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Chapter 547

“Sure enough, he’s the descendants of our Burton Family!” The old lady seemed to smile.

Her eyes were filled with a slightly complicated expression, half-hit, a little gray.

Then, turned around and stared at the lonely scenery outside the window.

“Let’s talk! What do you want?” After a long while, the old lady said in a dull voice.

The complicated gaze still fell on the high peak of the mountain outside the window.

“Grandma, I don’t want anything from Burton Group, I just want the happiness of Emily and the freedom of Amelia!! I just hope…you can let them go!!!”

Burton Liam’s tone was a little uncomfortable dumb.

Happiness and freedom?

The old lady was startled slightly, and then smirked, “Are you threatening me?”

“Grandma, I’m asking you…”

If unwilling, that is, threats!!!

“Really?” The old lady sneered. “Why do you think I will promise you?”

Burton Liam lowered his eyes and smiled in a low voice, “Grandma, if the person in today’s video is me, maybe you just laughed it off! But the person inside is not me, but your most precious grandson, Burton Lucas! So… you can’t just laugh it off!”

He firmly believes!!!

The death of his sister was already a fatal blow to her.

She couldn’t bear to let his brother go to jail again!

This is undoubtedly another psychological war!

He bet that the old lady was reluctant to send Burton Lucas to the court, and the old lady would stop him and would not cruelly send his brother to the court!!!

“Once the video is released, Lucas’s lawsuit is settled! Economic espionage is not too light!” He is a product agent, and he is fully qualified to ask the police to file a case!

The old lady froze in place, motionless.

For a long time, she pursed her lips and said nothing.

After a long time, she sneered, “Do you think we are afraid?”

The old lady is still betting!!!

But, she forgot…

His Burton Liam, the blood that he shed is also Burton’s blood!!!

“Grandma, do you believe in covering the sky with one hand?” Burton Liam asked again, only he knew the sorrow and struggle in his heart.

He tilted his head, glanced at the bright sky outside the window, and continued.

“Grandma, in this world, it is impossible to cover the sky with one hand! Because everyone has a seam between their fingers, but this seam has different sizes! But it doesn’t mean that there is no…You, too!!!”

His words completely stunned the old lady.

People, really can’t cover the sky with one hand…

Moreover, people are not animals without emotions!!!

Hanging her head high, tilted her head and looked at him aside.

“You won this battle!” The old lady announced in a deep voice.


He should be happy, but he can’t afford a hint of joy.

He lost!!!

Lost the only trace of family affection in this battle!!!

“Are you the owner of the CEN Company?” After a long while, the old lady asked again.

Liam shook his head, “No!”

If it is him, then what is the significance of this video?

He will not be so idiot!!!

However, the company was built in the name of Earl Jacob, so even if the old lady wanted to move, she did not dare to move!

“Awesome! His brother dared to do this calculation… Hehe…”

The old lady sighed intentionally or unintentionally and hummed softly.

Burton Liam’s heart is like a knife twist, and it hurts!

If grandma disagrees, he can’t guarantee that he will publish the video!

After all, that is the brother who saved his life!!!

He is just gambling!

Who to bet, take that man more importantly!!!

At night, Burton Liam held the sweet little guy in his arms, watching her favorite cartoon.

Today, she seems not to be very high-spirited, she is always buried in his arms boringly, saying nothing.

Looking at the screen, the line of sight is also somewhat hollow, and occasionally she will go out of mind.

She is not in the state at all!

“What’s the matter?” Burton Liam lowered his head and asked the little guy in his arms softly.

His tone was full of worry and pity.

Amelia returned to her senses, and drilled into his arms, “Burton Liam, Adam Mason is leaving…”

Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment, a little surprised.


“En… he said he is going to Las Vegas!” Amelia rubbed his arms with red eyes.

“Are you… sad?” Burton Liam asked her, his voice a bit sour.

“En…” Amelia nodded honestly in his arms.

Seeing her depressed look, Burton Liam couldn’t bear it again. He suppressed the soreness in his heart and comforted her.

“It doesn’t matter, he is not coming back!”

Amelia shook her head, and looked at him worriedly, “If you bully me again in the future, no one will listen to me vomiting bitterness!”

With a touch of guilt and distress, Burton Liam’s deep eyes popped up, and his fingers touched the tip of her little nose.

“I promise not to bully you in the future, okay?” His tone was soft and light.

“Okay…” Amelia nodded, smiled sweetly, and dived into his arms.

“Hey Hey…”

Suddenly, the phone rang on the table, a little hurriedly.

Liam moved the small body in his arms, then reached out and picked up the phone on the table.

Take a look at the caller ID, Emily?

As soon as he pressed the answer button, he heard bursts of whimpering over there.

Liam’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, and his heart tightened slightly.

“Emily, what’s the matter? Why are you crying…Is that guy bullying you again?”

“No…” Allen Emily cried and shook her head.

For the first time, this man did not abuse her!!! Talking to her peacefully!!!


More cruel and cruel than to abuse her!!!

“Liam, Burton… Lucas still refuses to divorce, what should I do, what should I do? I don’t…I don’t want to live with him anymore!” Emily held the phone and cried bitterly.

“Refusing to divorce?” This decision surprised Liam.

How could this be?

“He…he said he would never sign even if he goes to prison…” Emily’s desperate cry came from the other end.

“Emily, don’t cry first. He doesn’t want to leave this marriage! We will talk to Mike again tomorrow, okay?”

Burton Liam hurriedly calmed her on the phone.

“Liam…I’m so scared, he…he appears next to me all the time, he…terrorizes me, I turn on the computer, there are blood-stained screens inside, and there are a lot of bloody faces in the room… so much so scary … Liam, if this continues, I will die!!! You…you must save me!!! Liam…uh…” On the other end, Allen Emily trembled and cried more fiercely.

“Emily, don’t cry first… Tell me, where are you now? I will look for you in the past!!” To this end, Burton Liam was a little anxious.

He is increasingly confused, what exactly does Burton Lucas want to do?!

Does he love Emily? If he doesn’t love, why does he have to fight his own life to save him, and get Emily’s love!

If he loves her, how can he treat Emily so painfully?!!!

Is he still human?!!! He’s just a devil!!!

“I… I just ran out of the house… I don’t know where I am! Woo…” Allen Emily was crying dumbly while holding the phone.

There was a deep panic in her heart.

Liam was also anxious.

“Emily, you go to a crowded place, don’t stay in the corner, obedient, I will go out to find you immediately… Wait for me, tell me about the surrounding environment?”

Liam listened to the phone and walked upstairs anxiously.

Soon, he took a coat, put it on, and went straight downstairs.

On the phone, she was still crying constantly, intermittently, and talking to him with a trembling voice.

Burton Liam listened carefully to her narration on the other end, approached Amelia on the sofa, leaned over, bowed his head, and kissed her pink lips heavily.

“Wait for me…”

Liam made a mouth shape, two simple words.

Then, without waiting for Amelia on the sofa to return to her senses, he hurriedly went out.

Amelia stared at his disappearing back…

On the lips, there was the smell of his scent, very shallow, very shallow… as if it would disappear at any time.

It’s like… he will never come back once he leaves!!!

Inexplicably, from the bottom of her heart, so astringent and so astringent!

Subconsciously, sixth sense!

Her heart is a little flustered…

Raising her hand, she banged her confused little head fiercely.

Knock out all those crazy things from her head!

What is she thinking about?

He just promised her that he would never bully her in the future!

But why is her heart still so confused!!!

The night is very deep, very deep…

Enveloping the whole dull world deeply, as if swallowing the whole world at any time.

The clock already points to two o’clock in the morning.

Heart, so painful, so tired…

He said he wanted her to wait for him, so she was very obedient.

Obediently in the living room, waiting for him to come back…

In the living room, the lights are off.

Only the big screen directly in front is lit, and inside, there are still the same cartoons.

The white silver light shone on a pale little face with a trace of loneliness and horror.


Suddenly, a weird bell rang in the silent room.

Amelia on the sofa was startled suddenly, her pale face changed slightly.

It’s the phone ringing over there.

She got up and rushed to the hall with bare feet.

It must be Liam’s call.

Amelia happily answered the phone, “Liam…”

She called out a little, and the other side hurriedly interrupted her voice, “Little guy, go to sleep first! Don’t wait for me!”

“What’s the matter?” she asked softly.

In an instant, something seemed to melt away slowly in her heart…

Very strange feeling!!!

“Liam…” A soft call came from the other end, which seemed to be a bit drunk.

Amelia’s small hand holding the microphone tightened slightly.

“Emily was frightened, and her sanity was a little confused. Later, another person drank some wine secretly. You don’t worry about her. You should go to bed first! Don’t wait for me…” Burton Liam said softly and talked to the person on the phone. He explained.

“En, okay…” After a long while, Amelia pronounced.

Liam…I…I feel bad!!! “On the other end, Allen Emily murmured vaguely.

Inexplicably, listening to Amelia’s ears, it smelled a bit ambiguous!

“Come on, Emily… Lie down, come, put your hands down… Obedient…”

Over there, the soft tone calmed the confused woman, and it was a little harsh in Amelia’s ears.

But, she knew, she shouldn’t think much.

These are all he must do!!!

Chapter 548

She lifted her lips and pulled out a far-fetched smile, “Liam, then I will go to sleep first…”

Over there, it seems that something is still busy.

Amelia hung up the phone gently, unable to bear to listen to the voice on the other end.

She thought, maybe she was stingy…

Otherwise, how can she get angry somehow?

All night, it was strange, and she slept very restlessly.

In the middle of the night, she will always be awakened suddenly, without warning.

Wake up early in the morning, it is already eight o’clock in the morning!

Get up from the bed-top, and rush to Burton Liam’s room.

Pushing open the door, there was still no one inside.

A clear and cold breath poured into her heart, only to feel a chill.

“Miss, the young master didn’t come back yesterday!” Sister Mia, who was busy in the corridor, spoke quickly.

Amelia was stunned for a second, then returned.


There was a soft low response, and then she pulled her lips and smiled, it’s okay!

With her little head drooping, she returned to her room.

One morning, he didn’t make another callback.

At noon, Liam returned.

He looked tired and seemed a little rushed.

He returned home and went straight into his bedroom.

When Amelia pushed the door in, he was sorting his clothes.

“Are you going out?” Amelia stared at him in confusion.

Burton Liam tilted his head and saw her being pestered at the door, and the corners of his tight lips softened unconsciously.

Put down the clothes in his hands and walked to the door.

He probed his hand, took her petite at the door, and sat down on the sofa.

Fingers petting the broken hair on her forehead, “I’m going to Singapore!”

Amelia froze for a moment, “Are you on a business trip?”

“No!” Burton Liam shook his head, “I went to go through the divorce procedures with Sister Emily.”

The delicate and beautiful eyebrows frowned slightly, “Don’t you just need a lawyer for the divorce procedure?”

Burton Liam looked at her deeply and then sighed leisurely, with a little sadness in his eyes, “Emily is very unstable now, and sometimes she is a little confused. The doctor said that she was a little too frightened. Let the people she can trust stay with her as much as possible…Last night, I received a call from Burton Lucas, saying that I would go directly to Singapore to complete the divorce procedures today!”

“Oh…” After a long time, Amelia lowered her eyes and responded in a low voice.

“What’s wrong? Not happy?” Burton Liam asked worriedly as if seeing her low mood.

“No…” Amelia shook her head, “Then when will you return?”

“After signing, I will come back right away, okay?” He continued to comfort her.

“Okay…” Amelia nodded obediently.

“Be at home obediently, listen to Mia’s words, if you are bored, let Adam Mason come to accompany you!” He warned her worriedly.

“Okay… Adam Mason will be leaving in about two days. Anyway, I can just accompany him well…”

Amelia was unconsciously sad when she thought that Adam Mason was leaving.

Burton Liam just smiled faintly. It seems that the little guy has grown up and will have feelings for other people!

Fortunately, it is a very simple friendship!!!

He lowered his eyes and kissed her pink lips heavily, with a scent of memory and reluctance.

For some reason, his kiss made her panic inexplicably.

She clasped his big palm, and there was a little panic in the bottom of her eyes, “Liam, are you in danger?”

Will a woman’s sixth sense be accurate?

Burton Liam was stunned for a second, and the deep blue pupils flickered a little but soon disappeared.

Big palm maliciously stroked her little head, rubbing her seaweed-like curly hair, and then burst into a hearty laugh.

“What are the children’s heads made of? Why are they so rich in imagination! Hey! Little guy, I’m just going to sign an agreement with Sister Emily, why is it dangerous?”

As he said, he lightened her little head again, “Don’t think about it, stay at home obediently, and wait for me to come back!!”

Seeing his charming smile, Amelia’s flustered heart finally settled down slightly.

Rubbing her little head into his arms, she whispered to him, “Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back…”


Liam left…

The house seemed to be empty all at once.

Amelia stayed at home alone, watching cartoons and playing battle games, but still felt bored.

Posing her lips, she doesn’t know when he will return.

Fortunately, there will be Adam Mason going to the playground together tomorrow!

In the evening, Burton Liam called her, it seemed that everything was fine there.

However, he looked extremely tired, and his voice was pretending to be relaxed.

Listening to Amelia’s ears, she was particularly worried.

“Liam, are you tired over there?”

Amelia was holding the phone, her small curled body resting on the sofa, and her little hand drew random pictures on the back of the sofa.

The voice of questioning was full of worry.

“Just getting off the plane! A little bit tired…”

On the other end, Burton Liam answered her with various excuses.

He lowered his eyes, glanced at his injured chest, and frowned slightly.

He didn’t expect that Burton Lucas would send someone to Brook Mike to do it!!!

Fortunately, he didn’t bring the little guy over, not to mention that she was frightened, just watching him get hurt, it is estimated that she would cry.

“By the way, little guy, I may not be able to go back in a few days. I have to wait for the case to be settled and sign the letter before I can go back. Remember to take care of yourself at home! Remember to eat on time obediently! And…”

At the other end, he was just like an old woman who was babbling and kept telling her.

Eat, sleep, dress…

Even going out to play and crossing the road reminded her to remember to walk the zebra crossing!

“Well…everything is good, old lady!” Amelia nodded as if pounding garlic, making fun of him maliciously.

He just appeared, he suddenly changed from a man to an old woman!!!

What an exaggeration!!!

Liam lowered his head and laughed blankly, “Okay, then go to bed obediently! And… Remember to miss me…”

Amelia couldn’t help blushing with a small face, “Okay, then I’ll go to sleep first… Take a good rest! Don’t be too tired!”

The two people told each other for a long time, and the phone finally hung up.

“Liam…Yes…I’m sorry…”

Allen Emily lowered her head and apologized in a low voice.

If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t be injured, and he wouldn’t be lying motionless in the hospital.

“It’s me who is sorry!” Brook Mike glanced at Burton Liam on the hospital bed with an angry look.

“He’s so troublesome, who let you block this shot!”

Allen Emily on the side stopped talking but cried secretly.

Looking at his blood-stained chest, her heart was painful.

Fortunately, the bullet was missed and he was rescued!

But now he can only lie on the bed, resting, where can’t he go!

“What’s the matter? I am strong, am I not in good shape now? I can’t die! Fortunately, I didn’t lose, not because of my shot, maybe Emily’s divorce agreement won’t go so smoothly!”

With a pale smile, Burton Liam comforted the two people on the side of the bed who didn’t look good.

Slightly tilted his head, Allen Emily was watching tears, “Emily, congratulations, you are free!!”

In a word, it’s like tear gas.

Allen Emily covered her face and cried bitterly. She didn’t know whether she was hurt or moved or joy.

Perhaps, all emotions are there!!!

If it weren’t for the two men in front of her, perhaps she was still living in that kind of prison chain!!!

However, for her sake, the two of them have been under the pressure of their hearts and the intimidation of Burton Lucas, and even, for her, they have been repeatedly injured…

She, how can she be!!!

“Mike, Liam, thank you…” Allen Emily choked with tears and thanked them.

“Fool!!” Brook Mike murmured with a smile, took the weak little woman into his arms, and comforted her.

Burton Liam lay on the bed, smiling softly, his smile still pale with weakness.

“I won’t go back these days, let me recuperate in the hospital for a week!”

“Aren’t your nonsense? You can’t move your body at all!” Brook Mike responded.

“Well, let the hospital let me recover as quickly as possible. You can prepare me more good things to replenish blood so that I can quickly repair my body!” Burton Liam said solemnly.

“Do you miss that little woman in your family?” Brook Mike mocked him evilly.

Burton Liam glanced at him irritably, “I really shouldn’t block this damn shot for you!”

However, he missed her!!! Want her so much!!!

However, he couldn’t go back, let alone drag the injured body back!

He is very imaginary now, and there is still a small hole in his body. If the little guy knows about it, she will have to cry violently. If it is more serious, it may still cause a psychological shadow on her.

After all, she was still very young, and he didn’t want her to worry about him for no reason.

He needs to raise his body until he is not full of blood and not so weak, he can almost go back to see her!


The next day, Amelia invited Adam Mason to play in the playground.

“Adam Mason, is this the last time you come out to play with me?” Amelia nibbled the ice cream in her hand and asked the man who was also gnawing happily.

Adam Mason smiled evilly, “Amelia, why don’t you go with me!”

“No!” Amelia refused without thinking.

“I want to stay at home and wait for Liam to come back!”

“Cut! No backbone!” Adam Mason gave her a contemptuous look.

“Adam Mason, will you come back to see me?” Amelia blinked her pupils and continued to ask him.

“I will! I will!!” Adam Mason responded irritably.

With this sentence alone, this woman doesn’t know how many times a day she has to ask him, in person, on the phone, and even when she breaks up and goes home, she does not forget to ask him once!

However, every time, he teased her and said that if he wanted her to accompany him, she refused him without hesitation!

She is simply a bad girl!!!

“Adam Mason…” Amelia tilted her head and looked at him pitifully.

“What’s the matter?” Why do you look like you want me?

“Ice cream is too cold, I want to eat popcorn…”

By! He is not a male servant!!!

After buying ice cream, he has to buy popcorn again!

Don’t go!!!


“Okay! You are waiting for me here!” After speaking, he ran to the popcorn shop opposite without hesitation!

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