The Warmest Romance Chapter 1111 -1112

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Chapter 1111

There are only three days left to take An’an abroad for treatment. Ruan Shishi stays in the hospital to ensure that song Yunan is safe and sound at the last moment.

One morning in the hospital, Ruan Shishi heard a lot about ye Waner.

Coincidentally, ye Wan’er is in the Central Hospital, and is in the same building as them.

In recent days, the news about Yu Yimo and ye Waner’s divorce has been spreading. Then ye Waner has an accident and is rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Everyone naturally thinks about the divorce.

The enthusiasm and sensitivity of human beings for gossip is beyond imagination. There are waves of speculation on the Internet, but there is no definite answer. All media are chasing after the wind, but the Ye family is covered up, and no exact news is coming out.

After lunch, Ruan Shishi sat in the rest area of the hospital and flipped through the magazines on the bookshelves. After a while, there was a murmur coming from the side.

Two little nurses sat in the corner and said in a low voice.

“I met Xiao Chen, a nurse on the 10th floor of the ward, just at dinner. She told me that ye Wan’er was going to cut her wrist and commit suicide. Who knows that she was sent to the emergency room and rescued. I think nine times out of ten it was because of divorce…”

“Really? Is the information reliable? “

“Of course! The nurses on the 10th floor are passing it on! And if you think about it, the day before yesterday was her third anniversary with Yu Yimo, and she was still showing her love on Weibo! The next day, Yu Yimo made a divorce statement! This is too sudden

“Yes, it’s strange…”


Ruan Shishi was shocked and surprised.

Originally, she was dubious when she saw the rumors about ye Wan’er’s suicide on the Internet. Now she overheard the nurses’ discussion. It is quite certain that ye Wan’er was sent to the hospital because of her suicide.

The reason for her suicide must be that Yu Yimo divorced her.

Ruan Shishi clenched the magazine in his hand and suddenly thought of something. He immediately stood up and walked towards the elevator.

On the eighth floor and upward of the central hospital are senior VIP wards. Song yun’an’s ward is on the eighth floor. As the two nurses said just now, ye Wan’er’s ward is on the tenth floor.

She got on the elevator, took a deep breath and pressed the elevator button on the tenth floor.

The security system of the central hospital is perfect, especially the high-level VIP ward, which can only be entered by the dignified people in Jiangzhou, so this is also the reason why the paparazzi linger at the gate of the hospital for several days without finding out the news, because the high-level VIP ward is very strict, and not everyone can enter.

But Ruan Shishi is the family member of the ward, and can enter and leave the floor of the VIP ward at will.

When the elevator opened, Ruan Shishi came down calmly and walked forward along the corridor.

Not far away, she just came to the corner, suddenly heard a noise, followed by a heavy slam, a woman’s cry came, “you say I’ve done something wrong!”

“Yu Yimo, will he come or not! Lao ye, we Wan’er won’t eat anything now. What do you want me to do? “


As soon as Ruan Shishi was tight, she immediately walked towards the place where the voice came from. As soon as she reached the corner, she looked up and saw the person in front of the ward door not far away.

Chapter 1112

Ye Fengpeng, Mrs. ye, ye Zeyu and two men.

Mrs. Ye’s tears fell down, pulling ye Fengpeng to cry and question.

Ye Fengpeng looked serious and frowned, “what can I do! I sent someone to invite him and called him. He just refused to come! And your good daughter has signed the divorce agreement. What do you want me to do? “

Mrs. Ye cried and gasped, “what should we do now! Wan’er wants to die! It’s wrist cutting and hunger strike! What can I do if something happens to her? “

Hearing the sound, ye Fengpeng’s face was heavy and frightening. He immediately turned his head and looked at Mrs. Ye. He lowered his voice and warned, “shut up! You want to tell the world about your daughter’s suicide! Do you know how much energy I’ve wasted these two days in order to keep this matter under control? “

Ye Zeyu echoed, “that’s right, Ma! Even if you say it at home, you are still howling outside. For this matter, how much sealing fee did we break in! “

The bottom of Mrs. Ye’s eyes flashed a little afraid, and her voice was much smaller, “what should I do now? Wan’er wants to live and die… “

“Let the nurse give her an infusion! I don’t believe she can starve herself to death! ” Ye Feng Peng Leng hum, angry face is blue, he went to the door, deliberately said to the ward ye Wan’er listen, “if she is really tough, don’t sign the divorce agreement! Now a lot of things have been done. If we let the media expose them, our Ye family will be ruined! “

Mrs. Ye quickly reached out and held him to dissuade, “OK! Wan’er is already very uncomfortable… “

Ruan Shishi hid in the corner, watching the farce over there, his heart was cold.

She had heard that ye Fengpeng was mean to her daughter for a long time, but now she really is.

But she didn’t feel any pain for ye Wan’er in her heart. Whether ye’s family or ye Wan’er, she was a kind of person.

“Come on! Stop talking! Go home, go home

Ye Zeyu was a little impatient. He dropped this sentence and subconsciously looked around.

As soon as Ruan Shishi regained her consciousness, she saw Ye Zeyu turning her head to look over here. She was shocked and immediately stepped back. Unexpectedly, ye Zeyu saw her.

Ye Zeyu saw the figure passing by at the corner. He was flustered and quickly walked towards the other side.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Ruan Shishi immediately crossed the corridor, ran into the safe passage and quickly went down the building.

Soon, a sound of footwork came, and she immediately stuck it on the wall, not daring to walk or move, holding her breath.

The sound of footsteps became clearer and clearer. Ye Zeyu pushed open the door of the safe passage and stepped down. Ruan Shishi was tense and was thinking whether to continue to run down. Suddenly, a mobile phone rang.

It’s Ye Zeyu’s mobile phone.

The footstep stops abruptly, ye Zeyu takes out his mobile phone and answers the phone, “hello?”

There don’t know who, just listen to Ye Zeyu’s voice serious a few minutes, “OK, nine ye, I’ll go there now.”

Then he walked away.

When he heard that the door of the safe passage was closed, Ruan Shishi’s body on the wall suddenly relaxed and breathed a long sigh of relief.

From the 10th floor back to the 8th floor, Ruan Shishi sat in the ward, looking at Song yun’an, who was motionless on the bed. His nervous mood was relieved.

If it wasn’t for the phone call just now, ye Zeyu might have found her.

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