fool!!!”

The sound of cursing is still gone!

Even, it was accompanied by action.

Damn it, does he want to shake her to death?

“Don’t touch her, she can’t stand it!” Burton Liam stepped forward in a panic, stopping Adam Mason’s crazy swaying behavior.

“Adam Mason, you……are the only one!” Just at this sentence, she didn’t die!!!

Why does Adam Mason criticize her so much? Doesn’t he just add a few more women? What’s so great!!!

Amelia hardly opened her drowsy eyes, opened her lips, and uttered a pale sentence with great difficulty, blocking Adam Mason back to death.

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