The Warmest Romance Chapter 1137 -1138

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Chapter 1137

Ruan Shishi shook his head, some lost, “it seems to have fallen into the waiting room.”

Song yean’s eyes flashed a glimmer of dark light, raised her hand and patted her on the shoulder, quietly comforted, “it doesn’t matter, when we land, I’ll take you to buy a mobile phone card again.”

In his opinion, it is a good thing that the mobile phone is lost, because in this way, the connection between Ruan Shishi and Jiangzhou city will be broken more thoroughly, and only in this way can he become all of her.

Ruan Shishi was still a little lost and muttered to himself, “there are still many pictures of Sasa in that mobile phone. Once they are lost, they are all gone…”

“Nothing.” Song yean stretched out her hand, hugged her shoulder and said in a soft voice, “from now on, we will have more beautiful photos.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi was relieved, but somehow, he felt uncomfortable as if he was blocking something.

At the same time, sitting not far from the front, Lu Xiaoman was relieved to hear that song yean and Ruan Shishi were not in the back.

As long as Ruan Shishi no longer investigates how the mobile phone was lost, everything will be OK.

She took a look at the domestic time, her heart slowly settled down.

At this time, Yu Gubei should have dealt with everything.

Including metaphor and silence.

Arriving at James’ hospital abroad, several days passed in a blink of an eye.

Since the day they arrived at the hospital, James led his team of experts to set up a medical team, and quickly planned and implemented An’an’s recovery plan.

Because the recovery process is professional and confidential, Ruan Shishi and song yean can hardly see An’an. They stay in a five-star hotel near the hospital. Apart from meeting doctors in the hospital, what they do most every day is to stroll around the whole city.

This should be the most leisurely time for Ruan Shishi in the past two years. She took Sensen Shasha through the streets and alleys of Sunshine Town, visited churches, ate delicious food, even saw the scenery of the harbor several times, and occasionally went out with song yean and Lu Xiaoman in the evening to see the night scenery, go to bars, listen to music and drink a little wine.

However, she did not know that in her most leisurely time, Yu’s group in Jiangzhou city had changed.

For three days in a row, Yu Yimo, the chief executive of Yu’s group, disappeared. Since Chen Desheng, the last shareholder of the company, died in an accident, the shareholders and the senior management of the group have been thinking carefully.

In addition, the father and son of Ye’s company mobilized and courted each other wave after wave, so everyone’s mind was complicated. In the face of the situation of Ye Fengpeng’s group, they were neither going nor not going.

There are various versions about Chen Desheng’s accidental death. Most of them are about this incident, not an accident, but a murder. But most of them are just some shadowy information. There is no exact evidence, so let’s talk about it in private.

More people can be said, things slowly ferment, credibility is also slowly getting higher and higher.

Those shareholders who had participated in ye Fengpeng liquor company with Chen Desheng had their own conjectures in their hearts. That day, Chen Desheng contradicted ye Fengpeng, and then the next day, something happened, which made people think more about it.

Therefore, looking at the Ye family and their son now, they are naturally a little more afraid. Even if they play superficial Kung Fu, they will make a smooth apology and not tear their skin.

Chapter 1138

The balance of power within the Yu group is gradually tilting as the Ye family and their son are in a good position between the shareholders and the senior management of the Yu group, and Yu Yimo has disappeared for a few days without any reason.

On the fifth day after Yu Yimo’s disappearance, Yu Gubei appears in the company. He holds an emergency meeting as an equity holder. Soon, he gets the majority vote and takes over the company as Yu Qingshan’s second successor.

For a moment, there was a lot of discussion in Jiangzhou city. Everyone was familiar with the rivalry between the rich and the poor, and they were even willing to talk about it. But this time, Yu Yimo suddenly disappeared, and then the second young master of Yu family suddenly took over power. It’s really incredible, and I can’t help guessing.

However, Yu Qingshan, the owner of Yu’s family, did not show up for the domestic turmoil all the time, and Yu’s wife has disappeared. Although the police have sent people to investigate Yu Yimo’s whereabouts, nothing has been found.

A week later, a sensational news came out in Jiangzhou city. The police found an adult male corpse torn by wild animals in lucaodang, the back hill of Qingshan mountain. The corpse was seriously decomposed. After DNA comparison, it was verified that it was Yu Yimo’s corpse. Besides, the tent and tableware in the open camp, as well as some Yu Yimo’s personal belongings, were found next to lucaodang.

After inspection, the police finally determined the cause of death. The victim was camping and fishing around lucaodang, and was finally attacked by wild animals.

When Yu’s family gets the news, they hold a grand funeral for Yu Yimo under the chairmanship of Yu Gubei. During the funeral, the old lady of Yu’s family shows up, and the white haired people send the black haired people off, crying faintly. Yu Gubei is also haggard.

Even so, there are still some marketing numbers and netizens on the Internet guessing the truth of the matter one after another. Many people infer that this is the result of the power struggle between the two sons of Yu family. But soon, the marketing number was closed down, and all the speculation on the Internet disappeared overnight. At the same time, most of the companies in Yu Gubei Suqing group were shut down After changing his blood, he firmly held the real power in his hands and blocked all public opinions and speculation with one person’s strength.

Soon, after a period of time, under the means of his Sabah, all kinds of words slowly disappeared, and the topic of Yu’s internal struggle became less and less popular.

At the same time, Ruan Shishi is abroad, because the recovery treatment work of James team has reached the second stage, she began to contact with song yun’an on the hospital bed more and more frequently, and she needed to spend most of her time accompanying her, and she was gradually busy.

Lu Xiaoman went back to the country ahead of time because he had something to do at home, while song yean was not idle abroad. He would hold a video conference every day, and he would go back and forth to talk about projects in various cities near foreign countries, so he didn’t have much time to accompany them.

For a moment, Ruan Shishi’s burden became heavy. On one hand, she had to take care of senshasha, and on the other hand, she had to pay attention to song Yunan’s situation all the time. She was so busy that she was so confused. Fortunately, song yean left her bodyguard Xiao Li beside her, and someone shared the care of her, so she could barely get busy.

This kind of life lasted for more than a week, but song yun’an’s condition gradually improved. The continuous cell awakening and electric shock treatment made her fingers move slowly, which was a good sign that song yun’an might wake up.

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