CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1499 – 1500

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Chapter 1499

Peter “hehe” smiled: “Isn’t there you? Without you, Alyssa would have no chance.”

As Peter said, he also slapped her hair very irritably.

“Then I really delayed you.” Tina “cut”.

Peter leaned over again facelessly, and was pushed away by Tina, “You can go, go back to your own house and eat, don’t bother me here.”

“OK.” Peter stood up and walked directly to the door.

When he arrived at the door, Peter turned his head and smiled at Tina, “We will have breakfast tomorrow morning?”

There was a hint of expectation in his tone.

Tina nodded, and Peter left happily.

Looking at the closed door, Tina still couldn’t react.

Peter really left like this?

So obedient?

She thought that Peter would still be scornful, so she had to stay.


The next morning, he came down early to find her.

Tina yawned, opened the door and let him in: “So early?”

“Of course, I should make breakfast as soon as possible.” Peter said, and also showed her the breakfast ingredients in his hand.

Before Tina finished yawning, she was immediately scared back: “Make breakfast?”

Peter nodded.

Tina asked uncertainly: “You?”

“Of course.” Peter said and patted her on the head: “Mr. Peter’s cooking skills are absolutely amazing!”

He squeezed past Tina, who was still stunned.

What did she hear?

Peter is going to make breakfast.

He can cook?


She didn’t believe this Sir Grant would cook breakfast.

She moved to the door of the kitchen, looked inside, and saw that Peter was picking up the ingredients, she tentatively said, “Actually, I want to eat steamed dumplings…”

Actually, she didn’t want to eat steamed dumplings. The main reason was that she found that the ingredients that Peter brought could not make steamed dumplings. Since they couldn’t make steamed dumplings, she must go out to eat them.

When you go out to eat, you don’t need to eat Peter’s dark dishes.

Peter is a man who has cooked up the kitchen.

She dare not bet!

“Eat the steamed dumplings at noon.” Peter refused without looking back.

Tina was not good at attacking Peter’s enthusiasm.

Although the two are used to hurting each other, she can see that he really wants to make breakfast this time.

Tina left the kitchen, returned to the room, and sent WeChat to Alyssa.

“Alyssa, I would like to ask you a question.”

Alyssa’s work and rest have always been standard, and she must have woken up at this point in time.

Sure enough, not long after the WeChat message was sent, she received a reply.

Alyssa: “What’s the problem?”

Tina: “If a boyfriend who doesn’t know how to cook will cook if he is gentle and does not spoil his feelings?”

Alyssa: “Did you make a boyfriend?”

Tina remembered that she hadn’t told Alyssa before that she planned to start again with Peter.

Alyssa sent another voice message over.

After a little bit of cool play, Alyssa asked, “Are you and Peter done?”

Tina felt a little guilty and embarrassed.

Then a little bunny’s expression was returned: “[um.jpg]”

She waited for Alyssa to continue asking about her and Peter, but she didn’t expect Alyssa to reply to her: “Since it’s your brother Peter, then you don’t have to worry about his cooking skills.”

Brother Peter…

After all, Alyssa had failed to learn from the boss of Adams’ University, so she teased her like this.

Chapter 1500

But there is another problem.

Why would Alyssa let her rest assured of Peter’s cooking skills?

Tina: “?????”

After returning a few question marks, Tina felt that it was still not enough to express her inner shock.

She quickly typed and edited a message: “Alyssa, you don’t know anything about Peter’s cooking skills. He is a man who can even burn the kitchen. Can I eat what he makes?”

“Forget it, I don’t expect the things he made can be eaten, at least not to be poisoned? So Alyssa, don’t you love me? Are you trying to let me be poisoned to death by Peter?”

“So, love will disappear right?”

Alyssa knew that Tina was deliberately talking nonsense, and smiled back to her: “Peter’s learning from me.”

Tina was shocked.

Peter went to Alyssa to learn how to cook.

Tina directly dialed a video call to her.

Alyssa picked it up quickly.

“Tina.” Alyssa’s background was in the garden. Karl passed by behind with water, and after putting down the water glass, he said hello to Tina.

Tina waved her hands to Karl, “Mr. Adams is early.”

Karl nodded slightly and left.

As soon as Karl left, Tina asked Alyssa anxiously, “Peter really asked you to learn how to cook?”

“Yes, I’m still learning fast. Smart people learn everything very quickly.” Alyssa said with a smile.

Tina: “You still praise him.”

Alyssa’s smile deepened: “Yeah, is he your boyfriend after all? Would he like to make breakfast for you? Does he make lunch too? He has learned your favorite dishes.”

Tina was startled: “When did you learn it?”

She didn’t even know.

Peter is actually very busy at work, there is still time to learn these things.

For those who know how to cook, learning new dishes is easy.

But Peter had never been in the kitchen since he was a child, and he was a real Sir who did not touch the sun and water.

It was really hard for her to imagine that Peter wore an apron and immersed his head in the kitchen to deal with those meaty bones and meat…

She can’t imagine it.

“That’s right, when Cathy didn’t reveal the pregnancy.” Alyssa thought about it carefully and determined it was this time: “It should be right then, so did he make lunch and dinner for you?”

Why do you ask about lunch again?

Tina reacted fiercely, Alyssa had something to say.

“Alyssa, you are not innocent anymore. If you want to ask if Peter and I live together, you can ask directly, and deliberately ask if he makes lunch for me…”

Tina shook her head, showing a very disappointed expression.

Alyssa was dismantled, but instead smiled and asked, “Is there?”

“Nothing.” Tina curled her lips and smiled: “However, I plan to make it public with him.”

A second ago, Alyssa’s face was still smiling, but after listening to Tina’s words, the smile on her face suddenly faded a lot.

After a few seconds, Alyssa slowly said, “It’s open now, okay?”

When Alyssa asked, it meant that she felt it was bad.

Peter has caused so many things. Although he is a prosperous young and promising CEO in his career, his relationships with women is a mess.

Moreover, Cathy’s incident has not passed long.

As soon as the wind passed, he announced his relationship with Tina, which was obviously not good for Tina.

Tina has been in the entertainment industry over the years, and there is no black material.

As for Peter, it is possible that he will become a desolate black material.

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