The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1111

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Chapter 1111

a while, Vulture and Chen Aman left and right, and launched a crazy offensive against Sheldon.

Although the vulture is far less powerful than Chen Aman, he has very top fighting skills. Chen Aman’s moves are a little weaker, but every punch and kick is mixed with fierce infuriating energy.

Sheldon didn’t dare to take these two people lightly, and he might be injured if he was careless.

Three minutes passed.

Five minutes passed.

Until ten minutes.

Sheldon still hadn’t lost the wind in front of them, and even faintly gained an advantage, pushing the vulture back step by step between his fists and feet.

The vulture itself does not have the blessing of true energy. It relies solely on its own strength to fight against it. A few rounds, a dozen rounds are okay, but once time passes, his physical strength will drop very sharply, facing Sheldon with one hand. The offensive is somewhat weak.


caught a flaw in the vulture’s tricks.

Sheldon made a fist and threw it out.

This fist hit the vulture’s chest firmly, and his face suddenly became pale, and then he stepped back a few steps, clutching his chest and panting heavily.

This punch, if changed to an ordinary person, would definitely have been seriously injured or even killed. Due to the fact that the strength of the vulture was far greater than that of an ordinary person, it abruptly resisted.

However, several ribs have been broken, and the broken bones are directly inserted into the internal organs.

With the severe pain in his chest, the cold sweat on the vulture’s forehead shed directly. He knew better than anyone what this meant. His body had already been severely injured.

If you continue to move, you may die here.

Seeing Sheldon fighting another person, the vulture gritted his teeth and continued to retreat, retreating to a safe place, and slowly leaning on a pile of red bricks to sit down. He carefully raised his arm and tentatively pressed his chest. With.

“Four.” After a while, the vulture hammered the ground hard.

He can clearly feel the status of his ribs, and when he presses on the ribs, the intense pain makes his face pale, and big beads of sweat fall from his forehead.

The vulture understands that the best way now is to stay where it is. Once the internal organs are damaged more severely due to the activity, he is not saved.


He gritted his teeth and looked forward. He regretted his arrogance. If he listened to Jinchuan Sukezo’s warning and determined that Sheldon was strong, he should be more careful when he did it. After the shot failed, he left immediately, looking for a new assassination opportunity, and he would not fall to the present level.

When he was resting, Sheldon and Chen Aman also decided the winner.

As Sheldon’s offensive gradually accelerated, Chen Aman, like him, gradually lost the ability to resist. Although he could catch every move and seize the opportunity to counterattack, a discerning person could tell at a glance that he was defeated. It’s just a matter of sooner or later.

It was another dozen rounds of fighting.

Chen A’s defeat became more and more obvious. When Chen Singer was slashed in the shoulder with a knife and temporarily lost the ability to move his left arm, before he had time to fight back, Sheldon was severely caught by the neck.

With a little effort, he can squeeze his neck off, and he will be a dead end.

“Let’s talk about it, if I am interested in your news, for the sake of our surname Chen, I might consider letting you make a living.” Sheldon squeezed his neck and asked with a slight smile. .

“There is nothing to say, you are stronger than me, I admit it!” Chen Aman gritted his teeth. He knew that now the initiative is in Singer Chen. Sheldon wants him to die, so he can do it with a little effort. To.

“It’s a tough one.” Sheldon laughed.

After tapping Chen Aman a few times, the power of the Nine-turned Soul Spirit followed his fingers into his body, temporarily sealed his actions, and threw it on the ground, leaving him alone.

After landing, Chen Aman struggled hard for a few times, but found that his limbs were not under his control at all. No matter how hard he tried, there was no movement, as if he was paralyzed.

Walking to the vulture, Sheldon slowly squatted down and lit a cigarette.


Holding the cigarette case, shook it in front of him.

“What do you want to do?” The vulture clutched his chest and stared at Sheldon.

After saying this, he grinned with pain, as if his body was about to explode.

“Nothing, I just want to know who hired you to assassinate me. Your strength is not weak. You are probably a very famous assassin. Is the Jinchuan family who hired you?”

Sheldon narrowed his eyes, although not. Know the identity of this person, but it is easy to guess that, except for Jinchuan Sukezo, no one else would hire a killer to assassinate him.

“I don’t know anything.” The

vulture gritted his teeth and said.

He is the seventh-ranked killer on the killer list. He has absolute professional ethics. Once caught, he can’t tell the news of his employer even if he is dead. This rule has always been rooted in his mind since he started doing this business.

“It’s all hard-mouthed.” Sheldon smiled without anger, got up and looked back at Chen Aman, then looked at the vulture.

The identities of the two of them are already known by themselves. Even if they ask, they are only asking about things they want to know.

But both of them kept silent, which made Sheldon a little bored.

“No, right?” Suddenly, the smile on Sheldon’s face stopped, and then he raised his foot and stepped on Chen Aman’s chest.

The huge strength directly stomped on Jean’s chest to a little depression, and the ribs that had been pierced in the internal organs directly penetrated the internal organs under such great force.

“Puff!” After

receiving a heavy blow, the vulture spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Immediately afterwards, the whole breath became very sluggish, and even breathing became difficult.

“Don’t tell me yet?” Sheldon squinted slightly.

“Kill me, I’m absolutely impossible to say!” The vulture kept spilling blood, but still gritted his teeth and refused. Even if he knew this sentence, it would definitely be a dead end.

“There is no problem, since you ask, then I will satisfy you.” Sheldon did not give him a chance to talk nonsense. Since he already knew it, it didn’t matter whether this person was dead or alive.

When the voice fell, Sheldon’s eyes suddenly became sharp, and he stepped on with force. With the sound of cracking bones, the vulture’s chest was dented by abrupt stepping.

He uttered an unpleasant scream. Before he closed his mouth, he had lost his breath, his arms dropped, and his body became limp, but his eyes were always glaring at Sheldon. When he died, he was still thinking about what kind of Only way to kill this person.

“Get rid of him, then you need to be solved.” Sheldon didn’t care about the corpse. After all of them were killed later, he could evaporate with True Qi casually, and he would be silent.

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