The Warmest Romance Chapter 1121 -1122

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Chapter 1121

Everyone was silent a lot, looking at him, did not speak.

Now ye and Yu are in a very tense situation, which is a fact that we all know. A few days ago, ye Fengpeng and others smashed Yu’s hall. Although there was no announcement, many people in the circle knew about it.

In the past few days, he has made clear his ambition to woo Yu’s shareholders. Everyone knows it, but he has to play with him. Some loyal people want to see what ye Fengpeng wants to do, while others with different intentions want to see if they can get any benefits.

“I, ye Fengpeng, don’t have any advantages, but there is one thing I love and hate clearly. Now after such a show, I have seen clearly that if yu’s group wants to develop better in the future, it has to change its leader. Besides, Yu’s family is not only a man, do you understand?”

He said, holding his glass and looking around for a week.

What he said is very clear, most people can understand. He is saying that Yu Yimo, the leader of Yu group, is not good, and he has offered another choice.

In addition to Yu Yimo, Yu Gubei is the only one who can inherit the family business.

When he said this, everyone understood who he was.

The fight between Yu Yimo and Yu Gubei has never stopped. Now he just wants to win over Yu Gubei.

“If you want me to say that you can understand better, Yu’s group will certainly become better under the leadership of the new leader, and all those who have supported him are meritorious officials!”

Suddenly, there was silence in the room, and no one spoke.

Today, Yu’s shareholders and senior management gather here, and each talk carries a certain weight. Ye Fengpeng is encouraging everyone to stand in line. As long as someone supports Yu Gubei, the balance of power will slowly tilt, and Yu Yimo’s balance will be interrupted.

A moment later, an older shareholder said in a cold voice, “boss ye, it turns out that your mind is here. Why don’t you tell us how much benefit Yu Gubei has given you?”

As soon as he said this, ye Fengpeng’s face sank a little. His eyes flashed over the man with sharp eyes. Then he said with a sneer, “I just want to express my ideas. I have never forced anyone. Lao Chen, what you said is not right!”

The atmosphere on the dinner table is a little strange. Although ye Fengpeng said so on the surface, it is clear that he is Yu Gubei’s person.

Ye Fengpeng saw that everyone had their own ideas. He chuckled a few times and said, “I admit that because of some of my private affairs, I have opinions on Yu Yimo. My heart is small and I can’t tolerate sand in my eyes, so I want to see that Yu has better people to lead. Who do I support? I only represent my own opinions. I don’t stop you, but as long as we have the same eyes and opinions, we are the best Good friend

With that, he picked up his glass, got up to propose a toast and drank it all.

The crowd laughed, and the atmosphere at the scene gradually eased a lot. Only after the stubborn shareholder Chen saw ye Fengpeng’s purpose clearly, he always blew his beard and glared at him, and didn’t have a good face.

Soon, at the end of the Wine Bureau, everyone scattered. Lao Chen couldn’t wait to get up and planned to leave. But before he took a few steps, ye Fengpeng caught up with him. “Lao Chen, I have something to say to you.”

Chapter 1122

Old Chen snorted coldly, “I have nothing to say to you. Yu Yimo is the only president I’m optimistic about. Yu Gubei, hum! He is nothing

Then he gave ye Fengpeng a white look and turned to look at his subordinates. He said in a cold voice, “from now on, I will be pushed on such occasions! What the hell

He this words, obviously is intentionally say to leaf Feng Peng to listen.

Ye Fengpeng stood in the same place, looking cold. Ye Zeyu leaned over from the side and said, “this stubborn old man! It’s said that Yu Qingshan and I worked together before. I’m famous for being difficult. I didn’t expect to be so loyal! I Pooh

Ye Fengpeng face unchanged, still looking at the direction he left.

Seeing that he did not speak, ye Zeyu asked, “Dad, they are not willing now. If they propose to let them pay their shares in the future, they will be even more reluctant. Otherwise, we will directly report the name of the person who does not cooperate to Yu Gubei and let him do it?”

Smell speech, Ye Feng Peng cold hum, glanced at him, cold said, “everything to Yu Gu North words, then he wants us to do? Don’t forget how much money he spent on our Ye family! “

Ye Zeyu frowned, “that What about this? Chen Desheng is an old man with old seniority and stubborn temper. He holds a lot of shares among the shareholders! When that time comes, he will stir up in front of the shareholders. What can we do about our plan? “

Ye Fengpeng was silent and hesitated for a long time. Suddenly, a cold light flashed across the bottom of his eyes. “Since he is stubborn, we can’t make him stubborn!”

Now, Yu Yimo has driven ye to a dead end, and Yu Gubei has given them a helping hand. They must seize this opportunity, climb a big tree, and strive to gain a firm foothold in Jiangzhou business district!

This is the only chance. If they can’t grasp it, I’m afraid Ye won’t be able to stand up!

The leaf maple Peng is ruthless next heart, in the heart slowly had a plan.

The next morning, bad news came.

Chen Desheng, a shareholder of Yu’s group, got up early for morning exercise and fell down and drowned by the river in Jiangzhou. When he was found, he had no vital signs. He was 65 years old.

The police intervened in the investigation, and finally the forensic judge found that the deceased was indeed drowning.

When Yu Yimo got the news, he was having breakfast in his apartment. The news was too sudden. When he first heard it, his hand holding the coffee cup shook slightly, and some black coffee spilled out of the cup.

Du Yue, who just arrived at the door, was also shocked. Soon, he thought of something and said with a serious face, “president, Chen Desheng was invited by Ye Fengpeng last night. I heard that they seemed to have a conflict at the dinner table.”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo’s eyes suddenly sink down, he will put down the coffee cup in his hand, the face sink some terrible.

“Does Uncle Chen’s family know?”

“It’s said that after the body was examined at the police station, it was cremated by the family.”

Yu Yimo immediately got up, picked up his suit and went out, “let’s go.”

It happened so suddenly that even he was surprised. Now the most urgent thing is to appease Chen Desheng’s family.

Chen Desheng was Yu Qingshan’s right subordinate before, and he had a good relationship with Yu Yimo. Several times, in the face of the company’s public criticism and criticism, it was Chen Desheng who put most of the pressure on him. Yu Yimo always remembers his kindness.

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