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Chapter 541

“Amelia, do I say you are pure or stupid? You are thinking about how to lose yourself to others, what a fool! People don’t want you, they love you, love you! You want to run into that kind of playboy, you’ve been lost for a long time! Now you can’t figure out where to hide, crying and regretting!”

Adam Mason rolled his eyes and blocked her idiot question back in angrily.

“Don’t want me to love me?” Amelia stood up, blinking her big eyes, and looked at Adam Mason with joy.

“Yes, most men do!” Adam Mason sat up and leaned on the bedside, explaining.

Complicated eyes glanced at her, his face shining brightly, and his heartfelt astringent.

He doesn’t know if other men are like this, but he can be sure that he is absolute!!!

If it weren’t for some unusual feelings for the little woman in front of him, he would have eaten her as early as the night she was drunk!

However, he has none!

Later, this guy seemed to have no defensive heart for him. If she didn’t go home, she would always like to lie in his bed and sleep in his arms.

It seems that he is also a member of her family!

This kind of relative feeling is still very happy!!!

It’s a pity that family affection can never turn into love!

“Adam Mason, the playboy, aren’t you talking about yourself? But I haven’t seen you stretch out your devil’s claws to me?” Amelia asked him innocently with a smile, smug.

Her mood suddenly became better because of his explanation.

He said that most men are like this! Therefore, she believes that Burton Liam must be too!

Adam Mason looked at her little face full of sweet smiles, probed his hand, and pinched her blushing cheeks.

Then, he suddenly leaned over, pressed his sturdy body badly towards her, gritted his teeth, and stared at her, “That’s because I have no interest in your body!!!”

“Ah…Adam Mason, get out of here! You’re so heavy!!”

By! Much heavier than Liam!!!

“You are the fat pig among pigs!!”

“Haha! Amelia, fish can’t kill you, I’ll crush you to death!!”

There was a burst of treacherous laughter.

He smiles smugly…

“Cough, cough, cough! Adam Mason, you are… the king of beasts and beasts among beasts and beasts!! Pressing…pressing women, it’s not…promising!!”

A certain woman under him is already having difficulty breathing, and her words are panting!

“I am happy, I am happy…”


Adam Mason’s proud words were still in the future, suddenly, the door of the room rang and was pushed open heavily.

For a time…

The four people in the room, the two people on the bed, and the two people who broke in suddenly froze.

Burton Liam stared at this ambiguous scene in disbelief…

Allen Emily opened her lips and looked at him in astonishment, also with an unbelievable appearance.

After a long while, the two people on the bed shook their heads.

“I’m happy!” Adam Mason snarled for a while and finished what he had just not had time to be proud of.

Why not lock the door

After that, he turned over and left Amelia, who was pressured to breathe with difficulty, “Why don’t you lock the door!”

He stroked his nose, pretending to be okay, and complained in a low voice.

Damn! Embarrassing!!!

Amelia was somewhat stunned by the two people who suddenly broke in.

She stood up vaguely, stared at the man who suddenly appeared in front of her in confusion, panting hard, smoothing the breath that had just been blocked.

However, her breathtaking gestures that are imaginative, look so ambivalent in the eyes of others… ambiguous!!!

Burton Liam’s shocked blue pupils dimmed instantly.

The heart seemed to be completely broken for a while, so painful!

They just…

Indifferently, they turned away from their eyes, then turned around and left their room without hesitation.

He was afraid that he would go crazy if he stayed!!!

“Liam…” A worrying soft call instantly summoned Amelia, who was still in the muddle.

The heart suddenly shuddered.

How could he come here? Isn’t there a blizzard tonight?


Or did they both…appear together?

Before he could think about it, Amelia got up from the bed and ran out of the door barefoot without putting on shoes.


On the long corridor, Amelia finally summoned the depressed and indifferent figure.

The steps at Liam’s feet stopped suddenly.

On the promenade, the dim lights spilled on his lonely body, stretching his figure so long…

Inexplicably, Amelia couldn’t help but feel sour.

His body is so wet, he should be cold, right?!

Amelia took a deep breath, suppressed the inexplicable tension in her heart, then moved forward and rushed to him, “You… why are you here?”

Her voice trembled a little, she looked up, and her eyes looked a little distressed.

Burton Liam stared at her with cold eyes, as if he wanted to see her through.

“Are you cold? Your whole body is wet…” Seeing him not speaking, Amelia asked him anxiously.

Allen Emily on the side just bit her lip and said nothing.

Burton Liam’s blue pupils moved slightly, and suddenly, his heart dazzled.

“Go in!”

He said, coldly commanding her in a low voice, and the blue pupil became colder and colder.

On such a cold day and such a low temperature, she came out with bare feet?

Moreover, she was only wearing a thin pajama!

“Liam…” Amelia was anxious all of a sudden, and her pupils began to turn red unconsciously.

“Go to the room!!” This time, his voice was extremely cold.

Amelia, who was wearing thin pajamas, couldn’t help feeling aroused, and her body trembled tremblingly.

Burton Liam only felt a heart, throbbing hard.

It is estimated that if he does not leave, this guy will not want to enter the house.

Heart, a horizontal, and then, sideways, passing by her, holding Allen Emily on the side, and leaving.

It was a very small and casual movement, and Amelia cried.

Tears pattered down.

Turning around, looking at the back of them leaving, “Liam, where are you going? There is a blizzard outside, it’s not safe!!!”

Amelia choked on her body and screamed worriedly, asking him.

Under the dim and blurred lights, the two figures stopped at the same time.

“I know!” Liam answered her without looking back.

The overtone is “Don’t worry about me!!!’

Amelia made a sour sob, then turned around and rushed to her room.

Anxiously, she changed her clothes while changing shoes.

On the bed, Adam Mason didn’t say a word, just sitting on the bedside and smoking a cigarette.

Amelia got dressed and rushed to the entrance of the hotel frantically.


They are completely gone.

All of a sudden, she was in a hurry!

Where did he go? Where did he go??

Can’t he see a blizzard outside? The snow is ten centimeters thick, can’t he see it?

“Little…Miss, did you just see two people, a man and a woman going out?” Amelia leaned on the reception desk and asked the receptionist anxiously, her pupils blurred by the mist-filled with worry…

“A man and a woman?” The lady at the reception desk asked suspiciously, “Oh, it’s the couple just now!” Suddenly, she seemed to come over.

Couple? What a harsh word!!!

“No! They didn’t go out, another receptionist of ours took them to see the room!”

“Look at the room? Isn’t it full?” Amelia was surprised.

“Haha! I don’t know. He probably said something to our manager. The manager found someone to vacate a room for the two guests just now!”

“Oh!” Amelia realized that this didn’t seem to be the crux of the problem, but the tight heartstrings finally settled slightly.

“Miss, what room do they live in?” Amelia asked again.

“Live in Room 3201!”

“Thank you!” Amelia nodded and apologized, then hurriedly left and ran to the third floor.

The door is closed and the manager seems to have left.

Amelia took a deep breath and then covered the door with her small hand.

“Boom boom boom…”

Tap it three times.

“Emily, make your bed and I will open the door!”

In the room, the familiar and charming voice came from him!

She doesn’t know why, she heard a sound in her ear, like a heavy hammer, hitting her heart hard, it hurts!

Amelia stared at the misty eyes and looked nervously at the closed door.

With the sound of “Wow”, the door was opened, and Amelia was taken aback.

Liam in the room was also slightly startled.

“Who? Is it the manager?” Allen Emily’s sweet questioning voice came from inside.

Liam tilted his head, “No!”

There was a low voice, and then, he took a step outside the door and pulled the door gently.

The scene of three people is always more embarrassing than two people.

“How did you… come here?!”

Burton Liam leaned aside, looked at her, and asked in a low voice, seemingly casual.

Fortunately, she knew that she would go back and put on her clothes obediently.

“I… I thought you were gone…”

Amelia lowered her misty eyes, not daring to look at him, even speaking a little hesitantly.

“I’m not that stupid!” Burton Liam answered her lightly.

In the tone, it seems that there is no more sentiment.

“En…” Amelia nodded, her voice choked.

For a while, there was a feeling of being speechless.

Burton Liam just leaned on the door frame, lowered his eyes, and said nothing.

The atmosphere stagnated for an instant, and it smelled of coldness.

It’s a long time…

Liam moved his body, raised his eyes, and looked at her, “We’ll live here, you go back! Don’t worry about me!”

“En?” Amelia was taken aback for a moment, raised her eyes, and faced a pair of blue pupils that were not disturbed.

“Oh, good…” After a long time, she returned to her senses and nodded nerdily.

After staying for a long time, she turned stiffly and left.

The steps under her feet are like pouring lead, so heavy!

The heart is also sour, with an unbearable tingling!

Long time…

Burton Liam still just leaned out the door blankly, looking at the little figure left.

The deep blue pupil darkened a little, lowered his eyes, took out a cigarette, and lit it.

He took a deep breath, choking his lungs again and again, uncomfortable…

After a while, the door behind him was opened.

Allen Emily poked her head out, frowning her pretty eyebrows.

“What’s wrong? Liam…”

Why is he standing alone outside the room and smoking a stuffy cigarette?

“En? No… I’m okay!” Burton Liam was stunned for a second, then propped up his depressed body and walked to the trash can.

Put out the cigarette and went back to the room.

“Amelia has been here?” Seeing his appearance, Allen Emily also returned to her senses.

“En…” Burton Liam just answered her, while busy helping her make the bed.

Seeing that his face was not good, Allen Emily stopped asking him anything.

Chapter 542

In another room.

Amelia was sitting curled up on the bed, with her small head on her knees, her head hanging down, thinking dully.

“Hey! It’s late, go to sleep…”

Adam Mason pushed her and motioned her to lie down.

Amelia bit her thin lip tightly, did not speak, just shook her head lightly.

“Why did you say they both came here?”

Amelia’s hollow eyes shifted, turned to Adam Mason’s face, and looked at him suspiciously.

Adam Mason shrugged and did not answer.

Amelia curled her lips, “Adam Mason, he seems to be angry with me…”

The choked voice was a bit wronged and innocent.

“En…” Adam Mason nodded in response to her, then took out a cigarette and lit it.

Taking a deep breath, the complicated pupils peered at her through the blurred smoke, “It’s me, I’m already angry!”

He told the truth!

“Why?” Amelia stared at him puzzled.

Adam Mason spit out white smoke leisurely, sat up straight, and leaned in front of her, staring at her solemnly, “Then I ask you, now you think they are in the same room, you are not uncomfortable aren’t you angry?”

“Uncomfortable!!” Amelia blinked her eyes and responded aggrievedly.

Even the act of holding hands is enough for her!!!

Adam Mason shrugged, “That’s it!”

What’s more, how uncomfortable people see their favorite woman being pressed by other men!!!

“Then what should I do now?” Amelia turned her head, some of the Six Gods had no master.

“Cold!” Adam Mason uttered coolly.

“Adam Mason, is it unkind to leave you here alone?” After a while, Amelia turned her head and asked him solemnly.

Adam Mason was stunned for a second before spitting out white smoke at her dully.

Amelia choked uncomfortably, “Second-hand smoke is poisonous!!”

“Poisoning you is the best!!!” It is better to look down on your friends!!!” Adam Mason scolded her in an angry tone.

Amelia shrank her head and buried it in her knees, “I’m just thinking about it!”

Then, the two stopped talking.

It’s a long time…

Adam Mason probed his hand and put out the cigarette butt in his hand.

“Forget it!” He said solemnly, “I think you should go over!”

“En?” Amelia tilted her head, a little surprised.

“Seeing you look like you’re going to die or not, worry!!” Adam Mason seemed a little annoyed.

“Or I can change the room with him! Give a chance for the two of you to make it clear! It’s better to ask God to worship Buddha without listening to you all day long!”

Amelia curled her lips, “Do you hate me so much?”

Why does he want to get rid of her annoying appearance!

“You are more annoying than this!!!” Adam Mason replied irritably, never thinking that he would take care of her self-esteem.

After speaking, he got up, put on his shoes, and walked out.

“Adam Mason, why are you going?” Amelia stared at him as he was leaving the house.

“I’m afraid that something happened to us tonight, my life will be completely over…” Adam Mason opened the door and said as he prepared to go out.

However, the steps under his feet had just taken a step, and the words in his mouth had stopped abruptly before he could finish speaking.

Outside the door, stood Burton Liam.

His emotions seem to be on the verge of collapse.

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows, and, as expected, fell in love with the “nasty” woman in the house, and no one felt good!

“Thank you for letting Amelia come out, I have something to tell her!”

Seeing Adam Mason at the door, Burton Liam was stunned for a second and then said coldly in a low voice.

Today, he and the woman must speak clearly!

Hanging in this way, with a strained heart, he’s about to be hurt if he doesn’t die!!!

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows, took a look at him, and replied, “No, you go in!”

After speaking, he flashed away and left.

Soon, room 3201 rang.

Allen Emily opened the door and saw him at the door for a moment.

Adam Mason leaned against the door, curled his lips, smiled wickedly, “This beautiful sister, don’t you mind if I spend the night here tonight?”

Allen Emily lowered her eyes and smiled softly, “Come in!”

“Thanks! My gentle and kind-hearted sister!”

Sure enough, Adam Mason’s mouth will always be too sweet!

Except, in front of a certain woman, his mouth can be so strong that it can kill people!

Adam Mason lay on the sofa, staring at the ceiling with emotions.

“So there are people as stupid as me in this world…”

He was willing to vacate the room and let the person he like being with another person!!!

On the bed, Allen Emily just looked at the white ceiling above her head, smiled faintly, “Step back and broaden the sky…”

Give himself a step, let go of the one he loves, but let go of himself!

Why not?

Adam Mason closed his eyes, curled his lips, and smiled relieved.

He has to leave anyway, so that’s good!!!

In another room

“You… why are you here?”

Amelia stared at the man who suddenly appeared in her room in shock.

“En…” Burton Liam replied in a dull voice.

Then, he sat down on the sofa opposite her.

The dull blue pupil stared at her opposite for an instant.

“I have something to tell you!”

“I have something to say to you…”

Amelia looked at him deeply, her eyes were a little sad.

“Let me say…”

This time, he didn’t want to give up the opportunity again!!!

He should have said these words as early as the last time, but because of her words, they were blocked for a living!

He doesn’t want the same thing to happen the last time!!!

“No! I want to say first…”

Amelia bulged her cheeks, got up, got up from the bed, and hurriedly walked to the sofa.

She seemed to be afraid of being snatched by him.

Liam’s complicated eyes moved with her petite body and then fell beside her.

The soft body is close to him, inexplicably, a warm air soars from the bottom of his heart.

He was helpless, his tight lips softened unconsciously, and his cold contour lines eased somewhat.

Turning his head, staring at her, faintly uttered, “You speak first!”

For this little guy, he never found a way to parry.

Therefore, he had to surrender and accept his fate!!!

Amelia hesitated for a while, seeing her eyes flashed a touch of shyness.

“Liam, we… shall we make peace?”

She doesn’t want the cold war to go on anymore, if this goes on, she may be frozen to death!

A touch of amazement in the deep blue pupil jumped past.

He concealed in his eyes, without a trace.

After a long while, he was silent, trying to suppress the joy of his heart.

“What about Adam Mason?”

He deliberately lowered his tone of voice a bit.

In the scene just now, he wouldn’t be invisible!

Although everything will happen in the future.

“That…” Amelia scratched her head and glanced at him secretly. “That was just a joke!”

“Just kidding?”

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows, a man and a woman, how can they play on the bed?

He wonders if this guy is not mindless!

“Then you mean that you were just playing around in bed before?” Burton Liam asked her angrily.

Seeing her innocent appearance, he wanted to knock her head off to see if there was nothing inside.

Amelia pouted, her cheeks bulging, her eyes lowered, and she muttered quietly from the bottom of her heart, “It was also a joke…”

They didn’t have that one, they just stripped off their clothes and slept. Isn’t that just a joke?

But she didn’t expect it at all. Her mumble was not from the bottom of her heart but her mouth!

When she realized it, it was too late!

At that moment, she wished to smoke herself to death, because she saw the handsome face with seven orifices on the opposite side.

It can be described as “distorted”!

But that face is still…so pretty!!!

Amelia couldn’t help sighing from the bottom of her heart.

“Ah…” Before she sighed, the small body on the sofa was raised by a pair of powerful ape arms, and she could not help but walk to the bed.

As soon as she fell on the bed, a cold black shadow shrouded her without hesitation.

“Cough cough cough -” The small body was once again heavily pressed under him.

Burton Liam stared at her angrily, “Then teach me, how can it be considered a joke?”

His voice was almost gritted out of his teeth.

It can be seen that this time, he is annoyed!

And she is very annoying!!!

“Are you angry?” Amelia was not at all shocked by his anger, pursing her lips, and asked him wittily.

“Otherwise?” Burton Liam asked her through gritted teeth.

“Or do you think I shouldn’t be angry at all?”

“Of course you should, of course…” Amelia said flatly.

A smirk in her heart, anger means caring about her, caring about her means liking her!

“What are you laughing at?” Liam was upset!

Is she really angry not to see him? She even had a smile on her face!

Amelia smiled triumphantly, and then, a probing hand-hooked Burton Liam’s neck and pushed his body around her.

The sturdy body is close to her petite and soft body…

A stimulating and heart-warming air stream rushed straight up the two bodies, burning a little hot.

Burton Liam’s sword eyebrows trembled in anger, “Hey, don’t you think I’ll forget it!”

He spoke against her fair and tender, dumb voice, but his tone was a little bit pampering and gentle.

He still has a lot of accounts before he can settle with her!

However, he clasped his big palm and unconsciously stepped up his strength.

Amelia’s face rubbed against his warm skin, with deep thoughts…

Between them, it seems that there hasn’t been such a warm harmony for a long, long time!!!

Feels great!!!

“Liam, he is my best and best friend. You can’t stop me from playing with him…”

Amelia nestled in his arms, whispering, with a somewhat coquettish taste.

However, listening to Burton Liam’s ears, there was a bit of sadness inexplicably overflowing.

Her good friend…

Although really, he is sour! However, she has friends. For her, it should be a big step, right?!

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