The Warmest Romance Chapter 1119 -1120

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Chapter 1119

Lu Xiaoman came out, quickly glanced around, and finally saw a hidden black car parked on the side of the road. She took a step and quickly walked towards the car.

When she got to the car, she opened the door and got on.

Before the car door was closed, suddenly, her whole body was encircled in a embrace. The next second, the man’s kiss fell down.

Lu Xiaoman snorted twice, trying to push, but did not push away. She was pressed on the back of the car, slowly encircling the man’s waist.

After a long kiss, she turned red, her cheeks were hot, her eyes were blurred, and even her shirt was crumpled.

When they separated, she gasped and said with a smile, “are you in such a hurry?”

Yu Gubei does not deny it and laughs, “well, I’m impatient.”

There was an invisible provocation in his words. Suddenly, Lu Xiaoman’s cheek was more red.

Yu Gu Bei raised her hand and pinched her chin. Her thumb swept over the woman’s soft lips and said in a soft voice, “when you come back, we’ll have a good chat.”

Lu Xiaoman’s cheeks were flushed, just like a happy little woman, smiling and nodding.

Yu Gu Beiyou asked, “will you leave the day after tomorrow?”

“Well, I’ll be here these two days. I’m afraid I can’t go back to my villa.”

“It’s OK. I’ll come to you.” Yu Gubei said with a smile, “by the way, I did a good job this time.”

On hearing this, Lu Xiaoman put his arms around the man’s neck with a smile and said in a soft voice, “of course, what you ordered.”

Yu Gubei chuckles, “Yu Yimo and ye’s play is on, waiting to see.”

Lu Xiaoman’s eyes brightened and asked, “what else do I need to do?”

“Of course.” Yu Gubei smiles and reaches for her hand, holding her hand and gently pinches it. “There’s one more thing you can only do, and only you can do it well.”

Lu Xiaoman’s cheek flushed with praise. After laughing, he asked, “what’s the matter?”

Yu Gu Bei approached her ear and breathed softly, “all you need to do is, before you leave Jiangzhou, put…”

After a short whisper, Yu Gu Beiyan looks at the woman in front of him with a smile and says in a soft voice, “it shouldn’t be difficult for you.”

The smile on Lu Xiaoman’s face faded a few minutes, seemed to be a little puzzled, “so, is that ok?”

Yu Gubei nodded slightly, “well.”

It’s a very simple thing. For Lu Xiaoman now, it’s just a little help, but it’s enough for him to hold on to Yu Yimo. What Yu Yimo owes him, what he owes Luo Jiuye, should be over.

He raised his eyes and saw Lu Xiaoman’s thoughtful look. His hand on her waist was slightly tightened and vaguely swept over her waist. He whispered, “is it time to go back?”

Lu Xiaoman looked back at the time and quickly responded, “yes, it’s time to go back!”

She was about to push the door and get off. Unexpectedly, she was pulled back by the man. Before she could react, she was blocked by him.

Warm kisses and breaths intertwined with each other, making her sweet for a moment and unwilling to wake up. Just when they were almost unable to stop, Lu Xiaoman pushed him away and said with a red face, “OK, I should go back!”

Looking at her pretty face, Yu Gubei smiles and finally gives up.

Lu Xiaoman pushed the door open and got out of the car. Then he looked back at him. He reluctantly closed the door and left.

Chapter 1120

She was totally in the sweet love of a little woman, smoothing her clothes, lowering her head, and quickly walked into the hospital gate, completely ignoring the surroundings.

On the other side of the gate, Yu Yimo and Du Yue step out one after another. Yu Yimo’s face is slightly heavy. After a few steps, he suddenly frowns. His eyes sweep away and he sees the black car just started on the other side of the road. His eyes are a little more alert.

Du Yue is also acutely aware of something, eyes lock the license plate number of the car, “it seems to be Yugu north car.”

Yu Yimo’s face sank a little and said coldly, “what is he doing here?”

Du Yue was silent.

Yu Yimo turns his head and looks at the woman in a nurse’s uniform in the hall. He has doubts in his heart. He orders coldly, “go and have a look.”

Yu Gubei can’t be here for no reason. He is so deep in the city that he doesn’t know what plans and actions he has, so he must be careful.

Du Yue should go down, think of what, hesitant way, “that Ruan poem there, want to ask her out.”

The video exposure of Ye Wan’er’s wrist cutting has something to do with Ruan Shishi. They came here to find out, but Yu Yimo left suddenly, which is equivalent to a trip.

Yu Yimo’s face became colder and colder, with a little indifference, and his lips pursed into a line, “not for the time being.”

Sooner or later, he would look for Ruan Shishi again. He was not in a hurry. When he thought of the happy appearance of the four members of their family, he felt as if something had been blocked in his heart.

Just then, Du Yue’s mobile phone suddenly rang. He answered the phone, said a few words, and soon came to report the situation to Yu Yimo, “president, as you expected, ye Fengpeng and his staff said that they contacted the big and small shareholders of the company to meet.”

In an instant, Yu Yimo’s eyes sank and hummed coldly, “ye Fengpeng’s hand is too long. I want to see what he wants to do!”

If you can’t get what you want from him, ye Fengpeng is bound to have other actions.

In a flash of time, two days passed.

These two days, the contradiction between Yu group and ye company has been continuously fermenting.

Ye’s shares fell, ye Fengpeng could not sit still, invited Yu’s group shareholders to meet and talk, playing golf, horse racing, bathing, massage, pushing Pai Gow All kinds of flowers played around.

They act recklessly under Yu Yimo’s eyes. Yu Yimo thinks that he can’t see, says nothing and does nothing.

Yu’s shareholders from the beginning of the trembling, to later put down their vigilance, one by one from ye Fengpeng there tasted the sweetness, have become unscrupulous.

On the third day, at the dinner table, ye Fengpeng finally found out that he first offered a round of wine, and then got up wobbly, “everyone, these days, let you play with me, did not talk about work, did not say business, but today, I have something I have to mention to you.”

At the dinner table, someone should say, “Lao ye, just tell me what you want.”

“That’s right, let’s just say it!”

“Good!” Ye Fengpeng drank low, “then I won’t hide and tuck in! You must be aware of the relationship between me and you. I’m his father-in-law, and my daughter is his wife. But what happened a few days ago made me lose face! “

With that, he held out his right hand and patted his cheek.

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