The Warmest Romance Chapter 1123 -1124

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Chapter 1123

And this sudden accident, let him always feel where is not right.

When he arrived at the funeral home, Chen Desheng’s wife was out of breath. His daughter and son were far away from home, and they had no time to come after learning the news.

Yu Yimo stepped forward and looked at Chen Desheng’s wife, who had been weeping twice. He felt a little sad and remorseful. “Aunt Chen, I’m sorry for your change.”

At this time, he could do nothing but comfort.

“Emer, how can he leave so suddenly? He was fine when he went out this morning The body is also good, how can suddenly drown? He has been exercising by the Bank of Jiangzhou river for more than a year, but he has nothing to do. How could he suddenly fall into the water today? “

Aunt Chen took Yu Yimo’s hand and burst into tears.

Yu Yimo was silent for a moment. Suddenly he thought of something and asked, “Aunt Chen, did Uncle Chen have anything unusual last night?”

“What’s wrong? After drinking, I make complaints about my vomit and I go to rest after I have drunk.

“what did he make complaints about?”

“He said that ye had a bad heart and wanted to win people’s hearts. He said that he was determined to stand on your side or something. Yimo, our old man is loyal to you all the time. I don’t believe this is an accident. You must help me find out. Our old man can’t leave so suddenly!”

Aunt Chen took Yu Yimo’s hand and said it in a certain tone until her children arrived. She was so excited that she cried and fainted.

Yu Yimo tightened his brows and thought back and forth about what Aunt Chen had just said. His doubts became more and more serious.

He also doesn’t believe that Chen Desheng left like this. He has always been strong, and morning exercise by the Bank of Jiangzhou river is an old habit. If it is judged as an accident, the credibility is not high.

It is more believable to say that it is a murder disguised as an accident.

Leaving the funeral home, Yu Yimo immediately tells Du Yue, “go and check who went to yefengpeng’s Bureau yesterday.”


From the funeral home to Yu’s group, Yu Yimo stands in front of the French window in his office, his face is cold and serious. He looks at the dark clouds in the distance and doesn’t make a sound for a long time.

In the past two days, there was always a sense of uneasiness in his heart, as if something was slowly nurtured and fermented in the dark, and would eventually devour everything.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, Du more quickly came in, presented a list, “this is yesterday to ye Fengpeng there shareholder list.”

Yu Yimo’s big eyes swept away and his heart began to count. He was silent for a moment and said coldly, “now, according to the order on the list, call them to the office. I’ll have an interview with them.”

Vaguely, he felt that this incident had something to do with Yu Gubei. Now, it’s time to prove it.

At the same time, jiangzhoucheng airport.

Ruan Shishi and Sensen Shasha are waiting in the waiting room. After a while, Lu Xiaoman comes quickly and says, “Shishi, Mr. Song is going to arrange it. James will take Miss Song to the special plane first, and we can only go up when the notice of applying for the route comes down.”

Ruan Shishi nodded, “OK.”

She said, hugging Sensen and Sasha, but she felt some unspeakable pain in her heart.

Today is the day for them to leave Jiangzhou and accompany An’an to go abroad for treatment. Song yean arranged a special plane to escort them directly from Jiangzhou to their destination.

Chapter 1124

Just now, in the waiting room, she accidentally turned to the news about Yu’s shareholder drowning, which was pushed by her mobile phone, and her Inexplicable heart hung up.

Now, as soon as she hears the news about Yu group, she can’t help worrying and paying attention to it. She has no way to control herself.

Lu Xiaoman sat down beside her and asked, “Shishi, are you very nervous?”

At this moment, she clenched her cell phone in both hands, looking uneasy, as if worried about something.

Ruan Shishi was revived after hearing this. She turned around and gave her a smile. She said in a soft voice, “it’s OK. I’m just going to leave Jiangzhou suddenly. I’m still not used to it.”

Lu Xiaoman smiles, reaches out his hand and pats the back of her hand, “it’s OK, anyway, I’ll be back soon.”

Yeah, I’ll be back soon.

Ruan’s poetry was silent in his heart, and gradually calmed down.

At this time, next to Sensen suddenly said, “Mom, I want to play a game, OK?”

Ruan Shishi looked at it for a while, but it was still some time before boarding. She handed Sensen her mobile phone and said in a soft voice, “you can only play for half an hour, otherwise you will be short-sighted!”

Sen Sen nodded and agreed. After he got the mobile phone, he held it with Sasha and kept watching.

After more than ten minutes, Ruan Shishi got up and went to the bathroom, specially told Lu Xiaoman, “Xiaoman, I’ll go to the bathroom, you look at Sensen and Shasha.”

Lu Xiaoman’s eyes flashed, smiling at her and promising, “OK, don’t worry about it!”

Ruan Shishi nodded and walked away.

As soon as she left, Lu Xiaoman took out her mobile phone and opened a new mini game. The voice was playing outside. She was very excited.

After a while, sensenshasha’s attention shifted from Ruan Shishi’s mobile phone to her side.

Sen Sen is very interested, curious to come over, staring at flickering big eyes, “aunt, what kind of game are you doing?”

“This! It’s simple and fun. I’ll teach you. “

Soon, Sensen and Shasha are surrounded by Lu Xiaoman, attentive and curious.

Lu Xiaoman generously gave the mobile phone to them, “that’s how you play, isn’t it simple? Here, I’ll give you a try. “

“I’ll try first…”

Curious, the two little guys took Lu Xiaoman’s cell phone and put Ruan Shishi’s cell phone aside.

Lu Xiaoman turns his head and glances over the mobile phone on one side of the chair. His eyes sink a little. He reaches out and pretends to take something, then sweeps the mobile phone to the ground. Then he turns around and looks at the little guy playing the game on the other side.

After a while, a low-key man came over and sat down on the row of seats on their back. After a while, while everyone didn’t care, he bent down and picked up the mobile phone on the ground, put it in his pocket and got up to leave.

When Ruan Shishi came back, just as they were boarding, they packed up their bags in a hurry and immediately got on the plane.

A moment before boarding the plane, Lu Xiaoman took the time to send a message, “the mobile phone has been successfully handed over to Feng Ge, her password is sensenshasha’s birthday.”

After all this, she calmly deleted the record, turned on the flight mode and got on the plane.

She has done all the things that Yu Gubei gave her. The rest is up to him.

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