The Warmest Romance Chapter 1127 -1128

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Chapter 1127

Du more surprised, “now?”


Ye Fengpeng is so excited by the video that he can do anything. He may win over the company’s shareholders or even betray his life. Now he catches Ruan Shishi. He is forcing him to submit step by step!

On the way to Qingshan temple, you can drive all the way to Qingshan temple.

On the way, Yu Yimo took the phone to dial Ruan Shishi. A mechanical voice came from the mobile phone over there, “the phone you dialed has been turned off.”

His heart is hanging in his throat, and his heart is full of restlessness and confusion. He holds the mobile phone tightly, and the veins on his arm have burst up.

Ye Fengpeng is cruel. If he does anything to Ruan’s poems, I’m afraid the consequences will be unimaginable.

What’s more, they tied up Ruan Shishi and chose Qingshan temple. It’s really strange.

But now, he can’t care so much. He just wants to arrive as soon as possible to ensure the safety of Ruan Shishi!

The car sped all the way to the uninhabited suburb. Coupled with the heavy rain, it was desolate and cold all the way. When we arrived at the castle peak temple, the heavy rain was still falling outside, and there was no meaning to stop at all.

Yu Yimo pushes the door open, neglecting to take an umbrella, plunges into the rain. Du Yue holds the umbrella down and catches up with him

He holds the umbrella over Yu Yimo’s head, but Yu Yimo ignores it and walks to the door.

The gate of Castle Peak temple is gloomy. There is only a dim light, which can barely see the door clearly. Yu Yimo raises his fist to button the door and knocks a few times, but there is no reaction inside.

Du Yue reminded him, “the castle peak temple is very remote here. It seems that there are no people at ordinary times…”

Yu Yimo frowned when he heard the speech. He took a deep breath and kicked the wooden door open.

Inside the temple, there are only dim lights, which can barely see the terrain clearly. There is a large open space in front of the door. Further on, he can see the nearest Buddha Hall to the door.

He took a quick step and walked inside, shouting, “Ruan Shishi!”

It doesn’t look like there’s anyone in it. Is it because they’ve made a mistake?

Yu Yimo was a little flustered. He turned to Du Yue and asked, “are you sure it’s Qingshan temple?”

Du Yue nodded, “yes, there are many minaret temples in Jiangzhou, only castle peak temple.”

Yu Yimo takes a deep breath and looks into the distance through the misty rain. It’s not surprising that he sees a circle of minarets on the other side of the temple.

He inhaled deeply, clenched his teeth, and told Du Yue, “I’m here, you go there, we’ll look for each other separately!”

Du Yue hesitated.

Now there are only two of them. If they have to look for each other separately, they are more likely to have an accident.

As soon as his advice came to his lips, before he could speak it out, a voice came from the side.

“Brother, what are you looking for?”

The voice is like a ghost, coming through the rain, with a bit of ridicule.

When Yu Yimo heard the speech, he was stiff and looked up.

“Click! Click A few times, the headlights around lit up, and instantly lit up the open space in front of the Buddha Hall.

The sudden light made Yu Yimo blind for a short time. Then he fixed his eyes and found a row of people standing in front of the Buddha Hall. In the middle, Yu Gubei was sitting in a wheelchair.

Chapter 1128

Instantly, his whole body blood boiling, alert to detect what abnormal.

Unexpectedly, it was him!

“President!” Du Yue obviously didn’t expect that. He approached Yu Yimo and said in a low voice, “we’ve been tricked!”

Yu Yimo’s brows tightened and his face was grim. He didn’t know that they were trapped!

Du Yue put his hand in his pocket and pressed a shortcut key with his memory. At this moment, a big man rushed over and kicked him on the back.

Du Yue was caught off guard and almost knelt on the ground.

Seeing this, Yu Yimo twisted his eyebrows, looked at Yu Gubei and said in a deep voice, “what do you want to do?”

Now it seems that Yu Gubei is trying his best to get them. What must he do? He wants to fight for Yu’s shares? Or do you want to kill people?

“To call elder brother is to talk about the past, but your men are too ignorant.”

Yu Gubei chuckles, then looks at Du Yue with a gloomy and sharp look, “drop his mobile phone! Don’t you think his hands are fast? Treat them well

When he said this, the man who subdued Du Yue suddenly twisted his arm back, only to hear the sound of “clack clack clack”. Du snorted with pain.

Seeing this, Yu Yimo immediately goes up and kicks the man’s abdomen. The man staggers back a few steps. Yu Yimo steps forward and helps Du Yue up.

Can again look up, around a circle of Yugu north people all around, staring at them, ready to start!

Today, Yu Gubei has a huge number of people against them. I’m afraid they are not rivals!

Yu Yimo clenched his teeth and clenched his fist. He was ready all the time. His whole body was wet. He looked up at Yu Gubei, who was sitting under the eaves of the Buddha Hall. His eyes were gloomy. “What’s the matter, come to me!”

Yu Gubei chuckles, “OK, I’ll have a good talk with you today.”

With that, he turned his eyes and told Shao Zhuo, “bring him in.”

Shao Zhuo immediately instructed his men to push Yu Gubei into the Buddha Hall.

“Don’t touch me! I’ll go by myself

Yu Yimo’s cold eyes looked at the people beside him, as if he was scared by his momentum. None of the thugs dared to step forward.

Yu Yimo walked into the Buddha Hall, only to see that the candles in the Buddha Hall were lit, flickering and bright.

He swept around quickly, and did not see the figure of Ruan Shi.

Yu Gu North see shape smile, “how, didn’t see want to see that person, disappointed?”

Yu Yimo pursed his lips.

At this time, he may have been able to confirm that Ruan Shishi was not arrested, and that phone call was just a cover for Yu Gubei to cheat him, but why it showed Ruan Shishi’s number and her voice was still unknown to him.

It seemed to see what he thought in his heart. Yu Gubei said with a low smile, “the person you are looking for is not with me, but do you know where she is?”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and stared at him with anger and impatience at the bottom of his eyes. “Yu Gubei, what do you want to do? Why don’t you just come here and have a good time?”

Yu Gubei hooked his lips. “It seems that you don’t want to know the whereabouts of Ruan Shishi!”

Yu Yimo is silent.

At this time, Yu Gu Bei slightly raises his chin. Shao Zhuo, who is on one side, immediately takes out something and walks towards Yu Yimo.

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